24 Mar 2023
If you own freehold land in Australia, then you are a successor in title to the original CROWN GRANT on your land. YOUR CROWN GRANT PRESIDES IN LEGAL AUTHORITY.

The classic 1997 Australian movie ‘The Castle’, exposed the mistreatment of a landowner by the Australian Government.

Now 26 years later, current actions of Governments and Local Councils in Australia in relation to private property rights, prove that this injustice is evident even today in 2023!.

it is Mr Max Burt's belief, based on his personal experiences with his land, that land owners all over Australia are being bullied into submission and are left to defend themselves against the Government who hides behind unlawful legislation to enable LEGALISED THEFT of private land and property rights.

One could say that Mr. Burt's story is ‘The Castle 2023!’. And just like Darryl Kerrigan, Mr Burt and his sons are taking the buggers to court. They can't do this to Australians, it’s just not right.

We have created AUSTRALIAN LAND RIGHTS. COM. AU to be the voice of Australian landowners and better inform Australians of their private property rights.

Our farm is our home and castle and we will NEVER give up until there's justice for all Australians.

Head over to australianlandrights.com.au to get involved today.

25 Feb 2023
C&P John Wilson YTV
The Sacred War

Rise up, huge country,
Rise up for a mortal fight!
With the dark fascist force,
With the dark horde.

Let noble fury
Boil up like a wave
A people's war is going on,
A sacred war!

We'll give repulse to oppressors
Of all fervent ideas,
Rapists, robbers,
Tormenters of people.

Black wings don't dare
To fly over the homeland,
Her vast fields
The enemy doesn't dare to trample.

To the rotten fascist scum
We'll drive a bullet into the forehead,
For the rabble of humanity
We'll knock together a solid casket!

(Note: The above wording is a direct copy from Russian Folk Song Literature called "The Sacred War"(for educational purposes). All you Australian Cops and Law Enforcement do not even try to lay false gun or violence allegations on me - just like you have done against the Aussie Cossack!)

We do not forgive the true terrorist that sit inside our own government We do not forget the many victims of our own government Those involved in the Sept 11th attack have the blood of their own citizens on their hands Judgement has come. Punishment must be given without sympathy Expect us

24 March 2023
New South Wales 2023 State election Electoral Commission has Been Caught "RED HANDED" and Filmed "Erasing Marked Voting Sheets" behind Closed doors.

"New South Wales" Australia Election March 2023
I think there should be at least a Security Officer with them from when taken to the drop off site.

#bluelivesmatter don't matter until you stand with those you swore to protect.

Inspirational Video
Donald Trump and Riccardo Bosi

More "Ass Fraud" Going on in the District of Winston Hills, 23 March 2023

One Day Ya Gunna Get Caught
One Day Ya Gunna Get Caught
One Day Ya Gunna Get Caught "With Ya Pants Down"

Adi Jaffe was a crystal meth dealer in Los Angeles, purchasing his supply from local meth labs and making his way up to dealing with Mexican cartels. Jaffe was arrested five times, with the final arrest resulting in his incarceration.

After leaving prison, Jaffe decided to pursue academia and attained his doctorate degree in psychology. He now lectures at the University of California, Los Angeles. He also runs a practice called IGNTD, which takes a unique approach to addiction recovery.

Jaffe speaks with Insider about the practicalities of running crystal meth labs. He discusses the methods behind different methamphetamine recipes, the effects of antidrug policies on the supply, how the cartels managed to take over the trade with superlabs, and P2P meth precursor chemicals supplied from China.

2023 NSW Election Fraud - Maitland District

Can anyone say if this is Lawful for the "Electoral Commission" can do this.?
They are Taking the Votes away by the looks of it and putting them in their car..
They do Not ID Them self in a correct if all Manner.
They are Using and Unidentified Vehicle.?

We all Seen What Happen in America with the Voting Fraud
Links Below.
Is this another 2000 Mules (THE U.S. ELECTION FRAUD)
Watch the Short Documentary Trailer Here:> https://www.bitchute.com/video/uW5wSRrMRPPr/
Watch The Full Documentary Here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ehIixtTDZTY0/

Watch to the End for the People Speaking up.. "WHISTLEBLOWERS"

William Bay’s Battles in The Courts, including the Baby Case. Cafe Locked Out
All over the country court battles are still going on over mandates, fines for gathering, not wearing masks, and above all of them, major well funded cases that are being hand balled from one court to another . . .

Since many are using the word unprecedented. . .

What is going on and Why?

Tonight former Doctor, William Bay will come on to reveal how he's been fairing. . . .

Join with your fellow Queenslanders to stand for freedom in the State we love by taking part in a freedom rally in QLD!

Dr William's Car for sale

Australians please donate here: to Cafe Locked Out
https://cafelockedout.com/donate for one off donations or our shop
or https://www.patreon.com/cafelockedout

David McMillan is a British Australian former drug smuggler. He was arrested several times between the early '80s and 2012 for trafficking heroin through Southeast and Central Asia. He estimates he trafficked over $17 million worth of heroin internationally.

