In today's webinar, I discussed “Pumpkin Pox”, Ivan Illich’s books, and gave an update on the Virus Challenge. I also discuss why I feel like verbal debates are not the answer.

I also covered the following topics:
Asthma and how to heal from it
Some examples include:
Mustard compresses

In this webinar, I discussed the cultural norms of diseases, and what we have been taught to believe the causes of diseases are.

Hi, everyone.

This week's podcast interview is with Dan Stachofsky from the Essential Energy company. Probably all of us are somewhat familiar with the problems associated with EMF exposure, problems that only worsen the longer we are exposed. Many of us are looking for realistic, doable solutions.

It's a daunting problem because in our current world, it's almost impossible to avoid at least some level of EMF exposure. This situation fits Ivan Illich's description of a "radical monopoly," that is, a state-sanctioned act that adversely affects everyone whether they would choose to participate or not. Dan decided to put his attention toward helping to solve the problem of harmful EMF exposures.

In this interview, you will hear his story and find out what solutions he came up with. My hope is this interview helps you add another layer to your understanding of EMF damage and mitigation.


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In this webinar, I covered the following topics:
-Isolating and purifying my cat Pumpkin from the garden
-Showing a video sent to us from a customer who has been using the AquaCure device- If interested, please visit: https://eagle-research.life/
Code Cowan for 20% off of the AC50 model
-An update on the Virus Challenge from Dr. Sam Bailey:

For Virus Challenge updates, visit:

A Customer's Experience Using the AquaCure Device
If interested in purchasing the AquaCure, please visit: https://eagle-research.life/
Code Cowan for 20% off of the AC50 model

In this webinar, along with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Mike Stone & Mike Donio, we discussed the Virus Challenge in further detail.
We also reviewed the following article by Sin Hang Lee, which can be found here:


Dr. Mark Bailey's response to Lee's article:

Follow along for more Virus Challenge updates at: https://drtomcowan.com/pages/the-virus-challenge

In today's webinar, I covered the following topics:
All about kidneys - what they are, how they work in the body, reasons disease occurs and possible treatment options
Copper tool for EMFs
Treating chest pain
What about anti-virals?
Low cholesterol
What about fungal infections on the skin?

In this webinar, Dr. Mark Bailey and I discuss the Virus Challenge.

View the Virus Challenge Source Document here:

To keep up with the Virus Challenge updates, visit:

In this webinar, I spoke about whether using a puzzle is a good analogy for metagenomic sequencing and the problems with doing metagenomic sequencing. Then I talked about the basic structures of a nerve and where neurological disease comes from. I also read a case about someone diagnosed with a neurological disease who recovered. Lastly, I talked about some possible recovery treatments for neurological diseases.

At the beginning of this webinar, I discussed an article titled "They're Coming For Your Backyard Chickens" from Off Guardian. The full article can be found here: https://off-guardian.org/2022/06/29/theyre-coming-for-your-backyard-chickens/
I also discussed an Israeli study on using Kefir to reduce inflammation, as well as discussing how to do a simple detox following a dental procedure.

I also held a Q&A session; topics include:
Thoughts on spirulina and chlorella
Why do antibiotics work?
Thoughts on "pink eye" (conjunctivitis)
What about post-antibiotic diarrhea? Should someone take probiotics?
Thoughts on hormone replacements
What does a persistent cough mean after you are sick?
What about beta-blockers?

To submit questions for the next webinar (every Wed, Fri 2 PM EDT), please email [email protected]
Due to the volume of questions and inquiries we receive, we cannot guarantee that your question will be answered, and we are not able to give individual medical advice.
Thank you for your understanding.
-Dr. Tom Cowan Team

I hosted a live webinar on Friday, July 1st, 2002. I started by discussing some recent information regarding COVID-19 and other virus developments. Then I discussed how science studies life.

