Here is the easiest way to give yourself self worth. Look at yourself in the mirror and say I love you I have self worth I am worthy to be loved I am a good person I can accomplish all my goals I am good looking ect. You will be amazed of how much better you will feel about your self. Then treat yourself like you love yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat a loved one.
Douglas Bickford
Are you tired of not feeling happy? Even though you have everything? Please watch these videos. You can get the book on Amazon here is the link:

Controlled opposition is one of their most effective weapons, because it’s a psychological weapon. The establishment uses mind tricks and plays mind games on genuinely good people that are genuinely opposed to their attacks on our civil liberties and their crimes against humanity.

The 1871 thing is a lie its called psychological warfare.


Its very strange. I just uploaded a video yesterday titled it tucker carlson is controlled opposition and today alex jones was talking about how great tucker carlson is. Makes me wonder.......

The title is worded just like the trending story on google is printed. It is how THEY BRAINWASH the masses by these kind of stories.

Yes he is folks. I am one of the VERY FEW that talk about this. Do you know why? BECAUSE the people that are making money from bitchute or youtube ect. fear the ridicule name calling they get OR the LOSS of subscribers. They will lose money if they lose subscribers.


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