We have a great deal to thank the railroads (like the Norfolk Southern) & commerce codes for giving us services/comforts in life. However, the Trusts which created the railroads also allow the elite to hide who & how they drained wealth/stash from the People---the supposed benefactors of those Trusts & ultimate payees. Comedian George Carlin told us governments serve the Representatives---and they ain't us! We the People allow Representatives, Congressional, Agents, Pope, etc. their power by signing our NAMES over to them for use. Thus the fault-legality falls on the people and whether they will revoke their signatures. 'Jesus' taught that representatives, like a Pope, were not needed for God's Rights. He got sacrificed. 'Benefits & Entitlements' can be taken away by those who grant them. Those who sign up for these entitlements surrender their Constitutional Rights.

Complex multi-party trade comes about due to Trusts & commercial codes. The Chinese-British Empire Opium Wars came about due to trade imbalances. Currently we are in the same kind of trade wars. However, civilization has degraded today to the point lab viruses are being passed around [released] to 'fix' those imbalances.

It is just like The Matrix movie: The people in the pods, where the City of London, Inc. gets its energy from are waking up and want to leave the 2 dimensional paper-contract simulated corporate world. But in the 2nd Matrix movie, one guy doesn’t like the hard life that it has become, so wants to go back into the pod and taste that good fake-simulated food containing MSG/”natural flavoring” in it [the slow kill>zombify] and get government benefits, thanks to B. Sanders types [communists]. The problem with communism even when you continue to print $ from nothing & then charge interest on it, & then invade nations who object, is producers can only be taxed-regulated-fooled so far and then they fail to provide for the out-growing lazy & the entire System crashes.

Yes, Corona Virus rumors do play a part in TRADE negotiations between China and the West. And never forget ‘the Opium Wars’ as they were precisely over an identical unbalance in TRADE; where the British Empire re-gained their lead by hooking the Chinese people on drug dependency. The elite’s War-on-Drugs eliminates competition/those who have not Paid-to-Play: the mafia way. The Uniform Commercial Code [UCC] operates the same way. No competition or country is allowed to trade unless you are a part of that One World Order; which of course is not really ‘competition’ is it? See what happened to Libya & Iraq when they objected to NWO-UCC codes. The same is happening with Iran, N.Korea, Venezuela, & others; the nice word for it is embargo. The media is totally controlled by this elite, so what we only hear is: “We are the good guys making the world safe for democracy.”
I have not heard this expressed in any terms. By approaching this subject where other have not, effectively places me in a position others fear. My recent work on how TRADE is the engine of civilization fell short because I did not include this, mistakenly thinking others understood.
The recent limited quarantine of China due to so-called Corona Virus outbreak, and how it will effect world economies due to limiting TRADE, is a microcosm of our [un-known to some] Universe.
As I have written earlier, TRADE is one of the greatest undertakings that everyone is involved with up close. Yet, it is little understood nor openly discussed. Bad mark on us for not alleviating this issue.
When each enlarged family or tribe had their own land free of excess taxes to the elite on the excuse it’s for the poor & underprivileged, they could more easily provide the necessities that each of us desire. Under self-ownership, TRADE comprised only a minor of our needs.
However, whenever an elite outdistance their relative separation from the common folk, these elite began the slow take-over of the Free Man’s land. Central Banks particularly excel at this occupation. All those who are involved with the promotion of commerce/controlled TRADE are guilty of forcing common folk to become consumers… those who use up their stuff faster than what should be. Buy, buy, and borrow to have more consumption is what all bankers love as they rake in more interest on debts from fools who soon lose their Free Man standing.
What I am stating is that when people don’t have a place of their own that they have had to make do with in self-supporting, they are compromised more quickly when a separation-period is introduced in their lives… such as a virus quarantine leading to loss of TRADE abilities. It is the same as putting away important sustenance/provisions for a rainy day, SHTF, a TRADE embargo, a breakdown of the grid, or viral scare.
Here is the big deal: On the macrocosm, TRADE is not done on a physical level due to it throwing out-of-balance the balance of the planets and solar systems. World-wide mining and off-planet mining with TRADE between planets especially cannot be conducted over a time period or the planets become off balance to others as does a free-swinging hanging mobile becomes upset in its harmony. Eventually the harmony is lost and near miss upsets ensue and even a collision and then the ping-ball set in the mouse-trap sequence commences.
This is another reason Earth has been quarantined. It is because humans, and especially ‘persons,’ DON’T GET IT.
Real TRADE is accomplished with ideas, ways/tree of life, honesty, morals, and Universal Law (non-physical positive goals). Corruption, scams, theft, lying, secrets, elitism, obscure Trusts, debt, & commercial code enforcement don’t cut it (scheming indebting/negative physical dependencies). It seems a downside of the common ‘man’/person has been their long worship of those who gain physical wealth by pulling schemes over others. He who gains gold in TRADE---not positive goals---via devious means rules these days!