Today's friend is someone I've known for a few years. Andreas Wecker has a very interesting story I think people will enjoy hearing because it's about oils. Many people have probably heard me say that when it comes to oils and fats, I typically don't eat plant oils, except olive oil and coconut oil. Andreas has discovered how to extract the essence of an oil from seeds without making them into toxic products. Instead, he makes them into therapeutic oils. He is also the only person I know who puts his oils in Miron jars, which I think is the best way to store products. Learn more about Andreas' story and why his oils are different than other organic oils on the market.

Dr. Cowan's Garden is pleased to offer these 100% cold-pressed premium organic living oils, which combine nature's most powerful superfood seeds to support detoxification, boost organ function, and improve overall health. They are nutrient dense with strong anti-inflammatory properties for healing and revitalizing your body.

We invite you to explore our collection of cold-pressed organic seed oils in the following varieties: Black Cumin Seed Oil, Five Seed Oil Blend, Flax Seed Oil, Black Sesame Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Kava Oil and Milk Thistle Oil.

Learn more about our new seed oils: https://www.drcowansgarden.com/collections/seed-oils

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I hosted a Q+A on YouTube on June 29th, 2022. I started by discussing a comment from a listener and shared a story about Pumpkin, gardening, and insect repellant. I also discussed MRIs.
Question topics included:
What kind of flooring is best for homes?
What do you recommend for a whole-house water filter?
What is NADH Vision and how does it work?
Can you use Strophanthus long-term?
Do lens placements for cataracts interfere with the absorption of light?
How do you know if your water is structured? Which device is best to use?
What do you think about surgery for glaucoma?
What about rising and sleeping with the sun in northern environments?
What about hay fever?
Is Strophanthus safe for Hashimoto's?
What about restless leg syndrome?
Noni lotion
Animal vaccines
Polio vaccines and SV-40-
Himalayan Salt Lamps

I hosted a live Q&A webinar on June 24th, 2022.
Topics included:
What I think about cataracts and if surgery is the only solution
What I think about chlorine
Is epilepsy genetic? What is the best treatment for seizures?
Is there a connection between the Covid shots and nosebleeds?
What I think about blood transfusions
What happens to the body with food poisoning
Edema in your hands and feet

I hosted a live webinar on June 17th, 2022. I talked about the problem with people saying that viruses should be seen as a process, not a "thing."

I also hosted a Q+A. Topics included:
What is the best source of collagen?
Does taking calcium cause problems?
How humans should interact with other kingdoms of nature
Do I think structured water is better for hydration? Would it help with diabetes insipidus?
Is it okay to use fermented garlic that's been left out for a while?
What is your opinion on Grave's Disease/hyperthyroidism?
A story about helping someone with Grave's Disease
What's the reason behind people who have low cholesterol on a Nourishing Traditions diet?
How can you detox from graphene oxide and protect yourself from 5G?

I hosted a live webinar on June 10th, 2022. I started by discussing the following topics: an alternative diagnosis for what we are calling "Monkeypox" and a new proposal to find out whether virology is based on sound science and experimentation.

I also hosted a Q+A. Topics included:
- What is the function of pubic hair and should one shave it or not?
- How I make bone broth
- Do appendices rupture and what can you do about that?
- How to go without drugs for ankylotic spondylitis?
- The importance of making life more of a human process
- Psychotropic effects of Strophanthus

Hi, everyone.

Today's podcast conversation is with Matt Maruca, the founder and owner of Ra Optics. As a result of suffering from health challenges, Matt went on a quest to determine what could be the source of his troubles. After years of searching, he stumbled upon the idea that maybe he was exposed to too many unnatural and harmful lights. This realization began a long study of the effects of light on living creatures.

He was able to determine that sunlight is our primary nutrient. This finding aligns with my own understanding of the components of a living system: Light is its primary source of information. If we are continually exposed to artificial light instead of natural sunlight, our health will inevitably suffer.

