Video opens with an extemporaneous overindulgence of a video interview with Clif High on the anticipations-[rising] expectations of coming changes OR not: 'World Changing Event?' https://stateofthenation.co/?p=187046
Whether you recognize or can be alerted of it or not, banking is the top priority in either ruling-controlling a nation or running it in a free open manner. The two variations are determined by whether the bank-'notes' are based on debt or many assets/products/real goods & 'beneficial' services.

It wasn't just World War II that was over gold possession... That's what was behind the historic Opium Wars [..between The British Empire & China]! History is repeating today, but the difference this Time is China is challenging the 'Top-Dog' status.
You may want to listen to these videos @ a faster speed-setting.
Who is paying the Party? ..Who is behind "The Way it Is?"

Paradise, California arc beams: https://www.thesupernatural.show/?wix-vod-video-id=17b1506474264511b496e6d3dcfb5407&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-lmtiabq8


There are corrupt contractors out repeatedly solicitating business across this land offering to make evil Devil-deals with you, so if you contract with THEM, you no longer legally have your Power-of-Attorney & natural rights granted by our Creator of the Universe.
Trump & Republicans are merely "controlled opposition." He was still a president of The Corporation. Part of the Voting contract is: To go along/agree with the winning party if your Party loses!
ThePowersThatBe via their media & schools teach/instill US Citizens/chattel/sheeple to sacrifice themselves to the vaccination gods because they are "useless eater" & not intelligent enough to recognize when they are continuously fed B.S. to turn them to foolishly surrender their legal Power-of-Attorney & rights over to REPRESENTATIVES. The so-called conservative media stooges are the worst & most guilty of maintaining this as a secret to their audiences. They never disclose that registering to vote is like a death-sacrifice sentence. (Have you ever heard this revelation?)
Only 2 pages of reading: http://annavonreitz.com/sooftenhappens.pdf
http://annavonreitz.com/freemasonrypostalunion.pdf & http://annavonreitz.com/sercoanddod.pdf
What a waste: Police who are presently paid by The [parasitic debt-making] Corporatocracy solicited/issued me a ticket for traveling while I was working @ establishing a positive asset-based banking system as a #1 priority: https://globalfamilygroup.com/lrps.html
An analogy: Police employees are like ball team member out on a children's school playground who accost me-a-mere-kid "on the playground" to be a sand-lot ball player on their 'team' or their waterboy (attempt to solicit me to sign-up with THEM as a member/player). They ticketed me but I never contracted with THEM! ..So, I recorded a Claim against THEM, their JUDGE, & their Risk Management City Finance Department; which THEY never disputed/counter-claimed---so it stands as Final.

Every society/civilization & government (even your job or career too) has a cycle to its life. A bureaucracy has a cycle too. At different Times during that cycle, there are different degrees that can & should be maintained to keep order, but the overall priority should be to accomplish the goals of 'that charter' rather than ego or enlargement & power of the bureaucracy in & 'of' itself.
Listen to this @ a faster speed setting if you wish.

Under today's bureaucratic IN DEBT Deep State, the purpose is NOT to get a job done, but to make more controls, regulations, money, graft, corruption & enlarge the bureaucracy itself. Getting the job done has nothing to do with it AND in fact NOT doing the job is probably a chief goal! THAT IS WHAT increasing a DEBT is ALL ABOUT!

A REPRESENTATIVE has different functions under different conditions of having received that POWER [-of-attorney or NOT]. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the one in the higher position that must be held accountable [for getting the job done in a rightful Time constraint]. What is your responsibility? ..And to whom have you delegated or contracted that to BE?


If you fall too much on the side of increasing a bureaucratic controlled order, perhaps you need to remain within a British Commonwealth-Territorial or Municipal-commercial corporate order.

http://annavonreitz.com/freemasonrypostalunion.pdf = This is an incredibly explicit article which needs to be re-read at least 3 times!

Since Luciferians created the Deep State---which eventually turned Satanic due to them not giving those contracting with their One World Corporation a way 'out'-clause---said Luciferians are therefore held accountable to terminate Satan's followers via JAB or a similar method. This is because bureaucratic Satanists, being the over-REGULATORS (controllers which hate freedom/truth seekers) they are, refuse to limit their control-over only those contracting with, following, voting for, & pledging to be REPRESENTED by them thereby are in the process of destroying all of mankind plus the Earth by poisoning our air (geoengineering the weather engine of Earth) & food supply.
Geoengineering film by Michael J. Murphy:
As in other cases, "the negatives" have blamed "climate change" on the General Public, when it is the geoengineers themselves who are changing/altering the weather engine!
Benjamin Fulford may not have this list exactly correct, but it gives you an idea of the many factions which some claim are "secret" & competing!:
Important September 6th update: http://annavonreitz.com/foreigndeathcult.pdf

AND a read on the more wild side (Thank you Australia for Mary Maxwell): https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=228634
Am not a fan of Alex Jones but this one is worth a listen @ before 4 minute mark where he talks about the "testing of high atmosphere bombs" as I did in my past videos as doing GREAT damage: https://banned.video/watch?id=64f7aec0ead8b1c484282652 = or like Bill Gates has the money so why not make him more by cutting down the forests "to save the Earth!"
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano's 2 month old 13 min. video statement:

Addition 9/11/'23: One reason many people who are waking-up are having a new bout of depression to a degree is: They are finally beginning to see that they have been a part of an Empire which is NOT "the good guys!" The US corporation, along with NATO & the British Commonwealth = inner City of London are parasites/the bad guys of this World.
Just figure what are the implications are if "9/11" was "An inside job?"