View 9 e-books at: payhip.com/duncanPhelps
Plus, a faster download: see under 'comments' below.

> Look @ 'comment section' for a faster download! <
This is the shortest, truest, history of N. American you will hear. It covers the most important aspects which are wrongly taught or not taught in the schools and mainline press. With this version, you can begin to be aware of the erroneous thoughts that bring you to the confusions of today. i.e., Lies allows you liars & scam experts as corrupt leaders.
The end of this video, where I lose my “train” of thought, is the result as I had already written it Dec. 31, 2019, as the 4th comment in my previous video "Lone Gunmen: 'twas the night b4" of Dec. 24th. It explains how the same banking families control the continuing Civil War Martial Law railroad network AND their Right-of-Ways, which include 70-85% of industries & utilities. Don’t believe it? Read, as a lawyer using a Black’s Law Dictionary, the incorporating Body Politic 1894 Charter of the SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY under the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, which with the 1814 result of the loss* of War of 1812 returned as a colony under the Commercial Code of THE CITY OF LONDON, Inc. This states that every business which is “connected therewith or as a part thereof acquire stocks and bonds” of said. Believe it or not, this allowed SRC to establish banks using these assets of operating this Right of Way, their railroad spurs, and all future mergers. This reprint is included at: https://explorerealhistory.blogspot.com/search/label/Payseur
Talk about “Writing your own ticket to own/control the world!”
Update today: J.P. Morgan & Co. with others has since mid-Sept. 2019 been in an ongoing ["Repo"] bail out by billions (approaching a trillion) down a black hole holding ‘persons’ as chattel-collateral (Human Resources). This is making the 2008 bailout look like a walk-in-the-park. Since the 99 year leases have expired and the Board of Directors’ Families has degenerated; there is confusion in the ranks. Said Families and co-conspirators have transferred their wealth to foreign holding agents.
I Am a carrier of Ball-King-Lewis-Partington-Phelps blood which gave me the DNA instinct-insight to understand the ramifications of the above and so print as a free man a claim and make public record of it this day – January 4, 2020.

The same banksters & war mongers bring you the continuous [scam] war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and elsewhere. The central banks & conspirators are the only ones winning these endless [banker’s *] wars. ‘Persons’ all over the world are the losers as they allow this zombie scam to continue.
* Time repeats itself: Colonel Jackson and his men won the Battle of New Orleans, but the War had already been lost and conceded in Belgium with the Treaty of Ghent. Re: The torching of The White House, The Capitol building, Records and other parts of Washington, D.C.

Your voluntary signature on private corporate applications-Records put you legally under their control. All you need to do, if you can support yourself and be self-responsible---self-governing (with no middle men/person)---is revoke your signatures. It is that simple. If more than a couple do this, we all win!

Written between Dec. 19 & 23, 2019 title: Lone Gunmen: ‘twas the night be49%  ‘Twas the night before Christmas, the TV news had been turned off... An explanation of the matrix we live in. What is happening with our Bill of Rights?
(The written text is printed in 2 parts in the 'comment section' below.)

More info on going up or staying down on this hell on Earth. Do you want to become a computer-contained-incorporated spirit?
Also info on Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water crystals and H3O2 or structured water.
Is your REPRESENTATIVE a Luciferian or a Satanist? How many middle men can you support?
Almost no one has stated that the 4th phase of water scientifically explains what is happening within Masaru Emoto’s work with ice crystals and the “feeling”-influence of frequencies.
More: https://whatthebleep.com/water-crystals/
I might add, the 4th phase also explains how one or many of a church-full (one County or a Nation) singing forth with ‘prayer’ works.
We do have that power; unless we sign it over to “our” REPRESENTATIVES (could even be The Pope), [Who do with it what they may!] = many many many middlemen.
If people were awake, what I am stating here would be spreading world-wide within a short Time!
Recall, what I have said, I do not claim a copyright---nor a license---on this… so pass this on! It continues [or is contained] with your power.
(It is a revelation! ..and could be a quiet [Yellow] revolution.)

