So in the description on one of my last couple uploads I talked about possibly making a new youtube channel and set all my videos for anyone to download for free, unfortunately that won't be happening as youtube has taken away the option for creators to allow anyone but them self to download their content. Probably to stop people from re uploading stuff they banned easily. So youtube can go fuck themselves all the way and I will not be making another band channel because they deleted two already and allowing people to download my stuff was the only reason I would have. However if any of you still wan't to re upload my stuff onto youtube feel free all you need to do is press the windows key and tap g one time if you have windows 10 and the x box screen recorder should pop up, once you have my videos you like saved you can even open them in a media editing program and save them as a music file so you can make cd's to listen to in your car give to friends or sell under the table.
So about this recording it's from my third show in Fresno and I think I did a good job and it sounds like a good version of this song regardless of the fact the drummer isn't that good, but a drummer not that good is better than playing a show with no drummer or a drummer who sucked as bad as Austin aka pink wojak. I try to record more of what I do than allot of other musicians and bands do who have their god damn heads up their assess because I have the feeling and know everything could fuck up and break apart at any minute and be gone forever just like my youtube channels for my bands and because of that feeling I backed up this video and many more already up hear before that channel got terminated which was a crucial move as the computer with the raw tracks from these recordings is hopelessly destroyed. So if I myself wan't to burn music cd's of this or offer these tracks on band camp I will have to run the videos in a media editing program myself even and convert them into audio only files. I'm mostly dun uploading my tracks from the Lords Force the reason why don't just post them all at once is because they sound cooler layered with other tracks from various times and it makes for more of a exciting variety for the listener to hear all my stuff not in order and to see a song with a video than to relax their eyes on one without much video than back to a video song again. To many bands don't record any of their shit or enough of it and I have been their than for them when all the shit falls though and everyone turns on each other all they may have as proof their band ever fucking existed is a crappy polo-ride if their lucky. I don't wan't to be that guy. It's best to just record everything even if it sucks really bad just don't show people what sucks to much and maybe delete that but if it just sucks a little and still rocks enough to be worth listening to than it made it worth to record everything. Even with my channel for J-FryParnell where allot of stuff seemed to sound not so good theirs still a minor portion of those recordings I never posted that were even worse. Now I'm older and less drunk than back than and not on drugs I'll probably post even less of the original J-FryParnell content but am still planning on posting most of it at least everything I find listenable. Expect it to be mixed in with new and not as old tracks and possibly even older but better tracks if I can find my lost tape recordings.

I feel I should advise all future mass shooters because I know for a fact Dylan Roof, Bowers, And Brenton Terrents were
All subscribed to at least one of my now terminated youtube channels being J-FryParnell which is the one Dylan Roof was
Subscribed to even all the way back when I had only like 50 subscibers until his weird channel I remeber having pictures
of him with his bowl haricut burning stuff and making zing hails and other white power signs to random rock music and the
only live videos he was was strange stuff like him shooting things and burning things like in his last video where he was shooting his gun in his yard you can only see as a news clip that doesn't even say it was from his youtube channel. I am in fact one of the few witnesses that Dylan Roof even had a youtube channel as it was terminated and disappeared shortly after he did what he did. If you don't read every description
on my video well I actually showed him the links to the website he seen that showed the real black on white crime statistics
that are though the roof. I don't remember the website but when he asked for the link to prove what I said I looked up the
redelephants video I got the link from and cut and pasted it to him. Than he told me he was going to do something about it
just what I would see in the news in a few days. If I know what he was going to do I could advise him like I'm going to
advise you and thats to stop using legally obtained fire arms to commit mass shootings because that just gives liberals
and even light wing conservatives fuel to take our guns away. Any sane and rational person can tell if everyone could cary
guns mass shootings wouldn't even happen and didn't happen like in the cowboy days which despite Jew propaganda movies were
way safer than today. Back than a mass shooting was physically impossible because when everyone has guns than it's called a
shootout. You see but the gun grabbers aren't sane and rational and can't put that two and two together so you owe it to
every lawful gun owner to either commit what ever kind of illegal shooting you may be planning weather it's a mass or one
person shooting to do it with either illegally obtained fire arms or make them your self which is easier and safer than
obtaining them illegally on the street. It's not hard to find instructions on the internet on how to make even cooler guns
than you can find in the store just with peices of metal you can obtain from any hardware store. Also if your not that crafty
than I know for a fact in the US you can buy every peice of any gun except the body without a permit which you could make
with a virtual printer whittle out of wood or even make moulds and cast them. Just look at Mexico gun crimes are happening
all the time yet guns are totally illegal plus all their guns their suck because they make them themselfs like some cheapo
knock off flea market shit. If some stupid fucking wet bags can do it so can you. Plus in countries and places where guns
are totally illegal crime and murder skyrocket because it puts people in a way worse head state once they do get their hands
on a gun illegally and I don't wan't that to happen to America. I wan't the oposite I wan't people to be able to walk around
with a gun like man like that's a modern sword and without a sword a man is not a man. If everyone wen't on their shooting
sprees with homemade guns instead not only could they make way more dangerous guns than can be legally bought but they
would completely wreck any thing a liberally could say about grabbing guns, and may even completley revers to argrument as
it should be to more people should have legally guns to protect themselfs from the ones people make themselfs. You may be
thinking well wouldn't the liberals just think to ban bullets to well you can also make those yourself if you have enough
money to buy the machinery look it up. Plus if you use a legal gun to do anything theirs almost no way in hell your getting
away because cops can look up exactly who owns what guns in a push of a button, which is another reason why gun free zones
are less safe becasue theirs no way for the cops to track down people by gun per crime when they don't know whose carrying
what. Legal guns should only be used for home defense hunting and target practice and self defense, anyone using legally
obtained guns for mass shooting is only fucking their comrads over if the liberals can use their attact to take legal guns
away. Than how many more white people are going to die if they can't defend themselves? If you wanna start a race war that's one thing but at the very least do it in a way the government will be least likely to take every ones guns away OK.

