Hello, this is Josh dream body clinic. Today You're going to see a treatment on plantar fasciitis. This is at the bottom of the foot. It helps with movement, helps the foot with stability, everything there, and it can become a real problem as we age, especially if you're active. We first saw this with patients that had an ankle issue that we healed up with the stem cells and then later found out it fixed their plantar fasciitis, which they hadn't even told us about.
Plantar fasciitis if you have it there's not a lot of options. Usually if you're very active, what they'll do, like if you like to play tennis for example, as my stepdad, he had this and they told him to just keep playing until it snapped. He had to tough out the pain. It's like, hey walk it off. Not a fun way to go. It did relieve the pain, but I´m pretty sure you have that there for a reason. So, if we can heal it and it's a lot less painful than waiting until it snaps, probably the better way to go, because they're not going to give any options back in like the United States, Canada, UK, or Europe.
They're basically going to give you some pain meds and wait until you can't tough it out anymore and then have to cut it or you snap it naturally. So not a fun thing to do. It's not, it's probably one of the least fun injections that we have because it's right there at the bottom of the foot. And as you'll see in this video, we gotta go in with some, uh, procaine first to numb up the foot.
It's not an easy place to get injected, but once it's the needles in, we just go on a little bit with some procaine, numbs it up, then we go a little bit deeper. So you don't feel anything. And then we're able to go in with the mesenchymal stem cells and you won't feel anything at that point. And it can start with.
The healing process usually takes three to six months. Most people are feeling perfect three months post-treatment, but the healing starts right away. Right after you start getting treatment, you start, you know, it feels better than it will hurt very back and forth process. As the stem cells get in there and they start targeting the inflamed area, that's what they do.
We really go above and beyond job on making sure we give you the best stem cells in the world at the best price. If you want to learn more, get ahold of us, www.dreambody.clinic, all the information's there you scroll down on the homepage, find plantar fasciitis, click on it. You'll see the prices, how treatment works, everything there's no hidden costs, anything like that.
We do an MRI, then we do the injection. It's usually like a five-day trip. Real simple. And you're good to go. You can also call us with any questions anytime toll free at 833 445 9089. I'm Josh. Happy to help.

Hey, this is Josh dream body clinic. Today we are going to talk about kidney disease. Kidney disease is so difficult, especially in people that keep going progressing it. I mean, there's not really a cure for it. Renal disease. Can you disease your kidneys start to shrink. They stop filtering the way that they should.
Yes. It just gets worse and worse, more and more painful. There hasn't been much you can do about it. There's maybe some medications you can take now to slow things down, but they really don't have anything to reverse it. So what do you do? Fortunately, mesenchymal stem cells have been shown in multiple studies to actually help reverse kidney disease.
Um, the video here, we're going to see as a patient with stage four kidney failure, his kidneys are shrinking out. They're not working properly and this eventually leads to dial. What we're able to do here is we worked with an amazing urologist and a couple of anesthesiologists and our head doctor, Dr.
Ramos gynecologists go in and they actually directly inject into the kidneys 25 million stem cells into each kidney to bring them back to their normal size, shape, and function. Now this does take time anytime you're dealing with. So the regeneration, it takes time. We also include an IV Of 300 million stem cells.
This goes through the system, which is then eventually it gets to the kidneys and helps heal. Um, unfortunately with the IV, it goes to the heart and the lungs first, which definitely a lot of benefit there. We've seen unreal results with the heart and lung issues, but the lungs act as a bit of a filter.
So only about 20 to 30% of those cells get past there. And then they've got to get to the kidneys, which doesn't mean all of them will go there. So we do that. And then we do these direct injections and the director of the most important, any time you can go direct to an Oregon, you're going to see better results.
And with this, I mean, you're able to get to those kidneys and have them start regenerating, and there's really no other options out there. So we're seeing a lot of patients that, uh, this is a common side effect of type two diabetes as it progresses. Well, it starts to wear on the kidneys and eventually it can lead to kidney.
We have helped patients in early stages stage wanting to kidney failure, recover their kidney function just from Ivy treatments. But as it starts to get a bit more advanced, it's better to go direct. So that's what we're doing now. I'm working with a great team. You can check out our website at www dot drain body dot clinics.
Scroll down on the homepage. You'll find the kidney disease treatment click on that. You can read through it and see exactly what we're doing. If you need help, we'd be happy to help you. So take a look there on the website. Call us direct at (833) 445-9089. Get ahold of us any time and we'll uh, we'll get you fixed up.
I'm Josh. Happy to help.

Hi, this is Josh dream body clinic. And today we're going to see me get a treatment. So this last weekend I was out on one of my dirt bikes, riding some trails, and I crashed. This happens on dirt bikes, I should probably get rid of them cause they're pretty dangerous. But hey, if I get injured, I can get more stem cells, you know, more videos.
Still I will probably going to stop riding here pretty soon. I went over the handlebars and I landed right on the side of my arm. Really hard, really hurt, I did have my protective gear on, but it kind of slid off more onto my elbow and I landed more on the arm. Luckily was able to get up and ride home in a lot of pain.
So the next. Got up, came to work and we decided to get to work on it. We started actually with an ozone injection, got that in there, and that kind of helps with some of the inflammation. And then by luck, one of our patients ended up not doing their facial treatment that day. So I used the 20 million mesenchymal stem cells that, uh, normally would have been used for that.
And I even used the fibroblasts, which we usually use for the facial treatments. And we injected that in my elbow. We didn't go into the joint. We just went directly into the tissue there into the muscle, and then where it was inflamed. And I got to say, today is Monday and I'm virtually pain-free. I mean, I could not extend it all the way on Saturday and Sunday, it was already feeling better.
And here on Monday, like I'll probably go to the gym today. It's feeling that good. So if you get injured, my point with this is you should get stem cells as quick as. Or ozone or PRP. Now I think PRP is overlooked for that. I think some people, they end up start being sore joints and they're thinking, oh man, like, let's go try some PRP cause that's available in the United States or in Canada or in the UK or Europe.
But, uh, the problem is it doesn't heal fast enough if we can't get past the scar tissue. Usually if you've already developed that scar tissue, which tends to happen in the first couple of weeks, So our recommendation, if you got hurt tomorrow, go get PRP. It can be a little expensive. They're just spinning your blood and taking the plasma, but it gets all the growth factors into the area and will heal it instead before the white blood cells rush to the area.
And they can only heal at the patch of job of fibrosis, which is scar tissue. In my opinion, every doctor. Should have a century fusion you're doing PRP and it should be more affordable than they make it. Um, cause it really doesn't cost much to do, but unfortunately, most doctors are in the system. It's not their fault.
The way the system set up is to treat symptoms, not the root cause. So even though they should be treating that with some PRP, you go in and you're hurt and it's not broke. I'll take some Advil, take some Tylenol. So they're just reducing the inflammation. Well, inflammation is there for a reason. It's trying to bring different things to the area to heal.
For example, mesenchymal stem cells are attracted to inflammation. The problem is as we get older, we have fewer and fewer. When we hit bone maturity, usually around age 18 for women or 21 for men, we lose 90% of our mesenchymal stem cells. And you're left with that 10% and they just white blood cells get there fast.
You don't have enough. So scar tissue sets in, we don't heal. So, you know me, I'm 39 years old. If I hadn't have done this with my arm, I probably would not be healing like this. Cause it was bad. I really like, I landed full body weight going about 20 miles an hour over the handlebars landing right there.
So that's my point. If you can't get PRP right away, look at stem cell therapy.
So stem cell regeneration is how your body wants to heal. We just get older and it starts falling apart. Nature's trying to get us out of that cycle. So let's stay in it. Let's stay healthy and get killed up. Give us a call toll free anytime at (833) 445-9089. Or check out our website www.dreambody.clinic. You can come down here to beautiful port of our, to Mexico.
It can be fixed up. It is so safe here. I've been living here for 13 years from Seattle originally. It's the safest place I've ever lived. So that's your concern. Just know Mexico is not what the news has told you. It is. It's safer than most places in the United States. And it's great. We jokingly call it cheap, polite.
So come get fixed. Check out the website. I'm Josh happy to help.

