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Hi, I'm Dr. Steve Brule, and welcome to “For Your Wealth” – the most prestigious crypto Discord server in the world™. Our server is here: https://discord.gg/kcqHZD4 . I recommend downloading Discord for Desktop & iOS/Android as it runs better in the client rather than browser.

Built for those looking to find undervalued coins mainly for swing trading, and holding for a few weeks, months, or year. We're here to become potential $100k-$1 million+ net worth by the end of 2018. We are not interested in gambling, or day trading much at a loss, as fun as that may be, but to intelligently grow our wad of dough through investing in undervalued coins, ICOs, and swing trading while also analyzing broader markets.

This strategy has worked for many of us by turning small amounts of ~$1-10K into $20k-$100k+ in a few weeks. While December 2017 was a huge bull run/market bubble, many including myself believe that 2018-2019+ will be year of huge growth in alt coins, as well as bitcoin. Some predictions from reputable sources suggest bitcoin can hit as much as $30,000-$50,000 by 2019. We will also consider these targets in the context of broader economic challenges and looming concerns of a bear market in global equity markets i.e. housing, stocks, oil, etc.