This is probably my personal favorite version of cops allowed and was one of my older uploads on my now terminated youtube channel for my band project called "The Lords Force" I thinks I made this recording before I met that fat lazy bastard Kassy the drummer as seen in the Central Valley talk video and a few others along with on the live albums.. Dude was such a lazy shit he wouldn't even practice on his own and would quickly forget how to drum my songs shortly after we spent hours practicing. That's why I never recorded us jamming as I used to record me and Austin Jamming in the band J-FryParnell because Austin sucked even harder at drumming and life than Kassy so I didn't wan't to wear my songs out playing and recording with low quality drummers like I did before to the point I didn't even wan't to be the bands I was. This is from my second wave of songs by myself on The Lords Force the fist wave had me playing guitar and singing but the second wave I figured out I could play guitar better if I recorded the singing later and I could pay more attention to how expressive and entertaining I could articulate the lyrics more (it even helps to play the song and sing at the same time later that you recorded this way because it gives your mind a good mental picture of the most entertaining way to sing the song, as you could forget how it's supposed to be sung if you don't do this) using tape recorders as this was before my gradual upgrade to computers and cyber punk thus cutting my dependence on other humans to make music. I still wouldn't mind other band members but I'm not gonna to settle for less than full blown white Nationalist who can actually play for a shit. Any other drumming that sounds like a attempted Demo Recording wasn't even Kassy it could have been this dude Logan, J, or Gregg all of who are massive flakes but still better drummers than Austin or Kassy without even practicing. That's another reason self reliance though digital is crucial in this modern isolated world for struggling musicians, as drummers and bassets who are worth a shit are only going to stick to you once you made some kind of name for yourself otherwise your lucky if they will jam with you one in a full moon.

This guy Brenton Tarrantis anther one of my fans of my music Just like Dylan Roof who shot up a black church after I showed him the statistics of black on white crime, and bowers who shot up a Jew church and was haled away screaming their killing our people which was a lyric from a video I posed on youtube the day before and hears a active link to that same song on bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/UN9BshV4VGNj/ . If you read Brenton Tarrants manifesto he says the whole poem I quote in this song I posted on bitchute a year ago although it had been on youtube for many years prior https://www.bitchute.com/video/WIXJrDjl1r57/ , & it took Brenton a year to execute his attack. Obviously another one of my fans. I only wish they all planned their revenge in a way that they wouldn't get caught, may each attack be just a trickle before the avalanche of white revenge to follow like the random anti communist attacks before the rise of Hitler.