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Hi, this is Josh Dream body clinic. The video you're going to see here is a patient doing our intrathecal stem cell treatment. This treatment is specifically for brain diseases or brain issues. In this case, this patient has a family history of Alzheimer's just wants to make sure she doesn't have to deal with that in the future. She wants to improve her memory and keep feeling good, living good. All of that is improved because of the intrathecal administration, as you'll see, we go into the lumbar section of the back and we actually go into the spinal cord so that we can get into the spinal fluid there and get stem cells up to the brain and get that working to help your immune system help brain regeneration.
The stem cells send out what are called trophic factors that actually guide the neurons to reject. Rebuild connections that may have been lost in the past and keep you healthy and who doesn't want better brain health or brain is working good. The rest of our bodies working good.
And that's why we focused on this treatment. It's become one of our more popular treatments because not a lot of places doing it. And it's a bit freaky thinking, oh no. And needles going in my back and who doesn't, you know, it's never going to be fun, but what's great about it is that it's simple.
I thought it was very painful. I eventually did this treatment thinking it would hurt. However It was simple and painless. A quick poke got it in there. And Dr. Torres, who does this treatment for us is so fast and effective. So it's really simple treatment with very minimal risk and very high reward. Having better brain health is better for everything you have better memory you'll fight.
I started dreaming again, and a lot of patients have noticed that I didn't really ever remember my dreams before. So I don't know if it's that I'm dreaming better now or. More than likely it's the memory aspect that I remember my dreams, so definitely helps with memory. We're finding great benefit with stating off Alzheimer's helping people that early stages Alzheimer's, um, helping with stroke recovery, having a ton of success, treating autistic kids this way.

Is there a way to heal herniated disc about surgery? I'm Josh Dream Body clinic. And this is a question that a lot of people are looking for the answer to. If you have a severely herniated disc, you're going to go to your surgeon and they're most likely going to tell you that they're going to want to cut off that part.
That's herniated, or they're going to want. Do a fusion. It's not really a lot of options for this, especially in places like the United States, where I'm from. Um, that's, those are kind of the go-to things. And back surgery is not fun. It's not easy. It's a long recovery process. And if you give a fusion, they're smooth, you're losing some mobility.
And even then it doesn't always get rid of all the pain. So a lot of people want to know, is there a better option? Is there a way to do this that is less invasive and can get me the results with less. Unfortunately, there is, uh, over in Spain, Poland, and most of China, the go-to treatment. If you have a herniated disc is actually taken to the operating room, Twilight sedation.
So you're not fully asleep and oboe into the disc with ozone and the ozone actually interacts with the enzymes inside of the disc and it shrinks. So really think about it. You think like an ice cream sandwich it's pushing, pushing ice cream starts to come out. Well, this is yours. The vertebrae or compare pressing, and you're starting to get that herniation, the part coming out, pushing on the spinal cord.
And that's, what's causing a lot of the nerve pain. A lot of the stiffness, a lot of people get like the lower hips or the neck and the neck. You'll feel it more, the hands will be numb or not feeling good. And the hips, you know, if it's more than the lumbar spine, you feel hips. I Attica in the legs, maybe, you know, really no theatre, even pain in the feet and go all the way to.
And not fun. And there's not much you can do about it. If you don't go surgery in the U S they'll just start giving you more Gabapentin for the nerve pain or, you know, opioids for the pain, things that mask the symptoms, but don't actually heal it. So in these other countries, the ozone actually fixes it, but the problem is now you've got stenosis.
There's less disk than there should be. And that becomes a problem over time, means less cushion and can eventually lead to a whole different set of. So, what we do here DreamBody clinic is we want to fix both those problems. We want to fix your herniation, but we also want to regenerate that disc. So what we found is that we go in there via C-arm big x-ray in real time, go straight into the disc, under Twilight sedation in the operating room, shrink that disc with the ozone.
And since we already have the needle in there, we then put 25 million Mesenchymal stem cells in the disc and allows it to start regenerating. Stem cells work incredible. It's soft tissue regeneration. Typically, within three months, we were finding, you know, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, start to regenerate.

Article and studies mentioned in the video: https://dreambody.clinic/index.php/2022/03/26/how-to-heal-heart-disease-or-heart-damage/

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How to heal your heart from heart disease or heart damage. I'm Josh dream buddy clinic. And that's what we're going to get into today. So in the United States, Canada, Europe, different places like that. If you suffer from heart disease or damage to the heart, say you had a heart attack trying to recover.
There's not a lot of options. They're typically going to give you. Things that can help take care of the side effects or the symptoms, but they're never going to directly target the actual issue. Um, they're not looking at the underlying cause of what made that happen. Maybe they try to act like they are looking at cholesterol and different things, but even cholesterol.
Is a reaction to inflammation is not the underlying cost. So here at drink body clinic, we've been helping a lot of people with heart health, finding incredible results by using what are called Ms. stem cells to go directly to the heart and help people. And we found some incredible studies that look at how Ms sinkable stem cells can help the heart to regenerate.
So let's take it back just to how the heart functions, how. You know, is able to regenerate naturally and how we can use mesenchymal stem cells to make that happen even better. So the heart is made up mostly of cardiac cells, muscle cells that are called cardiomyocytes. Um, some people call them, um, myo sites, some called cardiac cells, but we're just going to call them cardiomyocytes here.
Like that word. We use that it's one of the more common and the cardiomyocytes. They build up all the fibers of the muscle. Basically makes up your heart and is they get injured. They say they get damaged, things happen, they get weak or whatnot. Um, they actually are replaced by the immune system. Your heart has a natural way to regenerate and it has to, because it's got to keep beating your whole life.
So it's a very special organ in that regard. And what happens is when the immune system comes in, it's able to repair it by bringing a motor called. These are the building blocks to those cardiomyocytes. So the heart is constantly regenerating. It's constantly pumping. Um, there's always things going on there.
So it's a constant workflow. As we get older, though, our bodies heal slower, just not as well as they did when were younger, just part of the aging process. In a lot of times, we get to a point. Well, that can lead to things like heart attack, heart disease, congestive heart failure. Um, you know, there's a whole list of heart issues and there's a very high chance.
I mean, most people will suffer from some sort of heart disease or heart damage in their lifetimes. And it's one of the top killers out there too for people. So it's very important to take care of your heart. Now, this natural process, like we just mentioned, it gets worse and worse over time. So what if there was a way that you could regenerate your whole.
Did it work in a way it should is healing like it did. When were a little kid? Well, that's exactly what mesenchymal stem cells do. We've taken the approach of using an IV administration because in an I V we go into the vein and it goes directly to the heart. So first stop is to the heart where a lot of these cells go and stay and start guiding the healing and regeneration process.
And then go to the lungs and then throughout the rest of the body looking for inflammation, but we're interested in how it works for the heart. So they've done a couple of studies. The first one was done all the way back in 2010, and it was actually showing how mesenchymal stem cells actually helped the cardiomyocytes to regenerate rate the a it's.
They call it genetic reprogramming and it basically allows the immune system to work the way that. And start rebuilding the cardiomyocytes and not only rebuilding it in a proper way but protecting them also. So, you end up with better heart health because of the protection factor and you get the regeneration.
And that's, uh, that's what we wanted to explain to you today. So, if you've got more questions, um, on the links here, I'm going to post, I wrote an article that explains all this has links to the studies I referenced. So, you can see the actual scientific data behind it. You know, they'll just take our word for it.
Look at the science that's been done. Look at the different testimonials we have. It's not debatable. This has helped their hearts. And that's it. If you have questions, you can get ahold of us anytime www.dreambody.clinic or us a call directly toll free (833) 445-9089. Answer all your questions help you.

