150 people of all ages and walks of life turned out today, to protest the ongoing plandemic in my small town! Pretty good for Canada in the middle of winter!

This film is about vaccine passports and how they are being used. How they've already affected people's lives and jobs.

- The Muze


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The Covid agenda has taken a heavy toll on once-free Canada, but in 2021 we began to fight back on several fronts. One of our battles is on the street, raising awareness, protesting bad laws, educating the public, and just being around other free-thinking people. Here are the photographs I took this year at my small B.C. town's weekly freedom rallies, in the order they were taken. The audio is a speech I gave at our year-end wrapup, about my past and current activism.

Sudden floods have washed away entire regions of Southern BC. The village of Lytton, burned off the map by 50 degree heat this summer, was just buried by a mudslide. Less than 48 hours later, those of us left are already low on food and supplies. We are being told it could take months to rebuild the rails, bridges, and highways. Half the province's livestock and crops are underwater. It will drop well below freezing tonight. Good luck to all.

In solidarity with walkouts against vaccine mandates around the world today, several dozen people gathered and marched in Vernon BC. Here are some highlights from my footage!

This is not an "I told you so" video.

Thank you for pushing with me to reach those who need a little guidance.


Ivermectin is very cheap, widely available without prescription in most of the world, safer than almost any other drug... and it stops Covid. It also treats 'long Covid' (post Covid), and many other viral, parasitic, and bacterial conditions. It is legal in Canada, but very difficult to find. I do not buy online, and do not have a smart device or bank account, so I can't get Ivermectin tablets directly. But many of my readers and viewers can easily get Ivermectin - for example, my friends in Venezuela can buy it at any corner store, for pennies. I have a mailbox... and currency. I'm very motivated to make this happen, so I am offering a bounty of 500 HIVE to the first person to send me some Ivermectin!

For details: https://hive.blog/hive-181335/@drutter/uigzzcap

Some of us went along with masks, and even the "vaccines", but most Canadians know TYRANNY when we see it! Vaccine passports are here, but we will not comply, and many businesses are refusing to discriminate. Mass peaceful non-compliance is growing rapidly as more mandates and coercion are announced. This is our line in the sand which will not be moved! NO VACCINE PASSPORTS!

Covid injections are becoming increasingly mandatory for Canadians, and vaccine passports just went into effect. Vaccinated or not, people are against this overreach and blatant power grab. Peaceful grassroots protests have increased in size recently, and 2 weeks ago, Canadian Frontline Nurses held protests across the country in front of hospitals. This led to media headlines like "anti-vaxx protesters attack nurses", nothing but lies. More and more people know the mainstream media is blatantly controlling perceptions, not investigating stories and keeping the public informed.

Today, September 13th, another round of peaceful rallies was held across Canada, and the media is already claiming it was violent, it was anti-nurse, it was anti-science, etc. "Protesting where sick people are! That's wrong! People in their most vulnerable state! How dare they attack and abuse patients, and nurses!" Insane levels of propaganda going on, to create a false narrative and demonize those standing up against tyranny.

Thank you for seeing through the lies.

In Kelowna BC, thousands attended a grassroots freedom rally and protest against "vaccine passports" announced here this week. Nurses and hospital staff walked out to protest mandatory injection with the experimental immune therapy. Government, media, and police denounced the protests, but public support was almost unanimous. Even "fully vaccinated" people are against MANDATORY injections and digital immunity passports. Canadians are pissed at the global technocratic agenda taking shape, and won't take it sitting down.

A dark day in Canada, as BC (and most other provinces) announce vaccine mandates and digital passports for all non-essential activities. "Conspiracy theorists" predicted this would happen a year ago, but were called crazy and banned from mainstream social media platforms. Now here we are.

It's NOT a vaccine: https://hive.blog/hive-181335/@drutter/igmfupuj

Tyranny checklist: https://hive.blog/covid-19/@drutter/tyranny-checklist-are-you-living-under-any-of-these-conditions

Unbelievable scene here on a summer's afternoon as toxic gas, smoke, soot, and other particles fill the region. Just 2 hours after my previous upload which can be found here:

Here's the scene in the North Okanagan region of BC right now, as a massive wildfire, drought, and heat wave combine. We have had smoke for over a month without a break, embers falling from the sky, and looming evacuations.

For more info, see my video yesterday:

...and my post a few days ago:

A look at the scene here in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, with politicized wildfires, drought, all-time record-breaking heat, power outages, and heavy smoke. The news says get ready to flee with your valuables.

More info on the current situation here: https://hive.blog/hive-154369/@drutter/british-columbia-is-burning-a-personal-snapshot

A short video for my YouTube channel, letting my 9000 subscribers know why I haven't posted in months. Hopefully doing so doesn't get me another strike, or they'll memory-hole my 800+ videos. I wish I could invite them to join Bitchute, but even mentioning that or linking to it would get me banned. I literally can't say anything except within a narrow range of accepted viewpoints and topics. Scary place now.