I'm pretty sheer this was one of my actual songs at the time, and I was at that right level of drunk to sing really good and play my guitar good, & Austin Wojak was even at the right level to play drums at a acceptable level. I doubt what ever lyrics came out were what I actually had written on paper for the song prior but that's not important. The important thing is this is probably the best version of this song I forgot about that I put out on the now terminated youtube channel J-FryParnell. Now that I'm in my old computer again that I though was broken and my new computer is broken so I can't make new videos, I found this gym on my desk top in the old computer just as it was when I uploaded on J-FryParnell. That was back when youtube was the wild west and I never thought 8 or so years from now lefty bastards would have to power to delete your whole channel, so I didn't bother backing up all the videos although I have the songs which some I may make into more legit videos when I have the means. Back than before youtube catered to nark ass snitches who could get your channel taken down in three strikes I remember it was quite cowmen for me and other youtubers to have never ending shit talking threads with trolls and haters as them talking shit was the only way to harm, and flagging videos didn't do a god damn thing or maybe wasn't a option or no body even knew about that, and their wasn't a three strike limit and youtube wasn't boomed by lefty snitches. So back than I never dickered my channel would get taken down, thus I didn't back my videos up, which may turn a loss into a win as now if I have the means I can easily make more entertaining videos then the one pic and a song ones' of old, the only problem is once I'm already making a whole new video I may as well add keyboards and more verses and that takes time, time that I probably should use just making more new music, but I don't know let's see what happens. Maybe if I revive a few old tracks than make a totally new one I can create a more entertaining pattern of uploads that would inspire the listener to watch all my old videos that I have been pattering with old and new the whole time along with equally spacing out actual videos with on pic videos, weather or not the actual videos are older ones or my increasingly more entertaining and elaborate newer ones.

This may not be the best of tracks I put out as the band J-FryParnell but it is the only video footage and the only footage or film of any kind I have that the drumer Austin AKA pink Wojak ever even really existed. It's filmed from the back because Austin didn't wan't to face the camera but if he did the mother fucker looked exactly like pink Wojak and I played the TV really loud to compensate for the fact Austin basiclly was refusing to play drums for the most part because he wasn't high and drunk enough. If I get around to uploading some tracks were he was high and drunk enough to actually play the drums kind of good you will see even more why he's a real like pink wojak from all his retard noise screaming. It was bad for me having a drummer who refused to play until we drank a whole bottle of vodka because as you can see hear I kind of became not really sheer how to sing when I wasn't super drunk, and when I was super drunk it was really kind of hit or miss if I could actually play my songs good enough to be acceptable but when I could those are some of the best J-FryParnell tracks in my opinion, apart from the shit I made J or crazy Chris. One time I Austin told me his name wasn't really Austin and to quit calling him that than he said his real name but I forgot but than he denied that later but a few days later I seen a missing person that looked allot like him and his dad but the dad was shorter than his dad which it still could be them because his dad had a inversion table so may have been stretching himself out and taking HGH to get taller, or Austin saw that missing person before I did and was just fucking me. But that dudes dad did act sketchy when I tried to get Austin to sign up for a free 3 month gym membership with me and his dad said he'd be right back with Austins ID and never came back and ditched us their. Later no mater how many times I checked with his dad that ID never showed up. Could Austins real identity be pink wojak and he's a spy or a secrete government agent for a foreign country spying on the progress of the US? Possibly. All I know is that kid wanted to smoke meth way to much and that really pissed me off when I quite smoking meth so I ended up punching him in the face because he kept trying to get me to get more. Than he came over a few days later with a black eye and that was the last time I seen him. I wen't to his house later and his dad said he moved, I don't believe his dad though because I don't know what kind of weirdo missing person shit life they had going all I know is that mother fucker Austin wasn't in school when he should of been and was instead getting high and ruing his dads house by throwing knifes at the walls and acting like a lunatic, and walking around town without wearing shoes and giving expensive flashlights to homeless people.