In the Garden of Eden mankind was given a choice as to which direction he may choose. He still has that choice. He seems to be continuing to allow his direction to be handed to him via the greatest scam artists the World has to offer; because They 'appear' so powerful & rich he signs a contract with Them, so They may REPRESENT his Power-of-Attorney. (See some of my earlier videos for explanation of P-of-A. i.e., Any application you make with a corporate government department for a license or more, is you legally signing over your P-of-A to them. I have even proven this & won in these corrupt court houses.)
The opening photo is off one of my e-books on Amazon.
correction: Patriotic Gordon Kahl was assassinated way back in 1983. (As in 2002 The Minority Report movie about assassinating individuals without a trial for a future terrorist act against the slave-masters.) For more see: https://rense.com/general75/kahl.htm
When i am speaking of the diaelectric effect-4th phase that of structured water---between/bonding 'media' i meant medium. It was a Freudian Slip, as there is a 4th estate effecting our minds, and ThePowersThatBe use the 'media' to play us... re-structure us.
It was Jennifer Jaynes who wrote too much about evidence regarding poisons in Vaccines, etc. SHE IS DEAD VIA A SUICIDE WHICH INVOLVED THE CLASSIC "TWO GUNSHOT WOUNDS TO THE HEAD. For more see:
Her best selling book is: 'MALICE.'

Here is the 2nd part to yesterday's video of mine. In view of the LA school shooting that was occurring while i was recording, without me knowing of it exactly, but i stated there that i knew something was going to happen this week. Anyway, due to this MKUltra type event i was able to focus my thoughts better, i trust.
Why not establish a new church? ..for those who want to gain awareness in this life rather than degenerate under the current negative bankster-corporate-media Empire.
Don't forget fires blamed on electric lines.
Also, i add info in contradiction to the present way of school teaching & court ruling: i.e., 'It has become illegal to hurt the feelings of "professional" schooled scientists & journalists & mainline media & banksters.'
Free speech is about to be ruled totally illegal!
There is a door to a new 'positive' world out there via the 4th phase of both water & plasma & tuning.
You might check the 'comment' section for a better download if you are having problems.

You may attempt to awaken, enlighten, & ascend yourself individually as a Yoga master, or you can try this within a group. This may be in the form of a religious order, a club, a gathering, a society, an Empire, a civilization, or a One World corporation. Of course, either of these various versions can go south, as via The Tree of Good & Evil, rather than nature's means via positive Tree of Life.
Another [MK-Ultra] school shooting while making this video. .. to make you fear Terrorism, so you will fall for signing over what is left of your freedom. But, who are 'the terrorists?' Think about it!
(NXIVM sex cult is the one i was trying to think about when i was speaking of Mexico and the so-called drug cartel recent ambush.)
You may need to look in the 'comment' section for a faster upload version.

You may need to upload the copy in the 'comment' section for faster function.
At one point in this video i mistakenly say "can do'ers" when i mean 'can't.' Can you find it?
This simple explanation makes our World more easy to fathom as to correcting our ways & means. First you must find where the error is located before you proceed to fix. Is it this easy to point out what it is?

You may have to go to the 'comment' section for a better up-load.
This educational video covers how NOT to view-consider a problem that needs correcting. The greater picture needs to be considered. You must go outside the box to 'get it.'
How does a gas engine basically work? How can it be improved?
What is a cleaner form of movement? What is superior and which is inferior.
Some have claimed that a 4th phase of water exist; "EZ" is between solid & liquid [EZ/structured water(& whatever material/body we may be considering) wells up at the transition area where our mediums we are dealing in change] and is like what i talk about coanda sticking via vortex [attempting to bond] to surfaces. ..but this is with air rather than liquid... well, same goes for a gravity field, but in this it is with relationship to frequencies.

A poem.
A very short pointed description of today's world & how it operates.
The lyrics to this poem are in the 'comment' section below.
..you may link to a faster-complete video in 'comment' section.

..you might need to go below to 'comment' section for a better link.
A solid positive construction is poetry in motion.
This is the shortest simplest yet deep explanation of true trade.
..with the distinction of where truth or lies takes one and all, thrown in!
In support of all 'yellow vest' movements world wide.

