yeah sp after playing this I realise how to actually play this game. So after this one I will be playing proper like

me trying to still play this game. I jsut found out how to turn my troops in the loading battle bit. and I realise I been using magic wrong lelelelel got two more videos of garbage then gnna play proper like. , also I found out there are items that you gotta pick up. blooming heck

I think the audio is better

this game is actually a little gem, imagine if i played the new one, my mind would explode.

Audio really bad I know

not a clue lol I remember this game being hard but this is stupid, it's on easy mode too. lol I'm like a game critic nah'mean lelel I should probably play the tutorial

Yeah this game was trash, use to play skurmish all the time, campaign is dead out. more old school stuff soon.

Skirmish is pretty tyt but still aint that good, aint gonna be carrying on with this bullshit.

This game is trash, no wonder I only play skermish as a kid. Probably not gonna continue this trash game

this level well annoyed me but the pixel are too tempting, so gonna keep going. #pixelfight

So started playing total annihilation, I get the first four level done in the this playthrough.

A much shorter and better review* dislike and unsub Temples are the password screen lets be hhonest.

Avatar 2 wasn't that good.

Trolleys come from acorns, acorns come from the tree.

blood money every where.

off to a bad start for the last level LoL out loud

the AI is on form my son

gandolf, you shall not pass

They tried to "red Wedding" me at the beggining there but I pay my monsters well so they look after me #goodworkethics

turn brightness down cuz lightning is cracking and I don't wanna hurt your eyes.

Dungeon keeper always keeping it fresh

flatten the place.

the imps don't respect me

buy imps just for them to die, these guys are the worst


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