What are you going to do when even the supposed officials [Sheriff & lawyers or lastly military) refuse to bring charges of a solid fraud and worse yet: Refuse to bring on treason charges against those who are committing these criminal acts? But, is it that they have been told since all these citizens of the municipalities are voluntary members (though coerced) of the private corporation incorporated into a Big one World-wide, these Codes (NOT laws) are enforceable on its members and more important are an inherent structure of “Hotel California?” (song) The corporation’s model is “Only programmed to receive guests. You may commit suicide by ‘Checking out’ but you can never leave.” ..Even after you are dead, in limbo, you get stuck here on Earth as a demonic-guest “of the Devil’s Deal.” UNLESS you have the strength, while in the physical, to call foul/fraud! Drop that foul “identity #’d” FLAG! “Let’s go Brandon.”

Someone answered me: “Some corporations are set-up from the bottom up.” That maybe partly true, such as when a stock traded corp. has its stock holders having a large degree of input into that corporation. These can be convoluted complex woven affairs; often hidden in many ways. Ultimately those controlling the corporation have the major say in what happens and if said will evolve/devolve/change colors yet again. It is all established for the sake of profit.
As I have said in other videos, a big difference is any corporation is incorporated into yet a larger parent---up the line. Whereas, a government is supposed to have treaties which are open to its public & questionable, in order to form partnerships-allegiances-agreements with other parties/jurisdictions.
Corporations are designated like: County of ____ or State of _____ or City of ____. While a government is _____ County, Arizona State, etc.
Corporations also are for the profit of a few (the Insiders). Unfortunately, that is what also happens within any government when it becomes corrupted. The few (the Deep State) take advantage of, and often, @ a cost to the many. The 1st corporation---the East India trading Company---exterminated any and all competition with absolute total prejudice. With force, it established its commercial Grid to eventually extend world-wide. It has now morphed into the City of London, Inc. Both the corrupted government and a corporation must entice continually additional new suckers into its grid in order to stay solvent. Thus, they act as a parasite continually needing new hosts as they expand their range (even into Space). If allowed time, the first few, parasites outnumber the host productive producers, eventually causing a collapse in population. (This is what the PowerThatBe are doing artificially-planned with the JAB in hopes to continue their control of this parasitical extending-the-debt System.)
A sovereign Royalty running the show was actually supposed to be a grand Universal model. This was based on Christ, and The Garden of Eden with The Tree of Life. Unfortunately however, Royal elite can also become corrupt due to corruption of their blood-lineage. You can call that “Racist” if you dare! ..an example of The Tree of Good & evil.
see: http://annavonreitz.com/icewatercocktail.pdf

You should read this below and watch the video as a news item and as a lawful ‘NOTICE to all.’
A contract with a corporation has nothing to do with land or border areas. Do NOT confuse the difference or you will never understand nor get above corporate trust law and the security bonds/binds that support such.
Corporations can provide services that appear to be ‘government protection’ or security. Once you are signed up [to the “Hotel California”/for a Big Brother] and no longer possess your own Power-of-Attorney (your [Declaration of] Independence/self-responsibility/self-providing/self-governance), there is nothing you can do to hold them accountable to the agreement or contract (but call/Record foul/fraud regarding identity [trickery] of said).
‘County of Pinal’ is listed on Dun & Bradstreet’s Business [Corporate] Directory, despite Sgt._Benedic_ of the claimed Pinal County, Arizona further claiming “That is only my [own] opinion it’s a corporation…” It is NOT listed as ‘County of Pinal, Arizona’ or ‘County of Pinal in Arizona,’ or even ‘County of Pinal under the corporate State of Arizona’ (but it is a subdivision of such). That is because it is NOT a land-marked boundary. It is only a ‘Trade-Mark’ of a business-corporation fraudulently tricking most people into thinking that it is ‘Pinal County, Arizona’ = a government by and for the people!
By Paula_Mullenix_ accepting labeling of herself with the title: “Manager of Code Compliance” she is not participating in identity fraud herself: as ‘a manager’ denotes that ‘of a corporation,’ according to Black’s Law Dictionary.
If the One World Corporation’s owners or The Elite or their employees deny what I state herein and force me into contracting with them, then The Elite cannot get off-the-hook by claiming, “The sheeple/chattel class came to us and applied for a service providing contract under free-will on their own accord and then did NOT cry fraud when plainly explained what today IS the bigger genuine news in simple English terminology by this man standing on the land.”
“You will own nothing, and be happy.” –Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum
“Big Brother & Uncle Sam, who are MANAGER & CEO respectively of Hotel California and Its insurance corporatocracy, will insure that you will be happy for ‘the rest’ of your life and you can be sure they tell the truth regarding their JAB-jibber-ish, just like they say all elections are fair & square, 9-11 was masterminded by a rich terrorist from a cave in Afghanistan, lone gunmen assassinate all leaders who question & attempt to alter the [Central banking*] System, you can trust either mainline news or conservative (controlled opposition) radio personalities [you have only these two “choices” as with political REPRESENTATIVE parties---they are as two peas in the same pod], and all conspiracy theorists are nut-jobs who should be locked in happy-camps with guards to protect them from themselves!” –Duncan Phelps, man on the land

Understand, even the CEOs & Managers are not in control of The Corporatocracy. The Controller is the BEAST A.I. computer in & all hooked up (including “the Cloud”) to [?a fictional?] ONE in Brussels, with no ‘OFF’ switch. This is not personal… it is strictly business! ..And a corporate computer model has neither soul nor the ability of discerning right from wrong.

One could say: ‘The Terminator’ movie has already arrived with the JAB. Or worse yet, the 2006 movie ‘Idiocracy’ is true!
Another’s perspective: http://annavonreitz.com/sortingthemanure.pdf
Posted on https://gab.com/DuncanPhelps
Whether an actual big computer in Brussels is real or not called The BEAST is not my point.
This is "the out" for those who do not accept that something is rotten in Denmark, and wish to stay contracted with The Corporatocracy because everything I say is B.S.
Too many people want to blame the other guys, when most faults lay in themselves and a corporate System-model which does not allow for advancements that said System cannot control or regulate. J.P. Morgan would not allow Nicola Tesla’s electric-Earth generator towers to be built because he would not be able to meter their rates onto the consumers. This is even more true today!
A big difference between constitutional-people (bottom up)[as opposed to chartered-from a sovereign] government and a corporation is that most governments are with respect to land areas, while corporate contracts are in regards to what is stated on the paper contract. This difference is because with the corporate origins it comes from the sea or Admiralty/maritime code or commercial trading codes.
It is not a matter of being a foreigner to the land area. It is being foreign to the contract. Meaning you are not a party/signee/affixing your mark to the contract and therefore not under their jurisdiction. ..Not a member of their body politic or forum.

My books @: https://payhip.com/duncanPhelps

We each interpret our dream-state differently. I once had a girlfriend who claimed she never had dreams. I told her, perhaps she just never remembered them. But who was I to know. She did not believe nor accept that a Creator-God ruled the Universe. Did this affect her dream-state? Was her god the Elite=deep state Corporatocracy? I have had to deal with a number of bureaucrats of The BEAST Corporation that acted as though they were god; or at least insinuated they be treated as god-like.