A short educational poetic rap.
Is this all hot air?
In support of Hong Kong, 'yellow vests' and protestors all over the earth.
I offer this poetic justice example to re-tell.
..trouble with download of picture? ..look in 'comment' section for another link.

My 3rd white-male white-long-beard rap educational video while in my yellow vest of solidarity.
Saving what you need.

Which do you choose?

My 2nd white-male white-long-beard rap video for education purposes, while in my yellow vest of solidarity.
"Epstein has left the scene."
"Dorian not a hurricane."
Your world is flat. Are you? ..lyrics to this are posted in 'comment' section of the IDENTITY 15:25 min. video.
...look in the 'comment' section for better/faster video links.

As more & more people don't read or even listen to a deep slow video; i attempt a rap version of educating.
I do this wearing my 'yellow vest' of solidarity. Hat off to the French people awakening!
...look at the 'comment' section for link.

You may want to click on the link under 'comments' section for a quicker download version.

What is in a NAME? ..or an address?
This should be considered one of the most important videos. It helps all of us, know our 'being.' How are you MEASURED up in this world, & Universe?
How do you identify? How do you address those around you & how do you want them to address/know you? Learn, understand, and practice your identity & you will know thyself more fully.
A Satanic-Globalist identity is an in-debt-enslavement to that power & it can only remain in power over you if it consumes new recruits. Much like a warrior class (a zombie army), it has to stay in the process of always enlarging-destroying-using-consuming in order to continue.
Knowing yourself will enable you to not make excuses & fake your abilities. It will allow you to learn & grow. Never lie to yourself. Never fake that. It is who you are. It gives you power over yourself. It lessens the power others & things have over you.

I begin this educational video with a repeat nightmare I had while still a babe in the crib. I also include a Sci-fi movie I only saw part of about a time when 95% of the population stays in "their home." This enables the planet to sustain a larger number & is easier to maintain control of by an Elite; also keep the peons out of "their" Parks & Forrests.
The more you understand about WW IV the less likely it will ever come to be! Just like the sooner WW III will end!
The more you understand about reality, the less an Elite can control you... & the more you will be able to control your body & health.
Demon entities exist "out in space," in your mind-space, & multiple dimensions.
Terrorism is in your head, just as it was when I was a crib baby.
Regulatory government agencies out number the producing classes.
Former [IUSY] Socialist youth movement PMinister Ardern of New Zealand is an example of the Elite's grooming abilities & control of an -ism/social-ism.
The insurance corporations run/control the enslaved population because you asked/applied for it.

You may need to link onto the post seen under this comments section for a faster upload.
Do not allow the Space War---WW IV---to get under way with the Space Force or any entity excuse. Just like you should have never allowed the 'War on Terror' [or fall for the many other offensive wars] to get started, under the excuse to "Make them safe with democracy." As you went from no terrorists, or just a few, to many all over the planet by creating that war.
This greater subject can be one of the most terrorizing you will ever come across, which is why thePowersThatBe keep it from you to protect you & 'the demons' and this enables themselves to remain in control.
Researching deep under Sumerian's Enki & Enlil will bring you similar finds.

If you refuse to face facts that civilizations have repeatedly crashed and burned in the past, you will not do anything for yourself and will continue to remain dependent on current religions, political governments, & corporate executives. Only self-reliant self-responsible and productive men & women care about how things, including societies really work.
(You may need to view the other version listed under 'comments' section for a better quality uploading.)
(ADDITION Jan. 10, 2019: Someone said for better uploads to "use Brave as my most used browser and just for videos on this site i use Waterfox and Opera." I am an amateur in the computer field, so this might have merit.)

(Additional note: for some reason this is a very slow upload AGAIN! Please look in the 'comment section' for a link on a competing better-full quality download.)
Controlling forms of communication has always been one of the primary factors of a restrictive governmental body, including corporations which don't allow any competition.
Placing a Seal on speech/language/communication is what an earthquake or any powerful force can also remove. Even God affected communication when He "confused the tongue" (language). correction: The recent 7.0 [Polar] earthquake was 'west' of Palmer, Alaska on Nov. 30, 2018; as was the 'east' of South America tip 7.1 Thule Island Polar quake on Dec.11th, 2018.
Paper contracts based on lies and fraud are mere 2 dimensional and do not hold up against 5th dimensional Universal laws. Yes, there is a war out here, and it IS inter-dimensional!
Trump will have to soon declare martial law for the sake of truth in our communication forum/media. The "Fake News" is too corrupted to police its own self.
The negative debt-creation system can be understood better if you look at it as one big Mafia corrupted organization run by a half-tribe with many trickle-down benefits & entitlements being passed on down to those who continue to vote for it and say: "Yes, yes, more please." Today, it has degenerated into a state where most Citizen-graduates want a guaranteed communist income from a government which is labelled as a "democracy" while the few remaining producers are waking up to the fact: it is not worth trying to work for a living. Migrants are welcomed because half are yet still ignorant of the situation here, while the other half want those "free" benefits too. Result: a mathematically unworkable economic system, which continues to enlarge only due to more corruption being instilled, in order to "Kick the can down the road."