Congratulations: https://benjaminfulford.net/2023/09/06/benjamin-fulford-and-anna-von-reitz-interview-09-06-2023/

What does a successful coup mean for a society? It means those loyal, pledged, & voting for REPRESENTATIVEs of the coup members are living under a totally alternative reality or Time-line which is set on a degenerating & increasingly corrupt scale! This means THEY are cut-off from those who have separated from this BEASTly coup-cult & THEY can no longer have access to a life within the [secret from THEM] advancing Break-Away Civilizations.
Is there any way to combine the 2 again? IT must first be formally recognized: There are 2 different classes of people: 1.) US Citizens/commercial jurisdiction 'persons' (debtors/those maintaining a credit-base System of endless IOUs) & 2.) Sovereigns [on the land] -Those who are asset-based.
Currently, the U.S. Military is mercenary (as they are paid by SERCO a British Multinational Corporation) and has been since the Time of the American Civil War (Itself a mercenary conflict supported on both sides by Great Britain's Central Banks.). When SERCO's charter is pulled, the U.S. Military may again be paid by The States Assembly and return to its roots of protecting the Constitution & People of America.
So, this is how it is: Relative to the successful coup members (CIA + their corporate Elite buddies in crime), the gullible enslaved love-worshipping General Public are mere subjects which have been 'graded' & organized under an animal "Farm"* that are not allowed in on The Secrets and are fed B.S. in order to allow their body & soul energies to be harvested/sacrificed at will of their said legal-SPELL-casting owners.
* This is why the slang-term/word for the CIA is: "The Farm!"

According to an earlier addition of New York City's Dun & Bradstreet Lori Lane owns County of Pinal, Inc., PLUS all who are assumed pledged to IT. This is legally identical to the Board of Governors of the FED, a few more Central Bankers & their various Agents-Forums, BlackRock, Vanguard, & State Street owning the US INC. & you, unless you have recorded yourself to be lawfully sovereign or are a Citizen of one of the BRICS Alliance nations.
I hate to be the first one to break this news to you. But legally, that is the way the NWO/One World Order or The Cabal & associates** sees IT. Don't believe me? Sadly, according to The CODE, THAT's THE WAY IT IS!
Understand THIS, and you understand THE Incorporated WORLD of the lawyer's 2-dimensional "paper" contract. This is probably one of the most important magically SPELLed secrets ever to be revealed.
** According to the Successful Coup Families' descendants.
Unfortunately, extremely few people have knowledge of the above printed words.
There is mounting evidence now that the owners of the Animal Farm have begun culling/depopulating their claimed PATENTED herd.

In other words, to succeed we must NOT follow future various numerous deceptive-errored-degenerating TimeLines (like that of the part-A.I. Grays); we must retrace the singular-true straight & narrow TimeLine of our graduate [no longer reincarnating] Forefathers!
http://annavonreitz.com/monetaryone.pdf - https://ruskazna.su/en/rezolyuciya-019-en

A significant point: Those who are of a Positive Nature uniformly don't want to give any advanced technology to those who control* & are pledged to the One World Corporation* as it will only be used to extend IT's power base. It is much like the point one gets to when you realize most taxes are used only for the debt[slave]-based Khazian parasitical Power structure... So, WHY WORK FOR THEM!

If you know your genes, you know your talents. Many skills you are simply born capable of, you cannot be easily taught them in school. School administrators, teachers, promotors, degree & license issuers "Can't handle the Truth." ..That THEIR System doesn't work! THEY also don't want to hear that IT has failed, and therefore must be replaced with something better that is based in Nature's Laws.

From Part 1: "Take me to your leader."
Answer: "We have no visible nor known leader."
"That is why no one can be held accountable & responsible for the degenerating & collapsing direction society is headed. Merely blame it all on Satan!"

The in-depth knowledge that 'general society'---who has pledged themselves & their children to the Corporatocracy---cannot "Handle the Truth" keeps those of the Positive Birthright from speaking of this Truth better than ANY Non-Disclosure Agreement could ever!
Since November 1963 The Corporate World [minus those at the top of this Cabal & their NDA's] has lived under the total rule of those who seceded in pulling-off the biggest coup & take-over of a society in recorded history.
General Society, because of this legal pledge cannot ever be connected to an Advanced Civilization regardless of death-dealing NDAs which are never fully disclosed to those who pledge/make signature as a license APPLICANT.

<= This would be more believable 'To prevent additional Citizens from pledging allegiance to the War Flag of the One [Corporate] World Order' than the general Public ever waking-up to the facts SPELLed out in this 38 min. video.
As in the move: A Few Good Men: "You can't handle the truth!" This may be the most difficult Truth to face: Mankind today, is not capable of self-government as a body[politic].
* Examples how the Central Bankster Cabal only uses advanced technology to control or destroy General Society: Twin Tower complex, Navy's Pentagon wing, logistics, & "wildfires" including recent Maui with DEW beams.
Yes, and Oswald shot a magic pristine bullet that went through JFK twice & Connally! ..No coup here & no Corporatocracy, move on... "You will own nothing & be happy! War makes peace."

If a tree falls in the forest, & only one woman records this adjustment to our World, then it has indeed made a significance, even if a forum of persons doesn't want to accept it as Truly in existence & available!
Anna Von Reitz as Fiduciary accepts the "National"/Corporate debt so the -0 [negative] value of the IOUs are stopped/paid-in-full/zeroed-out/no-longer-forwarded:
When a $ = IOU = 0 chance of paying-in-full/buying---meaning we all are passing-the-buck/surviving-on-[parasitic] credit/continuing a de-basement of life.

Trump's Crime of Mis-information - If Trump was straight-up, he would be calling forth the return Of the Republic. In his current position, he is only indebting more voters to surrender their Power-of-Attorney to the Corporatocracy; thereby functioning as 'controlled opposition.'
Lady in green & Mitch:

Earth's magnetic field is weakening (15 min.):
The Tree of Good & Evil System/"magic"-science SPELLs/the Negative Birthright/debt-creation is NOT what we need to live according to or we will never reach an Ascension [Graduate from the Re-incarnation Wheel]; but will continue to de-volve/Fall/be-parasitic/have to face great Adjustment-%-@-the-End-of-[cosmic]Cycle. The Tree of Life is asset-based/a Positive Birthright.

In past videos I showed how the local "County" bureaucrats have condemned my property, so it will meet with THEIR/Corporate-Community Development Plan; & I stated THEY will be coming for you next & how you need to deal with IT NOW---by breaking the contracts! This is what the Maui Fire is all about!