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Hi, I’m Venus and I'm the real boss at dream body clinic. I did my back treatment today. I have a problem in my neck is like it's straighter than it should be. So, it always causes inflammation and pain. I have to take muscle relaxers pretty often to get rid of that. Mesenchymal stem cells won’t fix that because it's a mechanic problem, but they do help to relieve the pain a lot.
I did this almost a year ago and it helped a lot with the pain and to get by. So I'm doing it again. I also did my lower back because, you know, having kids running around all the time, it like can be tough. So if you want to learn more get a hold of us a www.dreambody.clinic or call us at 833 445 9089. Thanks.

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How can I improve my brain health brain function and overall performance at work? That's what we're going to talk about in this video. This video is my wife Venus getting an intrathecal administration of Seconal stem cells and an IV of a hundred million simple stem cells. She did both, just, we normally both do the IV of a hundred million, at least one.
Just for general health. There are so many anti-aging properties to this. It also targets the stem cells. Target inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of most, every disease you can think of even cancer. So very preventative, these things that will creep up to us in the future. So, we'd like to do these treatments now while we're young to help us from having those issues later in life.
Now for brain health, which has really been the focus is the intro equal administer. And she did this for two full reasons. First was we do all of the treatments that we offer. We are not one of those clinics. Just talks the talk, we walk the walk. We want you to know that we're we do the stem cells that we offer.
We're not just saying, hey you should do this. That'll help, you know, her even at treatment like this, that it sounds a bit scary. We're going into your spinal fluid. We're getting them straight to the brain, you know, it's, it's not the funniest place to be in. But the benefits are tremendous, and it can help people of any age.
We help little kids with autism. We help older people that are trying to stave off dementia and people kind of in the middle, like us that are just trying to have optimal brain performance to help with work in Venus. She's got a very difficult job as far as brain work. Um, she's in a. The accounting and Mexico's a nightmare.
You file every month instead of every year. So, it's like it's April every, every month for her. It's crazy. The amount of work she does. Plus, she manages the team here. She helps keep everything in line. She's so organized. It's in crazy amazing that she can do this, but it takes a lot of brain power. And we want to make sure she's able to keep doing that as long as possible so we can help as many people as possible.
So, she did the intro to the culture. And she's been seeing great results. She feels like she's more focused doing better shed a little bit of back pain from some different issues. And because it goes up the spinal fluid, it's helped her back pain a that too. And she's feeling great then with the IV, her and I both always feel great after that.
I've got two little kids, they tend to, when they get sick, everybody gets sick or at least that's the way it used to be. Since we started doing the IVs, we tend to just kind of get kind of beat down when everyone knows the kids are getting. And eventually we take a nap because your body just kind of gives up and heal, but you never ended up getting that sick.
It's incredible the way it boosts the immune syste

Do you have a chronic cough or a problem with constantly having to clear your throat? That just doesn't seem normal. Just won't go away. You're not sick, but you find yourself coughing just at no apparent reason, or you find yourself clearing your throat. Like just constantly. I think we all know someone if we don't have it, that you seem to do that.
Um, up until now, there hasn't been a really a reason or a way to, to heal this. It's just the sort of thing people deal with. There's like, oh, well, it's, I'm not sick. It's just chronic. It just keeps happening. My grandma had this issue. My mom has this issue. Um, I, firstly, don't have it too bad, but you'd have a bit of a rope clearing issue.
Never really had a cough, but my mom, oh man, her cough, it would just, she just start hacking up like at random and she's not. And one of the healthiest people, you meet plays tennis nonstop, please go up like as relaxed lifestyle, just enjoying life. Like she's not sick every week. And she has a cough every week, or at least she did.
And that's what we're gonna show you in this treatment is actually her getting what's called the intra equals stem cell treatment. And so far it's, it's fixed her chronic cough. Um, she's not coughing like she used. Maybe, you know, once a month or something now, but before that it was daily, she would have just bouts of coughing and it was getting worse and worse.
We looked at different ways to heal it or thinking we've got the stem cells. We've tried the, it didn't really make a difference. We tried the nebulized or breathe it in. Didn't make much of a difference. And then last time she was here, which is a couple months ago, she did this treatment, the insurance eco.
We see constantly where it's like pain has no memory problems. They just don't. You told, remember them when you don't have them. And he was happy to report. It's like, yeah, I'm not clear my throat constantly. It's incredible. So we fixed it for him. Now we fixed it from my mom and we love to help fix it for you.
It's a weird place to be injected. I've done this treatment. And it goes into the lumbar spine. It's a little tiny needle. It's like an insulin needle, but it's just real long. It goes into the spinal fluid. We let it take usually like a milliliter or two out of spinal fluid. And then we put two milliliters worth of stem cells, which is 15 million directly into the spinal fluid.
And that's going to go up and down the spinal fluid and then to the. Where the cerebral spinal fluid is going to allow it, no blood brain barrier passing thing. All these cells are gonna go directly to the head and it's interacting with the nervous system. It's interacting with your spinal cord. It's the root over all your nerves start.
And we're pretty confident now that a lot of this chronic cough is a nerve issue. And in the us, the best option they're going to give you is if they could even figure out what nerve it is, they'll blame. They'll fry it, they will burn it and

