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Pastor James Vivian explains the deeper meanings in the Hebrew alphabet.

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Prophetic ministry, words of knowledge & wisdom, and prayer. May your heart be encouraged! Blessings from Las Vegas prophet Mike Thompson.

If this ministry is a blessing to you, please consider a love gift today.
We are deeply grateful for your love and financial support. These are your Days of Destiny, and God calls you Blessed.

God Loves You To The Core.

Many christians here are greatly concerned about the persecution of the Church find out the latest developments on what we can expect in the near future and what is going on now.

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Grace & Blessing - A Shift in the Heavenlies is Here

Mike Thompson

Learn how the Kingdom of God operates and how to live IN it. Let's begin to fulfill Eph 4:11-14. We are called to flow in His heart AND Power.

ADDITIONAL teachings and resources found on DWMURRY.COM (WEBSITE)

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Jamere interviews James Vivian.

Your spiritual gifts might be changing

Disney is known for bringing animation to life, talking animals, talking cars, and spiritual forces. Sounds similar to something you would read in the Bible. Learn what separates fairy tales from History.

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We will discuss what is on our hearts and minds and let the Lord lead the conversation.

If you have an issue Father has laid on your heart, please call in 646-595-4784 and press 1 so I know you wish to speak.

[email protected]

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We are now full swing into the season of grace where Father wants us to heal and get to know His nature, Voice and above all HEART. it is time to grow into the full commission of Eph 4:11- maturity and Rest!!! Let's discuss how to cooperate with Him to bring this to pass in our own lives.

ADDITIONAL teachings and resources found on DWMURRY.COM (WEBSITE)

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Overcoming Life's Obstacles (071718) Who is the Spirit Manifesting Through You

Geri will help us figure this out.

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Does God speak to us through license plates? Bumper stickers and other objects?

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Those that know their Good will be strong and do great exploits....

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Las Vegas prophet Mike Thompson shares a powerful prophetic word about angelic activity happening right now. Spirit of Nebucchadnezzar being brought down in America.

What is The Great Commission? What does it mean to us in our daily walk? Is it important?

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The spiritual war over the United States that threatens the Republic

Where do miracles come from? Does heaven have an affect on our physical lives? Las Vegas prophet Mike Thompson addresses these questions with scripture, which reveals the heart of the heavenly Father.

The first video in a new series from Las Vegas prophet Mike Thompson. In June 2013, the Lord took him up and showed him amazing things about God's purposes in the days ahead. Now five years later, the Holy Spirit instructed Mike to start telling his story.
These 3rd heaven encounters impacted his life. We pray they bless and impact yours as well.
People, something huge is on the horizon!
May these messages encourage your heart!

Today I spoke but the thing is I wasn't scheduled to. I was supposed to be home with the family EXCEPT the Father had OTHER PLANS!
We have our own ideas and plans and want to celebrate as well as enjoy the fruits of our labor here on earth.
But what the Father wants is for his children to grow up into mature sons and daughters...

There's an impartation near the very end of this and I also pray for those who need healing.. Don't miss it!

Jamere teaches on praying for our nation as well as others in times of conflict. What shall we pray for? Should we pray for peace of war?

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Predigt Bayreuth Anthony Tijerina

A word from the Lord on June 12, from Las Vegas prophet Mike Thompson. HEAR what the Lord says about America! Let's go deeper and look at the spiritual element. Also, Mike shares part of a powerful vision from 2013.


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Do you find yourself wondering if there isn't more to God's word than you have been taught?

Our channel has several excellent teachers to help you learn how to apply Father's word to your walk.

David Murry teaches us the deeper meanings of our identity in Christ and how it is the doorway to true intimacy, and much more.

Geri McGhee teaches us how to overcome life's obstacles to walk in victory daily

On the table is a group of Christian women who address the issues of the day from a woman's perspective and share how they have overcome

Anthony Tijernia shows us how to be the gospel and what this actually looks like in everyday life