According to the latest political banter, and an article at the American Thinker by Clayton Spann, titled "Why Joe Biden can't resign, or be removed -- or die", the Democrats are doing what they can to make sure Biden remains in office. If he leaves for any reason, according to the article, Kamala Harris becomes President, leaving the V.P. position empty, and thus the U.S. Senate without a President of the Senate, which eliminates the Democrat Party's "tie-breaker" vote. With the current Senate equally divided 50-50, the Democrat's initiatives would all stall because they would not be able to get a majority vote for any of their bills, much less a confirmation for a new Vice President. While technically, Spann is correct, not really. Mr. Constitution explains. and

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The constitutionality of mask and vaccine mandates is the most commonly asked question I get, of late. Typically, when answering, I go into the fact that there is no authority to the federal government, so they have no authority, but I realize that the States do have authorities that the feds don' I get into State Constitutions, and State health codes in search of an answer; not realizing, the answer has been right in front of us all along.

14th Amendment.

Mr. Constitution, Douglas V. Gibbs, explains. and

A listener/reader asked me by email if the Department of Justice threats stating that supporting State Election Audits is a violation of federal law and anybody supporting the audit effort faces a year in jail for it is constitutional or not. Mr. Constitution, Douglas V. Gibbs responds and explains in this video. and

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According to the CDC if you get the shot in the arm you may still come down with the ailment it is supposed to protect you from. You still need to wear a facial arm band, and lockdown may be eminent. But, the push to make sure everyone gets the poke in the arm is heavily underway. Confused? Then, we have to ask, with a rumor going around that the Biden Administration may be mandating the arm jab, can they legally do such a thing based on constitutional and historical information?

Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs explains. and

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What happens if the Pillow guy's S0uth Dak0ta symp0sium does in fact prove there was [email protected] in the 2o2o EIecti0n?

The U.S. Supreme Court says that "[email protected] Vitiates Everything"

What does that mean, and how does the Constitution play into all of this?

Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs explains... and

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A question regarding the constitutionality of the federal estate tax.

Douglas V. Gibbs examines the issue.

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An infrastructure bill by the current administration has been bulldozing its way through Congress. The bill is not about the infrastructure, and almost all of it is unconstitutional. and

The Republicans claim the Democrats are lying and they should stop. The Democrats claim the GOP is lying, and that they should be silenced. Do we even have a First Amendment anymore?

Douglas V. Gibbs, Mr. Constitution, explains. and

Some argue that there are a lot of things that are not in the Constitution, which means the document is antiquated and out of touch, and we don't know what to do with the issues not listed; like airplanes, election irregularities, M-16s, oil companies, big tech, and social justice. If it's not in the Constitution, does that mean we need to invent ways to handle those issues? Or, did the Framers of the Constitution provide for those things too?

Mr. Constitution explains. and for support and information.

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A couple years ago the Women's Soccer Team, who are World Cup Champions, sued claiming they receive less pay than the men for playing the same game. Last year they lost in a lower federal court decision. They appealed and a couple months ago the courts heard their case again, and while they received a partial settlement, they still basically lost the case. The Biden Administration has jumped on board proclaiming this is proof that sexism and a gap of equality in pay between men and women exists in America. Is it? and


The Biden Administration recently stated that if they need to go door-to-door to ensure all Americans are vaccinated, they will do so. There is a narrative among the Democrats and establishment Republicans that says that a community has a right to protect itself, so in such emergency situations individual rights are suspended. Constitutional?

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On July 1, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was changed to the one adopted on July 4. The original draft had 138 scathing words against slavery, gladly written by Thomas Jefferson and approved of by eleven of the thirteen original States. Why were those words removed? Would the inclusion of those words in the final draft changed the course of American history away from slavery? and

The conventional wisdom among Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party folk is that Vice President Pence stabbed President Trump in the back when he didn't decertify the electoral votes from States he knew fraud had been committed, making him a traitor to Trump, and the country. When faced with the question, Pence state he had no constitutional authority to kick the electoral votes back to the States. Trump, Conservapedia, and various other sources agree that Pence had the authority to decertify the electoral votes that were questionable based on the allegations of fraud that were (and still are) being voiced at the time.

Mr. Constitution responds... and

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Red States are coming to the aid of Texas and Arizona when it comes to border security and immigration enforcement. Are their actions constitutional?

Mr. Constitution explains. and

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The Supreme Court just ruled to keep the CDC's eviction moratorium in place a little bit longer. One side says the CDC exceeded its authority, while the other side says the CDC not only has the authority, but that the government agency should be trusted during emergencies that affect our communities in such a way. Mr. Constitution weighs in... and

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The infrastructure bill includes in its language penalties against cities and counties that do not eliminate "single family housing only" zones. If these local governments do not include high-density housing anywhere in their regions they are at risk of losing community development funds and roadway funding from the federal government. The Biden administration states the authority for this move is that single family housing zoning is racist, therefore, the 14th Amendment allows for federal intrusion in the State or local laws that do not treat all people equally. How constitutional is that move?

Mr. Constitution explains... and

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Can the military be used to reinstall a president? Can it be used against the people? What's going on with the "woke culture" invading our military?

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Parents have been up in arms with school boards over critical race theory and the sex education being taught, and the educators are trying to censor and silence the parents. What does the Constitution say, and what did the Founding Fathers say, about education? and

Vice President Kamala Harris has been tasked with overseeing the border for the Biden Administration, and she has done everything she can to avoid going to the border. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has refused to enforce immigration law, and in fact has pretty much opened the border up in such a way that now we are experiencing a major border crisis. Republican Representatives have been calling for Harris to be removed as the border czar, and Governor Abbot of Texas has announced that the Lonestar State will be doing what it can to make sure their southern border is secure, even if that means the border state building its own border wall. Is Harris and the Biden administration operating within the Constitution? Can Texas constitutionally do what they are suggesting? and

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The Biden Administration is instructing Americans to turn against Americans, turn in radicalized family or friends to the government so that the administration can root out "Domestic Terrorism". I am not sure which applies best, The Minority Report, or every past tyrannical dictatorship in history. and

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Is her request constitutional? Is the ATF constitutional?

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Can businesses demand we wear a particular thing in order to enter their place of business? Does Public Accommodation play a role? What about the 14th Amendment, and law related to that amendment, that require the law making process to be applied equally to everyone, and the belief that businesses must treat everyone equally, too?

A patriot says to me, "we need to burn the constitution and get rid of Congress. It should be only local governments governing over local issues". I replied, "That's what the original intent of the Constitution is all about. It's not a problem with the Constitution, it is a problem with human nature." and

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There are no asterisks in the Constitution, but that doesn't mean that some emergency powers are not available.

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From no fly lists to mask mandates, does the federal government really have any say when it comes to what happens on airplanes?

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