I have not been ended. Not by the purge and not by the papers. I don’t know why I’m still here but then again I never did.

Thanks to Wizard of Cause for the use of his studio space and professional lighting. After this it’s back to everlasting amateur hour. So enjoy.

Old format. New style. But it's old style, in a new format. This is a prat's way of saying this is crap.

"Why don't you do debates, Mike?"
I do. I'm just not going to let you vultures try to pull this shit in real time, where you pathologically forget all the fuckwitted lies you've already gishgalloped, and you get away with it because no one has the time to play it all back to you when you deny saying it and/or falsely accuse your opponent of doing the thing you just did.
If you'd rather debate in that chicken coop hunger games Colosseum than in a slow, considered exchange where everyone can think things through and look things up, you might as well be telling me "I am a loudmouth grifter and I want to smear you with my bitch tricks."
Once and for all: Get to fuck and stay there. Have fun with the suckers born yesterday.

I forgot how easy these were, and how hard. I can't remember what I forgot. Silence!

You forget who turned this city on. You forget who plugged this city in.
-[then I'll switch it off again]-

I mean I don't mean to be a dick or anything. But I was right.
(Pic unrelated)

What is it with trains? Do high speeds cause women to lose their minds and their entire conception of human rights?

Last week I received concerns... concerns that I was not sufficiently munted. I have transferred the munt arrears into this video, with interest. Enjoy my eyeballs.

I already have a format that involves no links and no real news. Who's the idiot now, eh? (Narrator's voice: "He was.")

A Converse ad response that's already bigger than it has any business being. I'm going to put this down now.

The world is going to five kinds of hell in a thread of a hand basket, and I've never been more bored in my life.

I can't see my eyes. The Doctor told me it was normal but I could sense he was wrong due to the quivering in his cloaca.

I told myself "That's it. I'm done this time. This time I'm actually done." So I stuck a fork in myself.

I wonder if any of these comments are enough to get me demonetized and put on a watch list. Whelp, at least I'll be watched.

(Part 1 of 2) To anyone who likes this guy & won't hear a bad word said of him: I am exactly as sorry as a robotic terminator suckerpunching you in the cerebellum. Awakenings are rude. Deal with it.

(Part 2 of 2)

These things piss me off. And I know how y'all love to watch me get pissed off.

In one day's time, I can majestically leap from the low hanging to the high hanging fruit. Albeit the more shrivelled of the encased droop sacks. Here, watch a boomer yelling at a millennial

We're reduced to rebutting synchronised underwater slam poetry now. Send requests. And also, help.

Alrighty then. Let's try a "publish every day" tactic and see if that plugs the mysterious leak in the subscriber base dyke. I've probably screwed up just by saying dyke.

Back in the saddle, fast and bulbous. This world is too laughable not to laugh. Get drink and drink it. And sleep.

It would be a sin not to do this and you know it. So it's only as late as a wizard intends to be

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Seasons greetings. OG Honey Badger Lauren B joins me for a joke that we're not the first or last to come up with. But we are the best. :P


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