This is the first version of this song I uploaded to my youtube channel for "The Lords Force" and it was my third upload back in May 31, 2014, although I had recorded earlier more different versions of this song over the years under different names which differed enough lyrically and structurally to be warranted different names. As of posting this you won't be able to see the version on youtube as all my content is hidden because I got flagged twice for posting my song Jew shooter twice before and after I edited out the pic of Mekel on blacked.com which is why the first flag was made and the second for hate speak. When my two month probation is up after I make all my videos their visible I'll try to post Jew Shooter again their as it has important messages and exposes the child killing kikes for what they are. Hopefully by that time the cock sucker who flagged me will have long forgotten I exist. Of course the song won't be and never was posted as Jew shooter their even though that's always been it's name, however if your still on Jewtube please subscribe to me their to double support what I'm doing so someday I can be the Nazi warlord of a mighty white power army sweeping across the world and you can be a part of that greatness simply by bootlegging my music so you can listen to it while driving around looking to hate crime. This version of Metal ladder you may notice is lacking a few later versions I came up with further on but it is not just the first version on The Lords Force channel but the first version where I added the ending rift from Phantom of the Opera. The point of the song is kind of that action is a ladder and in life you have to work your way towards things like being able to defend your race nation and the children of your people, for that you must be equipped with metal and all action you take with that metal furthers you down you path on the metal ladder. No truer words were spoken and if more whites knew the power of metal they wouldn't fall victim to Nigger animals so often, Like the white wojack from the thumbnail who is falling victim to Aztec Pepe, just like the real whites who were the true builders of the pyramids in Mexico were brutally slaughtered and driven out by native Mexicans who celebrated their cruel deeds in their art work the Spanish conquistadors saw that made them have no pity for the heartless Aztecs. Yes it was actually white men who built all that Aztec shit not the stink fucking wetback shit skins with their crude stone tools magically making lazier precision cuts in solid stone. Unfortunately the surviving white natives in South America all died of small pox after bravely helping the Spanish conquer their hideous sub human shit skin persecutors who had driven them to the highest reaches of mountains teetering on total annihilation. For them feel no pity for the Latin American slime coming to our land to rob it and kill us just like they did to the white's who built all those pyramids they stole, and some times even admitted whites built although that is usually hidden in liberal Jew taught schools.

Dedicated to Robert D. Bowers. This is a remix of a old J-FryParnell song that I made way better and put a awesome video to. The base song was always called Jew shooter but was uploaded on youtube under the name Hazel Atkins to avoid censorship about 5 or 10 years ago. I added allot more cool shit to it no. The original version is what Dylan Roof would of herd back before J-FryParnell got terminated but I think this version now is way fucking better even though the first version was acceptable this new version is better than the best and sheer to bring more whites into the light of race and reason. I may dedicate a song to Dylan some day eventually when I put all the pieces to a fitting song together whose lyric parts I already recorded as they were channeled to me. But for now I'm dedicating this one to Rober D. Bowers who was haled away screaming the lyrics from my newest song at the time that I only posted a day before he wen't on rampage. I don't like conspiracy channels when they try to say Roof and Bowers are fake, I'm the one who even showed Roof a link to a website that showed the alarming numbers of whites killed by blacks in a conversation we had days before he went on rampage. I got the link for that site from a redelephants video. Allot of those sites try to say trump is fake to for putting down people like Bowers, Maybe he is but why don't you wait tell his job and his goals are dun before they judge him so harsh. The freaking world is controlled by Jews and you have no idea what kind of deals and Jew ass Trump has to kiss to put the white race back on top, hopefully that wall is just stage one and once it's built he can ship every kind of dirty out. As it stands already Trumps done more for the white race than any other president I have seen in my life and he would have done allot more if he had total power and this was a dictatorship and kikes in the government didn't try to fuck over his every move like his Muslim ban, but at least he was able to ban some of them. Trump needs a few kikes on his side to back him against the rest of the kikes trying destroy all that stands so I don't see how some people are expecting him to come out and give a Jew Shooter a presidential pardon and fuck up all the work hes' done so far, were still a Democracy and that would loose all of support from the alt light who outnumber us Neo-Nazi's for now. I more than most fell bad about Roof and Bowers being executed knowing they are real people who listened to my music and not actors like allot of anti trump conspiracy videos claim, but we all have to die some day and execution by lethal injection is the least painful way to go available. They knew the consequences of their actions before they took them and accepted them by not making any attempt to plan their actions in a way that they may get away, so Trump letting them face those consequences is no reason to quite supporting him and hopping he can right the wrongs of our countries anti white policies that brought people like Roof and Bowers to the breaking point in the first place. I'm sheer rump is doing everything he can and is allowed to do in order to unfuckover the white race globally. Perhaps by working for the Kikes he can work for white people by not letting in Muslims or wetbacks, that is at least better than nothing. Until the US is ready to elect Adolf Hitler Tump is still the best we got.

