The ADL found out my identity and tortured me until I said 6 million. Sadly for the ADL, I never learned to count that high. 200k is as high as I go.

Second episode of Nazi News Network.

The official launch of the Nazi News Network!

To traditional moral values.


Nazi fashion, it's so fash.

Also, special thanks to MadeWithLove who was the first person to donate to my channel, very cool and special thanks to them!

But it's time to stop being so afraid of the Jews.

Sit back and enjoy the music.

Even downtown, voices carry.

Scott Adams video.

Scott Adams inspired video.

Sit back and enjoy the music.

Basketball Americans!!!

Very smooth music for fashwave.

Enjoy this sweet music.

Find someone you love, have some children, protect animals.

And listen to some sweet music.

A classy ladies man.

Sit back & relax, enjoy the music.
Music will soothe even the savage beast.

RIP George Floyd. Featuring Hitler.

Featuring: Adolf & Joey
Premiering: Jew News - A show that reports on the Jews & the news.

Part III of the Golden Hour

Note: Updated the channel's logo.

Music playlist with a little Eric Dubay, Brendan Schaub, and a little Volleyball.

Enjoy the Golden Hour (3 minutes 27 seconds)

Exposing Fauci's wife for being a man.

Adolf being beloved by ladies.


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