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Venezuela,, How Maduro is Skirting Around USA Sanctions
April, 19,2019

"Bad Doctors are Drug Dealers with DEA Numbers"
Full newscast here, from RT.com
The News with Rick Sanchez - April 18, 2019 (20:00 ET)

this clip starts at around 17.00

This practice is evident in Costa Rica, doctors passing out addictions for the Pharmas.

Playlist on the Medical unProfessionals,

Roger Waters Sounds Off on Julian Assange Arrest Saga

‘Ashamed to be an Englishman’: Roger Waters slams UK as accomplice of US Empire in Assange saga
Assange is a thorn in the side of the US elites which explains the effort they made to capture him, ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters told RT, adding that it’s appalling the UK has become an accomplice “of the American Empire.”
Watching WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being physically removed from his shelter at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last week “was absolutely chilling” to legendary musician Roger Waters, who gave RT’s Going Underground his take on Assange’s arrest.

To think that the UK has become such a willing accomplice and satellite of the American Empire that it would do such a thing in contravention with all laws, moral, ethical, and actual legal restrictions is absolutely, stunningly appalling and makes me ashamed to be an Englishman.

Assange’s arrest was made possible after Ecuador last week withdrew his political asylum, which was granted seven years ago, and stripped the renowned whistleblower of his Ecuadorian citizenship. UK authorities will soon decide whether to deport Assange to Sweden, where he faces possible rape charges, or to the US, where he is wanted for conspiring with former army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to break into a classified government computer.

READ MORE: If we lose WikiLeaks, we lose a whole stratum of freedom — Pilger

The second scenario would be worse, Waters believes. Citizens “barely have rights anymore” after the Patriot Act was adopted, and “everything is at the whim of the commander-in-chief.”

If we let the UK get away with allowing him to be extradited to the United States, we allow the United States government, at their whim, to torture him and to detain him possibly for the rest of his life.

Assange, along with Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and other whistleblowers, “are the heroes who help us gain some of the knowledge that the [powerful] would keep secret if they could,” the Pink Floyd legend added.

‘Out traitor, out!’ Violent clashes as massive pro-Assange protest hits Ecuador’s capital (VIDEO)
Pro-Assange protesters clash with cops in Ecuador, calling President Moreno ‘traitor’https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=umI30TOpp1w
Riot police have attacked scores of people who flooded onto the streets of Ecuador’s capital and branded their president a “traitor.” Protesters were venting anger at the decision to hand Julian Assange over to the UK.
The massive rally in Quito was held to voice unease over the role Ecuador played in arranging for Julian Assange’s arrest last week in London. The situation became more tense when police – wearing heavy riot gear – clashed with protesters, using batons to chase them down the street.

A Ruptly video shows some protesters being beaten and taken to the ground amid the demonstration.

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Mosaic of Facts, A Must See Documentary, ft, Storm Clouds Gathering.
On September 11, RT Documentary released a great movie by an American film-maker Miguel Francis-Santiago, also famous for his works “Crimea for Dummies” and “Donetsk: An American Glance”. In his documentary about information wars, Miguel seeks hard facts and evidence, trying to find out who stands behind the walls of disinformation and benefits from double standard propaganda, what is the role of government and other politicians in managing world’s leading MSM, why some serious events are being completely misrepresented and why so many obvious crimes such as coup d’etat in Kiev, civil war in Ukraine or MH17 case have never been investigated properly.

Mosaic of facts is a documentary film put together by independent RT Contributer, Miguel Francis. Our very own Aaron Hawkins was heavily featured in this film. You'll definitely want to check it out and share, share, share!


FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.
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US Prepares for WAR as They Label Maduro, and his Militia Patriots, Terrorist

Here we go again, destroying another for the globalist fascist.

US ‘seriously considering’ military option in Venezuela as Rubio seeks to declare Maduro ‘terrorist’
Published time: 6 Apr, 2019 04:56
Edited time: 6 Apr, 2019 09:08


As the White House is ‘seriously’ considering a military intervention in Venezuela, top regime-change advocate Sen. Marco Rubio wants to officially designate the Maduro government and citizen militias as ‘terrorist organizations.’
“It is time for the Executive Branch to take important and necessary steps to further isolate Maduro and make clear to the world his regime’s illegality, criminality, and depravity,” Rubio urged, in a letter addressed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.
To increase pressure on Venezuela, Rubio, who has long been one of the most outspoken advocates of regime change in Caracas, proposed designating as a Transnational Criminal Organization (TCO) and a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) both the Maduro government and millions of members of the country’s pro-government citizen militias, known as ‘Colectivos.’
Despite the best efforts by the US and its allies to subjugate Venezuela, the army remains loyal to the Maduro government. The resolve of many Venezuelan citizens to support their elected leader, with arms if needed, also prevents the US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido from easily taking power, Rubio believes.
On Friday, the US once again tightened the noose around Venezuelan oil exports, sanctioning around three dozen tankers and two companies which the Treasury says are involved in transporting oil from Caracas to Cuba. At the same time, Washington has acknowledged that its diplomatic and economic pressure options are running dry.