This is classed as a fiction story. Parts are from a 2012 e-book.
*The Elite AND CORPORATE WORLD SYSTEM also participate as "energy harvesters" or parasites, more complicated than the movie 'The Matrix.' In extreme cases they become Adrenochrome addicts.
However, groups or the civilized who have lawfully separated from the bankrupt/corrupted half of civilization---The Corporate One World---must maintain their separation (sometimes with a NonDisclosureAgreement) as in: "Come out of Her, the [parasitic] Harlot." There are numbers of these "Break-Away civilizations" (including Secret Space forces) which don't even know other ones exist. They differ in their knowledge & use of advanced technologies. They are, however, all on a higher level of knowledge than are the in-the-dark Masses/general population of sheeple/"voluntary" slave-indentured/mRNA patented-CLAIMS.
Not covered in this Part 1 story:
Source is our Creator (A name/word for HIM would be a degrading insult!).  Some have reason to state Yahweh came along later & has charge of the Re-incarnation Wheel---which most have to deal with (*This is a form of "The original energy harvesting.") to the degree of whether we follow The Light upon passing!
Actions have consequences---results. The agenda---the intent---sets one up for The outcome Time-Line.
Act and you shall have a response.
Each of our lives is a sort of contract/covenant. We each have to face what our actions have caused. This is how we & Source learns/experiences. Too many don't realize how extended this period of Time goes on! That is why much of the pre-Egyptians attempted to record and leave "a heads-up" to future civilizations: LEARN SO YOU & we DO NOT HAVE TO REPEAT/recycle in the reincarnation Wheel-of-life.
The trick is to not forget between lives (nor contract as with a NDA) & not believe the B.S. whether it comes from the 5th, 3rd, & especially the 2nd dimension corporate World---Which some refer to as Satan's World!

The Central Bank---headquartered within the inner City of London, INC. & been assigned a Charter by Vatican City---is YOUR govern-ing body-ment [government] if you have pledged your wealth, property, soul, children to IT, by signing your Power of Attorney over to that ENTITY.
You do have a choice to rescind your contract with IT (Lucifer) if IT is fraud, & that in fact you are NOT an employee of said. This revocation can be in the form/forum of a 1779 Declaration, which allows you to copyright (c) your StrawMan account, thereby you gain access to that Record-ing, rather than be the sole milking-board for the Elite Cabal on Wall Street business speculations (Satanic).
When a recorded rescinding/revocation is created you are a sovereign to the REPRESENTATIVE Satanic in-debted-System---you again have your lawful Power of Attorney/freedom to be self-responsible.

When The Federal government is a corporation, it must consider The People as The Enemy! > Senate Report No. 93-549, 93rd Congress, 1st Session (1973) https://anticorruptionsociety.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/to-the-american-national-people-booklet.pdf

The "national" debt is not 'the People's' debt. They have been fooled by identity thieves via this fraud into believing AND accepting it as their debt! "The debt" is a corporate debt from soliciting contractors under the inner City of London, INC. of which Washington, D.C. is merely a subdivision of said. Both of these corporations & all incorporated entities were given written Charters by Vatican City. Their bankruptcy [& many roll-over name changes] has been brought to the attention and is presently 'in sitting' before the Vatican Chancery Court under Ecclesiastical Law for correction... Many Charters are under consideration of being pulled or withdrawn... For the purpose of replacing "the system" BECAUSE it is more than "very shaky" ..it is bankrupt; thanks to a June 1st, 2023, decision to remove "a debt-ceiling." Simply put: No debt-ceiling=no system; the System is bankrupt!
The Central Bank is a Ponzi Scheme. When you lie, you have to lie more to cover-up; in the End you run out of room to lie any more... so you freeze-up like McConnell did: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2023/jul/26/mitch-mcconnell-stops-press-conference-video
Mitch said NDA & again here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/MBw9JMmawLgf/
https://www.fff.org/2023/07/14/the-achilles-heel-of-the-jfk-assassination/ :
When you speak the truth, nothing can rebut it... THEY have no answer/response!
Historically, whenever there is a decisive military defeat (Ukraine), big regime changes follow regarding the promoters!

JFK was ending the usury FED in 1963!
How you & the Assembly+ 1-2% & public State Banks can solve This MESS.
Jon Levi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7cDX0HUF0o
How close were X-Files to reality? Conspiracy Theory? But NOT "extra-terrestrial"--German=Tribe of Asher. There's a difference in German & Nazi; just like difference in Chinese people & CCommunistParty; & Ukrainian Nazi mercenaries & Ukrainian people. Now the Khazars support Ukraine Nazi while in WW II Soros-Khazars claimed Nazi were bad. This should expose you to truth! i.e.: Khazars created the Nazi & BLMatters+"Anti"Fa as fascism suits THEM--only 2nd to democracy=Where a majority of parasites can eat the minority:
You've been Mooned:
Early geoengineering was 1958-62 high-altitude detonation of nuclear weapons in Earth's upper atmosphere. This is possibly a real cause of loss of our ozone layer. The effects take decades to show. So the Elite Cabal's solution is: Dump more chemicals in the atmosphere=Making things worse & tell US to eliminate cow fart's, diesel-gas engines. Besides, electric vehicles are easier for THEM to control via their GRID! And the Many pledge allegiance to THESE idiot-blood/energy sucking LEGAL REPRESENTATIVEs!
Will you ever learn, so NOT to have to repeat history?
The Tatarian peoples based their System-civilization on asset-building=mimicking the Earth/Universal Law.
ARCHBISHOP CARLO MARIA VIGANO gives WORLD WARNING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3lb1MFDh7Y
Tataria: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=225743 The Secret Principle of Rhythm: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=225751
Read-watch what is in above links! I have been doing similar myself on my own with 'singing bowl' music & meditation/tuning-fork methods for years.
Will the Sun intercede & save US soon with CME to knock-out THEIR GRID & THEIR accounting-control SYSTEM? Keep an eye on Sun:
Earth is blueberry-like; with Antarctic as flower end=dimensional portal, where expansion of plates is active. Germans discovered this in 1930s-much activities continue there today, as in distant past, with totally NOT associated [but competing] groups/Forums!
Anna's fiduciary system is superior to demon-Alliance; although there's good background info here. But this Q-Trump-Alliance B.S. is CIA-Cabal controlled & set-up with no real people working to bring to fruition. Proof=THEY urge displaying MariTime War flags
Bank http://annavonreitz.com/soundoffreedom.pdf

