Dr. Bongjoose


Explore the secret life of Fortlandia's most dangerous and elusive creature.

Experimental content

Set in a post apocalyptic zombie infested world, the story follows a group of survivors being hunted by a serial killer that escaped prison once the zombies took over.

2015-2016 was pretty great for me. I helped start a small film studio with a really talented horror make-up artist and filmed a short series he wrote. But when filming the final episode the whole group disbanded because one guy we brought on somehow thought he was in charge of everyone. In retrospect we should have seen it coming and probably could have prevented it. So a year and a half later I decided to just string it all together into a movie and cut out that guy and his family since they were pretty involved. You can still see them from time to time but I attempted to give them minimal screen time since they didn't want to be involved after the disagreement. Luckily no one is mad at me so if there's any issues I can hopefully calm them down.


Slaughterhouse - Phillip Haughey
Blackout (ZRT) - Evan Haughey
The Doctor (Niles) - Dana Haughey
Havoc (ZRT-"Nick") - Chris See
The Conducter - Phil Cancilla
Young Survivors (oldest to youngest) - Hunter Steinitz, Trinity, Ben, and Anneke Haughey
Luke - Luke Meston
John - John Whigham

Emilie Goralski (Captured by Slaughterhouse)
Kate and Lucy Gallogly (Kate: rescued by Blackout | Lucy: zombie; Killed by Conductor)
Cardane Harding (Stabbed in the back by Slaughterhouse; zombie)
Sarah Marker (town doctor; zombie)
Taylor and Hunter Meston (Luke's kids; zombies)
Dale Collins (zombie/experiment; gas mask captor)
John Farmer (Stranger in the Woods)
Shane Baxendell (Arm ripped off by Slaughterhouse)
Courtney Vollberg (blue jacket captor)
Lisa Vollberg (First Conductor victim; zombie)
Rick Vollberg (survivor)
Trevor Nelson (Main Slaughterhouse captor)
Zella Costa (Niles' zombie autopsy/ experiment)
Phil Caye (survivor)
Lindsay Echard (Conductor spinal kill)
Zoe Freddo (Snowball fight victim)

Katie Wichelmann
John and Bane Whigham
Trevor Nelson
Dennis Englert
John Farmer
Hunter and Taylor Meston
Malea Crooks
Lucy Gallogly
Sarah Marker
Trinity, Ben, and Anneke Haughey
Dana Haughey (snow ball fight zombie)
Cardane Harding

Phil and Evan Haughey - Writers
Brando - Camera and Editor
John Farmer - Music

Celebrating Black History Month the light skinned nigga way

More travel videos coming soon...ish...or eventually

Doctor Bongjoose derping through Pattaya, Thailand. Next stop Bangkok.


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