Light is a wonderful thing, but it can only travel in straight lines... it can’t bend around hundreds of meters of curvature...
That must mean there’s no curvature here! That must they’re lying about the shape of the earth!!!

Watch it, prove me wrong... you can’t!

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Donny of Daytona and Richie From Boston have both caught things whilst watching the moon with their P900’s, so I thought I’d have a little look and see what I could see...

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Looks pretty real huh... like we could land on it maybe...
Derrrr d’ok George, Zippy and Bungle will be able to blast you there again soon with their magic unicorn farts if you wish hard enough 😂😂😂😂

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A real conversation with a real person about real things

Another beautiful start to the day, proving that the globe is a lie and there is zero curvature as taught in school and by science!

It had to be done!

Thanks to the staff and customers for a great night 👌💛😎

More to come soon!

Very windy and not one of them working, NOT ONE!!! An island wide power cut and they’re not harnessing the free energy supplied by the earth!

So this was a conversation we were having in the cafe today, while the power was out on the whole island!

I put it in GarageBand and had some fun with it, just to make it more interesting and then put it to a collection of videos I made today whilst walking Alfie.

I love the a. m. 🙌💛🙌

It’s a hard life 😂😂😂

I should explain that I am wearing extra weight on my wrists for exercise purposes. Throwing the sticks and rocks for Alfie is meant to be harder work for me, so I am exercising at the same time 😁

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All music created by me, Double Oh 7, all rights reserved!

This video is instructional and is only intended to offend the biggest egos!

This isn’t about focusing on fake people, this is about moving forward!

Because someone cries, it does not mean it is because they are sad.
It does not always mean that they are hurting...
Sometimes pure positive emotions can set you off, if you are sensitive to them...
Allowing the tears to flow does not make you a woman.
It does not mean you are weak!

I share my emotions when they are good!

peace n love peeps 🙌💛🙌

The propellorator explodified... I nearly lost my baby!

It is impossible not to love this girl! Every time I hear her speak, the truth of her words sends shivers down the spine, especially to hear them coming from a black American woman!!!

More power to Candace Owens ✊💛

Here are the full video clips from Saturday night. 🙌💛🙌

An absolutely amazing night, made possible by some of the best customers I’ve ever had in my life as a performer!

This night left a mark on me... it was special! I am still buzzing from it now 👌💛😎

** I play and sing live and the backing tracks used were a collection of paid for tracks and various sources in the public domain **

I’ve given it a lot of thought over the last few months and, after talking with a number of people I have decided to create a PayPal account.
I am not monetising my account, but it any of my subscribers would like to donate towards the enhancement of this channel, I would gratefully accept 🙏💛🙏

If you find yourself in the position to donate, please use the link below...


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I am a professional live music performer in The Canary Islands, originally from the UK.
On a spiritual journey of discovery and enlightenment, I have become aware of certain deceptions that have led to the total enslavement of the 99%
I refuse to take part and I refuse to be quiet, so I make videos trying to help people see from a different perspective and perceive what has happened in its true form.