Another poem I wrote with this one aimed at a certain cesspool of a social media site called Twitter. This one is to all those fucks on Twitter that only see in gender and race instead of seeing a individual. Maybe if people would get to know a individual instead of choosing to hate the world would be better place. Didn't read it out loud in this video but will in a future video. Going commit to doing this one out loud at some point.

Our World Seen in Crimson Shades

How I once knew you
And yet
I can’t easily escape it

Every day I see it
I watch as the virtual worlds
That I love
And the content creators
That I support
Become victim to this distasteful word

Another word that many
Do not wish to indulge

Yet, I watch those who use social media
Engage in it though a war of words
They paint with broad strokes
While using gender and race
As ammunition

I feel the crimson shades
That rest in my pocket

My anger grows
Hatred burns
Ready to fuel the inferno
That is my emotions

I draw the air into my lungs
As I want to release it
And bellow a shout that simply says

You narrow minded fucks
That dwell in the cesspool
Called Twitter

You see the world
In black and white
You call people racist
You call people phobic

Because they choose to have an opinion
And not conform to the corporate bullshit
Because they choose to present their art
And tell a story
That doesn’t push a political agenda
That ruins the story

You even call people out
Because they choose to support a president
You call people out for choosing to show respect
By shaking the presidents hand

I feel the hatred burn
I want to keep going
I want to keep feeding into it
But I choose not to

I choose
To see the individual
And get to know them
Before I pass judgement

To those who say it is race
And gender
Who choose to hate
You are mistaken

It is the individual
That is racist
It is the individual
That is sexist
It is the individual
That chooses to hate

To those who read this poem
Only to choose to see
In race and gender
I have a simple message

Fuck off
And have a nice day

To the narrow minded fucks on Twitter
Keep being salty
We can always use more salt
For the popcorn

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Decided to give this one a try. Enjoy!

Decided to pick this one up. Having fun with it so far. Enjoy!

Just a channel update.

So, long and short. First, school is starting up again for me. How I handle recording and uploading may change. Still deciding if I will keep a more consistent one - two videos with no long gaps between uploads or just do a long recording spree of a few days followed by just a large content drop of multiple videos in a row.

Second, I may work on characters in the arpgs, for, now off screen and then do videos with them here and there. I also want to do a longer video, or two, once a week. These will be from start to finish and not be worked on off screen.

Third, I want to try and keep a 2-3 game focus. There are a lot of games I want to play. While I would like to give the channel a bit of variety I don't want to have so many lets plays going at the same time that I can never fully finish a game. So, 2-3 games is where I'm going to limit myself and maybe randomly throw in stuff here and there.

Games for sure that will show up - Cyberpunk 2077, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Possible games - Dawn of War series(Campaigns, maybe comp stomps), Kakarot

Anyways, that's the update. The channel is progressing along and I'm having fun working on the channel as well as checking out new games that I haven't played or finished. Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing to the channel. I look forward to bring you guys more content. Thank you for the support and have a great day/night.


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Hello, I'm a aspiring writer, and lets player. I created this channel to upload lets plays as I have decided to leave youtube, content creator wise, completely behind.

Goal is to put up videos as much as possible. I will probably, however, take a day or two off from doing so to work on writing, do some reading, and whatever else I need to do. So If I don't upload for a day or two it doesn't mean I'm gone.

You can check out some of my writing as well as previews for what I have up on Amazon.


Anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy the channel and what content I bring.