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I spend a lot of my riding going around and helping abused children to try and get through their rough times. Really people, a simple indication of turning, looking in your blind spot and staying off your damn phone goes a long way to saving a bikers life and/or livelihood. I'm always happy to be able to make a video of the close calls because the one that isn't will probably never see production.

Delving into my first political satire/humor video with this video. When a politician says something that is just beyond the realm of possibility or even reason, time to open the political can of worms. Enjoy.

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Transforming that lawnmower sounding Sporty into a growling machine. With "T", "Drago" and special thanks to Mad Dog.

Thinking about it? Do It!
Ride video of Big Bear Lake CA, Arrowbear Lake, and around Lake Arrowhead.

Our 9-11 ride this year helps fund our local, self funded Holy Jim Fire Department in Trabuco Canyon California. Recently battling a blaze that spread to hundreds of acres, these first responders are always willing to save our asses.

On a motorcycle, we all try to expect the unexpected. But sometimes the unexpected is just that.

If you could not make this show that draws people from all over the country, check out some of the awesome steel at this event. #Bornfree10

Taking the Glendora Mountain Rd out of the city of Glendora CA. Not a good idea during the colder months as we've ran into black ice. No bueno.

Not good for the Road Captain. LoL

KSU is a minute away and someone can't find their motorcycle helmet - hilarious.

A De-motivational Video For The Current Year. It's OK to Laugh.

First glimpse of the Italian Ego Electric Motorcycle.
#MyElectricEgo #ElectricMotorcycle #CooksCorner

One of the greatest SoCal motorcycle rallies of the year. Thousands of bikes from all around the country.

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Mostly a test for uploading here. Been having problems doing so but looking good so far.

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