Does your shoulder hurt? Are you in pain? Do you have maybe like frozen shoulder feels locked up. Can't quite get it there. Right? Do you need a solution? Well, if you do, um, we can help you here. I'm Josh Dream body clinic. And we use mesenchymal stem cells to help shoulder problems, anything from shoulder frozen shoulder, to maybe a laborer tear, to super spinosa issues, cartilage issues like arthritis, the whole gambit of what can be wrong with your shoulder.
We can typically fixed mesenchymal stem cells are incredible for the healing process. They target inflammation. Typically when you have an injury, you're going to have inflammation. So we start with an MRI so that you can see exactly what's going on. Typically we can see the inflammation because you will see synovial fluid in the MRI.
And we got a better idea of where to go. So the doctor can pinpoint it. Now, if it's into the joint, they go kind of from the back here, right into the shoulder socket, that's going to help with cartilage, super spinoff. And they will spread out and go to where the injury is, but let's say you've got more of an issue of top here.
They'll also do a shot there, and this is why we use 50 million stem cells. We'll get 25 million to the joint. And then another 25 million to directly where that main issue is. Um, if it's all in the chunk, we'll just put it all there, but we have the option to move it around and it targets. Now it doesn't have to hit the exact point.
And the reason why is that we use so many stem cells, these 15. It is so, so many, like in the United States, they're typically only doing. And how many of you get like a hundred thousand?
And they typically always regenerate. Cartilage is kind of the toughest, but you know, super spinosa lay ground ligaments, tendons tend to heal really fast. Usually within three months, we're seeing for regeneration. Sometimes it can take up to 60. But a three to six months and you've got your shoulder back.
And the best part is there's no downtime like surgery, which, you know, most people want to avoid. They're going to get in there and cause a lot more scar tissue and hopefully they'll fix it. But most of the time they don't fix it. Perfect. Or you lose some mobility, you have some chronic pain from it.
That's not as bad, but it's never a perfect fix. The second will stem cells. Most of the time are a perfect fix because they're rebuilding everything the way it's supposed to. So it's a great way to avoid surgery. The great way to heal fast. You're going to take two weeks off, like no working out after treatment for weeks, or just some light rehab exercises, get everything going again.
And usually by six months, six weeks post treatment, you're back out there doing whatever you love, tennis golf in the gym, all these things. So if you've got shoulder issues and you're just done dealing with that chronic pain, this is the best solution. Uh, if you want to learn more, get ahold of us and you can check out our websi

Hi this is Josh and I'm with dream body clinic today. We're going to talk a bit about brain health. The patient in this video came to us and he also brought a friend actually more of a work associate, and he does some really cool stuff with, helping people just kind of get their headspace and to be able to focus, get better at their business, their life, just overall, just brain transformation from his approach.
Him being so focused on that, he wanted to see what else was out there on the medical side. He then came to our intrathecal treatment, our intrathecal stem cell treatment. We go into the spinal fluid, which allows the cells to go up the spinal fluid straight to the brain. There they can help the system work properly. They can help the neurons create new connections. As far as the neurons go, they start what are called trophic factors to help guide the neuro. So in the brain, they are very effective, we're finding this to be very effective with autistic children, finding very effective with people with early stages of Alzheimer's.
We believe it'll help with deeper stages of Alzheimer's. We just haven't had a lot of those patients, usually tough from travel, but just brain health in general, even stroke. There's a ton of studies on this, how this can help you recover from a stroke after that. So he wanted to do it just strictly from a healthy standpoint, to be healthier.
And he went, you know, did more than we've ever had anybody do in just one kind of session here. So his first session was before this actually did 150 million directly in typically we only do 50 million with 150 million there's six milliliters of fluid. So we had to take out five milliliters of cerebral spider's spinal fluid and put it back in.
Even with daddy got a pretty good headache. That is one of the side effects when you do higher doses. And if you read the studies on to this, usually 150 million or six milliliters of fluid is about the max you want to go. Otherwise, you're guaranteed to have very bad headaches for a while. You have a headache for a day bit there.
Then I believe it was two weeks later. He did what you're going to see here was another 115 million. It's a lot of cells all directly to the brain and. It's getting up there, eating his brain, being effective, helping him to heal. Hopefully it's going to help him memory it's going to help with is performance, everything else.
So a bit more experimental. We're going to follow up with him and follow up with just where he's been with that. But I just wanted to get on here and just let you know. You know, this is a very safe treatment. We do the 15 million all the time. I've personally done it. It's a strange place to get injected, but a really easy it's seismic and slim needles just longer.
It, those right in there it's in gets done really, not that bad, but a great way to help with brain health. Again, help prevent Alzheimer's prevent. Um, You know, stroke or get a stroke recover faster. My dad had been Gehrig's disease, so it's always in the back of my head that, uh, that's something I do not want to get.
So I'll probably do an intrathecal once a year, just to help with my brain health, keep things going. So some really cool stuff. We'll get you more data on that and keep you up. If you have questions, you can call a skinny time. Toll free at 833 455 9089. Or check out our website, www.dreambody.clinic.
All information is there. If you scroll down on the homepage to find nature, equal treatment can read up about it. See prices, everything. I'm Josh, happy to help.

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Hi this is Josh dream body clinic. The name of this video is life-changing autism treatment. We have been doing autism treatments for the past six years, but it's just been the last two years that we've been focused on intrathecal administration, or the intrathecal administration portion of the treatment, we go into the spinal cord.
It's a very safe treatment. It's a 30-gauge needle, size of an insulin needle, and we go right into the spinal fluid. We do this under anesthesia in the operating room simply because kids typically would not sit still for this sort of a treatment, especially most autistic kids. They're very safe, very easy, but the main reason is to get the cells directly to the brain, seems to be a disconnect going on there. Whether it's built up of different metals toxins, what not, we're not sure. Nobody's clearly knows exactly what's happening, but we know that there's a disconnect and we see it with so many kids.
You can tell they want to talk, but they just can't figure out how, where they have that block or you see kids that, you know, they're all over the place and they want to pay attention to, they just, can't so many different effects and every autistic. So, we do that so that we can get them to the brain, which influences the immune system there to remove these blocks.
And then it also influences the neurons to function properly or to rebuild new connections whatever's needed. In that case, the stem cells get in there and act like the manager of the construction site, telling everything what to do, how to heal and how to get back to normal. Now that is stage one. Then what we do is the next day we do an V of typically a hundred million stem cells.
This does depend on the weight and size of the child, but typically a hundred million. And that gets systemically through the whole body. A big part of that is gut health. There's a huge connection between gut health and brain health. So, we really want to target that and help there too. Then the third step is we do two sessions of what are called nebulized stem cells.
Basically, breathing in 25 million stem cells. Those hit the mucus membrane, which crosses into the bloodstream and goes directly to the brain. We want that direct route because we go with the ID, very few of those make it to the brain, but they immediately go to the heart. Then the lungs, the lungs act as a bit of a filter and only about 20, maybe 30% get past the lungs to the rest of the body.
And then a very small percentage of that. So, we do the nebulized, which allows more cells to go directly to the brain. A lot of those still go to the lungs. There's still benefit there. We want to hit both sides. It's just a different technique that, uh, we were informed of and have tried, and it seems to be working well.
So that's what we've been doing, trying to get sales to the brain. That's our main goal, trying to just hit things