“There is also a military option, which President Trump has said is on the table and remains on the table,” a senior administration official told reporters on Friday, adding that such a “very serious option...is seriously considered as events continue to unfold.”

Ever since the US recognized Venezuela’s wannabe coup leader, pro-government activists have been bracing for possible military intervention. Western media have been for years portraying them as thugs of the dictatorship.
So-called ‘colectivos’ caught the eye of the Western mainstream media around 2011, depicted as government-sanctioned gangs who are allowed to commit crimes in their neighborhoods with impunity as long as they serve as vigilantes against the opposition.

The term comes from much earlier times in the 1960s, when it was used to describe self-organized local political action groups banding together for various causes. An indigenous tribe opposing logging on its ancestral land, a local volunteer radio station going on air to discuss local politics, or an ad hoc labor union negotiating better conditions are all examples of colectivos.

‘The militia is all of us’: Who are Venezuela’s pro-Maduro ‘colectivos,’ so demonized by the West?
Published time: 5 Apr, 2019 02:38
Edited time: 5 Apr, 2019 09:13
The government of Hugo Chavez found natural allies in colectivos stemming from poorer communities, which were the focus of various programs to eradicate poverty, provide basic education and healthcare. The groups, with their experience of collective action and networking, became part of Venezuelan society and served as volunteer organizers for elections. Today, the government claims that 1.6 million people, or one-in-20 Venezuelans, are members of colectivos.

Hands Off Venezuela playlist,

Protesters Attack Guaido's Convoy, US Wants Provocation for Arrest.
The US has Gauido canvassing in Maduro's old neighborhood, and where his son lives to provocate an arrest for Gauido. This will give excuses for the USA to rescue the fake appointed president.
Recorded from live broadcast, RT.com April, 2, 2019
ft., Max Blumenthal

ICYMI: Mueller’s collusion delusion: US media is furious their president isn’t a Russian spy
RT.com, Published time: 29 Mar, 2019 13:39
Edited time: 29 Mar, 2019 13:45
The dysfunction in American politics has reached the bizarre stage where there is visible anger that President Donald Trump didn’t collude with Russia to take the office.
Russiagate has been a fixture in the news for two years, where the media sold a story that it wasn’t a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’ Special Counsel Robert Mueller would find evidence to prove that Trump was Moscow’s man in the White House.

Unfortunately, Mueller wasn’t playing ball and – having taken the unprecedented approach of considering facts and not wishful thinking – he concluded that there was no evidence of collusion to be found.

So ICYMI looks at how America is dealing with the fact that Trump may have been elected because people thought he was the best option.

For more, follow #ICYMI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

US Responds to Russia Military in Venezuela.
News report from RT.com,
March 30, 2019

Hands Off Venezuela playlist,

Gerald Celente Goes Off on Israel, Bolton, Trump's Options on the Table Manners with Venezuela

Gerld Celente Goes Off on Israel, Bolton, Trump's Options on the Table Manners with Venezuela

Full show here,
Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - White House Follows Celente's Tend Alert on Next Fed Move
March 29- 2019

Hands Off Venezuela playlist,

Where's the Money Branson, Live Aid Concert a Bust.
RT.com, live report, March 27, 2019

Running country like a business: Trump calls Venezuela ‘company,’ but is it a Freudian slip?
Donald Trump seems to be taking the “running the country as a business” shtick pretty seriously. Why else would he refer to Venezuela, a country his administration targeted for its latest regime change op, as a “company”?
The slip of tongue, which some would call Freudian, came on Wednesday, as the US leader was meeting the wife of self-declared ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido. “Venezuela was one of the richest companies, certainly, and now it’s one of the poorest comp… countries or the world,” the host declared.
When described in corporate terms, Washington’s Venezuela policy makes a lot of sense, one could argue. Think of it as a hostile takeover, aimed at creating a subsidiary out of a firm in financial trouble, which also happens to own potentially very profitable oil assets.

