You know who you are ✌️💚
#unity #rewritereality

You know when you are trying to remember a song with someone, but neither of you can remember the lyrics or the whole melody, but you can both hear it in your heads and you’re arguing over what the lyrics are and what the melody goes like... welcome to Earth, meet the family 🙏💚🙏

I’ve quoted scripture... I was compelled to open The Good Book after the troll attack on my stream earlier and this was was I opened the book to...
Jeremiah 17:15 to 17:18 (did I quote that right?)
The translation I used is not important if it is read with the heart 💚

“The lord showed me...”
“I’m telling the truth, the lord showed me...”

Please, keep coming and exposing yourselves. You think you are being smart about it and you’re not. Multiple accounts, different IP addresses, fancy software... none of these will protect your identity, so please continue 👍

Look into my eyes and I will read your soul! Look into my eyes and you can read mine!
I do not play nicely when you attempt character assassination and you should be very thankful for your anonymity. Cowards all end up in the same place and cowardly men will scream when their actions catch up with them!
I am real, you’d better believe it! I am easy to find also and when you do you will find a man with no fear, so if you’re coming here to harm me you’d better bring a tank, because you will need it!

I watched 2 videos this morning that compelled me to make a video. The message for Doreen is for everyone as well. 🙏💚🙏

Alana Green's video that prompted my own...

I’ve watched videos that made me cry and the. Received an email from Scimandan that gave me hope... please like and share ✌️💚

Source material

Flesh eating fungus story

Story about Alex

Katie’s story

Tisha’s story

You want to know me, watch my videos. You want to jump to conclusions and judge me, carry on as it makes no difference to my being.

Yep... this footage confirms it and I can no longer argue! Derp derp derp derpy derp. Beep bop beep derpy derp ✌️😊

I am only joking of course and I would like to send all my subs to this guy, the source of this clip. He isn’t talking about the shape of the earth, he is making hilarious videos with his family and his video production is awesome! I laughed out loud at this, please sub to his channel 👍

This is why we get nowhere!

I filmed the lights that should be impossible to see tonight and also 2 strange lights in the darkness... check it out ✌️💚

7th November 2018 sunrise timelapse with thoughts from Alan Watts.
Alan didn’t know the earth is flat, so he mentions space and he made the mistake of not acknowledging the Most High in our creation, but what he says about us being miracles is true!
This is designed to speak to those still struggling with the concept of being created... Alan Watts thought we had evolved, but it does not mean he was not wise or intelligent or insightful when it came to being in the world we have found ourselves in.

Music - Chillstep
Spoken words - Alan Watts

The video that triggered it...

Use you real eyes 👁👁 👀 👁👁 👀 👁👁

End of story! Argue with this and you may as well book yourself into the ward now, it’s amazing you are able to even walk and talk, let alone use a computer.
Trolls, ha!
Scimandan and and other creator that wants to argue with this... contact me! @doubleoh72 Twitter


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I am a professional live music performer in The Canary Islands, originally from the UK.
On a spiritual journey of discovery and enlightenment, I have become aware of certain deceptions that have led to the total enslavement of the 99%
I refuse to take part and I refuse to be quiet, so I make videos trying to help people see from a different perspective and perceive what has happened in its true form.