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Is there a fast, easy way to heal a torn meniscus without surgery? Hi, I'm Josh dream body clinic and that's what we're going to talk about today. There just happens to be Mesenchymal stem cells which are the best way to go, in our opinion, to heal the meniscus. We are seeing constantly patients that have had torn meniscus or just dealing with the pain and need that healed. It's not fun to deal with. So, for me, for example, I, six years ago found out being an MRI, but I have multiple terrorism. I have discussed now. It's not fun to deal with. I'd always known that I had any problems, but I just thought it was part of getting older.
I thought it was sort of thing you just tough out until you can't any longer, because that's usually the story. And the United States where I'm from. And unfortunately, it's a tough route to go because it limits mobility and limits mobility and do fewer and fewer things you must think. Do I really want to go on that hike?
I really want to go outside and do that run and you don't want to live that way. So, what I did is that we did an injection of the stem cells directly into my knee. Very quick painless procedure. I mean, I was nervous. I don't like needles and this big deal coming at my knee, just mentally it hurt. I was kind of freaking out.
I really don't sweat. I'm on the table. I'm sweating, I'm worried about it. And then the needle goes in and because of the position of the knee being bent, it just went straight in, did not hurt at all. Didn't even feel the Pope, but like a tiny bit of pressure. And that was in, it's very anticlimactic when it comes down to, we've been dealing with this pain for so long.
And you don't think anything's going to. And this quick little injection was all it took. Now the first week I felt amazed, had all this fluid in there feeling loose, feeling good. And then the second week it started hurting again. Now this doesn't work. This is a terrible idea. What have I done? Then third week it starts feeling good.
Again, fourth week hurt a little bit, but not so bad. It was very back and forth. And what it turns out it's happening is that the mesenchymal stem cells are going to the inflammation, in this case my meniscus was inflamed. In fact, my ACL was too, I had a partial ACL tear, and it was going there and guiding the cellular regeneration.
By putting mesenchymal stem cells there into the joint and we use 50 million, we can get them there and they start guiding the repair process. They start telling everything what to do. They send out what are called exit zones to these single payload delivery systems to send out cytokines chemokine and neurotrophic factors, all these different things that can get in there and guide the repair process like your body healed when you were a little kid, that's what it did.
If you'd like to heal your knee or even just talk about it, you can give us a call any time it's toll free at 833 445 9089 or check out our website, www.dreambody.clinic You can scroll down the homepage. You'll find a new treatment, click on it. Prices are there, information is there, everything you need. I'm Josh, happy to help.

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What is the fastest and best way to recover from stroke? That's what we're going to talk about today. I'm Josh dream body clinic. What we do is we use mesenchymal stem cells to help people recover from strokes. A stroke can lead to a lot of very difficult side effects and symptoms. Some people will have parts of their body that might not function properly. They can be paralyzed in places like their face. I mean, there's a whole list of different side effects. Let alone the fact that you're going to be worried that you could have another one in the future. So, studies have been done into Mesenchymal stem sets to see what is the best way that they can help.
And what they found is that IVs, they can help a bit, but not a lot of those cells get to the brain. What they found is the pilling in intrathecally is the most effective. That means we go into this, the spinal fluid, which allows the cells get up to the brain and start healing. They start working with the immune system by guiding it.
These are the stem cells that we use are. They act like the manager on a construction site. They're telling everything where to go and what to do. So with the immune system, it's highly specialized in the brain. A big part of that is being able to remove blocks everything's electrical up there. So if something gets in the way, those electrical connections can't happen and you have issues, scar tissue is another big factor there, especially with the stroke.
You do not want to leave any fibrosis there. And typically when the body heals in general white blood cells rush to the area and that's how they heal fibrosis, you don't want a bunch of scar tissue on your green. Second will stem cells will help the immune system to go in there, remove that fibrosis.
And then they send in trophic factors that guide the neurons to reestablish those connections. So you can find people that may have had some problems. How'd that paralysis go away. You can have that speech interrupt or forgetting words go away, or maybe they can't even say certain words, and that can be healed with that too.
But the thing is the faster you get those cells into your brain after the stroke, the better the results they found, the longer you wait, the lower, the chance of having recovery is. So if you know anyone who's had a stroke, even if it's been years, we can still. The chances of full, you know, a hundred percent regeneration go down.
There's still a lot that can be happen and benefits from that. And the faster you get it, the better the results can be. Like they never even had the stroke in the first place. The quicker you can get it in. So that's what we're doing. We want to help people. Who've been through this terrible situation and really the options they're giving United States.
Aren't great. It might put you in some physical therapy, they might put you in some rehab. Um, they might give you some differe

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Are you trying to figure out what is the top knee pain relief treatment? Great. I'm here for you and can help answer that question. I'm Josh dream buddy clinic. And we've been treating these with recyclable stem cells now for over six years. And this is by far and away the top treatment to heal the pain.
And the reason why is because we're mimicking the way your body listening to. When you were a little kid and you got an injury, your body would heal. You wouldn't have the aches, the pains, the limping around like you do now. And there's a big reason for that. When you were a kid, you had 90% more Mesenchymal stem cell than you have now, probably even more than that, depending on your age.
Um, what happens is when we hit bone Maturi around age 21 or 18 or 21 for men 18, for women, we lose 90% of our capillaries, tiny blood vessels. And it turns out we don't need them because we're not growing any more at that point, but we do need what's attached to them and what's attached to them are what are called parasites.
The little octopus is wrapped around. Well, it turns out that parasites are our central stem cells. And when you don't have those in your knee gets. You don't have enough to get there, to heal like you did as a kid, instead of white blood cells, rush to the area and they can only heal you a fibrosis. And once that fibrosis has gone on, it's like a bad patch up job and your typical ways of healing with different growth factors and such, they just can't get past.
So, yeah, it fixed it from getting worse, but it can't get better either. It's kind of a catch 22 in that regard. Fortunately, mesenchymal stem cells can be expanded in the lab, and they can be applied in numbers. Like we typically do 50 million. It's a lot of stuff. A lot of them have secondary stem cells that will help guide the healing process.
Fortunately, we can do that here in Mexico, up in the United States, Canada, Europe, UK, they can't, they can do uncultured cells, but you don't ever get enough to hold on biblical cord. You're lucky if you get 10 million, if you're lucky, fat or bone marrow, derived and fat, you're talking a hundred thousand bone marrow, 10 pounds.
And they don't have less than 1% of what they're injecting in twos, even the second well stem cells, really a cell therapy. So, you want to get pure isolated and expanded mesenchymal stem cells. That's what we do. We get it there into your joint and they start guiding the healing process. It's easy, quick injection.
Like you'll see in this video does not hurt. I've personally done it. I had a torn ACL, partially torn and multiple municipalities. After before and after MRI, Sarah on the website at full regeneration, and I can go hit the weights again. I can go ride my bike, run on the beach, all this pain free. We'd like to do the same for you.
If you've got pain there, if we can help anything from lower cartilage, which w

