HateBOT decides to try shopping for the first time, and people will probably die.

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Music Video for Ianick's "Draw From Your Smile."

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The Battle Begins, and brother, the devil ain't who you gotta worry about...

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A penetrating look into the modern employee/customer interaction.

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Meet Gad, the Lord's far distant Minnesotan cousin........and right hand man....

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A scathing expose` Yes I'm aware of the irony.

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This includes the pilot episode and the series finale.

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What resides within the depths of this man?

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Something smells about this Impeachment.
I was demonetized for this. Schiff happens!

You know what this is.

Was it the most politically divisive movie of the year? Why is that even a thing now? Was the best thing about the movie a cat? Randee answers your questions and more, and finds himself squaring off with The Captain herself!

Let the ASMR Unicorn take you upon a journey of Lovely Tingles and Smecks of Lips.

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