If you stumbled upon this video by accident please subscribe and watch this whole video as it does in fact have what your looking for if you wan't to make a screen shot by pressing the windows key and the prt sc key at the same time when you see the pic your looking for. Also don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel also as that may be a way I can make money some day to fight the kikes with if I make it up to 1000 subscriber and manage to keep flying under their radar by not posting the real song tittles and in depth descriptions their. Only on Bitchute could I get away with that. This is a alternate version of IQ of Terror where you can hear the guitar more and their is less cyber techno going on, you may also be able to make out the lyrics a bit better. I consider both versions just as good and valuable, The video in this version also has less color effects going on but is still much the same. My Drawing of Murdoch Chan naked with Swastika nipples could just as well count as a Necromunda Naked Escher fan art, as really not enough of that exists. The only other example I found for a Naked Escher is the pic I put as a thumb nail which I couldn't trace the source to find a bigger picture as all descriptions were in Russian. The lyrics of the song are very much pro white Nationalism and if you wan't a more in depth description read the one on the alternate version of this song.

This version of this song I made while living in the mountains of CA. I used a series of process and cassette tape devices to kind of make this version of this song and other versions of other songs I made at the time have almost a Cyber punk feel going on to them. It was a definable step I took to get to where I was now that I can make definite Cyber Punk music using a computer, but what I did at the time made me see the difficulties and appreciate the effort of early underground punk bands that didn't have access to computers at the time but yet still tried their hardest to make Cyber punk. Even though my current set up to create Cyber punk with my computer is primitive by modern standards and will upgrade again when I have exhausted it, my set up is still above what I had when I made this with cassette tapes and it's above or equal to what allot of higher up early Cyber punk bands had at the time. Once exhaust my current transitional phase of music will be just as much of a interesting foot note as this earlier one you have the privilege of listening to hear. I don't know what I do in the future or may cause but I have been visited by time travelers who have stolen random jams I made with people than time traveled with those for that music to be some of the most famous Iconic punk ever created, as well as some Iconic but less known punk, but in truth it was all some shit I made up drunk on the spot mostly and can never take credit for it has brought me to conclusion either I do something very important to make me famous enough to be plagued by fortune seeking time travelers like that, or were all really in the matrix and the machines are trying to fill the illusion of punk bands in the past by programming in random jam sessions I made with people in the time frame, another possibility is that I'm really dead and this is a sub reality that seems like how normal reality would be and those are actually demons tormenting by being famous with music I made up on the spot while I have no fame for all the cash they get from it. One more possibility is that I'm a bio Android and this world I live in is flat and amusement park for the rich and I played and thought I made up all that famous punk music on the spot when in fact it was programmed into my code to play those songs by the park curators as to entertain the guests. If the time traveling narrative is the correct one as was told to me by the people I jammed with who claimed to be time travelers, which include members of Crass, Black Flag and many other famous punk bands, than maybe the fact people have been listening to my music all along without realizing it was me will greatly increase the impact of my music I make which I control because people will already have that acquired taste for my style of punk before they eve hear what I made without the time travelers taking and having other people play my random songs acting like they wrote those lyrics themselves. Really so many punk bands and cult metal bands are really me singing shit I made up on the spot that I don't see how any one could believe me unless they themselves have also been fucked with on the level I have as to never be sheer of my own reality or what is in front of my face. The only sheer thing for me is uncertainty at this point their is nothing to do but play the game for what it is because regardless of what reality is failure is still death no matter how you look at it. If this is a simulation life is still a game that must be won.

If you listen to all my uploaded songs you will quickly see the importance of this one that sets it apart form all the other versions of this song, that being it's a live version. This show was in the smallish back room or a record store that is now closed where allot of local and traveling bands used to play. Just my luck that place and many other places that were cool bonuses to the town seemed to close shortly after I moved to town, just like almost every other town I have lived in over the years. It's defiantly not my fault that any places like this closed but it just shows you how lame allot California is that everything that makes a town cool from concert halls to arcades can close down for no reason in no time living a lame fucking husk of a town with nothing to do and no logical ways to meet chicks in. Honestly other than the cold CA is fucking dump compared to Washington state town for town. A large town in WA is going to be more fun than a big city in CA allot of the time from my experience. By the time you get to Arizona and thus closer to Mexico shit is so lame town they consider cool in AZ are junk fucking lame nothing happening towns by WA standards and their biggest city Phoenix has less happening in it than a large town in WA might have. It's really has to do with the further south you get the less white people their are so all you get is infinite ugly building and businesses with now soul or pizzas or creativity or artistry. It's a lifeless fucking wasteland of third world cultures and garbage with no chance of a decent social life for any of the poor whites trapped hear.