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Would you like to heal your tennis elbow without surgery? Well, that's what we're going to talk about today. And I'll tell you a story about a patient named John had come down to us last year to get his elbow fixed up because you've been playing a lot of tennis and it just wore on and wore on him, got to the point where he just couldn't play anymore.
This happens a lot to people. Me personally, I love to play. And it, you know, you go out there and you play for a couple hours, you're going to be sore. Your legs are going to hurt. And a lot of times your elbow is going to get sore from it. It's a lot of twisting motion and a lot of just back and forth, and it wears on you.
And once that tennis elbow sets in, it's really tough to heal in a lot of cases that even won't, and then you just have to tough it out until you usually get to a point where you can't and then what do you do? You're going to go see your doctor. And in John's case, he went into that and they told him he got to a point where like, well, we could do some surgery, but you're going to be out for six months.
And you're probably not going to play as well as you did before because of this. And you got to think of recovery time, but we can do it. It'll most likely fix you. And John thought about it and it's like, oh, you know, maybe there's a better way. There was something else I can do. So he told me he tried some of these different bandages, you know, you put on your elbow to kind of help them.
And that really wasn't helping, he was looking at anything he could. And then you eventually kind of went on YouTube to see, Hey, what could I do instead of just going for a surgery? And he found this for dream body clinic, I'm Josh and we heal tennis cell phone. It's really, really simple. It's something that is they do do in the United States.
They just can't do it the way we do here in dream body clinic, Mexico. Here we use mesenchymal stem cells, which have been researched since they were discovered in the early days by Dr. Arnold Caplan case, Western university and research has continued. In fact, if you go on Google scholar, pub med, there's over a hundred thousand different studies into central stem cell therapies, very safe, very effective, but that medicine keeps getting held back in places like the United States, Canada.
You came to Europe because it conflicts with. Um, they and the surgeons, they would way rather give you pain pills, you know, sell you more, Ben gay, sell you more like, you know, Tramacet or ibuprofen, Tylenol, whatever they need to, to keep you going, but never actually addressing the real problem. So we like to do is we want to heal you.
We want you to come down your dark clinic and part of our tech get a quick injection into your elbow and central steps. And heal. We don't want you to come back. We want, if you're going to come back, it's good because you understand now the

Hi, this is Josh Dream body clinic. Today, we're gonna talk a bit about autism. So we've been treating autism for quite a few years now and slowly progressed over that time to make the treatment better and better. What we're doing now is we're doing is you're gonna see in this to do intrathecal injections to start.
This is where we go into the spinal fluid and. Put in at least 25 million stem cells, sometimes more depending on the child's age and size, but typically we're trying to get kids at a younger age, you know, anywhere between three to seven years old is really the best age to get things going. You can see results later, but that's, uh, that's when everything's really.
Forming in the brain and we can see the most change, the quickest and a big thing with that is speech. We get quite a few kids that they either can't talk or they're having trouble with words. Trouble focusing, onwards responding. Just the context. Everything gets thrown off. Now, we still don't know what exactly is causing autism, but we believe it's a combination of inflammation in the gut, in the brain and just disconnects.
So to help that the mesenchymal stem cells, when we put them in via intrathecal application, they go a, up the spinal fluid, straight to the brain. There's no blood brain barrier paths. We're making sure they're reading all of those cells there. Once they're, they're gonna help the immune system to work the way that it should and remove any debris or anything that's in the way of those connections.
They're also gonna set out what are called neurotrophic factors to help the neurons. To reestablish connections to rebuild, you know, different parts of the neuron that maybe are not firing properly. Maybe the mild in sheep is a bit deformed or not working properly. You can get in there and help those things.
So again, the stem cells think of them like the manager on a construction site, telling everything where to go, how to do its job properly. So we hit it from that angle first, but then we also need to hit that inflammation in the gut, like we had talked about earlier. So, to do that, we then do an IV.
Typically, of a hundred million, again, this can depend, we customize it for each patient depending on their size and weight. And usually that a hundred million is the right dose and we can get that into the child the next day. And that's gonna go through the whole system and we see a lot of improvement in gut health that way.
Um, a lot of those cells go there targeting inflammation, help fix it up, and we start seeing a big change there. We've seen a lot of diet changes with children, children that maybe weren't eating enough. Or we're very picky about foods or just, we get upset stomachs from certain foods. Aren't having those issues afterwards.
Then to follow it up. Cause we just wanna get as many cells in as we can and help as much as possible for one treatment. We then do two sessions of nebulizer nebulizer, where we put on the mask and we basically

Hi this is Josh dream body clinic and I'm here getting a vitamin IV. I've been reading the book by Tony Robbins, it is called life force, and he goes a lot into regenerative medicine. It's interesting. I really suggest everybody take a look at it. Really good. And it kind of detailed some of the things that he's dealt with, such as his shoulder and fixing that with stem cells down in Panama, we do the same thing here.
Same exact cells, mesenchymal stem cells. And he mentioned Dr. Arnold Capitan a lot in that who's the godfather of mesenchymal stem cells. He's the one who named him initially. Very brilliant guy. I got to meet him at a conference a few years back. Um, and what he'll tell you is that a stem cell is a Mustang animal stem cell is a second one.
Which is true. You just need to find a lab that does it, right. Like we do. Panama does. It's really incredible down there. They use, I think about 8 million stem cells for a shoulder. We use 50 million there's enough space. We just prefer to get as many cells in there as possible to help it heal. Um, we also do the IVs and like, what I'm doing right now is actually a vitamin I, so just to maintain my health and feel good, I like to do what sort of a Myers cocktail.
Uh, usually maybe once a week, once every two weeks get some vitamins in there. The big part for me is the vitamin C and actually Dr. Reorder in there at the Panama clinic, the founder pioneered high dose, vitamin C as a way to combat cancer instead of using chemo or radiation works very effectively. And this is something you can do in the United States.
Our clinic is down here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. So for something like stem cells, where you've run into the regulatory issues in the United States, You know, here's a better option for that, but for just a vitamin Ivy, just to feel better, get some B vitamins in there. Maybe some D get some vitamin C, um, , these are all really good things that can make you feel a lot better.
Give you more energy and help yourselves, you know, just maintain their youth longer. It actually has some great anti-ageing benefits as well. Not nearly as effective as things like growth hormone or the syncable stem cells. Over time doing something like this consistently can really add up. I'd recommend at least once a month getting some sort of vitamin drip.
Now, vitamin D you know, that's been in the news lock, spelled the COVID issues extremely important. In fact, we have a patient who's a, he's a retired oncologist and we were talking about, uh, you know, different things. And somehow we got on the topic of addiction, which I'm from Seattle and it's become a mess, really the whole west coast with all the opioid addiction.
And what he was telling me is something most people don't know, is it a low or low vitamin D levels actually contribute to addiction because your body is craving dopamine. It is creating, you know, something to make it feel better. And without the vitamin D conversion, which means lac