David Icke writes and gives lectures about the Reptilians who run the corporations on this planet. I have never seen a Reptilian that I recognized as such; although there are some powerful individuals who act as though they do have a more reptilian functioning brain and soul. In my mind this is what he is talking about, whether or not they actually are full Reptilian blood-lineage.

Clif High speaks of how the Mantids/mantas, other Worldly-dimensional species, control many of the powerful Officials of the Global Cabal! I may have a different wording to describe The 5th Dimension of the un-seen, but I believe we are talking about the same things---just interpreting our ‘Dream state’ as something of a bit different angle of awareness.

AnnaVonReitz.com teaches our true history. This gives us knowledge of ourselves for today, so we can choose the best for/to create our own tomorrow. ..Not the Corporatocracy’s plan of a further enslaving-future!

There are those who don’t believe in a Creator-God. These individuals are also likely to not accept that there is an after-life, un-seen dimension, or reincarnation. There are also many who act like or believe The Corporation is a god! ..And if they work for such a bureaucracy, you should treat them as god-like, never question them, and OBEY! ..You should fear The BEAST and the pandemic. (IT genetically created the plandemic to cull the “useless eaters” population. Will this [not taking the JAB] ‘save’ those who do not accept the BEAST’s offer for what IT elicits us to do/contract-with-IT?)

Last night it came to me: We still are beating around the bush: I added this to video done on 9-11-21.
'You might very well be legally REPRESENTED by THE ONE WORLD CORPORATION.
If you have a U.S. Congressional REPRESENTATIVE (Current Congresspersons are incorporated; so they have sold their power [& yours you gave them of you] to the BEAST too), or are one of many Nation’s citizens around the world also incorporated within IT, than the Global Corporatocracy’s BEAST computer is your REPRESENTATIVE as IT possesses your Power-of-Attorney. How does it feel to be told you are under the control of one BIG corporate computer? Why do you think since the CoVID fiasco BIG corporations (all incorporated/umbrella-ed under/as ONE) are dictating so much more these days?
What most of you understand as The Constitution became vacated after 1789. Increasingly after about 1871, U.S. 14th Amendment Citizens have been signing applications to surrender their Power-of-Attorney over to the City of London, Inc. If you claim (sign-up/allow) to be such, your well-being is determined by a World Corporation which is basically one BIG Maritime-commercial (UCC) insurance scam. This Global Corporation has become totally bankrupted/corrupted and has come up with JABs (injections into people’s circulatory system) as a solution to “the useless eaters” so as to diminish It’s claimants, so that It may remain solvent. This is nothing personal. After all, It is a corporation, and corporations are not living and have no soul. (This has been since the [sick] Supreme Court ruled---granting corporations personhood and are therefore equal to living persons.) A corporation possesses no knowledge abilities and has no judgment of right from wrong.'

'A positive dream-state [Tree of Life] can become our reality. We don't have to get stuck* into The Corporatocracy's hoped-future further enslaving TimeLine under the old 'Tree of good & evil!'
* The lyrics line previous to song ‘Hotel California’ –“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave,” is “We are programmed only to receive,” is exactly as what we have with the Elite’s privately owned DeepState bureaucratic Corporatocracy: They take you in by utilizing deceitful “receiving” elicitations, but have absolutely no option that allows one to get-out of said Satan’s contract! ‘Hotel California’s’ great music melody lulls the listener into what seems a beautiful romance, yet depicts a nightmarish paranoid drug-induced dream-state of terror!
Is there a deep truth herein the popular song? I turned the radio on just before retiring for the evening on 9-11-2021 & ‘Hotel California’ began playing!
Only the wise, with knowledge of law, can distinguish the difference between lawful rule as opposed to “insured”/Maritime GRID-coverage legal commercial codes! =thus a revocation of ‘Hotel California’s’ application contract due to fraud.

Here is as simple/basic an explanation as can be had regarding ‘What is going on’ in the World today! And this is the part you get with few other short videos: ‘How to get out of the fix!’ It is as basic as: ‘The cowboys vs. the City folk!’ ..or ‘Cool Hand Luke’ movie version.
HOWEVER The Problem is: As what is happening with the failure of the Trucker’s Strike/shut-down in Australia… too many truckers are supporting The System (and the JAB compliance) and are keeping working/driving for AND support of Them!

For those who speak in another tongue, read this version & angle of Worldly sight: http://annavonreitz.com/wechooselife.pdf

42 years ago, I gave up a rising position in the medical (-pharmacological) profession because I could see that insurance corporations were taking over the field. I thought I could save-the-day by learning and promoting holistic health care. Sadly, things continued to degenerate and it is now worse than what I could have ever imagined. Even the schools have become communist where it is taught that history doesn’t matter, mathematics is “racist,” and there are not only boys & girls, but a montage of “other sexes” to be All-considerate-of and primarily focused upon!

Most have been taught that individual talents are meaningless, and that we all should be considered communist duplicates with an equal knowledge of “whatever” and that we all are identical in our ability of opinions and voter qualifications to choose our leaders. This of course is not true, but that is how Elite owners of The Corporation continue to maintain their control due to owning “the news,” school curriculum, and stooge-puppet politicians. After all, as we have seen, it is “Who counts the votes, not what the voter’s vote that counts!”
This has come about, I think, because many decades ago the Courts ruled that corporations were equal to men & women. Corporations have the advantage of “no death,” therefore, incorporated into a single ONE World Order and now this entity orders men & women around regarding every rule [UCC Code] in life. It appears if there is a Satan, this ONE entity is IT. IT is no longer: “Can’t fight City Hall.” IT is The MARK-of-The-BEAST CORPORATION.

On August 21st, 2021, unbeknownst to me while I was recording my “Mexican Standoff ANNOUNCEMENT,” Anna Von Reitz posted an historic article
spelling out the early additions which were made to this Nation. Now you know your important and crucial history which had been lost, so now you can pick up where it left off as it was de-railed leading to the present “Train wreck!” –including Afghanistan.
There are people waiting to assist you in recording your NOTICE of Revocation [of 14th Amendment Citizenship] and re-establishment of your various State Assemblies @: https://tasa.americanstatenationals.org/

Also posted on: https://gab.com/DuncanPhelps

https://www.bitchute.com/video/lhFEUH8jyJ9e/ -Interview of Anna Von Reitz former Justice of the Peace & current promoter of State Assemblies which returns us back to our original 1776 Constitution rather than today's Corporatocracy.