Got this album on Bandcamp now Ling https://thelordsforce.bandcamp.com/releases This is the full episode as a bitchute Exclusive. Later I will be uploading the part with just Lords Force like is on youtube. We played on that three times all together this being the first time I somehow got the whole episode. If any of the guest pay a additional 40 or 60 bucks depending on you haggling they will put the whole episode on their youtube channel, but I figured fuck that I wanted the footage of my band playing on my own channel. Their my songs I practiced them and had to spend allot more time practicing with Kasey than a normal competent drummer so he could play them at a acceptable level. I'm not going through all that work to not be able to have my own footage. So mike made a special deal with me and burned this onto a DVD for me which I ripped and your watching hear. Later on different appearances I figured it was faster to just have him put the footage on a USB device for me than checking back many times for him to finally burn a DVD for me. However later appearances I made I only got the parts with my band on the flash drive and weather or not they put the whole episode on their channel because I paid to 40$ I have no idea, even if they did they may have just deleted it later. I don't know what kind of Jew ass move that is to not put every episode of their freaking awesome shows on their youtube channel forever any way regardless of whether or not one guest forks up some cash. If they weren't so greedy like that all their youtube revenue would pay them back a million fold as a opposed to a measly 40 or 60 bucks from a guest to make that on their channel. Any way the next time I played that show that Chucky lady was a massive bitch to me, their probably all kikes or something and her unlike most people may have analyzed my lyrics and realized they were all about over throwing the Jewish power structure. Any way like and subscribe hit the bell and if your white and in my area hit me up and we can hang out. I wan't to form a support group for white people because as that Nigger on this episode said Fresno is dangerous, but that is especially true if your white. Seeing most of my life not just hear how hard it is to get by and survive when your a white minority makes me feel no pity for what white power skin heads do to none whites in places where white's are the majority, like making boot parties to go stomp out monkey invaders, the difference is what these shit skins do to white people is even worse especially those who can't defend themselves like women and children. It should be a moral obligation of every white male to rid the wold of none white gang banger's by any mean's necessary once they learn the true nature of the enemy. Me unlike most people on the white side have known what scum none white gangs are since I was a child and how they victimize and enslave white women and children, because my father who was a cop so he knew more about the enemy than the public explained to me when I was about 8 or 9 how their twisted operations work form top to bottom. So ever sense I was a child I have worked for some way to make them all pay for the time all I can do is make music unlike anything seen before that I know can and has inspired many violent and extreme acts of white aggression against our enemies. I have even had conversations with some people before they go out on their rampages and other times shit has happened the next day after I make a song. I only wish all these people were more cautious as if they herd all my songs and lyrics I warn that you can't stop them if your dead. I'm trying to inspire resistance not suicide the same reason I don't go out and start shooting people is the same reasons I hope my listeners don't. Hammers are your best bet and the most common tool for that kind of thing according to any cop

This is the fist draft I made of this song on Lords Force. I had earlier shittier versions of this song on J-FryParnell which youtube terminated, when I get around to it I may upload some of those version hear depending on if their not to shitty and I may even make them half ass music videos as opposed to when I originally uploaded them many years ago with just a picture. Any way if you like my music subscribe bootleg your own cds with your favorites songs on them so you can listen in your car when your driving around looking to hate crime, also if you wan't to put my music on pirate music websites like how napster used to be please do. Someone needs to do that and I'm not a competent enough hacker to fuck around in that realm.

This is from my second gig with that drummer but the first recorded one. My four previous uploads were from my none music youtube channel, at the time I was thinking to upload everything from that channel hear also but decided not to because it would distract from the music, also two people unsubscribed after I did that. So I'm going to take that as a sign not to do that anymore probably allot of people who wan't to listen to Neo Nazi music don't wan't to also see some dude opening up toys and drinking beer, so I'm going to keep that on my none music youtube channel. But what I will be bringing over hear from my NMY channel will be videos I had to hide on youtube because someone was attacking and trying to get my channel taken down, those videos I hid may contain very deep insights on the spirit world or existence but at the same time be racist, like the one where I explain how past lives work. I'll probably pad videos like that between five to ten music videos as to not throw off the people to bad who only came to hear Neo Nazi music, so they won't get pissed and unsubscribe thinking I changed my channel from a music channel into a complete talk about shit channel. If anything the episodes of my show the FUckn review show will just be a sample of what I'm doing on one youtube channel and you can check out more their if your into shows like that, however I will be uploading everything I make music wise on this bitchute channel so subscribe and hit the bell. I also encourage my fans to bootleg my music and upload my tracks onto free file sharing websites like bearshare or napsters because I don't have time or computer know how to fuck with sites like that myself.

