True Healing Conference Community Q&A Follow-Up- Webinar from October 22, 2021

Now That We Know There Are No Pathogenic Viruses, Why Do We Get Sick? October 15th Webinar

This week's episode of Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends features a fascinating interview with one of our featured speakers at this weekend's True Healing conference. Eileen McKusick is the founder of Biofield Tuning, which teaches the science of the human biofield and how to influence the biofield with tuning forks to promote optimal health. I was so impressed with this interview that my birthday wish this year was to receive a set of biofield tuning forks. Eileen describes what the biofield is and how to work with it using tuning forks. This is an interview you definitely do not want to miss.

True Healing Conference: https://truehealingconference.com/

Eileen McKusick's Websites:

Biological Transmutations + Q&A Webinar from Friday, October 1st, 2021

Topics discussed:
Biological Transmutations
-What is it?
-Practical Ramifications

Q&A Session Topics:
-Big banks/Money
-Do vaccines lessen viral illnesses?

Phase 2 of Stefan Lanka's Experiments- live Webinar from Friday, September 24th, 2021

Hi, everyone. In today's episode of Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends, I talk with Jon Nilsson about all things soil. In this conversation, you will learn the basics of soil biology, why the Great Plains in the U.S. had the richest soil on Earth before the introduction of modern agriculture, and, most important, how you can improve your soil and get larger yields of healthier plants. I hope you can join us.

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All the best,

Covid-19 Myths 3 Preview + Q&A: September 17th, 2021

In today's webinar, I reviewed the following video & held a Q&A session.
Video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/68CDI5gsnHHp/

Q&A Topics included:
-Vaccine & PCR Tests
-Why do people snore?
-What are "Covid" lungs?
-EMF Protection
-Structured Water
-Detoxification following a vaccine

Link to sign up for Covid-19 Myths 3 on Saturday, September 18th, 2021: https://covid-19-myths.com/

True Healing Conference Preview on Conversations with Vermonters and Beyond- with Eileen McKusick, Dr. Tom Cowan, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman- Interview from September 10th, 2021

Conversations with Vermonters and Beyond:

Check out the True Healing Conference here: https://truehealingconference.com/

Rational Thinking & How Do Virologists know there is a Variant? Webinar Friday, September 10th,2021

In this webinar, I discussed rational thinking and how a virologist knows there is a variant.

I also did a Q&A Session, topics included:
-Shingles & Acyclovir
-Anti- Virals
-EMF Exposure
-Ivermectin & Hydroxycholoroquine

The Magic Of Water- Live Webinar from Friday, September 3rd, 2021

With the help of my friend Dr. Sam Bailey, we will take a deep look at what actually causes chickenpox. Does the varicella-zoster virus exist, as we have been told? Is chickenpox really contagious? The answers to these questions are clear and, for some, will be surprising.
In addition, I will take a brief look at a recently published critique by Dr. Peter McCullough of a study coming out in The Lancet. Even though Dr. McCullough makes important points, my worry is that he entirely misses the boat on virology. Tune in and find out why.

Q&A Session Topics Included:
-Why people are getting sick
-Health Strategies to protect against Vaccine Shedding
-Delta Variant
-How to strengthen your coherence
-In silico genome

On this week's episode of Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends, I talk with Alessio Angeleri, an Italian researcher, who uses his background in chemical and electrical engineering to look deeply into the question of how physical matter is created. Although I would admit that some parts of the interview get pretty technical, I did my best to translate his concepts into simple English.

With that caveat, I trust you will ascertain what real science knows about how physical substance comes into being. For some it will be shocking, for others, it will simply be confirmation of what human beings have always known and experienced but have somehow forgotten in our materialistic age. A new science is coming, and the new science will show us the way to a view of the human being that is magnificent and beautiful. Let's enjoy and have courage for the journey.