In 1988 I did the 'Revoke my 14th Amendment Citizenship,' (long before I heard of Anna's above work) so when I got arrested in 1998 for no driver's license etc. etc. and sat in jail for a week before court... while I filed my Revocation with that Court and then won as the Judge ruled I had not signed over my Power-of-Attorney to the said entity (State of Colorado). It was on their Court House record for 7 years, but last I checked they had "expired" my record so the World can not see it. This is why you must record your paper work with your local County Assembly... so the Empire/corporation does not destroy your paperwork that you are not a party to their contract/Mark-of-the-BEAST. I still also make a Record of this at the local [privately owned by The Elite] County of Pinal; State of Arizona...
They are still harassing me re: "solicitations" for Code compliance...
Stay tuned to see if Anna's stuff helps me over the next weeks!
("They" are also only solicitating for The JAB; for now! --So we need to get organized fast.)

You can choose to Separate yourself from the paper contract corporate ‘Service Provider’ who has been claiming to be your government=County-State of ____-Federal. Those separated Positive God’s children have to freely choose their path without fighting or warring/killing over it! There can be no force involved in the choice when the World turns down the Global One World Cabal to continue converting souls and the living to walk their-way/road/contract (& be enslaved/chattel property). The 'Elite' own you 'cause you sign yourself up for it. Ultimately you have yourself to blame. You can only save [separate] yourself. The White Hats can’t do that. You are a fool to be waiting for someone else!

Freedom to choose IS freedom=to be self-responsible.

For more info on separating from The Contract see: http://annavonreitz.com/
Freedom to sign on the dotted line can also be the pathway to slavery/corporate rule via (money-making/profits for the owners of said corporatocracy) Codes.
I realize this link has some dis-information at times, but read the end where they quote some important past folks, including some U.S. Presidents: https://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index3661.htm
The Octopus & hidden-from-behind secret government these Presidents/others write of IS The Corporation [based out of ‘City of London, Inc.’ = is a paper contract/”a paper tiger”].

I recorded this video on July 16th, 2021 to include it with a packet of proof of identity fraud on the part of U.S.Inc. for the Russian Embassy, so they could more easily understand the Bigger Picture on how the world got into the mess it currently is Deep Stated in. I have given the Russians time to digest this material before making it available to China, their military & the CCP. China will not be as nice about carrying out what is necessary to untangle us all; but may prove more direct about de-escalating the situation, as having experienced firsthand this similar situation which historically led to the Opium Wars. As at that time, it was not a government doing the “evil-unbalanced/cheating doings,” but a private business venture-corporation then known as ‘The East India [trading] Company.’ This is virtually the same entity (Now ‘City of London, Inc.’ + subdivision U.S.Inc.-Global) that continues to unbalance trade relations which brings about war-profits for the Central private-commercial Bankers of the World (Now also experienced as weather-warfare, earthquake frequency generation, & computer-digitized high-jacking/extortion/blackmail-identity fraud.).
Ever since the American Civil War when the Federals took over for the most part (& State of ____ were the subdivisions/incorporated under; County of _____, City of _____), and were backed by the British, although they also backed the South, so The British would win either way, we haven’t had a government---only a (one World/New World Order) Corporation run out of ‘The City of London, Inc.’ [not London City] which was the new name of the East India Co., the first real corporation… and only Corporation, as all others are mere subdivisions. This OneWorld global corporation does not allow competition.
That is the short of it! However, few understand neither the principles of this nor the magnitude. It is identity fraud, nothing more. My liberal friends say, “It does not really matter who actually is government.”
It is fraud in the greatest way… I now realize and state in my latest video that I now realize even these so called State and County (& Federal) employees think they are “Government!” I spell that with a capital ‘G’ because They do think & act like they are God.
I happened on this by looked up Pinal County in the registry of Dun & Bradstreet. Nothing! So, I looked up ‘County of Pinal’ and bingo… they’re ‘a subdivision’ of ‘State of Arizona’ ( https://www.dnb.com/business-directory/top-results.html?term=state%20of%20Arizona&page=1 ). Both, clearly businesses! Subdivisions of U.S.Inc.

These videos are as important for the elite as they should be for the general population. As they are informing all as to what is transpiring during these latter-days of this dispensation; of the change-over from negative to positive rule. Of course, many of the Elite still want to hold on to power for a longer period. What I state here in the video is giving you the choice of separating from the Empire/corporate One World. The Elite must allow you this knowledge, even if it is only one time, as that is how they have Universally been granted the power to rule over those who have proven unable to diaper themselves. This is enabling The Separation which should have been carried out during the 1950s under Eisenhower & a different protocol and what JFK was attempting when assassinated by the Elite-Powers-That-Be. So They must fulfilling that end-game via their own method; thus the JAB where most of the Sheeple & bureaucracy are succumbing to Follow-their-owner-urgings to the “slaughter-houses/JAB” plandemic centers.
I had one bureaucrat tell me: She was just doing her job. Her job is to SOLICIT those with a contract with the “New”WorldOrder incorporating EMPIRE which she is merely a member. Her job is not to threaten, harass, & attack those who are foreign to it.
We are not against nor attacking them, and only pose a threat to their private debt-banking commercial EMPIRE as a mere competitor.
Regarding the mentioning in this video of the report made to the Russian Embassy of this situation (Government’s Department of Culture 1775092), in Time, as during the reign of Tsar Alexander II in 1863-64, the Russian Nation may come to the aid of only the Patriots here who are foreign to the incorporating private business contract often referred to as the NewWorldOrder.
If not the Russian military, as the U.S. military seems loyal to The Corporate EMPIRE, those guilty of identity fraud best not have to face “The Angels” as they will not be as sweet!

If the Wright Brothers were building their flying craft today, they would never be able to complete it due to the continuing enforced Commercial Codes. These Officers, their bureaucracy, and its Empire which enforce the UCC have placed a complete stranglehold on any development throughout ‘the known’ [patented-licensed-copyrighted-birth certificated] World. All advanced tech. has been regulated to the various “Breakaway Civilizations” that accept a 5 dimensional Universe/world. Meanwhile, the slaves of ‘the known world,’ are left to degenerate into a hell hole, thanks to their applications and signatures appointing REPRESENTATIVES---Service providers to administer B.S. over themselves.
The owners of this private Service Provider business which operates (all incorporated) out of City of London, Inc. and is overseen by Rome do not want to allow these facts to become Disclosed. Why should these PowersThatBe want to give up their power, wealth, and control which they have diligently worked for centuries in fooling a more recent gullible population into scrambling to line up and sign for a 2 dimensional paper contract/World?
Do you really want to know what is going on behind the B.S., false flags, and fakery-lies?
The answer is banking… and what type of security bonds are created to back-up and secure those banks. Most of you have been taught that banking is to be left-up to the BIG guys who know what they are doing… and the mathematics are too difficult or racist for you to understand anyway. The BIG guys do know what they are doing and they are giving you the SHAFT and you haven’t wanted to do your own work regarding this, so that is why you are stuck where you are in debt to no one really but yourselves!
You don’t have to fight/“Strike Back at the Empire.” That would be foolish and what They want you to do. All you need to do is be self-responsible and un-sign (revoke/rescind) your signatures. Sadly, most have lost the ability to be self-responsible and therefore self-governing.
The aliens have the answer! Which border “Aliens?” Your forefathers! Not A future Time-Line degenerated mRNA-rewritten patented DNA race of Grays. Thanks anyway Bill Gates’ supporters!
President Eisenhower & supporters chose the wrong side.

