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A presentation by: Mark Passio

The seven hermetic principles for self mastery.

EX-Occultist Reveals Hidden Knowledge.
-[ The Master Key ]-

Law Of Attraction (33rd Degree Knowledge)

Speaker: Mark Passio

#LawOfAttraction #MarkPassio #TheHermeticPrinciples

A brilliant talk by Mark Passio on the Lost Hermetic 8th Principle, which governs creation. Occultists know this knowledge. Highest level 33rd degree masons know this knowledge. The general public does not. We are only given watered down, half truths about the law of attraction. I highly recommend watching the full talk. (linked below) Mark is a very intelligent man, who provides the one of the best explanations of the 7 hermetic principles I've come across.

I hope you enjoy the sungaze supermix as much i enjoyed recording, edit and direct this piece of choppy art, sorry for all shaking but it was cold and yes i will look for a tripod or something for my camera.
For now, Enjoy the chemtrail free Sun gaze on every level of Earth.

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The Great Central Sun is a great theory to start the
inside journey within as it has many elements that tell
there is more than one sun in the system we live, which may be true.
If you come from a globe earth perspective you have to listen to this
and start researching, it is a fascinating and interesting road to walk.
Links to the articles and more is in the bottom after my own thoughts.
Have peace friends.

The theory of a central sun. Is an idea that comes from a certain religion like everything else.
It is belief from doctrines which has created dogma in your mind.
It is filled in your brain since you where born as you know.
We are all told it is called earth, the globe. But the GLOBALISM is a business.
It is a buzz that throw you into space and become a rootless animal, even a useful idiot.

The reality we live is not an illusion or simulation but it has become
a sort of matrix, a mother of tricks. A net, a network of busy bees.
In the end of the day it will be all good. Open your mind, eyes and heart
and see who the great creator of the realm really is and how humans
ignore the facts of the greatness to come for mankind.
When using all senses and perspective i know all is religion.

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This is my supercut of the 6 hour long original video by Bro Sanchez.
If you are blown away by the truth drops in this video, head
over to Bro Sanchez channel and give him some love and support.

Very Detailed Presentation by Avery Hopkins on Alchemy.
How to use and apply alchemic philosophy in your daily life and more.

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Part Two of Dreamarium.

Dream Terrarium or Dreamarium is a concept not many are willing
to awaken to. In fact most rather stay in wonderland built around them.
To continue the false dreams inside the construct of someone else dream.
Who's dream are you living, under what idea do you think your ideas are your own.
Have you noticed how everything you watch, read, and experience is a play.
How everyone in the play use masks and play the past sequences over and over
to put you into sleep/belief of their dream inside the dream terrarium.
There is a reason for sellouts to continue the sharades.

Understand, Innerstand that
this is a video communication that will awaken you from that sleep.
From all sleep to truly question everything around you.
Why is it there in the first place..

Wake the fuck up! Please.
If you consider yourself human this communication is for you.

The End..
RIP Globs

Visit John Thor on Youtube if you want to learn more,
or just interested in knowing more what goes around comes around.

Rebel News Exposé of Movement behind Greta Thunberg.

Things simply does not end with a innocent protest for change
when it come to incorporated movements. Nothing is what is seems.

How scorpion spagyrics are made

Something To Think About Ep5 - Internal And External Alchemy
Avery Hopkins gives something to think about.
Kymia Arts

Something To Think About Ep4 - Spagyric Vs. Essential Oil
Avery Hopkins gives something to think about.
Kymia Arts

Something To Think About Ep3 - Oil Of Silver Versus Colloidal Silver
Avery Hopkins gives something to think about.
Kymia Arts

Something To Think About Ep2 - What Is Magic
Avery Hopkins gives something to think about.
Kymia Arts

Avery Hopkins gives something to think about.
Kymia Arts

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Research presentation by Johan Oldenkamp

Presentation by Dr Johan Oldenkamp


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Sharing videos in english and swedish.
Have courage to stay with truth to expose the evil forces.
Expose by the "deadly sins" that corrupt and destroy
all that is good in our world. I am not a religious being
by definition but some things are too obvious to ignore.
The dark triad of people is trying to control us all,
from within to without.

"Nine Noble Virtues" above religion to live by.
{{{ English - (Swedish) }}}
1. Courage (Mod)
2. Truth (Sanning)
3. Honour (Ära)
4. Fidelity (Trohet)
5. Discipline (Disciplin)
6. Hospitality (Gästfrihet)
7. Self Reliance (Självförtroende)
8. Industriousness (Strävsamhet)
9. Perseverance (Uthållighet)

"Seven Deadly Sins" to die by.
{{{ English - (Swedish) }}}
1. Lust/Fornication (Lust/Otukt)
2. Gluttony (Frosseri)
3. Avarice/Greed (Girighet)
4. Pride/Hubris (Övermod/Arrogans)
5. Envy/Sorrow/Despair/Despondency (Sorg/Avund)
6. Wrath (Vrede)
7. Sloth (Lättja)

These "evil thoughts" can be categorized into three types:
1. Lustful appetite (gluttony, fornication, and avarice)
2. Irascibility (wrath)
3. Mind corruption (sorrow, envy, pride, and discouragement)

"Seven Christian Virtues" corresponding to seven sins.
Lust - Chastity
Gluttony - Temperance
Greed - Charity (or, sometimes, Generosity)
Sloth - Diligence
Wrath - Patience
Envy - Gratitude
Pride - Humility

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