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Courtenay give an update on his current undertakings.

Getekeepers promoting gatekeepers and playing innocent when confronted about it.

@realjermwarfare on twitter.

When you listen to "educated" people trying to explain the virus lie

The Man in America interviewed Cowan and it is only ironic that they should start to show with Cowan making the statement that "we would like to believe that you are sincere". This interview was probably the result of one of the Twitter Co group asking The Man in America why he would give airtime to people like Malone and McCullouh but not at least give a balanced view if he is incapable of doing his own research to get to the truth. Man in America interviewed Cowan not long after this but still have not posted the Cowan interview on his platform... hence the title of this video... We are at the point where it becomes easy to address this question.

Join the peeps. Ask around for us on twitter.

Ask around and you might just be invited to you the 300

Join the peeps. Ask around for us on twitter.

Joining the peeps - Check this thread for some good chaps (https://twitter.com/ValZimmer2/status/1634182803238658050?s=20)

Peeps are still joining the ranks bc all can see the absurdity of virology, the fallacy that is germ theory.

Check out what's happening on twitter ⬇️ https://twitter.com/Censored4sure/status/1634265053795962909?t=Ya1m-I9Bsvkfcbat6pGZAg&s=19

And ⬇️

Look us up on twitter. "Terrain", "no virus", "viroliegy", "virus lie"


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