Nothing disrupts the system like an inquisitive mind. Most people are now so indoctrinated and brainwashed , to the point of complete and utter complete idiocy.

Jeremy Elliot breaks it down perfectly! IG/ @theiconicpodcast

Celeste Solum former FEMA officer speaks out about the agenda. Are you going to be injected to be part of the computer interface?

The plandemic, the political intentions, the painful battle to a powerful finish! 9 min Great overview!

Reminder: This documentary is a re-upload. The original was removed from most other platforms so you know it is a good one to share.

The monopoly that kept us enslaved.

Tom Barnett describes the mechanism of viruses as dead bits of genetic material.

Viruses are important to strengthening our immune system, helping us adapt to our environment and contributes to the evolution of our species. This video gives some helpful ways to thrive.

Northwood Manor Nova Scotia RF (wifi) readings 13,000 microwatts per meter. Biological precautionary guideline flagged for extreme concern is anything above 1000 microWatts per square meter. 51/58 corona deaths were at this facility. Dr. Zach Bush says this corona virus unmasks toxicity. Did all who died in this facility have the flu shot? Will this second wave of corona correlate with the 5G roll out?

Dena Churchill-

Diane L Murray - volunteer with No Smart Meters Nova Scotia.

Adrien Bordage volunteer with National Citizens Alliance.[0]=68.ARDzdi8vJw9a3vGQnFY-cqqC8CucFyPDu3i7mszEewOWRSE9qxf8_ySsG_CqI_Zy9IAk5aW3dKkf2avxMhxGeLN1mQGQISQG8g30Dk0S0pcTR29cBeA-IcJ36sVinGR7UHq3xtO4XKJWX8GIB8tYSIm6xPmg6u6QbOttLQtIgXJ1zmh74eXrZuscCqCmLkMhm2aHdk6IJHOhCaGUUvO6nKIlgH1cuFzTZ8r9YpZz5XWoeNVn1ykpzU_bRinu74dTahg7lCXNOzk7h8co4IK_DVVaOHWHT-8gUzrqUJjxIRSeatO4lOjxgCKx8CyLICFnm94f54ip0onMMj1Ou7QALmYkZGiacJw

Dr. Judy Mikovits explains in 3 minutes how the flu shot primed our population with the RNA retroviruses that leaves the population injured and vulnerable.

This is a re-posted clip that Facebook and youtube both removed.


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