Looks like the Russian Military may step-up and help out here as the U.S. military is lacking regarding the Insurrection.

This video uses a commenter’s statement from my previous video of June, 2021 as an example of how a majority of the population are demonic or possessed by implants into their mind, whether physically injected or repeated programming on how to think or judging---dismissing others as insignificant… simply by “trigger words.” Example: “Oh, he is a conspiracy theorist.” Or “Oh, another UFO nut. Ha, Ha!”
Or possessed/programmed ideas that Newtonian Theories or immunization can’t be wrong/in error. Or, someone doesn’t know what they are talking about unless they have a big degree/title and work for a big salary. Or, planes fly because of the difference of the air speed above and below the wing! These blunders in science and philosophy hold the Empire back because followers of Newton, Einstein, or Karl Marx don’t allow the possibility that they have made a grievous error. This is NOT science but demonic possession!

Few really understand what a corporation is. It has little to do with land/geography, a nation of people, or mere free people in a County. In fact, it sees men and women on the soil (or under a Constitution) as competitors, and strives to eliminate them. A corporation is more like a not-so-secret society for the purpose of plunder and control of all trade. The City of London Inc., formerly East India [Trading] Co., has all municipal cities [of such&such/name], states [of such&such], municipal county [of] incorporated under it, to form the One World Corporation (The BEAST). These are mistakenly, by most, confused with “of the land.” And the schools and news services will not correct this misunderstanding; and actually attack anyone who tries to educate the populace. These incorporated body politics---coded* commercial-Maritime jurisdictions---are mere 2 dimensional paper contracts for services, which are most often poorly rendered!
This is why China’s One Belt (Silk) Road construction is so hated. China is one potential competitor that can up-seat the City of London-Empire’s grasp. The Democrats foolishly believe they have control of the Chinese Communist Party under a never-to-be-broken contract. The CCP can at any time dissolve/rescind that contract and go from “potential” to a total competitor.
*Codes are NOT laws.

Another concept which took me a longtime to realize how few of us neither understand nor care to research is: Power-of-Attorney. It is like when you reach 18 years old, the legal age of manhood or womanhood, but instead sign up as a ‘person’ while also signing your legal responsibilities (freedom)/Power-of-Attorney over to a different parent to diaper you and be your REPRESENTATIVE. But in this case it is a private business code enforcing service provider Artificial Intelligent Corporation set on ‘Automatic’ with no ‘OFF’ switch.
Imagine how legally confused any person is to sign-up or allow a person on the level of Biden for their President! ..Or be the President of their REPRESENTATIVES.

Episode #13
Today’s videos are being recorded through the use of a solar panel, so they are not a result of the One World Utility Empire’s grid, and therefore indebted to it. Perhaps this will help those who desire to understand the dual choice they have in our System: Citizen vs. independent self-responsible & productive.
You may change the ‘setting’ speed-time of the playing of these videos so that the TIME is to your liking/comfort/relativity/awareness-level.
Our world is not as it seems. It is more the exact opposite to the phases the mainline corporate media and government tells you.
There are those persons (including none generic) who BELIEVE Biden is the legit President & that communism is the solution for our future. And then there are the dualists who take the opposite approach and see the world as it is. These, openly self-recorded/expressed, men & women are equal to the Elite PowersThatBe who are ‘separate’ (wheat from the chaff) from the common-chattel/chaff/”Citizens,” as having separated/“Come out of the BEAST”/revoked their 14th Amendment Citizenship/corporate dependency.
Are you a constituent?
:One who has given/constitutes/signed/authorizes another as their agent and Power-of-Attorney (self-responsibility/freedom rather than seemingly comfortable guarantee debt-slavery).

MSG (mono sodium glutamate) over-excites nerve synapses and messes with communication/control between your cells. Just because some products, vaccines, or method of cooking/micro-wave does not kill you in a week or more, does not mean it is good for you! There are natural [proven] laws that have been in existence from the Beginning and then there are person’s-corporate methods & codes that claim to be better [more improved] than “the old ways.”
This was recorded at the beginning of Passover, plus on the full Moon!

Episode #4
Planet Mirth is where Hell is.
This is the story of a population on a distant planet degenerating and why its civilizations continually crashed over and over again. There was a cyclic repetition where the true productive producers got squeezed out of existence by those who produced only red-tape contract paper work. These red-tape administrators and regulators became so numerous in putting the squeeze on producers and taking all the money via creative taxes that the entire planet ran out of food ‘cause no one was left who could produce.
When the planet’s empire was totally collapsed, the few who survived would learn from scratch that they had to produce real items that they could eat. A simulated fake empire of liars didn’t cut it… until the population forgot and their history got lost.
All markets and news are totally controlled/false/lies on Planet Mirth. So the elite, who know this, make more money than the Masses who are continually fooled.
The following is one of the most hardest things you will have to understand:
Those with their Elite Foundations, like our Gates, Soros, Clinton, Rothschild, Rockefeller types, see the Masses as their self-signed-up slaves, as open-season resources, and suckers.
While those in the Break Away Civilizations see the Masses as degenerates, dummies, and suckers. No wonder they don’t want to establish communications or trade with the Masses! As they see it, the Masses have been told over and over throughout thousands of years and still the Masses seek the path of ease which leads to degeneration.
There is a big difference between being prejudice and an ability to discriminate. During the 1960s on Earth, schools and media began teaching that the two are identical. The Mennonite communities, a form of separatist/break-aways, will not tell you this, but they agree this is a Truth.

Episode #8
Some will tell others they cannot divulge truth, as we all have to find out for ourselves and should not attempt educating the uninformed and/or self-limiting confused people. I have been personally warned not to teach others as I will be punished in the future for short-circuiting our individual learning curves. This extends even into our afterlife concerning whether or not to take the “Tunnel to the Light!”
This is what I am referring to in this video concerning Jesus being Crucified for having attempted to teach others what he had gained in His own life experiences.
School teachers are to teach what the Department of Education [the Elite] has licensed them to teach, even if it is communism with an exclusion of history and mathematics.
When I pass-on I will have to pay for telling these Truths. If none take these Truths and put them to use, I will get no payback. “Pay-it-forward” is a Timely Cosmic concept too!
Keep in mind: Over the decades the Federal Courts have granted The Corporation equal status to ‘persons.’ However, a corporation has no soul. This is also a two way street regarding anyone identifying as ‘a person,’ or if you prefer, a double edged sword.

Probably 90% of the population knows the mainline media is full of B.S. but are beginning to realize the alternative media doesn’t have the answers to our dilemma either. These alternatives merely continue the drums for civil war, as they too are controlled-licensed by the same Elite.
If an answer was put forth, we could direct our lives towards more peaceful and thus advancing pursuits. This I have covered in these Episodes.

This is the solution to the mess regarding democrats vs. conservatives; regarding Tue. signing by the Joint Chiefs of Staff pledging military to support both the Constitution AND the [pro-socialist/communist leaning] Biden Administration. This is a contradiction, and as such can only be preformed via allowing for a duel choice for us all.

