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The Australian Government is proposing changes to the Australian Immunisation Register Act 2015 (AIR Act) that would require Mandatory Vaccination Reporting.

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Censorship is the latest feature added by bitchute.
They deleted my profile, channel, and videos. Then pretended that they didn't know what was wrong, and insisted that the only way they could help me was if I provided the profile link THEY HAD DELETED!
They have changed the T&Cs without notification, they don't give you an opportunity to delete videos affected by changing T&Cs yourself, and they don't delete individual videos they just do a mass delete.
The new T&Cs are based on the British Film Classification system for 15 & 18 years old, so if the T&Cs are to be believed that means Bitchute will eventual become just as censored as British movie theatres. And, for those who don't know the UK does NOT have the 1st Amendment.
Basically Bitchute is morphing into the British YouTube and nobody seems to have noticed.

I don't expect anyone to give a flying fuck about me, but I find it hard to believe that refugees from YouTube would intentionally want to support the British version of YouTube.

Don't click on this link if you are easily angered:

If you agree that I have presented a valid argument that censorship is expanding spread the facts I have presented here, including that last link.

From coffins to push-ups: The inventive ways countries are punishing coronavirus rule breakers


Authorities around the world have resorted to harsh, and sometimes bizarre, punishments to encourage residents to follow local rules aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus. [...]

Victoria’s police force has not been privatised


The Verdict
AAP FactCheck found the Facebook post to be false. Victoria Police has not been privatised and is not governed by global NGOs.
Victoria has signed up to the Strong Cities Network, but the main aim of the network is to generate new ways to tackle violent extremism.
The state’s police force remains under the control of the Victorian Government.
False – The primary claim in this Facebook post is inaccurate.
* AAP FactCheck is accredited by the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network, which promotes best practice through a stringent and transparent Code of Principles.

Daniel Andrews has sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN) with PRIVATISED POLICE


Dig a little deeper and it becomes obvious as to what's happening in Victoria.
Daniel Andrews has also sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN). [...]

Man stomped on during police arrest in Melbourne's north in induced coma, lawyer says


Victoria Police has referred the arrest to its internal complaints body

Lawyer Jeremy King says his client was suffering from mental health issues before the arrest

He has called for an independent investigation into the arrest to ensure it is done "objectively"

Disgraceful, the number of Australians willing to be ordered to wear a mask. I'm hoping that the figures are skewed by the fact that those surveyed were ABC viewers.


The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine trial is on hold because that's how trials work


SA bans single-use plastics in Australian first but new rules delayed due to coronavirus pandemic


SA has passed laws to ban single-use plastic products — the first state in Australia to do so

The State Government says the new rules will be enforced in 2021 due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic

It says the ban on straws, cutlery and beverage stirrers could be extended to include other products

SA MPs can no longer claim cash for staying with a friend as allowance rules changed


The $234-a-night Members Accommodation Allowance has been slashed to $185 for MPs with second residences in Adelaide

MPs can no longer claim an allowance for staying with a friend in Adelaide

Receipts are now needed to claim commercial accommodation costs up to $234 a night

Vaccine experts 'surprised' over Government's 'optimistic' COVID-19 vaccine rollout timeline


Experts say any expectations a COVID-19 vaccine will be available in early 2021 are 'optimistic'

The comments come after the Federal Government announced a deal that would guarantee supply of both the Oxford and University of Queensland vaccine candidates

As part of the deal, some Australians could get early access to the Oxford vaccine, according to the Government

‘The intolerance for free speech is astonishing’: Bolt


Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the intolerance for free speech around the world is astonishing, especially amid leftist agendas. “The intolerance for free speech is now astonishing,” Mr Bolt said. “It’s especially so when you dare criticise the dangerous new tribalism, the race-baiting of the left. “The laws now, the censorship, the activist judges. “What happened to free speech.”

Adelaide Freedom Day Rally - Huge Crowd Saturday 5th Of September


My home State/Town, unfortunately I wasn't present, I had other pre-existing commitments.
A different State to Victoria with different rules regarding covid.

Melbourne stage 4 anti-lockdown protesters arrested at Shrine of Remembrance and Albert Park Lake


Police have made several arrests in Melbourne, as hundreds of people protest against the city's lockdown measures.

Earlier today it was unclear how many people would be attending protests, with some anti-lockdown groups shifting to online events ahead of the State Government's roadmap announcement tomorrow.

However hundreds of people gathered at Shrine of Remembrance in the city's CBD this morning, despite warnings from health authorities.[...]

Another day another violent arrest by Australian police.


[Note: I tried looking for a funny stasi image to use in the thumbnail but couldn't find one]

Australian news round-up


'Sorry for my bimbo moment': Woman apologises after being arrested live on Facebook over coronavirus lockdown post


A Victorian woman whose live-streamed arrest for allegedly organising an anti-lockdown protest went viral has apologised for her "bimbo moment".

Zoe Buhler said she did not realise she was doing anything wrong by starting a Facebook event asking people to meet in Ballarat, west of Melbourne, to protest against lockdown restrictions.

Star Trek's new characters Gray and Adira are transgender, non-binary


Science fiction franchise Star Trek's first transgender and non-binary characters will debut on US television next month.

Transgender character Gray will be played by transgender actor Ian Alexander while non-binary Adira will be played by Blu del Barrio, an actor who, like the character, does not identify as male or female.

Amazon won't disclose identity of company linked to driver's licence data breach, NSW Government says


Amazon is refusing to disclose the identity of the owner of the open cloud storage where 54,000 NSW driver's licences were found, the NSW Government says.

Last week, about 108,535 documents were discovered by a security consultant in Ukraine on an accessible server hosted by Amazon.

Inside the cache were front and back scans of tens of thousands of NSW driver's licences which included full names, addresses and dates of birth.

Facebook and Google want to protect data secrecy and use of news media but the Government has other ideas


A couple of weeks ago, Google started bombarding users with a pop-up yellow alert every time they clicked on the search engine.

It wasn't a warning about offensive content, cyber security or online privacy. Rather, it was about rallying its millions of users to help protect the company's business model and data secrecy.[...]

Australian recession confirmed, biggest economic plunge on record


Australia is officially in its first recession for almost three decades, with the June quarter GDP numbers showing the economy went backwards by 7 per cent — the worst fall on record and slightly worse than most economists had predicted.[...]

This is what happens when you don't have a Bill of Rights. The Australian Gestapo can march into your house and drag off a pregnant woman because she wrote something they disapprove of.

Australia is rapidly becoming no better than any other shit-hole country. The only difference is they will call you "Mate" while they give you a good kicking.


Sky News host Paul Murray says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews wants credit for his handling of the pandemic when more people have died in the past week in Victoria than in entire countries despite there being a lockdown since July. Victoria has been in stage three lockdown since July 7 which forced Victorians to stay at home unless shopping or exercising. “People are starting to have enough despite the fact there are human shields on Twitter and luvvies in the media who get to of course keep their job while other people aren’t allowed to earn a damn cent,” Mr Murray said. “How has he been able to fail to stop the virus … (when) since the seventh of July you haven’t been able to leave your house. “More people have died in one week in Victoria than entire countries during the pandemic, yet still idiots on Twitter will say ‘I stand with Dan’. “That’s called Stockholm syndrome.”


Try writing "Stockholm Syndrome" on Youtube and see what happens to your comment.

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius says police will not tolerate "batshit crazy" anti coronavirus theories and warned people planning on attending protests that their feet "won’t touch the ground" before they are arrested.[...]


My personal recommendation for a VPN:

What happens when you design a revenue-for-jobs employment service model, but then the jobs dry up?

Australia is about to find out. [...]



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