Just a cat video lol
Dubzac hanging out this his cat.

Some tips and advice on planting and what you can do to save the environment.
also how to grow your own plants

This video was made In New Zealand under the fair use act.

this is not ment to be racist or anything this just explains the oriental "yellow fever" east asain fetish from a New Zealand man prepective
and some dating advice
Please note: I tried to leave out as much stereotype things as possible out of respect

Disclaimer this is simply advice and not racist content its an opioion that has no basis in verbal attack, embarrassment, racial hatred , self hate or any vector of attack to offended parties.
Because this is a controversial topic please be mindful of your manners and do not cause trouble or hate in the comments, disagreements will be allowed as long as they are polite.
Please forgive my hand shaking in the video it wasn't intentional.

this Video was made in New Zealand under the fair use act and non-discrimination act , freedom of expression act and freedom of speech act.

Advice for immigrants to fit in and make your self welcome and some rules to keep you safe in the first world.
The behaver people expect.
because this is controversial please try not to spam the messages with negative content.
But If you have suggestions for immigrants on how to fit in then post them in the comments below.
Please use your manners and be respectful.
thank you, please enjoy the video.

This video was made in New Zealand Under the fair use act and freedom of speech, freedom of expression act and non discrimination act.

Some advice out there from my experience raising two boys.

This video was made in New Zealand under the NZ fair use act

about self and other people. mainly advice for young men looking for dating advice and rant about my self for optics
Disclaimer : Racial labels are simply points of view not intended as offence, any names are just for reference base point.

This video was made in New Zealand and follows rules under NZ law fair use act


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