All desiring to be responsible, that is self-responsibility, and who seek freedom.
The vast majority doesn’t want to hear this; they ‘pass the buck’-give over their Power-of-Attorney by signing up REPRESENTATIVES. And there are some especially who don’t want others to hear.

This lawful NOTICE is especially to the top elite, ThePowersThatBe or soon to be ‘Were.’
Reason for NOTICE: No one has yet presented such, as far as I am aware. Perhaps, it has happened. If so, it doesn’t hurt to hear it again in plainer street-talk. “A tree falls in the forest.” It is not heard unless it is made known by someone reporting or making a record.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Jig is up… at last ..because it is said in the following ..as simple as it may be stated.
A Foul has been called on the signature to Lucifer’s REPRESENTATIVE contract.

Perhaps only a few of the elite can change the course the World is on, at this late point in Time. For they, should be able to understand better than most what follows.
For the rest, have only our lives and those beneath to choose what we see in life or quest.

Life can either be A Garden or it can be a Hell-hole. It is our choice. And, it is overwhelmingly a choice made on a group or political basis. The purpose of life: is to figure out what in the hell is going on and to never come back to Earth, to try it again, at least not while it is no longer A Garden. This is the greatest game in the Universe. For the Many, it is a prison-planet.

The specific location of Atlantis has never been found; because it occupied the entire One World Earth. The Antediluvian Civilization was an earlier Solar cycle which did not learn its lessons in Time.

In the 1991 movie: ‘City Slickers’ basically The Big question is asked: What is the secret of life? One thing is that secret. “Life is just one thing.” That answer: To find out what that #1 thing is. For each of us, the #1 is different, and we must answer that ourselves.

The few who figure out the better understanding of what the ‘one thing’ is going on regarding life, have an advantage over all others. There are 3 basic types of people: Builders, maintainers, and destroyers. What happens before each civilization Falls, is that the best destroyers figure out how to get ‘the builders’ to work for them through enslavement. This secret is maintained by stating it openly once and then side-tracking all issues via lies---twists/scams/swindles.

Those who practice the old ways always welcome strangers-aliens in for a meal. That way they have a leg up on the new.
As civilization degenerates this is changed/lowered into getting a population in debt so they are up to their legs, nose, and at last foreheads in owing everything to their then elite controllers-owners. The top of the pecking order elite, own with claims on all property “of” the World. ..Humans are property at this point.
This process devolves to the point that the elite have built a System, an Empire, or corporation which operates automatically (or A.I.) and cannot be turned off, as no one can dictate control over it: The BEAST/Satan/this prison-planet.

Lucifer, Noah, Moses, Enlil, and their followers each went against The Boss, by offering or taking on more than they could handle. Do not judge nor condemn them, as this is to walk the Tree of Good and Evil.
Historically, that is what happened when there came The [cyclic] Fall, from The Garden, and hu-mans were imprisoned here on Time Station Earth, after The Flood. To accept this is to walk-return again to The Tree of Life.

Perhaps, this is more than I or any of us can chew-on or ‘can handle.’ My “one thing in life” has been to get to the truth. Having tasted that, perhaps I should have kept it secret, as some have told me, and maintained the cover-up like the numerous have done. If a series of buttons are pressed for the big bomb---bigger than nuclear Beirut---will that be due to “dumb mistakes by professionals” at this degenerating Time? Or is this a button I am sounding that stops that process and causes an elite to turn over the hieroglyphically depicted strategically Hand Held Man-bag [handbag/purse https://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-other-artifacts/what-mysterious-handbag-seen-ancient-carvings-across-cultures-and-021191 ]/the Tablet of Destinies---because their Cycle has ended. I thus state: “You won, but for a prior call of foul?” Or, should anyone ever dare call foul on a side-track judgmental Tree of Good AND Evil? (the “good” vs. evil war [inciting brother against brother] is due to claims---pandemic-plandemic-scamdemic or otherwise)? Besides, do you not recall? The Tablet cannot be won; it has to be ..willingly… realized and surrendered due to the dimensionality of Time!
Anna Von Reitz, Paul Stramer and people have recorded their re-establishment of a Constitutional land-base...

Communications plays such a large degree in our daily lives and the better/more complex it is the higher the level of civilization. The speed of the form [download ability] of communication varies the amount that it can contain in a given period of Time. (Resonance & coincidence too.) i.e., Some people talk fast and cover more in a given Time. Slower talk can allow deeper, more complex, ideas. Some listeners are not able to stand someone who is talking slow because they have a short attention span. Does this mean they are not capable of depth/meaning in their form of communications? Is their ego holding them back? Do they have a problem with compassion? Our Generation/age have a play in this grasp-gap. Our attention span, concentration abilities, I.Q., health, mood, psychology, & propaganda-level do have a role in this understanding.
Art, photographs, petroglyphs, mathematics, numbers, numerology, astrology, & measurements/hieroglyphs are a higher, more condensed form of communications over written English. Face on face discussion communication is superior to a pre-written and then read rehearsed speech.
Our speech, or what we say, is only one part of our form of communications. More is communicated in HOW we say it! Like… our body language, facial expressions, and tone. The Masses are programmed/propagandized today to not rely on this part of [inner-nature’s] communications but to listen only to [follow the lead of] expert TV personalities give a scripted-acted out performance that has been written exclusively by ThePowersThatBe who control their Human Resources/chattel/slaves.
Communication is a 2 way exchange. Speaking at someone is propaganda.

As I have said before: An entity who has no soul is a corporation. Corporations according to early Courts have been granted equal legal status/standing as people. Are you incorporated/contracted into such an unnatural=simulated reality?

The question should be: To whose advantage-agenda is it that our communications is becoming restricted/censored/corrupted/unreliable?

In 1928, Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda, wrote: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

Example: How many layers are contained in this Gates’ communication-announcement of a 2nd wave of plandemic deaths? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmP6_gy-MIE
The Earth Cycle has again reached a stage of dipole initiation.
Fact: Beirut, Lebanon explodes yet lies continue in The cover-up: Example of a dipole opposition [fact verses that of lies] that is becoming increasingly ‘structured’/EZ/border patterns/interfacing/Exclusion Zones.

My 11 e-books @: https://payhip.com/duncanPhelps

Becoming incorporated is lawfully signing yourself up under a modality of reality (surrendering your Power-of-Attorney)---that of a pre-molded-agenda model or simulated commercialized-maritime Coded matrix (form as opposed to substance*), rather than a man or woman living freely off the land.
* Form is 2 dimensional (paper contract derived), while substance is 5 dimensional (a higher form of life)!

