If you don’t like something... change it!

It is very simple to understand and easy to see when you make regular, recorded observations!
YouTube is fucking with us, changing the stats for our videos, changing upload dates, views and likes... they do not want people to see!

Start paying attention to the right things people, or you’re gonna be in for a surprise!

C C’s Wolf Blood Moon video

My Solar Eclipse video

It was reported to be visible from 03.30am in Tenerife, so I began filming at around 2.00am and filmed for approximately 3.5/4 hours. See the results in stunning HD

Do what I do, remove the brain maggot and move on. Once it is removed, it no longer exists in your brain 💚👍

The best thing to do is ignore them... continue to block and ignore them... eventually they will either get tired and stop or get old and die

You are so much more dedicated, pay me so much more attention and make so much more effort than any of my other subscribers so dislike my videos and try to fraudulently report me for harassment and whatever else to try to get me taken down.
To my subscribers who claim to be “on my
Side” you seem to be losing the race guys. You’re not making any effort, so your claims of agreement and comments agreeing with my videos and liking them do not really amount to a pile a anything and fall to the floor, like so many other false intentions and promises made by people who, think they get it but really really don’t.

I highly recommend subscribing to his channel!

Wow... predictable as a women in a shopping mall. Perhaps that’s who “People of earth 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5” actually is 😂😂😂😂

I collected some thoughts onto paper and then recorded them. I then composed a musical price whilst listening to it back and added the audio to this video I made earlier... this is the result.

Gonna do it every day I can!

The only way you noticed things as if you regularly observe them

Time lapses are great... you get to see the moon making its way across the sky... a moon in AN IMPOSSIBLE PHASE and chemicals streaming across the sky!
How many of you pay attention? If you’re not, perhaps you should start looking up more!

I’m sick of walking around and not hearing people making a lot of noise about this, in the street, regular people!!!

Those who have been following me know that I have been following the progress of the artwork in my local “cafe”
This is today’s progress accompanied by a track I wrote, arranged, performed and produced as they were working... an Artistic Adventure

I swore off booze in 2013... best thing I ever did!
Bea is still dabbling and it was her birthday, so who can say anything?!

My beautiful girlfriend turned 44 today and we spent a wonderful day together with our children (Xena & Alfie)

You gotta see it to believe it!

The sky is testimony to continual physical rape of our being, perpetrated by parasites who are no more or less than you or I, but think they are so much more...

I'm quite prolific today... I wrote one song this morning and another this afternoon. This one is using my real guitar and actually playing... still struggling with lyrics though lol

I am looking forward to seeing how much more dedicated my troll is than my regular subs... how many sock accounts will it use to thumb down this one I wonder? 😂😂😂😁

They are taking the piss this year, the chemtrailing is beyond unacceptable!!!

Any of you write lyrics, but struggle with music? I am prolific with music and struggle with lyrics...
It could be a perfect partnership...
email me with some lyrics, if you want to give it a go...
[email protected]


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I am a professional live music performer in The Canary Islands, originally from the UK.
On a spiritual journey of discovery and enlightenment, I have become aware of certain deceptions that have led to the total enslavement of the 99%
I refuse to take part and I refuse to be quiet, so I make videos trying to help people see from a different perspective and perceive what has happened in its true form.