America Inc. has spent years aggressively undermining Venezuela by scaring other companies out of doing business with it. Of course, it didn’t stop purchases of Venezuelan products needed by the US. But lately Washington declared it will no longer pay for the oil supplies, because the management in Caracas is bad and cannot be trusted to handle the profits. But don’t worry; it’s nothing a few executive changes can’t fix.

full story here,

Trio of Criminals, Pompeo, Bolton, Rubio, were Behind the Sabotage Power Outage.
Live news report from RT.com, March 27, 2019

Venezuela blames the trio of criminals, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Marco Rubio, were behind the sabotage power outage.

Hands Off Venezuela playlist,

Russia on military planes in Venezuela: Our specialists are there based on cooperation treaty
Published time: 26 Mar, 2019 16:28
Edited time: 26 Mar, 2019 17:56
Russian specialists are in Venezuela as part of the 2001 military-technical cooperation deal with Caracas that doesn’t need further approval, Moscow said after reports of the arrival of two military planes with troops and cargo.
Russia develops its relations with Venezuela “in strict accordance with the Constitution of this country and in full respect of its legislation,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

The existing deal was ratified by both Russia and Venezuela, and it “doesn’t require any additional approval from the National Assembly of Venezuela,” she pointed out.

Zakharova was responding to a media request for comment over the alleged Russian “meddling” into Venezuelan affairs.

Following reports that two Russian military planes carrying around 100 troops and cargo landed outside Caracas on Saturday, the Organization of American States labeled it “a harmful act to Venezuelan sovereignty,” while the US State Department insisted that it was “a reckless escalation of the situation” in the country.

US National Security Adviser and one of the strongest backers of regime change in Venezuela, John Bolton, was also outraged, writing on Twitter that: “the US will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law.”

Washington had recognized opposition leader, Juan Guaido, as the legitimate president of Venezuela and even mulled the so-called “humanitarian intervention” in order to remove the unwanted government of Nicolas Maduro from power.

Zakharova responded to Bolton by saying that his words prove that the US still considers “Latin America an area of its exclusive interests; its own ‘backyard’ and demands unquestionable obedience from it” just like it was in the Colonial times under the infamous Monroe Doctrine.
If the Americans deny other countries access to the Western Hemisphere, it begs the question “what are they themselves doing in Eastern Hemisphere?” she wondered, referring to the heavy US military presence in Europe and its involvement in ‘color revolutions’ in former Soviet states and the Balkans.

“Perhaps, they believe that the people of this part of the world will be thankful when Washington willfully changes their leaders and kills the unwanted ones. Or the US still believes that people are waiting for the Americans to bring democracy to them on the wings of their bombers. Ask Iraqis, Libyans or Serbs about it,” the spokeswoman stated.

More on the story,

WTF, No Funerals in Orlando? Course Not, Also, No Ambulances, Morgue, Hospitals,, Banned on YT
7,854 with 71 comments, 86 ups, 15 downs
Originally posted on boobtube, June 18, 2016, since deleted.
Sorry for the poor quality.
No announcements for blood donations from the red cross. With many injured, no request for blood.
WTF, No Funerals in Orlando? Of Course, Also, No Ambulances, Gurneys, No Hospitals scenes, No nothing that would go with a normal massacre scene. The only funeral was in Puerto Rico?
Just more crisis actors, fakes, fake texts, phone calls, no inside videos, more than one shooter, ETC.
First of all, my advise to you all. Don’t repeat anything you hear from the MSM, because you will display your ignorance.
Suspicious observations from the Orlando Massacre
He made the 911 call, 20 mins later. He was placed on hold. The lines were jammed from all of the other calls. (ha ha). BUT Can we hear the 911 calls?
No blood was seen. Even from victums being carried out to th estreet. Nothing from inside.
No inside shots from the many phone cameras.
No congrestion of ambulances seen.
Where are all of the funerals?
He was a Democrat. A man holding the exit door closed. Crisis actors present.
Multiple shooters, was the bartender’s testimony.
All this to overshadow and hide Tumps Hillary Clinton’s criminal history exposure today, and Bilderberg group activity.
Gladio B. Nato’s secret army organizing false flag attacks to blame them on Muslims
Ramadan this month. more attacks planned this month.
How many people did the police kill, collateral damage
All for an attack on the 2nd amendment
I Didn’t see the crisis actors ad in the thrift nickel or penny saver.
How can anyone enter the club with a ak47/m16 with many clips on them?
Did he start shooting at the door?
Who wants to go dancing packing a piece. ccw
22-26 a day veterans die from suicide.
Quit destroying their countries and rapping their natural resources.
A precursor to Obama’s martial law, and to cancel elections so he can maintain dictator status.
my big prediction for this year.
Orlando False Flag, Overshadows Trump Speech of Hillary’s Crimes/Corruption.
Did a delay in response give the gunman more time? Cops face questions over why it took three hours for SWAT teams to storm Orlando nightclub as police chief admits officers may have shot some of the VICTIMS
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu0wh6LtmDE walking toward a crime scene
LOOK! Pulse DOOR BLOCKER In Orlando Event Is An ACTOR!
Pulse Attack Survivor: There were multiple Gunmen
PFT Questions David Petraeus And He Runs Away! Bilderberg 2016
Donald Trump to Expose the Clinton Crime Family Monday
Reporter Chases Gen. David Petraeus Through The Streets of Dresden - Bilderberg 2016