Regarding the continued (next) on-off economic shutdown Plandemic-scamdemic covering up the [again/rollover] corporate bankruptcy=TRADE collapse:
The next one will be whatever Bill Gates, Soros, Rothschild, their Foundations, Antifa, BLM, etc., & Hollywood Adreno-Bloods say it will be, because MSM reports it and not much else of substance! And it ain't goina change until 3% of the American population "just says NO," in whatever means is effective, if they ever wake up and realize everyone else doesn't believe MSM either!
It is THAT simple.
Re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmP6_gy-MIE&feature=emb_logo Bill Gates announces what comes next:
"So we---you know... will have to prepare for the next one. That, you know I would say... Ahh, will get attention this time."
The first 20 seconds really are not that important. He is setting listeners up by talking about different nations having different degrees of ramping up testing (testing doesn't prove anything 'cause they are flawed) 'for their plandemic' (the last 3 words are my term).
It is REALLY important to place the facial & body-shoulder movements/signals of both of these evil sicko-s in sync with his words. It is very IMPORTANT with the placing of "Ahh"---what does he mean with this non-word? It is no joke to call that pause meaningless!!! Look at Melinda's smile at the close... With that, I do think she is even more evil than he! I have replayed it a dozen times before today. I watched it another 12 to get the text for you this a.m.

Americans are too much into habit, and therefore don't think anymore. It is difficult to do so 'cause so much food and liquids and communications are full of shi_! "You are what you eat."

"Hear no evil, see none, speak none," smell none, thereby think no evil (= hate no one/pre-judge no one: be as a virgin). Therefore, you do no evil, and thereby can at last think again on your own (free of Zombie-dome=free of those who claim they are anti-racist---so thereby teach-push others to hate/put-down whites and those who state “All Lives Matter” or the one I like: ‘Past Lives [our Forefathers] Matter’). It seems those who point out and label others as racist and to hate them and think evil of them, are the one who actually are the hate-filled racist! Claiming only Black Lives Matter is hate-full towards whites and IS racist! Those who divide others are those who conquer.

The sole [One World] Commercial Corporate System/Empire out of City of London has messed-up their situation by claiming precedence: If someone pays a 10% tax/contract that means ‘The State’ is legally given permission [Power-of-Attorney] to raise that tax to unprecedented levels! Is that not fraud? It forces/divides one into being either a Non-taxpayer or be taxed to death! This corporate Luciferian System is establishing its own Collapse=The Fall from The Garden. That is THE SCARY MONSTER=‘Mark of The BEAST!’

If you live by the five ‘no evils’ you no longer live according to the Tree of Good and evil. You have returned to The Tree of Life.

“Evil is so bad it destroys itself and its own adherents.”

This leaves us our only way out! Make a Record @ Court House that you cry foul---revoke-rescind your signatures and actions of contract with said Corporatocracy, so They cannot assume/presume you are “in” contract-giving permission.

“The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.”
― Garry Kasparov
“The whole purpose of propaganda is to make the obvious seem obscure or offensive”
― Stefan Molyneux
“Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a heard of pigs.”
-Joseph Goebbels

“We’ll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
-William Casey, CIA Director

links: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=150929
In order to use the USA Constitution one must de-contract/separate/"Come out of Her" from the Corporatocracy @
City of London, Inc. See: http://annavonreitz.com/understandingthefederalus.pdf & etc.

YOU MAY WISH TO download the copy in the COMMENT SECTION for a faster + photo version of this VIDEO.
Of all the sciences, the most bang-for-the-buck/change comes out of the one involving propaganda. MK-Ultra, as any religion has proven: If you can make a population BELIEVE, including having all “experts” repeat “alternative” versions of Officialdom by those who have been brainwashed or paid-off by ThePartyLine, this is the ultimate control you have over those MASSES. For example see current Plandemic-scamdemic.
However, bigger changes in science could be made under a * Positive administration with my suggested adaption of recognizing, studying, and working with the 4th phase of matter---that of structuring or exclusion zoning the interfaces or borderlines of matter. This would bring forth BIG change that has not occurred since the discovery of the wheel! This could be applied, for starters, to at least health care, air flight, and materials construction fields.

1.) Evolution is freedom to Return to order and enlightenment---nature’s Universal Laws; while the opposite (2.) is Globalist corporate centralized dictatorial One World Order resulting in devolution leading to chaos and eventually total collapse. The 2nd can be had by near total control of the media/publishing & academia.
Many will not want to see the correlation, but true history of cycles & our Forefathers teaches us the 1st. The opponents want to reach the 2nd by destroying historical statues of the 1st; while seeking mud-grey color all over, including open portal to a 2nd Time-Line leading to a world of “The Greys”-[weak soul]-robots rather than (1.) Past Lives Matter---the Nordics!

This would have already occurred had it not been for the 1963 Coup D’état that took out JFK. At that Time, under JFK, the ‘The Tablet of Destinies’ would have changed hands/sides. Nixon, due to his politics, was already an “Insider” of [secret] knowledge from the 1920-40s. He was also a holder of secret knowledge during the crucial 1960s and at this point in Time was still able to counter/defend his position from those who were pulling Power plays of blackmail, by ultimate blackmail of others himself. This was at a level 20 times that of Epstein-Maxwell’s blackmail.
It was the End of the Line for PowersThatBe. They were exposed and therefore became the PowersThatWere. It was Time to step down. But They refused to face reality that Their Time was over. Then They pulled sacrificial 9-11 & got more Time.

Today, these Powers still refuse to relinquish their little reign as two-bit 3rd party TRADE swindlers. Therefore, They pull the viral Scamdemic and lockdown in fear [and possible 2nd Wave of electro/chemical whatever warfare] in order to cover [take the Heat off] Their bankruptcy.

Links: https://www.krisnewby.com/documents
Much truth here: https://trueancienthistory.blogspot.com/2013/03/tablets-of-destiny.html
More @: https://payhip.com/duncanPhelps & https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/antigravityworldgrid/ciencia_antigravityworldgrid08.htm I was able to watch a copy in about 1992 of this original 1930s “structure of matter” film.
A GREAT example: * Positive administration= http://annavonreitz.com/littleraincloud.pdf
People like this should have their wealth confiscated and be locked in a crazy Institution:
From high view over the valley last night the many illegal fireworks of LA is a sign: Many are stating "No More B.S.ing us over the lies & scamming of the World shutdown."
see: https://twitter.com/Makanani68/status/1279625442450747392
+ Read the comments below the short video!