Hi, this is Josh dream body clinic. Today. We're going to talk about the fastest way to heal from a heart attack. And if you've had a heart attack, you're scared how having to guess you've started to think. You're one more time. What's coming and you're getting all kinds of crazy info from the doctors.
It can be very overwhelming. So hopefully you're going to start looking and find something like this video. That's going to give you advice and different options to help your heart. And here at drew body clinic, what we found is the best way to heal your heart is with mesenchymal stem cells. Now, when we were little kids and we had so many.
Well stem cells. And the thing is we age, we finally get bone maturity, and we lose 90% of them because they live on our capillaries. Once we hit full maturity, we don't need all those extra capillaries and lose 90%. And that's bad because that's what helps you heal so well, the stem cells, they get to the area of inflammation, and they start guiding the cellular regeneration.
They're like the managers on the construction they're healed. So now we're older. White blood cells rush to the area. They can only go here fibrosis, which is scar tissue and just everything starts to break down. So, what they've found is that by doing an idea of the Sentinel stem cells, you can actually repair and regenerate your heart.
You can get the heart muscles back to where it needs to be the stem cells, because we derive them from placental tissue. There is young and fresh as they can be, and they pass on those traits to be areas that they start to heal. These young stem cells have not been exposed to an immune system. They've not been exposed to new viruses or anything else that could cause issues or change their effect.
So they work as well as can possibly be. And they pass on at Virginia, your property to your heart. Again, they act like the reading, like the manager on a construction site, they're going to help reinforce or regenerate the tissue in the muscles, in the heart. They're going to regenerate and repair any damage there.
And it's very common to see damage after a heart attack. In fact, we had one patient, a third of her heart was black after a heart attack, she came into just our a hundred million IV and that got the heart back towards a teeny tiny piece like that big it's still. And her ejection fraction went from nearly 30% back up to 58%.
On the set, the laws and regulations. So fortunately, we're able to do it here. We can help you out. We're in port of our, to Mexico. It's quick, easy flight from new England states or Canada, and we've helped thousands of people. Who've been doing stem cell treatments for the past six years. Never had any sort of catastrophic or bad outcome they're extremely safe and it's something you can do here are help facts.
So, if you want to do that, if you want. Just get ahold of us. It's toll free 833 445 9089. And check out the website, www.dreambody,clinic. Lots of information there. I

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Hey this is Josh with Dream body clinic. Today, we're going to talk a bit about how to avoid dialysis. Kidney health is so important. Most people don't think about it until they need a doctor, they see their blood work and maybe their creatine levels are too high or other markers associated with the kidneys. Once that happens, there is not a lot you can do. Unfortunately, modern medicine is just going to give you different things that are going to help the progression slow down until you eventually hit dialysis. You do not want to go on. Once you're doing that, that's pretty much what you're going to be doing the rest of your life more and more frequent and have machines basically filter your body's liquid instead of your bladder, instead of your kidneys doing that, like it should. You don't want to hit that point. We see it a lot with type two diabetics and the way people's diets are now.
So, what if I told you there is a better way is a way to avoid all of that. There's a way to get healthy and not at that point where you need dialysis. There is fortunately there Mesenchymal stem cells and not only do they help avoid dialysis, help the kidneys, they can also help you with that type two diabetes.
Mesenchymal stem cells have incredible properties that help. What they do first is they target inflammation. And if you've got, you know, kidney issues, you're going to have some inflammation. So via Nivea, they're going to go through your system first, the heart and the lungs, and then most will get stuck in the lungs back 70 to 80%.
The rest will get down and they'll get to your kidneys. We've had patients in first- and second-degree kidney failure get out of it just from IV treatments. But when things start getting a bit more for breast intended yourselves, or if your immune system isn't working well, and it's attacking the pancreas causing type two diabetes, you need more to reprogram your immune system, which is another thing that the central stem cells do.
They interact with your immunity. Killer cells. And they basically reprogram by saying outside of kinds, which are signaling proteins, which interact with these immune cells and reprogram them to work the way they're supposed to think of it, like uploading new software or a software update that instead of attacking the pancreas, when they're going to start to protecting it, like they should, which is then going to get your insulin levels back in control your blood sugar back in control, and your kidneys are going to start healing that.
Great way to heal your kidneys. Heal your heart, your lungs just live longer and better. So if you want to learn more, get ahold of us. Our toll-free number is 833 445 9089. You can also check out the website, www.dreambody.clinic. All the treatments are lifted listed on the home page. Just scroll down, click on what you want. Prices are there everything. So if you have quest

Hey this is Josh dream body clinic. Today we're going to talk a little bit about kidney and heart health and in relation to using different, uh, bodybuilding products that can take a toll on your. Know, we've been working with testosterone replacement therapy and human growth hormone for nine years now.
And we've seen everything from extreme abuse to normal, use everything in between most of our patients, they just want to look and feel better, but we do get some people that they want to go get on stage. And unfortunately, bodybuilding for is cool and good as you look, it can really take a toll on the body.
Um, kidneys get affected by some different oral, you know, uh, medications, things like Diana, Paula, and a drawl. Really good. Crazy. Got some halo tests in and. And of ours and oh yeah. Hanover actually processes in the fifties that can take its toll over time. Um, there's a lot of different ones. Then you got things like Clenbuterol, you know, kind of helps, uh, shed weight faster on that.
There's a lot of different tricks to this. Even some guys start taking the insulin to counteract the effects of too high of growth. Hormone is too high growth hormone actually flips on you and causes insulin sensitivity. So a lot of different things come together and take their toll on both. And on the kidneys.
So what we've done is here at dream body clinic, we can help you recover those organs, get them back to pristine shape. The main thing is our IB treatment that gets in and when it starts, it goes straight to the heart. We've seen patients with the ejection fracture all the way down your 30% that we've been able to get back into the normal range, just from like a hundred million 90.
You really want to go hire two to 300 million to really help the heart. But even at those lower doses, like a hundred times and incredible results, and you can look through some of our past videos of patients that have done that, you know, help their heart heal, post heart attack. And, you know, just from other heart-related conditions, it's been incredible.
Then that same IVF will get through the system. And with the lungs, a lot of them will stay there, but they're going to interact with the immune system and they're going to repair the lungs. Everybody. Lung inflammation over time. There's all of these damage and inflammation. So it helps there. And then it gets through the rest of the body and it's going to hit other organs that may have inflammation.
The liver we've seen patients all the way with cirrhosis and we've been able to get back into normal ranges just from IVs and then the kidneys we've had patients in stage one and stage two. Can you failure that we've been able to get out of that just from IVF. It's now, if it goes a bit step further, we have actually started working with a great internist who can help out and go directly to the kidneys, 50000000%, couple stem cells to each kidney, which just regenerates the kidneys as fast as can be.
Is everything worki

Hi, this is Josh dream body clinic. I'm here at the clinic right now doing a vitamin drip. We really, really try to hit the idea of anti-aging from every angle. Um, what I like to do is at least once a month, and sometimes I do it every week. It just depends. I try to get a vitamin. There are so many great benefits to just doing a simple IV drip like this.
Right now, I'm doing 7.5 grams of vitamin C and some Buddha client in there. I've got some, a NaCl. I've got some B12, I've got some vitamin D and that's a whole list of different vitamins to just help maintain like your body gets worse and worse or processing and producing the vitamins you need. And we tend to be deficiente in.
So, I like to keep it all up. Um, vitamin C in my opinion is probably the most important, um, vitamin C just helps maintain cellular health all the way around, and that's what we want to do. We're going to keep ourselves healthy and that's what we do here. We also focus on mesenchymal stem cells, which I do that at least once a year, sometimes even twice a year, it just kind of depends on cells and availability.
And if, uh, you know, doesn’t do an IV or something. I have some extra cell I'll shoot them up. I'm not going to waste them. So mesenchymal stem cells have so many anti-ageing benefits. Um, first they get into your system. And when you do an Ivy that goes straight to your heart, then your lungs, then the rest of your body and heart health.
There's a lot of anti-aging benefits. It helps you lose fat, memory and muscle retention. So, it even reverses osteoporosis. We have lots of DEXA scans from patients that show that. You hit all these different levels. You can from every angle, vitamin IVs, but Seconal stem cells, hormone replacement, therapy, testosterone.
That's another great thing to hit. You know, hormones are so important as you age your body, you know, nature wants to get you out of the life cycle. You get older, you know, sexual maturity has kids as well, raise them, and then you need to get out of the way and let those kids go. According to nature, we know what's causing that reduction of, you know, us in the population.
Hormones. It's our cellular breakdown. All these things that we can address now. So hit it from every angle. We do free consultations here at trim body clinic. Happy to help you out with that. You can call us toll free. Anytime at 833 445 9089. You can, uh, check out the website, www.dreambody.clinic.
All the information's there. I´m Josh, happy to help.