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It's extended version

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I think this is the second or third version of this song even though it was once a older shittier song I made up while I was drunk as fuck with that Austin than figured out the song later and made it better.

This is the first time I played this song live as Lords Force but not the first time I played this song live I think. At the least it's the first time I recorded playing this song live even though I played it live in other bands I had and regret not recording especially because I have played with way better drummers than any of the stuff I have recorded or up. I will give Case (the drummer your hearing on hear) credit that he's better at drumming than Austin in that he can keep a consistent beat and that is better than nothing but honestly a more advanced drummer could be blowing out blast beats to my music making it sound way more thrashy as fuck.

Just think about the cute anime Nazi girl blasting off into space with a fleet of Nazi space crushers. That after all is what white power is all about isn't it? Whites after all have the highest IQ if you think other wise you need to read the video description on my video IQ of terror, because the Jews misinformed you so everyone excepts their dumb assess as our overlords when in fact they are stupid as fuck. Without the white race their would be no space race and the more the jew's succeed in ending whiteness the more they seal the fate for every creature on this planet who will not be able to escape when the sun explodes.

This is actually a super good version of this song and played the right way on guitar as I wrote it that way a long fucking time ago. I made many unlistenable versions of this song with that Austin turd who sang Stop Wood Stock because in order to play drums he'd insist that we first get drunk as fuck. Any fuck that I got sick of wasting my time brain and talents with a turd like that. It's better just to make music by your self if the only drummers you can find are useless shit heads. All the music is in the guitar anyway the drums are just like some bonus background noise. I thought I'd upload all my J-FryPrnell stuff having gotten into my broken computer but I don't think I'll upload all the shit versions of good songs like this one as that would only take value away from the good version. Probably the best thing to salvage from J-FryParnell is the fucking around songs, any way I didn't get all the J-FryParnell stuff out any way before the screen on the busted computer went black for good, I'll have to replace the screen to get any more out after I upload the rest of The Lords Force and the tracks I can stand from J-FryParnell I pulled out. Probably when I figure out how to play this song again I'll change it allot and some lyrics and keep some to the point it will be a different song with a different name and most people won't be able to tell it was a song that formed from this song because my music is to complex and intense for allot of people to even keep up with what's going on so it's more like a unfathomable brain massage to many. When I recorded this version I was playing guitar and singing at the same time, but now that I am better with computers I can add the lyrics on later in order to get them exactly how I think they sound the best. Making music like that makes it quite tempting to come up with new different more racist lyrics as voices in my head scream messages of race rage to me. Anyway if you like that thumbnail pic ya that's Samus in a Nazi uniform. I figure anyone looking for a pic like that to fap off to could potentially be a white supremacist who should subscribe to my channel fist in order to watch more of my videos later after they complete their quest to find hot Nazi girl art to jank their wank to. I save the sexy Nazi girl pics I gathered for songs like this I fell have sexy enough riffs it works to bad though you can't see that sexy drawing as you hear the sexy guitar riffs instead you get some junk drawings of some greasers I made in high school after I dozed off on my desk and saw them in my dream and woke up and doodled them out.

In my experimentation and video and music evolution I made three different versions of this song around the same time with three completely different videos. In order to spice thing up hear I'm upload all three version randomly between many other songs I'm uploading not in the order they were made but in a order that makes them all more interesting to listen to. I do have quite a few other versions of this song about and if you may notice many similar riffs in these three version appear in "Metal America I Build A Wall" well these versions helped me write some complex tabs for that song and pick out parts I liked the best from going crazy on the solos.

I'm not going to tell you if and what specific tracks I put subliminal tracks in to make the white resistance more fierce than it has ever been before. All I can say is what would you do if you were me and I was you and we need a army out on the field. This mission from god to me is more important than fame or me getting fame. How could I even get personal fame when exposing my identity could get me killed? My music is like a gad damn shit nuke for the left and all enemies of the white race. You will see. Let's just say what if I did put a subliminal message in my song to make people fight for white freedom and than showed hundreds of people that song, even if they didn't subscribe or even like the message at the time they have taken the program and will begin to fight and wake up. Now let's say hypothetically someone put one simple message for white freedom in a song not that many people liked but hundreds saw and within a few days multiple acts of whites starting to fight back began happening more often. It would seem to the person who put that simple hidden message in that song many saw but few liked enough to subscribe that they had found a weapon with the power of 10 nukes waiting to be fully unleashed. At least that's what I would think. Not that I'd put a subliminal message in a song would I.