This is something right out of the movie Avatar or The Matrix. Or, is it actually simulated computer/Hollywood movie/media/corporatocracy VS. reality that is in question here? Is your mind working/”wired” in a 2 dimensional computer simulation mode or in real 5th dimensional life? When I was in the military we had an expression, “Back in the World.” The deeper meaning of this, whether soldiers could express it fully or not, was they knew that ‘The War’ is a concoction solely created by political powers to stage a large event for profit… a war! While regular people back in the States really didn’t and could not experience it; but allowed it to happen (by legally signing onto their [devil] contracts).
Is not this happening again, but this Time as a created virus to shut-down our livelihood for a more diabolical controlled profit by an elite over the Masses?
I wonder if the girls who step off these cliffs while their mind is in photographic mode come to realize as the bottom of the basin approaches at a fast clip---suddenly realize life has no re-set button? I wonder if the 2 non-females on the ramp to I-5 in Seattle, as they flew through the air, began to realize it is dumb to play in the fast lane of a street? Again, no re-set button. I almost skidded off a mountain road when I was young and in that moment, Time almost came to a stop, so slow, and I experienced “a life review.” I still was able to kept my mind engaged and steered my car back onto the pavement. Time shifts into a total different pace in those seconds. It is a life wake-up moment one never forgets or regrets.
Technical link leading to a robotic-like existance: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3Ybrt3jgjbaQ/

update: YOU MAY WANT TO get the link from the 'comment section' for a faster load with picture:

This should be recognized as the greatest discovery in a long Time. A 4th phase of matter exists. However, you may not hear of its basic details anywhere but here because those in power don’t want you to have a revolution in science and learn you don’t need Them any longer.
links: https://www.pollacklab.org/research --Gerald Pollack's interfacing work in only 'structure water.' But can be used as an example for other materials/states/borders.
https://theamericanstatesassembly.net/ -how to re-establish Constitutional government county by county with only 26 men and/or women.
https://www.bitchute.com/video/UVHP6ipjmT8G -last weeks announcement of 4th phase
https://www.bitchute.com/video/FMeRv9meZJDt/ -example of working model of 1st & 2nd generation UFO.

IF THE WHEEL HADN'T BEEN INVENTED UNTIL TODAY, YOU WOULD NEVER HEAR ABOUT IT OR BE ABLE TO USE IT BECAUSE: ThePowersThatBe/your REPRESENTATIVES don't want you to have access to it because they CANNOT control it! The wheel would free you up from much turmoil... as does the 4th state of matter.

This video is the conclusion of the Vancouver UFO Meeting. ..With description of how generational developments were made & how we can repeat these scientific breakthroughs by breaking-rescinding-nullifying our fraudulent contract with the Commercial City of London Inc. Empire, which has been legally enforced according to Universal Law, which explains why ‘The UFO Cover-up.’
We all must come to realize and recognize the difference between faulty models such as the Corona Virus plandemic/likewise GMO foods and correct models of both our Universe and available gravity ship technology.
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTHXk9PVu14&feature=youtu.be --the true Dr. Evil of Georgetown.

This is a copy of a Meet-up Vancouver UFO group hosted by Brian Ruhe with me too. There are a few breaks in the recording that almost sound like someone is interfering or attempting to sabotage the recording; also with a few nude teen photos slipped in (they are not included here! --Edited out.). Additional topic may be viewed @ https://www.bitchute.com/video/zqJfUQh7tmHD/
Relevant links: http://annavonreitz.com/letsbeclearabout.pdf --Here is how we can establish our 'Break-Away civilizations' right in our County! ..A la Ayn Rand's book: 'Atlas Shrugged.'
https://www.bitchute.com/video/FMeRv9meZJDt/ --my info on how to build advanced flying machines/UFOs
http://payhip.com/duncanPhelps/ --my e-books list.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=1Pb5-qkMdFM&feature=emb_logo --Catherine Austin Fitts states we must go back to County government for control over ourselves. Much of the best info is stated in the first 17 min. of this video.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTHXk9PVu14&feature=youtu.be --the true Dr. Evil of Georgetown.
https://www.pollacklab.org/ --the more important fact I state in this interview is that this principle/scientific law regarding EZ water, can be applied to all phases of matter. This is how health is related to UFOs and other positive technologies. These are the advances we can make if we set up a competitor asset-based civilization to that of the present debt creating centralized Globalist elite bankster one out of City of London, Inc. which most of you have foolishly signed onto and are now legally under contract with!

Have you contracted with a middle-"man" soulless corporate computer/cell phone? In the old Times of Trade, when there were only 2 parties, we met, sized-up and dealt directly with our Trading Party. Today, we know-not Them---the 3rd Party---who controls the BEAST Computer and therefore us! ..OR does even "Them" control the MARK of Satan's BEAST? !!!
Who is to blame? Who is self-responsible? Who is self-governing? Who is free? Who signed the contract?
What 'matter' is it?
Who out-competes for all info on us? ..The Cloud?

Need a faster up-load with photo too?

There is both a positive & negative Tree version on what it means to defund police departments.
On Oct. 8, 2018 I posted a video of mine that reported:
Cheran, Mexico shows the world how to self-govern by ousting their police force & government.
This positive action would be a little more difficult in the America States. Because disharmony has been created due to police & other Unions forcing the public via taxes to pay policemen, fireman, government, and school Superintendents more money than equivalent civilians get. Plus, their retirement pension and years put in to reach retirement is even more disgraceful. This divides people into 2 competing classes. ..Those who produce & are productive are forced to pay overly to those who are supposed “to serve” for a few years like with the military.
The Mexicans in Cheran, about a 20,000 population, in 2011 were able to put together volunteers to be the replacement of government & police. This is what ‘self-government,’ self-responsibility, is all about and should be. The locals found that corruption with criminal activities were synonymous with police, government-politics, and the criminal cartels. Crime was reduced over night to almost nil!
I don’t think most cities in the States could pull this off. Hopefully, I am wrong. Time might prove otherwise productive. A few towns have already seen locals taking back their streets from the police and political dictators. Locals only have themselves to blame for not doing this earlier. Sometime we must be forced to learn lessons in life.

I see a negative side with the current news item to defunding police departments and taking those taxes, rather than discounting them back to the locals, as the same politicians want to put the funds into social programs of their creation---these same scam artists have planned and conducted all along. Until Antifa-type terrorists and treasonous actors have been imprisoned and their wealth confiscated and distributed to those most harmed in the past, there will be no change. This must be done first before locals can take-over & re-establish local self-governing law & order. Those highest on the Cabal’s Blacklists are probably more able to point others into doing the right thing/course of action/Tree of Life rather than Tree of good and evil!

Police Departments should chose to take the mid-ground route: take a retirement package benefits cut/pay cut, as if they don’t they may end up like the police in Cheran, Mexico, and get run out of town with NO future. Keep in mind: regular civilians are earning far less than you.

Today’s corruption is so wide spread and deep that everyone to their relative degree is guilty of what we have become. It will take this realization to turn and be able to begin at fixing the MESS.

Hopefully, soon you all will also wake-up to the fact that you can run your lives better without “the help” of ThePowersThatBe---the globalist Elite---who have run your lives in the past for their own best interests and made your all slaves; bond slaves that is.
Follow those who have shown their true color in the past, not someone who has a lots of $$ and is a fancy fast talker!

Unfortunately, too many are being fooled by “the Authorities” into fighting amongst ourselves and therefore miss who is controlling all sides of the battlefield and thereby holds power over us and our future!

As Attorney General Eric Holder’s ‘Fast & Furious’ campaign of gun running to organized crime gangs was reported in the controlled “news”---while in reality it was over a 100-1000 times worse-diabolical---so also was Jeffrey Epstein’s flesh peddling 1000-10,000 times worse-diabolical-disgusting-Satanic-evil worse than reported. Human trafficking of 14-17 year old girls was reported, but the notorious Blackmailing was the main event that was covered up by all the Media and court focus being made on the 14-17 age. Not that I think prostituting 14-17 age is O.K., I want to make it clear that the selling of babies for ritual sacrifice and collection of Adrenochrome and other Blackmailing of all sorts of secrets---many via the compromising of ultimate secrets maintained within Secret Societies such as Skull & Bones---this is the real meat and power of these Epstein-like Blackmail Foundations.