These are some of the advantages of a positive system as opposed to the present negative debt-creation system.
Is it possible to have both systems working at the same time? Yes! There are two classes of people: U.S. corporate Citizens and then civilian [State] Nationals-who are not part of the incorporated soul-less corporation. They both exist; and are merely waiting to be recognized by the masses! (There is only one U.S.Citizen & they are all corporate "Citizens" both by legal code-definition and their actions.) Don't wait for the major news networks [& schools] to announce this.
Sorry for the poor quality of these late videos. Have I been sabotaged?
"The truth will set you free."
The old 1960 movie from the H.G.Wells' book: 'The Time Machine' is also discussed with how it relates to today, with the majority of the U.S. population being of the blood-sucking nature---living off the taxes-energy & blood of the minority of the population. Yes, the wolves have voted and they won; so they have increasingly been eating/sucking-the-life-out of the sheeple for decades.
The Tesla Tower of the early 1900s is also mentioned.
Also discussed: The 5 mere steps of change which would give us a Positive system rather than the present negative debt-creation usury system.
The American Civil War (a military Martial Law action) was never terminated. The North-Federalists did not free the slaves, they offered all slave-ship under a new name. The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 & other Acts of 1863 cemented the destiny of those accepting the 14th Amendment.of 1868.

The National Bank Act of 1863-6 was another attempt to establish a central bank, and served as the predecessor to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. These acts allowed the creation of national banks, set out a plan for establishing a national currency backed by government securities held by other banks, and gave the federal government the charter to sell war bonds and securities (in order to help the [continuous] war effort [against the general population; especially the middle-producing class]). In plain legal English that means the Citizen-slaves-14th Amenders became bond-[ed] slaves. This is why new bond-slaves-refugees-illegals-migrants are welcomed by the banksters and their many minions into U.S. so they will be put on the books to balance/cover the expanding national projected debt. It is 'a house of cards'-2 dimensional paper work-to fool and confuse the suckers by fancy wording.

(note: look @ the "comments" and link to the better working upload of this video.)
What is preventing functional gravity craft & hidden energy systems being allowed for the public & Citizens use?
There exists a way out of this mess. Are you big enough to play a part in this?

(Have been getting problems with these latest posted videos. ?? [Does this mean these latest videos are more 'on target?' You will not hear this elsewhere; as no one wants to interview this topic.] This copy should play better [for now]. JUST ADDED: You must wait minutes for this to load. Seems somehow? there is a long delay being deployed with these latest uploads! ?? Look below for the YouTu link; theirs seems to load properly; it is just hard to find under their Hashtag listings; which lead nowhere if it is of a patriotic nature.)
The shortest explanation of [the private FED] Central Banker's created National Debt.
You only need to watch the first 6 1/2 min.
'Persons' with pensions---gov. employees, police, firemen, postal workers, many teachers, the weaker corporations will not go for this as they may loose a share of this... as the peon producers will not be held liable.
This is all like one big zombie uprising. There have been growing numbers of blood suckers since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act was passed. As peon producers have little blood left or are turned into zombies themselves, migrants have to be welcomed in-country (given a numbered Mark-of-a-Beast) so the Debt System can continue to Kick the Can down the Road.
Allowing illegals in or having 'open borders' is necessary so these 'new recruited' can be counted---numbered---indebted/chattel so the [incorporated] debt can be continued to be expanded. It is like having more zombies so the vampires[Elite] can have more blood-energy. This is how the books are balanced and "the Can can be kicked further down the Road."
This is why you should file in your local Court House that you do not want to be counted as an incorporated BEAST with their Number. ..You could say this is how you maintain your spiritual-soul/free energy & connection to the Cosmos/God; believe it or not!

