Dr. Anthony Fauci Speaks

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Speaks

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Justin Trudeau, Tony Fauci, and Bill Gates battle misinformation/disinformation and describe a device and method to deal with it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and some other likely suspects announce the launch of a new cryptocurrency.

To help defeat a new Omicron sub-variant, Dr. Fauci and his team have designed a new test and a new vaccine.

Bill Gates Confesses he wants to go viral.

The former NIH director explains the meaning of the term, "gain-of-function research."

America's Doctor expresses his sorrow over the way critics have mistreated him and explains what really happened to those Beagles.

Awaiting trial, Tony Fauci denies his guilt.

America's Chief Health Official Explains the Rationale for Vaccine Mandates for Children.

America's Doctor Offers a Shout-Out to a Colleague

America's Doctor Gets His Facts Straight.

America's doctor explains the long fight against infectious disease, and the new COVID peril posed by pets.

Dr. Fauci tells it like it is.

Dr. Fauci thanks his friends for conveying his message.

America's Doctor let's loose with what he values in life through his rendition of a classic American popular song.

Dr. Fauci channels Robert Frost.

America's Doctor Explains How He Has Followed the Science.

The Good Doctor Watches as His Assistant Inspects Spike Proteins.

Dr. Fauci's Startling Revelation

A new program uses the latest technological achievements to deliver doses.

A Brief Sequel to Dr. Fauci's Imaginary Zoom Meeting

A Fauci look-alike addresses his colleagues.

Kurt Schnabel, president of The Global Reset Foundation explains how his Great Reset will save the world.


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