a precursor to martial law
my big prediction for this year.

The Only Immigration and Terrorist Solution

This IS a Plane Crash, NOT This. Gladio B Secret Ops.Responsible for 911, Paris Attacks.

Gladio B Ops. Analysis: Paris Attacks. Attackers Had Their Passports on Them?

Crisis Actors, Media, Exploiting Kids. From Syria to Paris.

RT re[port march 21, 2019
Lee Camp, host of “Redacted Tonight” joins Rick Sanchez and Michele Greenstein to the fruits of US-backed “democracy promotion” in Venezuela, arepas, sniper fire, and the importance of laughter.

What is Costa Rica's Number One Resource, and Who Wants It.
Symposium Sunday episode, march, 17, 2019

What You Need to Know Before You See Your Medical unProfessional

Medical Lunacy. Doctors, The Most UN Professional Profession. ft. Max Keiser

Medical Tyranny, GSK Bribe Docs, and 2/3 rds of Patients See Them

Risk Myths of High Blood Pressure, and Cancer Causing, Gemfribozil

Pension Funds Die Young. Soft Kill American Genocide, Banks/Corps Saving Billions in Pension Payouts

New Independence Day for Central America, Liberation from the Central Banks Talons

CDC exposed as private corporation colluding with Big Pharma to defraud American taxpayers: see the evidence

THC and Candida act Similar in Your Body. Junk Food Companies Intentionally Put it in Foods.

Fluoride in Salt, One Soft Kill of Costa Rica. A NWO Takeover Element.


Drug HEROIN Documentary 2016 | Full documentary HD [720p]


Pot Smoking Nuns Make Medicinal Suave. & The Stems and Seeds of Economics, ft Max Keiser.

Go Ask Alice Parody: White Habit , Go ask Pharmas.

Venezuela Power Outage, A "Macabre Strategy", maybe a EMF or Cyber Attack

full newscast here, March 11, 2019

Blackout blame-game in Venezuela

RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss Venezuela’s failing power systems. Power outages are common, but previous ones didn’t approach the scale of the current blackout and its origins remain mysterious. US officials and Maduro point fingers at one another as unrest roils the country.

US aims to ‘make Venezuelans suffer’ - Dan Kovalik

Dan Kovalik, author and professor of international human rights, joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the fatal power-outage in Venezuela, how much worse things may become for the country, and the continuing US efforts to undermine President Maduro’s government.

More money for Pentagon slush fund, less for domestic programs

President Donald Trump’s 2019 budget speaks volumes about which factions currently has power in the White House. From Steven Miller to Ivanka Trump to the Pentagon, he has carved out a piece for everyone close to him. Scottie Nell Hughes summarizes the budget and points to where it falls short of candidate Trump’s promises.

Full show here,

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the post-Brexit reality: chlorinated chicken for everyone! As the UK braces for hormone-laden beef and chlorinated chicken products, Max and Stacy wonder if this isn’t a good metaphor for the monetary system, which has been injected with the growth hormone of quantitative easing. The Fed’s balance sheet is now as massive as a Franken-chicken is today. In the second half, Max interviews Mish Shedlock of MishTalk.com about the latest economic data from America, and whether or not lofty stock market valuations are warranted.