I made this recording while living in the mountains of CA. I made it using cassette tape's and recorders and even found ways to make my tracks like that you hear sound a little bit cyber rock, thus making them somewhat more interesting to listen to than just me with a guitar. Not that just me with a guitar isn't super interesting sounding on it's own I just orchestrated in that little extra cyber level for a added ear gasm using complicated set up's of primitive cassette tape technology. This song to me is one of my personal favorites I like creating music that doesn't end how it starts because it makes the songs harder to get outplayed and dull sounding to the one who plays them. Especially this song every time I play it will be as intense as any other time and just as valuable for what ever spontaneous variations occur. Also if the song doesn't end how it starts no one is going to be disappointing if I add even more bad ass parts later because no one expects it to do the same thing or repeat anyway. Although I myself listen to many bands with repetitive music patters it is only because not enough bands have found to break that mold. It's important more bands break the mold of repetitive music because that is the mold and standard set up by the mainstream corporate Jew sponsored bands to make you dumber deliberately thus easier to control and predict. Yes it has been proven that repetitive music does in fact make people dumber while none repetitive music like Jazz or classical have been proven to make people smarter. So knowing that I set out to make none repetitive rock and roll so I myself and my growing army of soldiers will get smarter so we will be able to easily out think the Jews and ape men to avoid their traps. We have a white revolution to be fought from the street to the highest levels of the government and we can't win if we are all in jail or dead. If all the white supremacists in jail could have listened to my music before they wen't to jail they wouldn't even be in jail and I could have some cool friends like them to hang out with on the outside for my music would have given the power and the program to think two steps ahead outside of the box and avoid jail and death. See life doesn't happen in a set pattern like a repetitive song so if your programmed to think on a repetitive manner you are easily trapped by the world because the world doesn't work in a repetitive beat. Not only will this music make you less likely to get in trouble yourself it will also make you a more skill full dangerous warrior always two steps ahead of your enemy and completely able and prepared to adapt to changing circumstances that a simpler mind would never have prepared for or calculated. In fact if my kind of music was the norm all the white supremacists in Jail would be super smart masterminds and not even in jail right now and we could be all hanging out in the real world fucking hot chicks and defending our race and the streets against the tyranny of the none white scourge. Some day my brother this dream will be real with this music my spell from hear on out we will become stronger smarter and more dangerous to the enemies of the white race. We will win Hail Hydra!!

This song is about many levels of vigilantism from the street to political, and even musical stating rap and Death Metal sucks and Tu Pack is a piece of shit. That way I could put out right wing music and get away with it because all the lefties probably just thought I was being a punk. But now i'm past that point. For me theirs no more trying to turn the left with reason or subliminal music, now their is only war. Now the only way I'm going to be able to play a show is if I can play for fellow white supremacists. I make music on the internet that's got to be making a way fucking bigger difference and reaching more people than playing shows ever would the only downfall is it's hard to get hot groupies and get laid to pro create the white race when I can't even see my fans in person. I don't even need a band to play future show or a guitar all I need is a mike and I can kind of white power rap to cyber rock music, as a last resort. White's are a absolute minority hear in CA so much so that the amount of shit skins in my stat outnumbers all the whites in the whole fucking country so don't expect me to go and play a show blind and start singing about building walls and nuking niggers or gassing kikes and shooting Muslims to a bunch of god damn beaners OK. That's not going to make a difference other than getting me killed so how can I stop them if I'm dead.

This is probably one of the songs that I used to play and will play again that got all the lefties in my town to be always trying to set me up and failing until I eventually beat the shit out of one who than gang stalked me for months while I din't have a car probably trying to figure out a good time to put a bullet in me like all the other proud whites who the town lacked for some reason. I never thought this song was so obviously racist they could detect it although I meant this song to be completely racist with code words, but I'm probably just giving the lefties to much credit to think they would take the time to analyze my lyrics to try to target me. No those pieces of shit target people like me soley because I am a strong white man and they are racist pieces of shit and or weakling race traitors who are the only kind of whites the left will tolerate in their quest to exterminate every white on the planet. You see their is no pleasing the left they will not stop until every white on the planet is no more. I may be a racist but but at least I'm not a racist Child Molester which is what every single leftest is as ANTIFA is in fact proudly sponsored by NAMBLA. I don't care how far right you are the next time the left screams Nazi at you even if you are in fact a Nazi just tell them to shut the fuck up and call them Child molesters. This fact will put the side of the public eye on our side no mater if your the one pushing the button that gasses all the Jews or not.


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