This fan film was created by the Youtube Channel Star Wars Theory. He asked Lucasfilm for permission with only two conditions. It can't be crowdsourced and monetized. After publishing on Youtube, Disney & Warner Chappell immediately manually claimed it by started running ads on the video and placed a strike on the channel. Star Wars Theory Channel doesn't care about the money neither do I, but I saved the video just in case if Disney strike the video and youtube deletes it.

The channel "Star Wars Theory" is to be welcomed on Bitchute. No more longer shall he fear the demon ears of Disney and be a victim to Youtube's suspend ban-hammer.

You want to see a horrendus Christmas movie? I bring you "The Christmas Tree".

Seriously? How bad could this movie can get? Frosty the Snowman from the 1960's had better animation and acting than this.

This is the most rational video that makes sense. A video to question the six milion number by using common sense & mathmatics.

Dissatisfied with the dystopian future he calls life, a man unwittingly gets trapped inside the main computer that controls the world and teams up with a beautiful technician to overthrow the evil rotating fat guy.


A loser finds and uses an alien weapon to strike back at his tormentors.


Blocked on Youtube over content. It's idiotic to sign in just to watch this video.

Secret Agent Bargo searches for a scientist who ends up being kidnapped by an evil corporation. An evil corporation who employs people who fly away in a two dollar toy helicopter.

A street punk named Trash fights an evil corporation overseeing a forced evacuation of the Bronx.




"SCV ready to go!"

A fat, drunken lout of a cop pisses off his superiors while trying to bring a mob kingpin to justice.

A masked Mexican wrestler named El Santo, somewhat guards a young woman from a cult of female vampires.

The severed hand of an dead astronaut begins to induce a naive young med student towards murder.

The #DoomSlayer is back for more.

Scroll to 44:00 for all DOOM Gameplay.


Rip and Tear... Until it's done.

I love this video. You would too. A very bad special that was shown on CBS in Novmember 1977. It didn't do very well with everyone, including the main cast and George Lucas himself. Funny fact, Lucas vowed to find every copy and smash it with a hammer if he got the chance.

Just hoping that Disney will never stoop down to this. If they do... Well, let's just hope it's good.

Come to think of it, it's not as bad as Star Wars: Episode VII: The Last Jedi.


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