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HI this is Josh dream body clinic. And today we're going to talk a bit about heart health. Heart health is so important. Most people in their life if you get old enough you are going to experience troubles with your heart. Typically, the worst case is a heart attack. Your heart gets weaker as we age. That can lead to some serious problems. I mean, a heart attack is not fun to deal with all the pain and recovery, and then all the things you must start doing after all the different medications. A lot of issues and the chances of having another heart attack once you've had one is tremendous. I can't remember the statistics, but it's extremely high. We would like to help you prevent that.
What we do is we use with Mesenchymal stem cells and in our IV treatment. With a hundred million IV we usually talk about its anti-aging protocol. The reason why is because of the anti-inflammation inflammatory properties of it, it targets inflammation. Then it guides the repair what's causing that inflammation. So this is just a good way to keep inflammation down as you age like a hundred million IV per year. But as you start getting over 40 and you start thinking. My heart health related to watch that the IUD becomes even more important in our opinion, a hundred million IV, when you do it, or even a 200 or 300 million, it goes straight to the heart. And when it gets to that heart, it's going to target that inflammation. A lot of those cells are going to stay there and they're going to start guiding the repair of the heart.
It's very affordable and it's going to help with a lot of other inflammation throughout your body. It's going to help with anti-aging. It's just going to help you with the federal life. So, we want to get the good word out there about the mesenchymal stem cells and how they can help your heart. If you want to learn more, we're happy to talk about it with you.
You can call us toll free at (833) 445-9089. Or check out our website it's www.dreambody.clinic. Scroll down on the homepage. You can find the a hundred million IV, prices and everything there. We're as transparent as can be, and we want to help as many people as we can. I'm Josh, happy to help.

Hi, this is Josh with dream body clinic. Today we're going to talk a little bit about human growth hormone. There's a new book out by Tony Robbins. It's that self help coach it's been around forever. He's helped a lot of people read some amazing books and his latest book is called life force. He gets into regeneration. Which is something that we do here. We do stem cell treatments. We do growth hormone, hormone replacement therapies. One of the things that he gets into is that he has a abnormally high amount of growth hormone. That's pretty spice pituitary gland, and it turns out it's because he had a little tiny tumor there that helps it produce more than it should.
And it's actually become more of a super power for him then. Um, in fact hit, I most people, I wish that I had an issue like this because I take growth hormone. I've been taking it for the past eight years. I believe it's helped keep me extremely healthy self, keep me mobile help, keep me energized, repairing and recuperating from injuries faster, just, you know, even from exercise.
And that's basically what it's done for him to. And it's tough to get in the United States. They don't believe they're that it's something that a healthy adult should be taking. I don't think the healthcare system there really wants to keep you healthy. There's a lot more money in the drugs to treat symptoms and there isn't actually fixing the root causes.
So growth growth hormone kind of has this back and forth. Sometimes it's real popular. It seems like a good thing. Other times it's considered taboo. It's a problem, you know, gets associated with bodybuilders who do it. And in that context. Yeah. It's not the best thing that you should be doing, but in the context of just overall health and aging, better covering from injury faster is incredible.
Now, there are some concerns that have elevated IgE on those, which is what growth hormone converts to in your liver could make cancer grow faster, these different issues. But if you're doing regular health checkups and you're keeping an eye on things, It's not an issue because actually growth hormone turns out to be very anti cancerous.
And the fact that it helps cells replicate faster and more efficiently. So like someone like Tony Robbins who's had elevated IGF one levels. Now, since I think he said since he was like 14 or something like that, he's in his sixties. Now you can go a very long time with elevated IGF one without making cancer get worse, you're even giving you cancer.
And I've bet a lot of patients that would become. That are in their seventies, that they don't have any issues with the healthiest people that can eat. Um, and that's because of my opinion, from what we've seen, it seems to slow down the aging process. And that's what people want it first blinds to fat settles after you inject it, this little teeny tiny insulin syringe, just to show you, I've got a pen right here.
Chovan little tiny thing right there. You've been checked us into yo

Hello, this is Josh dream body clinic. Today we're going to talk about exosomes as I'm getting more questions about these lately. It is something I've addressed in the past, but it is always good to make some updated figures, new content of what's going on in that area. So as far as exosomes go, we do not offer them here at dream body clinic, we do offer Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
The reason that we don't offer exosomes is because we have a Mesenchymal stem cell. The stem cells release exosomes. I guess the first point to this is that they release more exosomes than you would get from both. Now the whole idea of exosomes was a brilliant idea as a work around for the laws in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
You're not allowed to inject expanded stem cells into patients. Why they don't really give you a good reason. They'll tell you that maybe more research, but there's over a hundred thousand studies that go on the pub or on Google scholar. I think there's over 30,000 of there's a lot of research. So it's kind of a weak excuse.
As far as that. But either way, that's what they want. So some great, uh, scientists and doctors and biologists in the United States found some work around. What'd they started doing is they would expand the culture, the cells replicate them in the lab. And instead of injecting them into someone, what they would do is force them to release their exosomes because stem cells work for you.
It's called the Paracrine effect. That means it's the things that they send out signals to the exosomes that actually do all the work. They're more like the manager of the construction site. So they would force the stem cells in the lab in culture to release their exits. And then they would filter out the mesenchymal stem cells, you would think, okay.
They're just gonna give you all of the exosomes in that Petri dish, follow up. Good to go, send it out for treatment, but they can't do that. There's over a thousand different types of exosomes. They do not know what they all do. So what they opted to do instead, it's basically make a guess via the filtration.
Rudimentary think of taking like a SIF with a big thing of sand or dirt, and they're just keeping the big rocks. And that's the case of what they're doing with the exits. They're only keeping the larger sized exosomes. They did not know what they all do. And it's kind of scary to think, because we do know that some exosomes causing inflammation though, the majority actually helped remove inflammation.
But what if you get a batch that just has too many of those pro-inflammatory. Well, you can have inflammation. That's the worst case. It's very highly unlikely. That will happen. What's more likely is you're just not going to see results. So you've got a few things working against you first. You don't know if you put the right exosomes to the right area second, you don't know.
The whole idea of the Mesenchymal stem cells it's going to go to the area of inflammation. They're attracted to t


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