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Cliff Richard joined forces with other high profile figures in the media on Monday to demand that those people accused of sexual offences are given anonymity until they are charged. Richard, 78, one of Britain's best known entertainers, was investigated by police over allegations of historical child sex offences but cleared in 2016. He successfully sued the BBC after the corporation broadcast a police raid on his house.

Under the current English laws alleged victims of sexual offences receive anonymity but suspects can be named. Victim groups have argued in the past that naming those who have been accused of sexual offences can encourage other victims to come forward.

Truth honesty and Justice United together,
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We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us all the way through this horrifc Nightmare that us families have had to face.... Thank you to all the people who has shared our videos and posts. Thank you to the Yellow Vests who I stand and walk with every single week Never Surrender!! Thank you to the DFLA who allowed me to speak at their Demos, Thank you to the SED who Joined and walked with us... Thank you to everyone who has been involved in Justice For Our Boys one way or another we are truly grateful... Thank you to our family and friends who have supported us in Our fight for Justice For Our 3 Boys and our continued fight against all Injustices caused by the corruption within every Government department! NSE!

Yellowvests United Kingdom call out the difficulties of fighting the corrupt UK system and the lengths the state gees to discredit the movement using infiltrators, plants and two tier policing. They march every Saturday at 12.00 from Trafalgar Square for democracy, freedom, natural justice and respect. United under Yellow.

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Tommy Robinson while campaigning in North West England was continually harassed, intimidated and attacked including some of his supporters. All day he asked the police for assistance no one was forthcoming. The police stepped down and left instead, clearly this looks like a political act, whoever made this decision shows their contempt for the electorate.Undercover police where also present and refused to arrest those who attacked Tommy and some females present even when pointed out by onlookers, supporters and Tommy himself. What is just as vile is the MSM, politicians and state all gloated about the attacks instead of condemning the attacks. Remember Anna Soubry former conservative MP who was never physically attacked but was hurt by words when James Goddard calling her a Nazi. Guess what happened to him? He was arrested, had to move out of his home, given a ban from London, told not to assemble in groups and still has charges pending. Clearly there is Two tier policing, political policing, it seems the UK state is truly trying to destroy Tommy Robinson anyway possible even when he is using the democratic process. Isn't that how dictatorships behave?

Every Saturday at Noon since December 2018 at Trafalgar Square London YellowvestsUnitedKingdom march to highlight forced adoption, lack of democracy, freedom, justice and respect in the UK. They walk peacefully through London talking to people as they go and sometimes are joined by other demos. The YellowvestsUnitedKingdom are constantly harassed, intimidated, attacked and threatened with arrest by the police for simply exercising their lawfully right to protest. On this occasion we see the arrogance of one met police officer who thinks just because he has a costume and a badge he has the right to treat people with disrespect. What he wasn't expecting was a robust legal verbal response from the yellowvestersUnitedKingdom who treated him accordingly.

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On Thursday 4 April 2019 the Yellowvestunitedkingdom peacefully enter the coroner's court demanding an inquest from Chinyere Inyama's on the case of Tracy Blackwell's son Josh and two others Harry and George who were hit by a car and killed as they walked to a 16th birthday party. The yellowvestsunitedkingdom entered the open door of the office of the disgraced coroner who had quietly been reinstated after 2 years on full pay £120000 ( $155000 )after he sent sexist and homophobic messages to colleagues and even left vital evidence about teen's murder on a train. After receiving no response to Tracy's questions and a slight altercation the yellowvestsunitedkingdom left respectfully from the Court. Due to this action 5 people where arrested, phones seized and then released without charge. For more information go to Tracy Blackwell or justiceforourboys facebook page Justice, Freedom, Respect. Unite under Yellow.

Totalitarian Police State...🇬🇧J🇬🇧H🇬🇧G Tracy explains what happened when the police arrived at her house regarding sensitive material they had lost and became available to numerous individuals. In the documents it highlighted the tactics of the Mainstream Media to smear people in the freedom movement and to purposely lie and label them far right. This is for archive purposes to protect freedom of speech from censoring silicon valley social platforms and UK state.

I spoke to Tracy Blackwell on 17th March 2019 a well known public figure in Parliament Square. Tracy came to the fore after the murder of her son and two others last year Josh, Harry and George. She and many others meet every Saturday at Trafalgar Square at Noon and have been doing so since December 2018. After over 4 hours protesting with the #yellowvestuk I managed to grab Tracy and ask her a few questions. Soon as the interview started we where accompanied by music from an unconfirmed supporter playing a glockenspiel, apologies if it's not too clear.

Outside Westminster tonight 18th March 2019 and police came up to James Goddard and detained him for what I see no reason. As a we'll known activists he is constantly being confronted by the police. The state has harassed his family and himself since he confronted a politician about brexit and her betrayal of that referendum. While standing there I over hear police radio chatter and it appears they are struggling to find anything to pin on Mr Goddard I heard I'm now a person of interest for interfering with police they tell me to stop filming for standing next to them. I hear over radio there looking through CCTV to see if I'd knocked into a constable while filming James initial detainment There aim I suspect was to try to get me for assault of a Police constable i e. Unwittingly pushing against a police constable. Challenging police practice is now an offence according to these bullies . I genuinely felt intimidated by the police at this point as all attention was moving towards me. James Goddard was released 10 minutes later. He will be attending Westminster magistrates court tomorrow at 10 along with 6 others. I left soon after.

Brian the Lion was harassed by the Police in the UK for simply questioning an MP outside Parliament in December 2018 and January 2019 about her views and her refusal to support the people's democratic mandate on why she didn't support Brexit. 3 months later the Police cornered Brian in a Cafe and forced him to give his name otherwise he would have been arrested .Only when forced to give his name and "volunteering" to attend Holborn Police Station London the next day did he avoided an over night stay in jail. It's very shocking that challenging an MP a Public figured you are harassed by the police and threatened with jail, it's clear freedom of speech, freedom to question MP's who's a public servant is clearly dying in the UK.

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