Jon Levi https://adrenogate.net/wp/2021/09/13/roman-ruins-in-america-jon-levi/
What is a Jew? Or NOT: http://annavonreitz.com/cruxofthematter.pdf
All the best history on British-Israeli Blood-lines has been removed/censored from InterNet over the past 10 years. This is not forthcoming, but that is what we get when you register to be legally REPRESENTED/enslaved by mostly jews claiming identity of "The Chosen:" https://www.bibleworkbook.com/2020/07/02/the-thirteen-tribes-of-israel/
The current growing interests in Tartaria & why it's receiving coverage now, makes me think IT IS A SET-UP! While... my videos get NO INTERESTED? Even my postings @ Gab.com NEVER get # counts, likes/dislikes or comments? Are those postings appearing only on my computer? The 'A.I. filter programs' many use on webSites for Spam function as type of censorship!
Some of Tatarian history is compromised to make those looking at it appear NUTS to new-bees. Much destruction of history is by types who want to destroy any old stuff.  Look at the beauty of 1880-1928 architecture!  Look at the evidence the Chicago Fire & other great city fires were started by pro-bankster groups/Secret Society types.  What about "Forest Fires" of today + warehouse fires + train derailments + WARS + 9-11? Destroy the old=make more $$ for the banksters, their underlings, & political parties! Did I mention World Wars? Bombs are money makers & control devices!
This is an example in a video report supposedly from Russia that someone went to a lot of work to falsify:
It puts into question much of other works! Who is paying for these fake inserts? What types are interested in making fake photos to put in videos? Like how many photos are CGI=made to be fake? See mark 141: U.S. Capitol building
I know of a couple other popular [mud flood] photos that are fake too.  So how many are fake? Why do some try & make all Tatarian interests equate to Flat Earth teachings? No connection EXCEPT the WORLD of 2-dimensional paper contracts/documents is FLAT!  Would that make ABA/BBA lawyers Flat Earthers? Seems to me some are being set-up to be stooges! Same-ol' thing---been there, seen it already!
Question my Time-line of history? Compare downtown San Fransisco of 1885 to 1925 to today! Thank the Central Banksters who many worship-sign-onto/pledge-to & refuse to accept these facts of contract law.
Speaking of, just saw person down his pant & do #2 in city park, Colorado.

Police, ABA Judges, & mercenary military have been enforcing the business model now longTime in place. It is The Model that dictates. No 1 person can give orders.
It is A.I. on automatic!
If you think banking is 'over-your-head' or 'above-your-paygrade' you are in DEEP do-do (Stuck upon a Time-line/Right-of-Way from out of the movie sequel: 'Mad Max'). Banking is the number 1 controller of 'The World' System, due to it being the #1 agency-determination in accounting & accountability=responsibility of mankind. It is responsibility, whether 'self' or via a CONTRACTed REPRESENTATIVE=be it parasitic off others or claiming dependency (Devil's Contract) to a DEEP STATE rather than independence, as in a recorded Declaration of Independence!
https://annavonreitz.com/replytotactproposal.pdf =
True [un-incorporated] "Government focused on securing the rights, labor and property for all the people" under that forum (The Public). While, on the-other-hand, an incorporated private business venture [falsely identifying itself as a government] obtains labor by CONTRACTING (often via fraud=fooling suckers/"Freely eating of Lucifer's Apple"=having a free-choice* of Paths in this Universe) people to give/pledge most of their labor, rights, property, & children to supporting the owners/elite of said corporatocracy & ITs growing list/account of underlings/munchkins/Citizens at the top level by enslaving those of the middle class & more! =modern-day slavery = termed by the Public scfool System & mainline "News"media to be called: "Freedom," "Make the World safe for Democracy," & Climate Change is caused by too many persons & cow farts.
*Since the Police shot/executed Utahn, Chase Allan, 25, on March 1st, 2023 who recorded as a Sovereign "flying/displaying the Peace/Liberty Flag", there is NO LONGER a free-choice in contracting or not with the Devil's Ways. The Game has now changed. Under Universal Law people must have free-choice in "Making a deal with The Devil." This is why [much of] the Rothschild-type Luciferians are cutting-ties with the Deep State Satanists. ..We are now under a different phase of Earth's Great Cycle, as Yoga teachings would say.

For what it is worth?: https://wwcw.bitchute.com/video/S1TOoF41Sw3D/
?B.S.? ..More "White Hat shit?" Part CIA disinfo. .."Saving us in 2 weeks!" ..the 30th? (I say: The Merovingians are NOT jews [originally]; certainly not khazar. Many whites have a varying small % of Merovingian blood: 1 of The 13 Tribes. https://www.historicmysteries.com/merovingian/ Basically: The Catholics accept the Pope as a REPRESENTATIVE between them & The Creator, while the Protestants see themselves as being independent to communicate/deal with Source without contracting with a go-between REPRESENTATIVE [Kind of like being Sovereign]! U.S.Inc.Citizen-slaves are such because they have contracted with REPRESENTATIVEs also to make deals with [pledged to] the Devil-Luciferians [But now has degenerated into Deal-with-Satanists!]. The khazars attempt to take-over [by mixing with] this bloodline & propagandize all to accept khazars as superior/king-of-the-world [via Zionism].)
Saw this July 1st: http://annavonreitz.com/nationallevelidentitytheft.pdf

A particular Time-line develops due to what we allow to be carried out or complied with. That is why ThePowersThatBe destroy both history & current records. "He who controls the past records, dictates the present, & gets what they want in the future." ..We must stop believing the lies of the media, schools, BlackLM, Anti-Fa, Transgender promoters, Global Climate Change adherents, & politicians AND act accordingly. Otherwise, THEIR promoted Time-line will take-precedence & the Grey-demon-trans-bio-robotic will become more real; as humans will become half-Nano=thereby become 'The Greys' (not actually Alien, but from here, in A future Time-line; a possible Time-line you don't really want to be a part of)!
This is a very important development that needs to be seen-studied with knowledge-based science: link to Nano-filament growth:
Info on the Aquarian [Golden] Age (For what this writing is worth?):