In this webinar, I discussed what a medical diagnosis really means. I also did a Q&A session.
Topics included:
-Reverse transcriptase
-What is a diagnosis?
-Harold Hillman
-Injections & shedding
-Dr. David Martin
-Beneficial bacteria
-Making a healthy microbiome

This week's podcast is an interview with a young man named Andri Peetso. Like so many people, Andri was diagnosed at a young age with a severe, life-changing disease. However, unlike many others, Andri had a sense at the time of his diagnosis that the usual ways of medicine held no answers for him. Instead, he went on his own healing journey.
Part of his healing journey included a deep investigation into the science and practice of fasting. This study led him to write a book titled "Mastering Fasting." I have been interested in the therapeutic potential of fasting for many years and have gingerly done some fasting myself. I was very excited to learn the science and practice of fasting and have already incorporated some of the techniques into my daily life. Join me for this informative and fascinating interview.

Koch's Postulates Webinar from August 13, 2021, I discussed how Koch's Postulates have been declared obsolete. Let's examine the new guidelines together.
I also did a Q&A Session. Topics included:
-How can we be more light-driven beings?
-Migraine headaches
-Eye contact
-Rife machines
-Mistletoe in cancer treatments

This week's episode of Conversation with Dr. Cowan and Friends is an interview with the owner and founder of the herbal company Raw Revelations. A few years ago, when I switched to using herbs almost exclusively from Raw Revelations, I experienced significant improvements in my outcomes with patients.

In this conversation, we learn that the reason Raw Revelations herbal products are more effective than other herbs on the market is because of their meticulous attention to detail. Everything from the sourcing of herbs, to the extraction methods, to the bottling in Miron bottles is integral to ensuring the high quality of their final products. Tune in to see whether Raw Revelations might benefit your health-care regimen.

All the best,


The PCR Tests Are Ending- Webinar from August 6th, 2021

Livestream from Friday, August 6th, at 2 pm EDT. I discussed how the CDC is ending the PCR Tests on January 1st. So what comes next? Tune in to find out.

I also did a Q&A session, topics included:
-Delta Variant & increased cases
-Vaccine shedding
-Appendix rupture
- Holistic diet & healing
-Being mindful of where your food comes from
-NYC Vaccine Passports

Hi Everyone,

Today's podcast is everything you wanted to know and need to know about zeolite. I interviewed Eddie Stone of Touchstone Essentials who is an expert on everything to do with zeolite, one of nature's amazing detoxifiers. You will learn the history of zeolite, how it works, how to use it and of course, the best zeolite available. Join me for this informative interview.

Best, Tom

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Presentation on the Genetic Code + Q&A
In this live webinar, I gave a short presentation on the underlying meaning of the genetic code and held a Q&A session.

Topics Included
-Carcinogenic Substances
-Water & energy
-My most recent podcast interview with James De Meo
-Blessing water & holy water
-Genetic Mutation
-Coronavirus Testing

Understanding Wilhelm Reich and ‘Orgone’ Energy

Hi, everyone. Today’s podcast is a fascinating interview with Dr. James DeMeo, the world’s foremost authority on the work of 20th Century physician and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Even though Reich’s work is mostly unknown, he claimed to have “discovered” and learned how to work with the universal energy that he called orgone. In this interview, you will hear about the history of Dr. Reich and how he went about harvesting orgone energy for therapeutic purposes.

For this Friday’s webinar, I will give a short presentation on the underlying meaning of the genetic code and then answer your questions. See you tomorrow.

Hydroxychloroquine Webinar + Q&A from July 23rd, 2021
I go over a study that is being passed around that claims to prove that hydroxychloroquine has been known to be an effective medicine for coronavirus infections for more than 15 years. Find out what scientists mean by an "effective" medicine, and what they mean when they refer to a substance as an "antiviral." I also took questions from the listeners.

Topics Included:
-Apricot Seed Kernels
-B17 Vitamin
-Detoxing the body
-Warts & how to treat them
-Biogeometry Pendants

This week's podcast is an interview I did with Michelle Ford. In this fascinating discussion, Michelle dissects the history of the U.S. government and what it means to be a "citizen" of the U.S. For those of us who struggle with our relationship with the government, this is an interview you won't want to miss, as specific strategies are presented to help you change your "status." Tune in to find out what this all means.

Dr. Tom Cowan Live Webinar: Covid- 19 Myths Preview + Q&A Session

Topics Included
-Covid 19 Myths 2 Preview
-Ivermectin & Covid Patients
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Varicose veins
-Do energy frequencies have an influence on human beings?

Date: Saturday, July 17th, 2021
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern USA Time
Register Here: https://covid-19-myths.com/


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