Internet sucks at the moment..wonder when this'll upload

In other words, abandon you all..?
Any pent up rage, feel free to vent.

My time's up, props to you if ya stay in the race.

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I have no motivation whatsoever, so..

Title says it all

#thefuck #what #thingy #stopreadingthisJ

I'm not dead? No. I wish I was tho.

#notdead #nobodycares #thefuckamidoing

Why am I doing this? Cuz this got stuck in my head and when that happens...these are born. I know it sucks but uh...I usually upload shitty content so this is no different.

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Cuz why not?
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Replying to the title, I have no idea.

Title says it all

New Custom URL:

DolphinChris's channel:

Uh yeah, put your thoughts in the comments or whatever...

Why am I putting this? I don't fucking know.

Fuck my life.

Also, I'm taking a break from discord...not that any of you give a rat's ass, just...too much bullshit in so little time, want an aftermath video? Eh, I'll do that when I want.
Please close the desc.

Close it.


Curiosity is going to kill the cat and there won't be any satisfaction to bring it back :/

No bullshit in the comment section, actual opinions. And no, this isn't clickbait. I may be quitting, it sucks that I've gained some traction as of recent but it came at a time where this idea has already been floating around in my head, talk about shit timing, right?

If I do, all I want to say is thanks for sticking around and putting up with my half assed, low quality, mobile content. I should've just taken a hike when I was a smaller YouTuber but it's too late for that now.

No mushy crap though, fuck that.

why im a pile of shit. en-fucking-joy assholes.

New discord server, which I've improved upon. the old one was a fucking bust so why not try again?

Yes this exists, and no it's not faked or clickbait, it's real. And the thumbnail? I made that months back and just decided to use it.

Second upload! How weird...not much else to explain as the title says it all, I'm probably just gonna upload another video that isn't Dragon Ball related then I'll call it quits for the day...Peace!

First goddamn video on this site, I'm not gonna take the timid approach here and start with some stupid thing I made! Isn't that fantastic?!

Check out my YouTube channel which no one gives a fuck about:

As well as my discord server which is about as dead as my chance of fame on any website whatsoever:

Bio: The name's DoubleHelix and I usually make content that usually ranges from AMV's to random bullshit I make just because I get a kick out of making it, I'm not exactly active all the time but hey, I try.

Enjoy my idiotic creations! Cya around.

Of course...disclaimers (don't even bother reading at this point):
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The name's DoubleHelix and I'm a sarcastic jackass that usually make content that usually ranges from AMV's to random bullshit I make just because I get a kick out of making it, I'm not exactly active all the time but hey, I try.

Originally I was just on youtube exclusively and had two original channels which were on the rise..but due to demotivaton...I deleted those channels..(I know, I was an idiot and I regret that to this day) and thanks to Erick Alden, here I am.

Yeah that's my simplified and shit backstory, deal with it. Anyway, imma end it off here, Peace!