If WaterGate had never been reported & prosecuted, we would be on a Time-line that Nixon would have been President for a 2nd term! If Hunter & his Dad would have been prosecuted for Treason, we would be on a Time-line where Biden had never become President. But since this is a Corporatocracy there is no treason, only a business contract with the CCP!
UFOs & development of Earth energies cannot take place under a Time-line of forced Bankster Rule by UCC.
Destruction of historical, lawful, & legal records with a System based on lies = a destruction of our civilization. Elimination of a debt-ceiling is the end of civil order. Which Time-line we are on is your choice by your actions or non-action... What forum do you support & pledge allegiance to?
On 1 Time-line we have the military pledged/defending the Central Banksters. The other the military defends Anna Von Reitz, et al. un-incorporated & the 1787 Constitution with the Bill of Rights.
Just came across this 6/27/'23; he's saying much what I have:

Obviously, this video is deep, it deals with The Deep State+more. Many listeners, perhaps a majority won't have patience-Time-depth themselves & understanding to hear me out. A majority consensus doesn't make a lie the truth! These topics covered here are our deepest problems+there isn't the forum for a people discussion & it is necessary to expose this now for those who can "Handle the Truth!" We cannot allow the "Can to be kicked down-the-road" & ignore our Promissory, non-contracts, & lies, whether they be in a form/forum of Notes, signatures, documents, records, or mere assumptions.
I hear the complaint: "If you can't make your point in 1 minute, it is worthless & you are a failure." Because otherwise, I do not have the attention span-intelligence to get it! That is like: Explain The Universe in a short sentence! It would be so profound you won't get it: 'The Universe is the Alpha & Omega; the beginning, the end!'
It has been said, "Banks are crooked." They make money by the mortgages you sign [promise] for. THEY then want to charge you an interest % on top of that to make added more; & even more if you default on it--they get all the $ you paid so far + get the total value of the property that you forfeit!
If the market is a bubble when a loan is contracted, the bank loses upon a crash. If I sign a Promissory Note when the market is over-inflated, the bank should be joyful we agreed on that high-value; BUT they are not satisfied & want usury upfront on top! Cities-Counties-State-FED INC. want high taxes so you lose your property to THEM who control, & THEY who condemn, like in their case against me!
Today's banks refuse to face the facts/accounting; perhaps THEIR Charter/business model will-NOT allow that! Therefore, THEY must ALL soon fail & NOT be bailed out [with government $ (is YOUR money)]--nor "bailed-in" with your money.
A People's bank might also default if the Promised [Certified Birthright] account Trusts do not materialize! Ultimately, both kinds of banks come down to (in-part) enslaved energy; whether from fraud-induced contracts or over-thieving bureaucrats who have defaulted on a Positive Claim which THEY then must pay-back while in prison camps because THEY have Ponzi-schemed from their Munchkins/Human Resources/weaklings/low-peck-order "chickens." And what else-choice do you have but work-for-food & shelter when in a cold locality like Siberia when there is nothing else. Historic military armies have conquered much with no pay, & only a Promissory Note of a % of the spoils!
I trust lawful settlement can soon be arrived at so as to maintain a civilization-level! A CME, EMP, or parasites in-the-streets is not a good allowable choice! Perhaps, THEIR A.I. computer will make this (points in this video) clear to PowersThatBe. THEY can't have created a lying computer=no better than THEM liars! As Elon Musk alluded: A computer programmed to lie is not of use to anyone. Point: Only truth sets you free.

Cover photo: I located these few remains of an unmarked native village from 200-400 years ago located in now New Mexico. This was their irrigation collection system with much broken pottery. They break it (returning it from where it came) when they move locations. This also eliminates taking disease [embedded in pottery] to new local!
Recorded @ 6:15 a.m. Watch @ faster speed setting to save your Time! All photos are during my travels searching the Right-of-Way to a Positive life.
Do you want a CMEjection, EMPulse, individualized tracking-controlled Digitized indebting currency, or Positive asset-based freedom? ..Then get active or very soon you will have no choice & have to remain "arm-chair addict-happy."
Michael Tellinger is a scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author of numerous books, and dozens of lectures + user of a Promissory Note: https://www.michaeltellinger.com/
Michelle Gibson: great rivers, Star Forts & StarGates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=putzEB-VoKg also:
No NASA landing on Moon:
Are NanoTech (mRNA) injections going to turn you onto the TimeLine of a 'Grey-"Alien"?':
Bank situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NMlfa54WLQ
BlackRock Exec: We 'Control The World': 'We Buy Politicians - War is Good For Our Business: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=224818
I only read this on the afternoon of June 23rd:
6/25/'23 heard this last night [? coincidence?]: stargatepyramids.com

Even the Rothschild Family once said "Give me the power to create a nation's currency & I care not what government rules"--now realizes THEY no longer have control over The CORPORATOCRACY which is running the 2-dimensional World that most of US see as reality!
We all must stop blaming the other guy, if we are to Save The Earth, not "the World." All our problems in this BIG MESS stem from 'Promissory Notes" that are not backed by anything but lies. THE World SYSTEM has no one in control of it now. IT must be reduced to 0 = zero for the Phoenix to rise = a new cycle to begin. We must base our currency on an asset, a genuine Promissory Note, and NOT a mere digitized ONE WORLD $ or other rented usury-debt-based currency.
In my studies of Howard Hughes [who my father worked for in the development of radar in the 1930s], he later set-up a corporation so he wouldn't have to work so hard at what he had built--but the Corporation & head CEOs took over and left/forced him out-of-the-picture.  Later THE CORPORATION took over from the CEOs & left them with no control. This is where we are presently at regarding The World [Global] Corporation, people are no longer in control. The CORPORATION dictates to humans how they must comply or they are no longer part-of-the Social Credit Score for food & being happy="You will own nothing & be happy" -Klaus Schwab. Take your JAB like a good Munchkin & shut up!  Our math students must watch propaganda films on Transgender non-sex & Ball Game attendees must face daily "education" regarding how Transgender [NO sex] is changing 'The Game.' While the Corporate food processors add hormones, MSG = "Natural Flavors" to food so boys become feminine & girls become masculine & our brains don't act normal!
Elon Musk has been using a type of 'Promissory Note' I speak of here for building companies much like Howard did in his early years: 1930s-early '50s.
The IMF ADMITS That It's Working On "GLOBAL CBDC INFRASTRUCTURE." US Dollar On Borrowed Time:
Dave McGowan's: Wagging the Moondoggie:
My Credit Score is 0 because I never borrowed for something that I wanted; therefore, I'm ineligible to sign-record a mortgage/vendor application.
I ask: Would ___ Bank accept a 'Promissory Note' [based on a copyrighted BIRTH CERTIFICATE account Trust] of a sovereign who has a high-er Credit Score? There are many out there. Or is your banking Charter the [inCorporate] RULER & decision maker?
Will your bank realize the dollar's (negative/worthless-base) demise now that there is no debt-ceiling? This is like: "The Emperor has no clothes."  I Am telling all: 'The dollar now has no value level.' Only a repeated lie remains: "The Emperor has clothes on!" Janet Yellen: "The Dollar remains strong!" Will your banks realize they must change their policy?

