Sorry, it has to be said now because I am hearing these words used too often by people who I credit with more intelligence than morons... let’s pay attention to what we are saying please, we are presenting to potentially millions!

It was posed by my sister from another mister, Roxanne Glen Globalist Denier to the oxford professors and students... scientists, scholars and respected intellect...
They could not answer this question!!! If you can, you are a genius and should be celebrated!

Decided to climb a small mountain... join us for a laugh and some awesome sights, a shrine, a cave and signs of the little people and BF

I was pleasantly surprised today in a live stream and it showed me once again that if we forget about the black and white paradigm, we have common ground ✌️💚

ESPECIALLY! Not expecially! It’s like SPECIFIC and PACIFIC... learn English lol

Suck a lemon... to my friends, I know you understand ✌️💚

Die hard, prolific liars always change their story and never ever admit that they have lied... see how “their” story has changed

Link to article

Highly recommended channel, by me... if that means anything lol

I am loving your videos bro and I think my subs will too. My apologies... I have troll herpes, you may get infected but I’m sure you’re used to the little annoyance. Ignoring them works best... I still recognise their presence... the sad little creatures lol

Colorado Forest Beings

I caught the rise, but missed the flip

Sure was windy today... I got some awesome pictures!

The resource was the richest on Earth and therefore secured England and the forefront supplier of something that changed our reality!

The proof is right in front of our eyes!

This guy is smarter than both Neil and Bill put together!



Open your real eyes... realise the real lies!

(Clip taken from Interstate 60 released 2002)

Inspiration for video came from

All music created by me

See label for instructions...
Thank you trolls. I know you will respond before anyone else 😂👍

Enough said!

It gets very... samey when you’re right time and time and time and time again 😂😂😂😂

See the description for a full understanding

Over 1,595km to Bermuda... Donny you are the man! You get this song made from samples of your awesome voice 👌💚

Yup... smells the same as what comes out of these trolls brains!


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I am a professional live music performer in The Canary Islands, originally from the UK.
On a spiritual journey of discovery and enlightenment, I have become aware of certain deceptions that have led to the total enslavement of the 99%
I refuse to take part and I refuse to be quiet, so I make videos trying to help people see from a different perspective and perceive what has happened in its true form.