(Nov.18th: For the picture video portion, you may have to click onto the link below in the 'comments' section. More sabotage of late?)
Zecharia Stichin promotes a 12th planet crossing with the Earth.
A researcher has claimed he doesn't deny working for the government. Even so, Stichin is obviously well connected with the Elite. Shouldn't we question his entire theory then?
A so-called University expert on Global Warming claims migrants are leaving the Middle-east heading to Europe, as other migrants are also going north due to warming! He obviously has never seen that Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc. have had the hell bombed out of them by US, NATO, & their support of ISIS, Al CIAda.


Created 1 year, 6 months ago.

60 videos


My 9 e-books may be seen @ https://payhip.com/duncanPhelps

Educational videos for those who want to learn their place in the world and its place in the Universe.
Simple basic street talk.
These videos are a result of my having questioned "the Official Story" at the time, 1963 when I was just beginning high school, and then having begun a look for the truth behind the JFK assassination. Strange, but not really, it has been a long road, and these videos are my latest work to date to reveal what I have gained for those who yearn for Truth.
Had that Coupe never happened, myself and all of us would be living in a far different world today. Only through knowing the Truth will we begin to set ourselves free. That is, if we act on what we learn, so that we change our own lives. We must also be self-responsible.
Since my upload Oct. 18 of: 'A BIGGER lie-scam: Representative Gov.'; I have had trouble with uploading videos. You may have to look under the 'Comment' section in order to link to a working video. Have I gone too far in exposing some Truths??? ..& some agent or A.I. has set a 'virus' on me?
You have my permission to make copies of these videos and pass them on... if we don't do something soon, they will disappear along with much of other's exposures.
Truth is like the genes of natural growth... it should never be copyrighted. Monsatan has developed GMOs so they can only sell them & make The Mon$y. They get various government agencies to make 'natural' difficult to obtain. They also get agencies to accept MSGs labelled as 'natural flavors'---thus damaging the brains of those who consume products containing them (thus making consumers/Human Resources/chattel more compliant).

Everyone who had reached the age of reason by 1963 remembers what they were doing when they learned JFK had been shot. Well, except daddy Bush claiming he does not recall. But then he may have never arrived at reason.
Why do we all remember so well? This ‘Action’ was of such a tremendous degree that it altered our collective Time-line.

I have spent my entire adult life trying to figure this all out, so that we might get back to where we would have been, had this ‘Action’ not been allowed to happen OR allowed to “Officially” continue.
This ‘Action’ brought negative forces together that united against the general population.
This Uniting was an in-corporatization of A one Global World governance. That is, since “They got away with [Presidential] murder” these combined-united negative bodies continue Their ruler-ship and EXPANSION to this day because They have never been fingered, found guilty, and put away!
Our educational system has failed us because we have allowed it to be.
The East India Trading Company out of ‘the City of London’ was the first true corporation. Its power and influence to alter and control a nation, its land and people, was proven beyond a doubt during the Opium Wars.
The banksters behind this opium drug cartel have always set one side against the other so almost everything is a win-win for them. The central banks have financed every ‘Action’ whether they be Nazi, Zionist, communist, socialist, crony-capitalist, or Mafia. They are all one the same… “We-the-Elite control the peon-slave-chattel class as we have fooled them into believing we are their representatives-masters and grant them freedom via their self-application process!” In the U.S.Inc., the schools instruct their students they are free and then give them a ‘graduation certificate’ that announces they have been proudly educated. The corporate media backs this up with “fake news” supporting this ‘fake education’ and ‘fake polls, fake elections, fake markets, and falsified statistics.’

My Aunts were 'Daughters of the American Revolution.' They were the strength in our Family. As was their Mother. They traced one of our bloodlines to the Ball Family. The Balls were the Mother lineage of George Washington. As 1st President he attempted to lead by example. Since 1837 under President Andrew Jackson that has not been the case. Pres. Trump has yet been able to prove his case.
I could say I Am of a rather Matriarchal family.
One could say, Mary Ball was rather of a matriarch herself. At her time some referred to her as "Mother of Christ" and loyal to England.
My mother was English-Scot, and rather matriarchal in nature, if I would say in honor myself! Her sister was also strong and lived like that until she was 102 of age.

Another interesting side point: Our Booth blood traces back to the same town in England which John Wilkes Booth traced to. There is evidence that John did not shoot President Lincoln but played a part, ending up as 'the patsy Lone Gunman' like Lee Harvey Oswald.