Here's the next step in forcing these so-called "vaccines" into as many people as they can! Check out what Canada Post is doing to publicly out unvaccinated people, using a government database of those who haven't been injected yet.

My region of British Columbia is on evacuation alert as a historic heat wave continues to bake the land. Towns are being burned right off the map, and we are told anyone could be next. Here is some footage just taken of a new wildfire burning to my East. Helicopters and bombers are already on the job.

More on Dr. Hoffe from Lytton: https://hive.blog/hive-110786/@drutter/sjbdolck

A strict lockdown, mandatory masking, and social distancing were all ignored for an evening, as 2000 Canadians gathered as a community to defy unjust and destructive Covid regulations. Ted Kuntz, Alex the Comic, and Chris Sky gave motivational speeches, with Harvest Ministries providing music.

These clips are banned on YouTube because they show people not social distancing and not wearing masks.

This ends when we stand together.

Canadians are mobilizing across the country against the Covid deception, the deadly lockdowns, and the loss of our basic human rights. Here are some of my thoughts, and footage, after attending several protests and rallies in smalltown BC.

SWAT team arrests Calgary AB pastor Artur Pawlowski: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4hWp6SuBng

We are being divided like never before: https://hive.blog/hive-110786/@drutter/we-are-being-divided-like-never-before

This video was banned on YouTube within an hour of upload for "medical disinfo" (even though it doesn't contain any medical info). If they do that again, they'll also delete my other 800 videos uploaded over the past 15 years.

The message of freedom is just as important today as it has ever been. In this small Canadian town, regular anti-lockdown protests and freedom rallies are attended mostly by older adults. I captured some positive and negative responses from people passing by. Adverse reactions are very rare (as the phama corporations like to say). Most of the shouted insults and middle fingers came from young adults. Where is the next generation of freedom fighters?

But was I really?

"When will silver finally do its thing?" (March 2012): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2AAU2pLdFQ

Precious metals manipulation: https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@drutter/jpmorgan-has-manipulated-the-price-of-gold-for-years

Lockdown may become permanent (March 2020): https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@drutter/day-11-canada-is-now-a-totalitarian-state

Lockdown is getting even tighter (April 2021): https://hive.blog/hive-110786/@drutter/if-the-vaccine-is-working-and-deaths-are-down-why-are-lockdowns-getting-tighter

This week in Fukushima: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/apr/13/fukushima-japan-to-start-dumping-contaminated-water-pacific-ocean

There IS something I was actually wrong about: https://hive.blog/hive-110786/@drutter/vrzqdier

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Any video could be my last on YT, and there will be no notice I was removed, and no sign I ever existed. Please hear me - and spare 30 seconds so you can keep hearing me.


Across Canada, small groups are gathering at the offices of MLAs and other regional representatives, to demand answers to questions about the lockdowns and loss of our freedom. There has been a wall of silence from them all, and it is becoming clear these public servants don't serve us anymore.

Numbers are down, so why are lockdowns getting tighter?

What happened in Lytton BC?

If these so-called "vaccines" aren't 100% safe or effective, and most of us aren't at risk to Covid, why should we take them?

Footage by DRutter taken April 22nd 2021 at Stuart Park in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Approximately 4000 attended, zero socialized distancing, maybe 4 masks. Spontaneous cheering and hugs accompanied a sense of community and individual liberty. Freedom is becoming popular again!

Website of Chris Sky: https://realchrissky.com/

Interview with Dr. Hoffe of Lytton BC after Moderna vaccine decimated his community: https://hive.blog/hive-110786/@drutter/sjbdolck

Please listen to and share this powerful front-line testimony. Dr. Charles Hoffe of Lytton, British Columbia tells how the Moderna "vaccine" has decimated the health of his small town, after they had no trouble naturally fending off Covid last year. Now, many residents can't sleep, their nerves burn with pain, their muscles won't move properly, and their condition is worsening by the week. He lists his many concerns with these experimental products, and talks about how government officials have already sought to silence him. The interview was uploaded by Laura-Lynn Thompson.

Original full upload by Laura-Lynn Thompson: https://www.facebook.com/298707060183971/videos/511879180195739

Thank you for helping me distribute this suppressed information.

I was wrong about several aspects of religion and spirituality. But one thing I've always known is that we all have the right to believe what we want, and worship how we want. As tyranny encroaches into all our lives, I've realized how vital it is we join together and actively fight for this right. If we don't stand up for our fellow man's right to peacefully believe what he wants, then we are ALL lost.

Calgary pastor defends church from 'gestapo':

Hundreds clash with police outside Edmonton church:

No mask exemption for religious reasons:

How a small group could control society:

Tyranny Checklist:


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