Having a claim documented via a Risk Management division of a corporation never Counter-claimed/answered-as-to-cause is more powerful (more of a Bully) than a Maritime Court Judge's rule under 'color-of-law' against me. It matters NOT an enforcement date... As we are to soon find out: If there is no Rule of Law, the is no civilization. Color-of-law is basically no more Rule-of-Law, no civilized order!
The ABA/BBA Judges/enforcers are betting on The System never collapsing!
If there is nuclear EMP war, there is no longer a civilization... No dollar! No dollar value is the result of no debt-ceiling... No civil order!
Bullies get their power & control over you when you become fearful of them. THEY become & maintain their power/control as long as you fear THEM...The PowerThatBe are gods in that sense, because you don't have any power yourself as you have surrendered your-SELF to THEM... you plead your case to THEM, THEIR [controlled-"color" of law] Court!
Disclosure of these Truths are a terrorist action to THEM, the Bully, the gods!
Banks no longer have a 'Promissory Note" in the $ dollar now that there is no debt-ceiling. This is the classic "The Emperor has no Cloths." I Am being a new bully informing you that The former Bully Emperor, the private FED Central Bank, has no value. That statement of fact, under Rule of Law, makes me have power over THEM. My actions as thus Recorded makes it so, for these are proven, unchallenged, still standing, and therefore assets...my assets/Promissory Notes!
Foreign shell corporations have been named after each of us---this has been done willfully, with greed, hoodwinking, or an incompetent hierarchy.
Unfortunately, only bullying has force today, as Rule of civilized Law has little concept due to words having lost their meanings, as seen with the actions in Law Enforcement, Admiralty-Maritime-Commerce-ABA-BBA Judges & their Courts, and contract-sworn/loyal mercenary armies.
How much is due to fraud, poisoned food & vaccinations, or outright stupidity & negligence?
Too many of you have allowed ThePowersThatBe to make you fearful of THEM, your gods, and believe even the slightest of THEIR lying propaganda & programming! Even the InterNet has become compromised, controlled, soft-censored, & full of hope-porn that you will be Saved by ___ in just another "2 weeks!"
The trouble with corporate charters is THEY make the profit & you get stuck with paying the entire bill while also renting THEIR currency in this exchange/3rd party trading-GRID process which THEY have "printed-up"/digitized.
The Sun can be the BIGGEST BAD-Asse bullying via a Coronal Mass Ejection.
I Am so attempted to allow those who support the Janet Yellen types to continue killing The System.
Correction: Lived in Japan & California, visited Hawaii.
Also, when engines are more efficient, they create less pollution (unspent fuels), as combustion is more complete of given quantity of fuel. Refining less efficient fuels is a total wrong direction.

You MUST re-learn the meaning of key words. You have to do this for & by yourself & not wait for a Saviour/White Hats/Q /Restored Republic/etc.
"You are subjecting yourselves to both these foreign forms of government by default, by failing to declare and record your political status..."/identity. Those "foreign" are outside-of or in opposition-to you; & are forms "of government" due to CONTRACT-with-a-corporation pretending to be "a government!":
Sounds right out of the movie: 'Jupiter Ascending':
The CCP is NOT China nor the people of China; the CCP & Deep State are more equal as they both do bidding for the Central Banksters:
Just because an Agency finds some craft that is "far advanced over current military," does NOT mean it is 'extra-terrestrial!':
https://thedebrief.org/intelligence-officials-say-u-s-has-retrieved-non-human-craft/ I have described how these man-built ships activate in many of my other videos; that this Time they will NOT intervene! Do NOT get them mixed up with demon/ghost type movements from "the unseen dimension"*/dream-scape who are more like both the Deep State & gods from the movie 'Jupiter Ascending!' *Which becomes visible to many "sensitive"/"taken-in" by "day"dreaming!
George Eaton again makes an important point regarding the Globalist/Deep State corporate contractors: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=223829

The first 9:35 min. & last 6 min. of this video covers additional details of how we can get out of this economic/debt-ceiling MESS we have ended up in. It involves mortgages via medium & small banks recognizing the value in Promissory Notes backed-by/drawn on our individual BIRTH CERTIFICATE account Trusts---which are an asset & not an enslaving debt as under the present private Centralized Bankster System.

The Problem: A majority think truth is a democracy. Furthermore: Voting cannot fix corruption, crime, & fraud---including 'identity fraud.' Solution: The alteration in our Time-line---the Mandela Effect---is caused by the Elite PowersThatBe not allowing the [natural Cosmic cycle of the] Aquarian Age to commence-replace the current usuries bankster Age. (Usury on a currency pool is a different "animal" than interest charged against an individual.)

These Elite Families of Banksters---the negative Elite Luciferians don't want to surrender their [degenerated] Time-hold on an ending [Fallen] Age. The Aquarian Age needs to be allowed to commence/begin & it can only do that under an asset-based economy. This will NOT happen as long as 'The Can is continued to be Kicked-down-the-Road'/debt ceiling is [parasitically] expanded!
Also read someone else's take on this subject: https://cariboosentinel.ca/2023/05/15/banks-the-debt-based-banking-system/
Dr. Fauci, Janet Yellen, Gates, Soros, etc. politicians are by definition modern gods.
The BIG problem this guy has is he does not understand there is a total difference between a public government & a privately owned corporation that individuals MAY contract with; otherwise, his points are valid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shhFmUfG1dw&t=650s

If someone's work is available on the mainline "media" &/or news, by now you should realize it is preaching the One World Corporation to a degree, no matter how "conservative" it is! My work is not widely seen. Some call that "soft censorship."
A non-Resident alien to the [private corporate] Forum, such as myself, has a different prospective---that is a non-prejudice view on reality than does a voter/pledged indebted U.S. Citizen-"volunteered" slave.