Working with these principles, Matt was able to formulate what he calls his "light diet" and to produce high-quality glasses that block the majority of the harmful blue lights that emerge from our devices. The result is relevant for us all. I have been using the Ra Optics yellow and red glasses now for a few weeks, and they are a good addition to my life. Tune in to hear more about the history and science of the "light diet" and the benefits to your health of Ra Optics glasses.


Please enjoy 15% off Ra Optics glasses via the following link or with the code tomcowan at checkout: https://lddy.no/15478

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I hosted a live webinar on June 8th, 2022.

At the beginning of the livestream, I discussed the following topics:
RA Optics glasses - use the following link or the code tomcowan for 15% off your purchase: https://lddy.no/15478
Healing with Pumpkin story
Wild carrot seed for cat contraception
Importance of earthing
Linen sheets for EMF protection

I also held a Q&A Session. Q&A Topics include:
Prescription glasses
My cat's diet
Posture & walking barefoot
What are people dying from?
Virology & viruses

I hosted a live Q+A on YouTube on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022. I started by discussing a recent Atlantic article by Katherine Wu. You can read the article here: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2022/05/covid-reinfection-research-immunity/639436/
Q+A topics included:
What I feed my cats
New biology perspective behind thyroid issues
Copper supplementation
EMF meters
Natural ways to treat cataracts
Is there a connection between heart disease and gum disease?
Any clues on Dupuytren's and how to heal it?

I hosted a live webinar on Monkeypox on May 27th, 2022.

I also held a Q&A Session. Q&A Topics include:
Lichen Sclerosis
Is Juvenile Dermatomyositis caused by 5G radiation poisoning?
"Red meat allergy" that is supposedly caused by lone star tick bites
Mega-doses of vitamin C
Is it true that one should avoid salt when diagnosed with congestive heart failure?

Today's podcast interview is with inventor and scientist George Wiseman, the creator of the AquaCure device. First, let me say I am no expert on the engineering or mechanics of the AquaCure device, but as you will hear in this interview, the concept behind the AquaCure device is simple and profound.

The function of the AquaCure is to generate something that has historically been called "Brown's Gas," named after its original promoter. Brown’s Gas contains molecular hydrogen historically used for a variety of uses, including to fuel blow torches. A relevance for us is that molecular hydrogen is our main nutrient, comprising about 62 percent of our molecules.

Molecular hydrogen is formed in our large intestine through the work of our gut microbes digesting hydrocarbons in foodstuffs. Because of the dramatic impoverishment of our gut flora in the past 100 years, most of us are unable to generate adequate molecular hydrogen, which means we are not able to repair our tissues. The result is illness and disease. In other words, as I have so often pointed out, we don't actually suffer from a particular "disease"; rather, we are starved or poisoned when we are sick. Molecular hydrogen, arguably, is our most important nutrient, and its deficiency leads to virtually all of the "diseases" modern people experience.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in improving their health to check out the website, watch the videos, read the blogs, and study the scientific papers that all document the health benefits of breathing and drinking air and water that is enhanced with molecular hydrogen. I have been using an AquaCure device in our home for about three months, most of the water I drink is hydrogen enhanced, and I try to breathe in the gas at least an hour each day. The device is easy to use, easy to maintain and seems to be a valuable addition to our growing natural-health, water-based therapies.

George has graciously given our community members a 20% discount with the code Cowan at checkout. View his shop here: https://eagle-research.life/

My website: https://drtomcowan.com/

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I hosted a live Q&A webinar on May 20th, 2022.

Q&A Topics include:
Tetanus virus and shots
Pumpkin challenge 2 with smallpox photos
Women having trouble with menopause
Is it safe to be intimate with vaccinated people?
Postpartum depression
Treating chronic coughs
Protein in urine

I hosted a live Q&A webinar on May 18th, 2022.

Q&A Topics include:
The problem with treating "diagnoses"
What happens when the body expresses headache symptoms?
Is it okay to use Shilajit-Mumijo and Marine Plasma Drinkable Sea Water together?
What about ticks and Lyme disease?
Discussing published scientific studies on Lyme disease


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