Fasting and urotherapy are some of the oldest, most efficient and cost effective ways to heal your body. Dr. Group suggests the urotherapy containing stem cells is a great anti-dote for poisons and maybe a way to repair DNA. Global Healing Institute begins a three day community fast August 1-3. If you’d like to join us (and you are not a diabetic or on any medications) all you require is distilled water and the will power to heal. If you are not a member of Dr. Group's community, you can still do it on your own.

Wealthy & Healthy weekend entertainment.

1. Public viewing of Uniformed Consent….. Please Watch & Share!

2. Savers are Losers. Don’t pay taxes. Use Debt to get Rich. The 5G’s that Robert Kiyosaki owns. Gold and silver are at the top ………..

3. Dr. Group suggests the urotherapy containing stem cells is a great anti-dote for poisons and maybe a way to repair DNA:,

Consciousness guides frequency in all mediums. In a universal solvent like water intention is particularly powerful.
Sound Alchemy:

Quantum Physicist, Max Planck who upon receiving the Noble Prize for physics in 1918 said.....
" We have now discovered that there is no such thing as matter; it is all just different rates of vibration designed by an unseen intelligence."
This quote came from the Book ..... Tuning the Human Field. Eileen Day McKusick

Quantum Physicist, Max Planck who upon receiving the Noble Prize for physics in 1918 said.....
" We have now discovered that there is no such thing as matter; it is all just different rates of vibration designed by an unseen intelligence."

Even bits and bites are a vibration phenomena. Those with the highest vibration dictate the speed of the metronome..... for both the real and the artificial intelligence. With your intention you are guiding the power and focus of Aladdin. Insure your thoughts and energies are spent on what you love instead of what you don't. He is a genie after all, so remember it is as you wish......

Movie: Bliss

Your Astrology Natal Chart gives you insights into many aspects of life on planet earth, including the best activities given your particular body and star alignment. E-mail me or any of the other astrologers on our soul friends list or study and know more about it at any of the following websites.

NEW Inspiring video on Chlorine Dioxide as the universal antidote… this is a must see! See video links and attachments.
There are products available now on amazon but the concentration and protocols may have to be adjusted to accommodate the Jim Humble recipe.
Where to buy ClO2:

Astrology websites:

Align to your power and create your compass.
Raise your vibration:

Manifestation formula is 3-6-9. So once you have your questions answered, then repeat it to yourself 3 times, 6 times a day for 9 seconds to co-create your reality. Choose what you love and it magically appears! You are the one.

EMF protections! Step one: Faraday cage your smart meter and routers. Step two: Turn off cell phone and router when you are not using it. Step three: Get out of town!

EMF Protections Part 2: Update with out cell data on my phone

Wellness Hubs....take heart-centered men and women to create success. Connect with Canadian Frontline Nurses to offer your loving service in your community.
Cindy M Freedom : [email protected]

Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto:

California Laws :

Organ donation is automatic in Nova Scotia.,front%20of%20your%20Health%20Card.

Animal DNA being added to shots is not a new concept. Neither is adding chemicals to our water. What we inject into people and spray on our land eventually makes its way through the population. Your defence is first to know this and then to invest in natural health and a natural existence. Few simple natural health solutions below:

Anti-dote to all posions:

How to Remove Spike Proteins and eliminate graphene oxide

How to Keep your Immune System strong (including homeopathic tissue salt links):

How to Make Chlorine Dioxide (water purification) :

EMF protections:

Conditional Government Handouts. If you live in their house then you play by their rules. PMA's could be a solution for those who wish to take responsibility for themselves. References and resources below:

Canadian Parliamentary Bills :

Private Membership Associations:

Dr. David Martin's 2 min video on Justin's racketeering.

Healing Autism:
Dr. Rebecca Carley:

Dr. Kerri Rivere:
Chlorine Dioxide:
Autism as vaccine injury:

Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride: Owns 40% Acuitas: (2 min video)

Terrain the film:

Hunter Biden's laptop suggests Putin is cleaning up bioweapons labs:

Now that the dark agendas are being exposed the Cabal may try another attack on its own country. Instead of blaming Iraq as they did in 911, now they may try to blame Russia.

Free Fallin video Tom Petty:

WHO mandates to kill using vaccines:

Sex trafficking with politicians :
Alison Mack :
Hillary and Education reference:

Good doctors found here:
These websites host doctors that give you the pros and cons and allow you to choose!! True informed consent.

Other resources:

Natural compounds like chlorine dioxide and psilocybin are powerful healers!! Of course, if I tell you this I could be censored, banned of social media, arrested or in the case of Bishop Max who showed me how to make ClO2, you could be disappeared.

Pfizer offers Doctor a 1 million dollar gag order?

EMF protections:

What is portrayed as bad is good and what is portrayed good is bad. Know this and you have the keys to successfully navigate the globalist agenda.

-Trudeau implicated in biological weapons:

- Terrain the film:

- Pick any Bill you have issue with and have your voice heard. The Canadian government is a fiction, casting a spell for a globalist agenda. If you are going to be in their house and receive their handouts, you are going to be required to play by their rules....
Connect with your Member of Parliament today!

Unity in the Community! Healing Earth......
Alderney Landing Dartmouth, Nova Scotia March 19, 2022, 1-4pm

Protect, Heal and Empower !
Are there Chernobyl levels of Radiation in your city as is in Hope, British Columbia Canada?

INFORM & PROTECT resources:

1. Chernobyl levels in BC with Klan mother Karen and Judge Alfred Weber:
2. 5G articles:

3. Dr. Noakes - Graphene Hydroxide- nano razor blades not biodegradable.
4. Geo engineering of weather:

EMPOWER resources

1. No excuses:
2. Empower all 7 areas of your life!


1. Genius technology download for 2 weeks free:
2. Potassium Iodide:
3. Aloe vera: find the juice, eat the plants or take these supplements. Nature is our healer.
4. Tissue Salts:

Radiation Protection Bureau - HEALTH CANADA

All contact information
IAEA Regional Office in Canada
5935 Airport road, suite 200
Mississauga, Ontario
L4V 1W5
Tel: (001) 905-678-7662onScalar Plandemic Attacks/Higher Self: Klanmother Nurse Karen MacDonald, Sandy Glaze, Andra Forbes

Empower yourself! Set your specific intention to manifest exactly what you love.

Honey, don’t shrink the kids!
What shot injuries look like, how to report them and talk to your doctor, possible solutions?
In Canada report injuries here.....
Chlorine Dioxide:

PS if the white hats were to take over the 5G and use tesla technology to send out a healing frequency to the graphene oxide, we could quickly flip the paradigm.

Other Resources:
Dr. David Martin- Covid bioweapon and the company "Answer" who owns all the pharmaceutical companies.

Is money the root of all evil? Is it simply a vehicle to carry your spiritual intention into a material manifest? The quality of your life is proportional to the quality of the questions you specific.


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