This is another ‘Short and sweet answer’ to what you need to do to remove yourself from “The Mess” Corporatocracy, if you are capable of self-responsibility.
Why listen to this video rather than what you have been schooled/programmed?
Your school & media programming is all based on a BIG LIE! It is a 2 dimensional SIMULATION based on a Flat Earth paper contract!
You had a CREATOR that allotted you 5 full dimensions. But most of you got fooled/a con-job by a Super Salesman into an enslaving Satanic reptilian Corporation. (Don’t let the words fool you.)

The two main practices in my life over the past 45-50 years have been ecology and energy consumption and production. This may have been as a result of having been raised in a military family and thinking the military was for protecting nations and being ‘of service’ to the people. I ended up in the military myself due to the Draft for Vietnam. When I got out of the military after 6 years, I packed gear onto my 10 speed bicycle and peddled out into the desert north from Las Vegas, Nevada to find what the World was all about. After experiencing a search of 8 months I came across like-minded individuals who also sought these two subjects.
The first thing to learn in these is that it is far easier to keep them at the least utilized, as it is cutting to the least that is easy while using the more is expensive and harder to obtain. To learn this one must study-observe how the Earth and Nature operates. ..the Universal Laws.
I quickly learned that when you practice ecology and energy production you run smack into the wall of politics! What does politics have to do with this? This World is now set up as a commercial enterprise, a One World global corporation run out of The City of London, Inc. It doesn’t allow competition. Zionist in principal, it treats slaves as the property of the elite who established their Order as an automatic machine without a soul. The slaves or Citizens are debtors and therefor owe allegiance and their blood Bonds to this Ritual-based Globalist Order. In other words, Socialism, Communism, or any ‘–ism’ including Satanism must have elite-overlords to maintain order. In this case it is rather an automatic artificial intelligence establishment based on enforcement of civil Uniform Commercial Codes. Criminal Law is allowed little enforcement and is totally secondary (..because it is the most notorious criminals that run This Show-scam).
Extremely powerful groups such as Southern Poverty Law Center target nationalistic practices by those who seek the old Constitutional based system. The Corporatocracy supersedes nations, as corporate Citizens have legally signed over their Power of Attorney to The global Corporation. So called ‘Patriots’ are Blacklisted, busted, and their work is covered-up or discredited as “Conspiracy Theories.”

Earth-based energy production and practicing true ecology allows freedom from The Empire’s commercial ‘Utility grid.’ These two practices are deemed by ThePowersThatBe as a threat to Them.

https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=143795 or @:

If the Queen of Great Britain, The true King of England, or the President of the corporate United States, Inc. had your best interests at heart, they would be telling you what is printed here and said in these videos of mine.
“By their actions, they shall be known and recognized.”

Robert David Steele is attempting to save the corporate Empire. He needs to work at re-occupying our county governments via self-government like Gordon Kahl (1920-83) attempted and not continue contracts with Representative incorporated entities through City of London.


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My 9 e-books may be seen @ https://payhip.com/duncanPhelps

Educational videos for those who want to learn their place in the world and its place in the Universe.
Simple basic street talk.
These videos are a result of my having questioned "the Official Story" at the time, 1963 when I was just beginning high school, and then having begun a look for the truth behind the JFK assassination. Strange, but not really, it has been a long road, and these videos are my latest work to date to reveal what I have gained for those who yearn for Truth.
Had that Coupe never happened, myself and all of us would be living in a far different world today. Only through knowing the Truth will we begin to set ourselves free. That is, if we act on what we learn, so that we change our own lives. We must also be self-responsible.
Since my upload Oct. 18 of: 'A BIGGER lie-scam: Representative Gov.'; I have had trouble with uploading videos. You may have to look under the 'Comment' section in order to link to a working video. Have I gone too far in exposing some Truths??? ..& some agent or A.I. has set a 'virus' on me?
You have my permission to make copies of these videos and pass them on... if we don't do something soon, they will disappear along with much of other's exposures.
Truth is like the genes of natural growth... it should never be copyrighted. Monsatan has developed GMOs so they can only sell them & make The Mon$y. They get various government agencies to make 'natural' difficult to obtain. They also get agencies to accept MSGs labelled as 'natural flavors'---thus damaging the brains of those who consume products containing them (thus making consumers/Human Resources/chattel more compliant).

Everyone who had reached the age of reason by 1963 remembers what they were doing when they learned JFK had been shot. Well, except daddy Bush claiming he does not recall. But then he may have never arrived at reason.
Why do we all remember so well? This ‘Action’ was of such a tremendous degree that it altered our collective Time-line.

I have spent my entire adult life trying to figure this all out, so that we might get back to where we would have been, had this ‘Action’ not been allowed to happen OR allowed to “Officially” continue.
This ‘Action’ brought negative forces together that united against the general population.
This Uniting was an in-corporatization of A one Global World governance. That is, since “They got away with [Presidential] murder” these combined-united negative bodies continue Their ruler-ship and EXPANSION to this day because They have never been fingered, found guilty, and put away!
Our educational system has failed us because we have allowed it to be.
The East India Trading Company out of ‘the City of London’ was the first true corporation. Its power and influence to alter and control a nation, its land and people, was proven beyond a doubt during the Opium Wars.
The banksters behind this opium drug cartel have always set one side against the other so almost everything is a win-win for them. The central banks have financed every ‘Action’ whether they be Nazi, Zionist, communist, socialist, crony-capitalist, or Mafia. They are all one the same… “We-the-Elite control the peon-slave-chattel class as we have fooled them into believing we are their representatives-masters and grant them freedom via their self-application process!” In the U.S.Inc., the schools instruct their students they are free and then give them a ‘graduation certificate’ that announces they have been proudly educated. The corporate media backs this up with “fake news” supporting this ‘fake education’ and ‘fake polls, fake elections, fake markets, and falsified statistics.’

My Aunts were 'Daughters of the American Revolution.' They were the strength in our Family. As was their Mother. They traced one of our bloodlines to the Ball Family. The Balls were the Mother lineage of George Washington. As 1st President he attempted to lead by example. Since 1837 under President Andrew Jackson that has not been the case. Pres. Trump has yet been able to prove his case.
I could say I Am of a rather Matriarchal family.
One could say, Mary Ball was rather of a matriarch herself. At her time some referred to her as "Mother of Christ" and loyal to England.
My mother was English-Scot, and rather matriarchal in nature, if I would say in honor myself! Her sister was also strong and lived like that until she was 102 of age.

Another interesting side point: Our Booth blood traces back to the same town in England which John Wilkes Booth traced to. There is evidence that John did not shoot President Lincoln but played a part, ending up as 'the patsy Lone Gunman' like Lee Harvey Oswald.