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Why are Australia's governments desperate to enforce experimental inoculations on citizens?
A web of interconnections, relationships, family ties, government grants, plus funding from sponsors, DNA harvesting, security risks, foreign powers and criminal corporations with billions to spend should cause Australians to ask.
Who is paying whom?
This video updates the earlier video to add information and remedy possible misunderstanding.

This video has been updated. Please see link:
If you have uploaded this video onto your own channel, thank you for helping share the facts we learn.
In the interest of integrity, please replace this video with the updated version.

Reasons: The updated video includes some more information learned in the last week which pose more questions.
It also rectifies a perceived ambiguity.
Following production of this video we noted a website page published by a separate group showing considerable potential conflict of interest, that we had not investigated.
Therefore, we added their page at the end of our content at 17min 12sec.
We explain this on the video but some viewers incorrectly assumed the publishers of that web page provided or approved of the content which is a product of our research.
This is wrong as that group did not know we exist.
The updated video shows links to numerous sites in Australia that may have bearing on the topic of Conflict of Interest, or act to assist Australian citizens seeking answers to various challenges posed by the current situation in Australia.
We again state that reference to published links are provided only to assist the viewer to gain more information on the subject.
None of the publishers of those links have any input or knowledge relating to our research and production team.
None approached us for assistance and none were approached by us.

We thank viewers for your encouragement and constructive criticism.
Time and resource constraints mean we now do ask assistance to produce a video that looks closely at evidence of financial incentives offered to institutions and individuals such as hospitals and physicians, for attributing patients’ illness, cause of death, hospitalization etc to ‘Covid’.
Any reports of coercion, threats and bullying of medical professionals to promote mRNA inoculation and/or reject alternative options by any authority, association, or medical board is also requested.
Such claims need corroboration or reference to a recording of the event/s.

The purpose of the new project is to provide facts so adults responsible for children can be better informed to provide or deny consent to have the children in their care injected with an experimental mRNA inoculation.

Thank you.
Dorothy Joyner.


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