McMillan speaks to Insider about the process of heroin trafficking and smuggling routes leading to the US and Europe. Since leaving the heroin-smuggling trade, McMillan works as a public speaker. He is the author of "Escape" (2007) and "Unforgiving Destiny" (2017)

What ever you think.. Malcolm Roberts has Said "NOTHING" and has done "NOTHING" in the Senate about the #28names.
He hast only made an Independent Report that failed and he said Nothing but only in his so called independent Report his (conclusion) in his 4x5 office and Left off the comments of this Video on Youtube..

As you seen in the Rally Video Mr Roberts said He Talked to Bill Heffernan, So Mr Roberts must of at least seen the Report or Was it all just a Political Stunt to make him look good in-front of the Brisbane crowds..?

Just as Bill Heffernan and Senator Andrew Wilkie calls the report out in their capacity.. They are the one's still alone speaking out . With an Exception of a None Politician Fighter for them and making a noise, Ricardo Bosi and team...

Don't Vote for people that Don't Stand Up for the People.

Australiaone Party

Who Believes there are suppression Orders Held on Pedophiles.. especially the #28Names ..?..

Malcolm Roberts of the One Nation Party Don't think so.
https://www.malcolmrobertsqld.com.au/paedophile-suppression-orders/ "Comments Turned Off"

If you have Heard the Senator Before he put out this Video.. He said That He had talked to Bill Heffernan and Told Malcolm Roberts to Step Carefully with the Documents. I have the Video when Malcolm Roberts told the Queensland People in August 2021 In Brisbane a Rally that he is going to see Bill... Hmmmmmmm

WHY IS HE LYING OR KEEPING IT A SECRET and saying There is No Documents or they have been sent back to the Author.?

Malcolm Roberts from One Nation Party Couldn't Find them..? (Suppression Orders)..

There is a Lot of Talk about them... So Where the Bloody Hell are they.

He did say the Documents were Returned back to the Author.? I would say the Police.. "Police" But Also Malcolm said that he has talked to "Bill Heffernan" While at the Rally in 2021.

If the Report was sent back to the Author... The Author is Not Bill.H of the Docs???

I know if a Government Department receives a Document a Copy is Filed. Whether returned back or not so Malcolm Must have seen them.
or Maybe Malcolm didn't Look hard enough.. or Not at all. or Has seen the Documents.

If you Listen to Bill Heffernan Video and What Malcolm Says Something is not right..

Maybe Malcolm R. Was warned off too..?? Who knows.. Anything is possible.

Why was Nothing Raised In the Senate By Malcolm Roberts..? He just made a Sort Mention where they are not and Turn to something else.

Others Have Found them (Suppression Orders) 2023 and have mention it in the senate.Just recently...

They step up and in the Senate are asking to release this Documents with the 28 Names..

Also a few other Senators that Know about the Suppression orders several years ago... Please watch and see for yourself.

I have Randomly Gone through Malcolm Roberts Youtube Videos and This "Retraction Video" is the only one that i could find with the Comments that are Turned Off..Strange

I just Think Some Thing Is Just Not right About What he is Saying..

Suppression Orders Do Exist.

Where is the petition now

Lieutenant Colonel Riccardo Bosi LIVE with Aussie Cossack
SIX Months to reveal The Evidence of Crime in Parliament. Can They Do this.?


Vote 1 in U above the line.

Donkey Votes Welcome for Change.
Information Sheets

Check out Their Policies You just may Like Them.
Australiaone Party Website


Watch the Full Video on the other interesting topics Here... Big 2 Hour Show It starts around the 1 Hour Timestamp...

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Edward Epstein was an American sex offender and financier. Epstein, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, with his brother Mark began his professional life by teaching at the Dalton School in Manhattan, despite lacking a college degree

No One Nation Leaders were Consulted.. About "The VOICE" to Parliament

A Referendum that was Made up to Steal The One Nation Peoples Wealth "LAND A RICHERS".. The Commonwealth The "Commonwealth" is The Australian People We are the Commonwealth.

They have to Close this loophole to Proceed Do not Let them.

You heard it from the One Nation Leaders They were Not Consulted.
I would like to Know Who They Consulted If the One Nation Leader Said they were Not Consulted.?
It's a Lie..

Comment: You Would Think a One Nation Elder Would Be Making This Ad Not a White Guy, After all the "Referendum" is for the One Nation People.. Strange.?

Edit: "If the video is not working Wait until it Uploads".
Watch a Complete Video of the One Nation Spokesman Dave Cole (LURNPA) Here with a Interview With Cafe locked Out. https://www.bitchute.com/video/tzugty9CSgSS/

X-Factor winner exposes the Illuminati
Video from Banned.Video
Watch The 5 Hour Video Here:> https://www.bitchute.com/video/Gx5Tc0LHJVzZ/

Free Power.. No Wonder They Didn't want us to Play with Mercury and said it will kill you..

Watch for his Reaction as the POS runs away....

On tonight’s video we talked about the huge response we have had to Thursday night’s video on the banks and the ATO, and we gave people some more information on what they can do to protect themselves.
We also addressed the impending ‘arrests’ of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump that the media is reporting on in a desperate attempt to distract people from the current banking crisis.
We also went through the latest covid truths that the mainstream media is finally starting to report on.
And, finally, we finished off by going through some more great memes to really get people thinking about what is going on at the moment.
As always, we covered some very powerful and very timely information so please be sure to share this around as far and as wide as possible.

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