Educate your airlines. They love to know about current liability for shots and PCR tests. Entertain the election in Nova Scotia with a humble curiosity of the government rules, regulations, policies and bylaws. If you are not feeling cared for by this institution, then don't vote to ratify your slavery.

Resources to share with Airlines and Government:

1. 4000 patents on the virus and the shot! The CDC have been working in the lab to make this pathological agent since 1999. This would be another great document to send to airlines and government. Thank you Dr. David Martin!
Again focusing on the criminality and them being an accessory to this crime of genocide is a good angle. Keep all your correspondance.

2.Pilots and planes:

3. Canadian Bill of Rights

4. CDC says stop PCR.

5. 500,000 Shot injuries......

6. Stand for Health Freedom. Vote for change. Stand for Health Freedom..... click here

Private investment opportunity in Nova Scotia that keep the BlackRock, Vanguard Group and Gates guys away from buying up our land for their 2030 Agenda. The world economic forum would like us to own nothing, be slaves and be happy about it. I don't think so, not on our watch! Buy land, grow your own food, set up freedom communities and live joyfully within the sorrows of those other worlds.

Muzzles, Swabs and Shots are testing your certainty. The structure to whom you give authority, determines your plan of action and your legal or lawful remedy.

Health Freedom Summit:

Dr. David Martin 4000 Patent on Corona

Canadian Doctor Panel:


Common Law:

Nuremberg Code:

Canadian Bill of Rights :

High Wire Episode that shows deaths increase in every country after the shot:

July 18, 2021 Halifax. Love trumps fear ❤️. Freedom to be you without compromise and freedom for them to be them without judgement. If every moment contains divine truth, challenge your self to find the blessing.

How do I diffuse anger? If my worst fear came true, how would it serve me and my family?

"Receive the Children in Reverence, Educate them in Love and Send them forth in Freedom. " Rudolf Steiner

System of blending the whole of the universe .....of colour, sound, movement, farming, painting and the creative arts... to the soul of the child.

Practical activities of knitting, painting or clay work not only pairs movement and neurological balancing but also integrates mathematics, history or other subjects into these practical kinesthetic activities. Stimulation that expands our children's brain with a loving foundation in all directions.

Connect directly with Kassandra for Zoom links for the next healing education meeting.
[email protected]

For those who see no further proof is needed, for those who don't no further proof is enough.

"There are three classes of people. Those who see, those who see when shown and those who do not see. " Leonardo Da Vinci

In your sacred duty, you may not know which ears welcome your words so speak to all, knowing only half will hear you. Bless and dismiss the rest. (SUBSCRIBE here on this bitchute channel for updates.)

National Group:

Inspiring Summit:

The Health Science:

Truth Media:

Inspiring Book:

Inspiring documentary for those who see when they are shown:

Vitamin C:

May 15th, 2021 Freedom Nova Scotia Rally, Cancelled Under Duress!
Virtual zoom networking event Saturday at 1pm- Country Folk Freedom. Email me for the link at [email protected] and if I don't know you, share something authentic that proves you are one of us. First come, First serve.

For tickets:
1) write recision across it in BLACK ink
2) In RED ink write the date of the ticket
3) write your signature in BLUE ink
4) make copies for all parties of the ticket and keep one for your self
5) send them to the payment address on the ticket before 72 hours is up from the date of the ticket
6) they may send back an attempt to trick you in the form of a letter but do not follow their rules

I just learned this from Amanda Vollmer and she learned this from Ken Cousins re commonwealth law.

Taking a fine/ticket for masking to court just use the exemptions page for masking under human rights act section 5 (a) (p) Everyone is exemption and research further with Jane Scharf on you tube she is a paralegal in ottawa. I would save these videos because she was banned off of facebook already.
Remember to say no thanks to contracting with the police and the admiralty system.

Your vaxx friends and family could shed the spike protein and make you sick! Report all injuries of those injected (and those in the vicinity of the injected) to the Canadian Chapter of Children's Health Defence at this link.... Please share this link with all primary health care providers who are shooting up your community. Thank you for your loving service. Be the Change!

[email protected]

Nurse warning:

(start at 43 min mark)

World Freedom Rally. Dartmouth Nova Scotia March 20, 2021

World Freedom Day March 20, 2021

No means no for masks, shots and curfews.

EMF protection and other healthier options.


The perfect crime against humanity is happening in your face without of knowing it. The well documented evidence of this video can be found at: ATTENTION: The documents are at the bottom of their website:

The growing child is entitled to protection from any external factor which damages, or which could damage, the body, mind, conscience, soul or spirit directly or indirectly. Article 3 of the Declaration of Peace. To read the declaration:

According to the World Economic Forum, 75% of the world's population lives in fear of death and is willing to take the expirimentary vaccine. More supporting evidence about all the harmful effects on humans can be found at the links below:

University of Oxford, PCR test doesn't work effectively:
Ireland introduces the first Total Control system in Europe:
Bills' full design for the totalitarian Population Control Grid:

Damaging effects of Aluminum Nanoparticles in vaccines:
Bills' plan to Vaccinate the world with experimental vaccine:
Hydroxychloroquine - the truth and cure they're hiding:

Military-funded biosensor for future pandemic detection:
Implantable nanotech biosensor to be used in vaccines:
Biosensors for continuous monitoring of body chemistries:

Mask of Mind control Manipulation of the few over the many.

We are creating a generation of fear......


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