Glyphosate Found in 14 Beers, 5 Wines, No Cheers for Happy HourRT's In Question show, Feb, 26, 2019

Domino effect
Published time: 25 Feb, 2019 06:30
Syria – when a pullout doesn’t mean a pullout. Also, Venezuela: how’s that regime change going? Plus, the botched story known as Brexit. And much more on this edition of CrossTalk.
CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich, Alex Christoforou, and Marcus Papadopoulos.
CrossTalk Feb 25, 2019

This video was originally uploaded on boobtube on June 21, 2018.
Jimmy Dore Show ft. Abby Martin,
Amazing how things turned out as they had described long ago, almost a year ago. The events as they transpired in real time. When this coup was commencing.
The attention was on the Nicaragua revolution. While the real coup was being developed in Venezuela.
Abby Martin with the EMPIRE FILES and a reporter for TeleSur,
Venezuela based news agency,
was interview by Jimmy Dore on his show.
full interview here,
What You're Not Being Told About Venezuela Crisis. w/Abby Martin

hands off Venezuela playlist,

Investigating Venezuelas humanitarian crisis Max Blumenthal tours a supermarket in Caracas
Published time: 23 Feb, 2019 02:30

The narrative about dictator Maduro starving his own people aims to split a polarized Venezuela where the poor still support the government, while those backing the opposition are cashing in on the crisis, Max Blumenthal told RT.
Despite mainstream media painting a dire picture in which the entire Venezuelan society –of course, besides Maduro himself and his corrupt inner circle– are in desperate need of food and basic necessities, the independent journalist discovered a different situation while touring parts of the country.

“The problem here is with speculation,” Blumenthal told RT from Caracas, explaining that, while many food products indeed suffered from the massive hyperinflation triggered by the falling oil price and US sanctions, local supply to the population sometimes costs them nothing at all.
“The owners of the largest food companies are making a killing off of this economy. And US sanctions are actually allowing them to hoard goods and to make maximum profit,” the independent journalist said. “That is the irony here – is that many of the supporters of the opposition and the big business forces behind the opposition are actually cashing in on the economic crisis.”

Observing shelves bursting with supplies and full lines at the checkout at a supermarket in Caracas, the American author, journalist, and blogger came to the conclusion that Washington is intentionally trying to stage an “intervention propaganda show” with the help of the mass media, who are fully “embedded” with the Venezuelan opposition.
I’m certainly not denying that there is an economic crisis here because there is. And outside Caracas, the situation is worse,” Blumenthal noted, adding that authorities are actively working to help the population. While touring around open-air markets, the reporter encountered Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and the mayor of the Libertador municipality of Caracas Erika Farías helping the people.

“At open-air food markets around the city food is being distributed basically for free to the poor and working-class communities. And all kinds of food is available throughout the city,” the American noted. “This is actual humanitarian aid with Venezuelan-produced goods delivered by local communities and the reason why they are doing this is to demonstrate that they do not need this USAID.”
Many poor Venezuelans, Blumenthal said, believe that their crisis stems from the US sanctions noose and the absence of the billions of dollars that Washington seized or prevented from entering the economy. Meanwhile those who hate Maduro and the whole idea of Chavismo are usually much wealthier people “who need humanitarian aid the least.”

“This society is completely polarized,” Blumenthal concluded. “And I think what the US and outside underestimate is the resiliency of Venezuelans and the will to resist among the very large base of this population that supports not just Nicolas Maduro but the idea of Venezuela as a sovereign state that can decide its own economic future.”

greyzoneproject.com encourages redistribution of their content.

rt.com, recorded from live broadcast, Feb 22,2019

Venezuelan border guards open fire on indigenous border community – reports

At least one person is dead and several more injured after Venezuelan troops opened fire on civilians near the Brazilian border, opposition figures claim. The victims were reportedly helping move humanitarian aid into Venezuela.
Video footage shot by opposition politician Americo De Grazia purports to show several of the wounded being treated in hospital. Between 12 and 23 people are believed to be injured, according to various reports.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sealed off the country’s Brazilian border on Thursday, after Brazil’s government pledged to send humanitarian aid to its crisis-stricken neighbor. Maduro has dismissed foreign aid as “crumbs” and a precursor to military invasion.

The US maintains that its aid crates contain much needed food, medicine, and hygiene supplies. However, the government in Caracas fears that the 'aid' is actually weapons caches meant to arm the opposition. The Russian Foreign Ministry has also warned that the US may be acquiring and shipping weapons to the Venezuelan opposition.

These fears are not entirely unfounded. After all, US envoy for Venezuela Elliot Abrams did exactly that in Nicaragua in the early 1980s, running guns to the right-wing Contras under the guise of humanitarian aid.


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