Is it really to much to ask that we respect and make room.

Oddly intriguing set of quips, musings and photos.

Fun witty sassy slideshow helping me with video editing skills.

Worthwhile thoughts, this is surprisingly uplifting.

I was definitely born as the correct gender.

At one point I found these worthwhile.

Challenged norms and pushing that envelope.

Critter Memes have ruled social media for a decade.

When cooking a steak, you don't flip it twice.

Let us return to simplicity and refuse to be divided.

Page-a-day work advice from 100 years before LinkedIN.

The best sweetest smelling stuff, five minutes from me to you.

Super uplifting start to a video making dash in 2020 -
There is so much bullcrap out there, how about something beautiful


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Hi I'm going to try to make 10,000 videos then take a rest. Do you think I can make it?
I only have about 20 so far but now I know what I'm doing.. enough to be dangerous