The Paychecks, Taxes, & Currency Devaluation 3-part course seeks to answer questions of working class America:

Part 1: What information is on my pay stub?
How your pay is calculated, what deductions are taken, how sections are totaled, and what information might be sensitive in a identity-theft-tuned world.

This course also includes:
Part 2: How Do Taxes Affect Me?
Part 3: Currency Devaluation
Study Guide
Activity Worksheet
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Ever do the math on just how expensive it is to commute to and from work every day? I did... and then I show how that seed money can grow large enough to fund early retirement or a business start up in time. ... or are you looking forward to working until you're almost 70?



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Author, teacher, lecturer, and Wealth Strategist David helps people create plans to save money, accumulate wealth, and protect it from the organizations in this world that would happily take it from them.

You can catch my email series at my website and learn why 401(k), 403(b), and IRA accounts are not the best choice for growing retirement wealth over your working lifetime. For example: an adviser, the fund managers, the brokerage, and the government all take their own slice of your pie, then a volatile market can draw-down your account value. It gets worse from there.

Tax-deferral into retirement, even an employer match, is like the cheese on the mouse-trap. The truly wealthy don't use those accounts. Opt into my free email list and I'll walk you through why they don't... at davidpandone.com. I may even show you what they do use.

Author: MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions, 2nd Edition.
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