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2 plants harvested and dried out

Harvested another plant.

Harvested 1 of the plants.

Update on plants. A few buds ready to harvest plus mites update.

4 of my plants are infested with broad mites. Solution explained.

Update on the plants and a sample of the product.

63 days from seed. Update. 1 rogue stem wilted.

Update on flowering. Update on the minimal damage to plant truck from trying string too tight.

49 days from planting seeds. Showing progress and secondary light stress strains to round out the plants.

Video showing an issue I had with strangling a plant with the string when light stress training.

Quick update. Showing the positive effects of light stress training.

Just a word of warning about moving your seedlings into full sunlight too soon.

I noticed my first bud forming today. 40 days after seeds were planted. And show you the rest of our garden.

Bending a young plant and trying it off to make it grow horizontally providing more light to bottom buds and better yields.

I describe the process I used to start growing 5 marijuana plants.

Started from seeds


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