You should stay as far away from contracts/dealings-with (indebtedness to) any degree of "Partnership" with Privately owned One World Corporation. These Elite owners trade Birth Certificate account Trusts among themselves via 'Wall Street'--& you are not allowed access to these pledged bonds* or wealth-assets (which are worth more than Federal Reserve Notes.
Until we ourselves can access these Birth Cert. account Trusts most people will continue to be enslaved under a debt-System.
*When you apply for licensing or vote you pledge your property, body, soul, & children to the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Board of Governors.
American Medical Association was made a propaganda arm of Rockefeller & other elite sovereigns who are part of those who control/run the One World Corporation thanks to those fooled into legally signing over their Power-of-Attorney to REPRESENTATIVES=thereby volunteering to be enslaved; although fraudulently contrived/conceived/contracted/contradict/corrupted---but how many will take action to claim-record such-be-the-case regarding their property, children & themselves?: https://namastepublishing.co.uk/rockefeller-institute-and-the-criminal-polio-fraud/
The Elite Families propagandize most into seeing a Private Forum contract as being a Public Forum. Also, fool most into believing Private UCC=Uniform COMMERCIAL Codes are equal/equivalent to Public Law/Common Law. "Words have lost their meaning!"
Much confusion arises out of propagandization of this "Public-Private Partnership." That is THEIR Plan!=Chaos, so THEY continue to rule & extend THEIR Age/time!
Also, more about 'Plan A'---the only solution to our Central Banking problems.
Time is vibration---an action of how active/alive a body is involved/resonating/communicating/interacting within the Universe as 'A one Whole inter-relation.' Time is NOT a distance** measurement.
**e.g.: As in light-years. Is the speed of light ALWAYS, under ALL conditions, a constant? No!
The stars you see at night are NOT there right now at that place in Time! You are looking at Time [vibrating] in the heavens. The heavens you see tonight is all one big has-been!
The vibration of music is a key element that plays upon our level/elevation/ascension of life. http://annavonreitz.com/musicofthespheres.pdf Lower that tone via 442 hz by promoters of One World Order & you have more chaos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cHHRXJRIAE Those who push 442's NWO do so to enslave humanity for their personal gain/control over others & property. Keeping with 432 enables us to realize the oneness of art, science, math, history, & all studies. 432 is even used in Forefather's saucer ships. Yes, this enables harmonization to Earth's frequency which allows these ships to sail utilizing non-grounding=functioning within gravity-energy forces, like the Moon-Earth.
1985 movie: 'Cocoon'=a glimpse of Forefather's returning for those "cocooned"/ encapsulated in physical bodies who achieved graduation from reincarnation.

You are the Matrix. You are the revolution. You are the answer! You really have no one to blame but yourself, if your world does not go Positive. You cannot solve This MESS, by blaming others. Blaming other Parties & finger pointing or voting for others to REPRESENT you has not changed This Satanic devolutionary path The World is on. You can only control your life, not anyone else's totally, even if you attempt to coerce or force them into complying! By your own hand you may have signed onto a Party platform without realizing you are both lawfully & legally responsible for what you have done. Yes, this educational video is about law & economical mathematics. This is NOT about politics nor religious beliefs; nor gender identity or NOT! Even if you claim The MESS you find yourself in is due to fraud, you have to react by recording solidly your claim THAT a fraud has been perpetrated on you! If you do NOT make legal Record of such, your claim is merely a belief or wish! ..Much like a tree falling in a forest without anyone ever being aware of it! ..Did it ever happen?
Your future Time-line is due to what you truly/realistically do for yourself today and yesterday, not what you merely believed yesterday or believe today. Religious teachers may teach that beliefs make-it-happen, but that is a false teaching by those who seek to control your lives & fool you into complying to their desires to suck your energy & life Force. Only YOU gave THEM permission! ..Wether you were fooled OR NOT. It is solely by your acts & actions that make it so and who you are! If you foolishly sign-over your Power-of-Attorney to THEM, that is a legally Recorded document or contract giving THEM power over you and the submission-surrender to allow THEM to suck/tax your energy! Only you can regain your freedom. Am I the one fooling you? Who is ultimately responsible for your standing and Measurements of actions? ..Or ownership or [Lewis & Clark's] markers or even the public Right-of-Way? Understanding one point in the following link [pg. 3] explains why all that war material was recently left in Afghanistan! - The remaining Revelations are a MUST:
http://annavonreitz.com/mortgagefraud.pdf - Right before the 11-minute mark on my video I talk of 'Regulation Z'/the mortgage trap.' (..Have words lost their meanings? ..Or [pg. 4] as WEF Representative Klaus Schwab states: "You will own nothing & be happy!" ..IF YOU DO NOT OBJECT, Klaus' claim stands as fact! Thanks to Genghis Khan, to this day everyone in Mongolia owns their own home; there is no one renting-leasing! ..And U.S. Citizens foolishly follow the belief that themselves are superior!)
Note in reference to a point made in this video: Besides the 51st being an individual or family Estate as in a trust, one might also classify it as having been a spin-off of [the not so secret] Area 51 located in Nevada! ..Or secret Area 52 & 53 up near the more northern Nevada-Utah border.
Appreciate 1st-hand experience!

