Took everything I had not to buy it.

Lvl 100 Boss

I do not own the rights to this music and is just for viewing purposes only.

Music - "Bill Conti -Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme song)"

Go away Winter...

Music - "Native - Ride The Tide"

Dedicated to RMS Butler ūüėé

One more song!!

my phone stopped recording halfway through. sorry

Such a great show.

Don't worry, we gave him some crust.

Does this hand gesture mean something else that I don't know about? lol

The movie was made in 1982 but this VHS was made in 1987.

*I do not own the rights to this footage. This is for entertainment purposes only.

This is just a joke...

I do not own nor do I make money off this footage. It is for entertainment purposes only.

I got this idea while watching this video about The Fly.

Part 2 coming soon.

**Had to make this on a crappy Android so the audio is a little choppy.

***This is for viewing purposes only. I do not own the rights to this footage.

RIP Chris Cornell!

Bored on a Sunday.

Just uploading so I don't forget what the song sounds like. Want to make it into something.

Boring Saturday ūüėī

Last one I promise lol

Clown World


Please leave Seattle on 11/03/19

An old meme I made back when roller coaster memes were popular.

I'm sure you all remember the "I still love you" character from Intervention. If not look him up. It's pretty funny.

This whole interview was hard to watch.

Seen this meme floating around so I had to make one of my own

Was just messing around with the loop pedal and came up with this on the spot. Thought it sounded cool. The last 45 seconds is the complete song.

**The audio is a little shaky because my phone's not the best.

I love the rain

My whole garage is flooded.

I wrote this song in high school 11 years ago and it just popped in my head today so I decided to play it.

*The first couple of seconds cut out for some reason.


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