1. Gesara / Nesara and the Quantum Financial System
2. Gaslighting and the Radical Left Cancel Culture
3. Australia and Facebook: Big Tech Cancels Access to News
4. World Leaders: Not Calling Administrator Biden: They are Calling Trump

Marshall Sylver is the world's most famous and televised hypnotist. He's made a career out of understanding and interpreting the human subconsciousness.
In this episode of The Right Side with Doug Billings, Marshall defines gaslighting and how the radical left politicians and media use it to cast false narratives upon the world and it's devastaing impact.

Rush Limbaugh was a mentor for Doug. In this show, Doug pays tribute to the great one.
Rest in peace, Rush.

Doug shares four true stories of challenge, adversity and tragedy that teach us how to find hope in the world.

Sipping vodka at the podium

One of the most significant shows we've produced.
Simon Parkes provides updates about the topics of which you have an interest.
And, incredible breaking news that only Simon has access to that you'll hear first, right here on The Right Side with Doug Billings.

Images of ISIS staging the beheading of one of their hostages

Quick-fire questions from around the world with answers from Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward

1. A thank you to Simon Parkes
2. The United States House of Representatives has proven, once again, that it is the laughing stock of all governing bodies in the world.
3. The impeachment of Donald Trump will be like water on the wing of a duck.
4. Conservatives around the world need to come together to work with DETERMINED PATRIOTISM to fight, push back and prevail upon the movements of the radical left.
5. Prayer and a return to God is the answer. Believe it.

America is the light of the world.
All of our stories and opinions need to be heard in order to sustain a thriving Republic.
Censorship kills liberty, strangles freedom and smothers intellectual maturity.
We've got to cancel the Cancel Culture.
Impeachment & the 25th Amendment demonstrate fear.

My interview with American republican woman and Bombshell, @GigiBelmonico !
She gives a strong, American republican woman's perspective on the politics of our time.
On The Right Side with Doug Billings

Jenny Beth Martin organized the now famous & viral video of the "America's Frontline Doctors" press conference describing how hydrochloroquine is a cure for CoVid19.
The video, as you may well know, was censored and taken down by Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube.
Here is my exclusive interview with Jenny Beth Martin - On "The Right Side with Doug Billings"

Chad Prather chats with Doug Billings... Chad's run for Texas governor, his thoughts on president Trump and his own personal take on the political climate in the U.S.

The Right Side with Doug Billings: Our exclusive interview with Dr. Richard Barlett, M.D., who has discovered the cure & treatment for CoVid19.


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