Why I didn't bother to upload to YT? No idea.


This is it. Something dated all the way back to 2015.

So, here's the story. Back then, I created this fake VHS opening inspired by this fanmade cover (http://www.reimages.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/interstellar-vhs.jpg), but there was one problem: I didn't have my current PC at the time, so I didn't have a good VHS effect.

But then I got AVISynth to work on this PC. Finding this again, I cropped the opening logos in VIdeoPad (and stupidly forgot the fullscreen disclaimer) and exported it with this effect on VirtualDub.

But then I ran into another issue: The file was huge and the audio had a sync issue.
So just now, I converted the file into an MP4 and did some basic audio sync fixes, and here we have our realistic fake VHS opening, ready for upload.

This is FAKE, and it's supposed to represent Paramount's last few VHS releases with previews on them (think: "what if VHS was still hanging on to this very day?") I used the DVD opening and mid-2000s-ish Paramount VHS openings as a reference.

A little birdie from the YRC
Thanks to them for getting this IP. Hopefully this does something.

For JoeDan54.
Well, this is it. By far the most work I've ever done for a video. When he releases (or find out in some other way) the full schedule, I'll send the full schedule version file to him and then upload that here shortly after the finale goes up.

By the way, sorry if I came off as rude in that tweet.

For J.J. McCullough.
Free to use.
Original file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fxk2vx8423b46v6/JJ%20intro.mp4

Another straight remake, yay!

Two combined into one.

Original file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ie8tjc0h5jfr2z/JoeDan54%20Reacts%21%20150th%20Episode%20Intro.mp4

Ey, if the Season 5 Finale and 150th episodes are gonna be separate (as the story bit from S5E24 would), then so be it.

Also, first thing I uploaded in a while, yayyyyy and hee-low new subscribers.

The montage, as you can clearly see by the multiple YT bombs, was made by recording a playlist in OBS with a Chrome video speed extension set to the max. Hey, I didn't want to download all these things......
Also too, this is kind of a lazy video, since I'm......in a creative rough patch right now, to say the least.

There ya go. For Sanuv Pacifist.
Original file: https://ufile.io/l0tmh

For the VidLii user CraftingLord21.
Here's his channel:

Now with a more accurate shield!

VidLii censorship video:
DTube explanation courtesy of Dan111 Reacts.
BitChute account: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/DIsaA0aFa7hQ/
Video explaining BitChute:

So I had to make this, apparently.

Original file: https://ufile.io/hshaw

Just testing BitChute.


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