With the bastardization of our standard of measurement, numbers, language, identity, gene-pool, banking, bonds, ledger, truth, trust & Trusts by (the negative forces/powers) ThePowersThatWere, THEY have been able to control the general population and sideline it into a continuing degeneration. GMO foods & the JAB are only the latest tip of the ice-berg.
See: John Michell's book: 'City of Revelation' & many more.
Something along this line is the solution towards 'asset-based' & no more bastardization of banking: https://areweallreallyeducated.com/the-cestui-que-vie-birth-certificate-trust/#:~:text=Birth%20Certificates%20and%20Social%20Security%20Applications%20are%20converted,are%20still%20alive%2C%20the%20certified%20documents%20are%20reinvested .
Especially see this (They are saying what I have, but with a different voice!): https://rumble.com/v2i9cp8-4.14.23-patriot-streetfighter-w-miki-klann-and-kevin-westring-courts-closin.html

What if? The success of transgenderism via Satanism is supposed to cause a SHORT in the Continuum of our world?
Note: I add the following importance form my Apr. 26 posting due to limited space on 'THE forum!!!:' (& WorldEconomicForum)
One who has been successful @ being homeless or a bicycle racer or cross-country cycle-tourist (with no accompanying 'support vehicle') will appreciate a first-hand experience/knowledge of what air-o-dynamic efficiency & economy is all about! It is extremely important in its subtleties which determine who are the winners!
I laugh @ Elon Musk's "Starship" & NASA with their super wasteful explosive over-rated spewing rockets. What a waste & ultimate stupidity! Gravity is so effective & subtle; additionally: it is free-ish! ..which God, The Creator of the Universe, allotted!
Subtleties & efficiencies allow for the sole reasons that fish & flying species are able to do what others cannot. It is the same with UFOs & those who understand more of 'The Picture' of the world due to their not overlooking the total record of history. It is the same with banksters. Leave out a couple figures here & there and you don't have true banking... you have lying, mistakes, fraud, & identity theft. It is IDENTICAL whether an engineer, a scientist, a banker, an historian, a fiduciary, or a regular man or woman attempting to understand our world by refusing to acknowledge a difference between Lucifianism & Satanism... that is the difference between only 2 forces & 3 forces in science. The truth is no longer the truth! It makes a totally different universe. (Mandela Effect anyone?) Is there something more than positive & negative in electricity? If there is, than electricity does not "flow"/travel/trade/logistics-does-not-happen. Do we call that a short? (Don't let particular word meanings confuse you. I speak of concepts here. Lucifer = negative in electricity. The Truth=positive. Satanism=a short.) Today's so-called scientific 'authorities' & mariTime pledged judges refuse to acknowledge a 5th dimension ..truth? It is the same with ONLY 2 genders and adding a 3rd transgender... OUR world is totally different. ..Is a short occurring?!! Is it different whether this is due to blockheadedness, prejudism, stupidity, neglect, forgetfulness, senility/Bidenism=ONE in-corporatism/The BEAST or Satanism???... NO, the result is the same---decay-collapse (or the very worst: a SHORT=BIG Mandela happens) rather than ascension! What I just stated here is perhaps more important than anything you have ever read! BUT, unless something changes, only perhaps a 100 will read it here in a month's TIME!!! Why? Only you can answer that!

Profound? No, simply the truth! Have I just described what a cycle is about? Do you get it now? The Awakening. Still don't get it? Re-read it again! ..Or, re-incarnate.

Do NOT raise the debt ceiling. If it is raised AGAIN, "The Can will only be kicked further down the road" resulting in an increasing support of the planned degrading ONE world "civilization" presently IN ITs collapse-mode-business model! Raising the debt ceiling continues your life-bases as ONE BIG lie while maintaining an ego which is likewise fake=fraudulent ="I am free."
No one is at the controls/responsibility of this Artificial Intelligent computer run debt-creation based corporate for-profit-only 'business model.' "That Plan" is A.I. generated & ordered! An A.I. computer cannot be held liable and this is why the negative sovereigns---who think & act like THEY lawfully own most everything & everyone---like the inculpability of IT all. "IT's all Satan's fault!" (The fact that 'Citizens' follow THIS, after legally signing on for IT, seems to be continually overlooked! = "NOT my fault!")

If the debt ceiling is NOT raised, THEY are NOT authorized to continue THE controlled CRASH which will give THEM the excuse to implement THEIR planned individually tracked digitized $$lave-certification. We can & should be actually living under an asset-economy based on the 'BIRTH CERTIFICATE individual TRUSTS' (StrawMan [off-ledger] accounts/"Life Force Value Annuities") if they are allowed to be used/banked by those [via vendor cards] in whose names they have been drawn on. We don't need to have [via the Great Reset] a digitized $$-currency which allows totally increasingly control by ThePowerThatBe/The Global ONE World Corporation headquartered within the inner City of London, INC.
For a further understanding, if you are still able to comprehend English (& words have NOT lost their meanings to you) read:
Cover photo: Now that I have finally streamlined my "Return to Sender. NO CORPORATE ENTITY enjoined to an individual estate Trust* account @ this address" responses to the local Corporate Code enforcers, I have finally had time to work on my self-built electrically charged from my off-GRID solar panel bicycle which has additionally all kinds of Code violations itself! Imagine what trouble I would get into from the Corporate REGULATOR REPRESENTATIVE Code enforcers if I constructed my functional gravity sailing ship!
This link supports my material: https://www.wanttoknow.info/freeenergy

I talk slowly in this video, so watch it @ a faster speed 'setting.'
The Lie. This is a deep subject, so it is difficult to bring out this little known 'point of decay' that we as a society are dealing with today. I have earlier called This Situation: The MESS. If a society is NOT based on genuine facts, it has no standing! Lies have been shown to multiply rapidly!
Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809): scout, soldier, explorer, leader, speaker, my distant relative. Was he Arkansided? It was ruled a suicide due to one shot to the head, another to the gut, and a cut throat!
Debt or owing another thereby makes those in-debt 'owned by another' OR pledged to another even when it is fraudulent/deceitful BUT NOT recognized as such. When fraud is involved, your life OR that society as a whole is based on a BIG lie! Banking based on only continued debt (no debt ceiling) is one BIG lie. IT has NO base... no foundation... no real-genuine Forum (as in World Economic Forum)!
In short: A lying A.I. computer has NO functional purpose... it will not work, nor problem solve for its creators. It will fail! ..Same with a society or an Empire!
I have said before in my other videos that A.I. is ALREADY running the ONE World via 'the business model.' This is why "IT," ThePowersThatBe are pushing all the Climate, medicine, Corporate, & Trans junk down our throats to COMPLY with!

Reference to my Oct. 24, 2022 video: 'ATTENTION: Military Commanders & A.I. secure listening Posts': https://www.bitchute.com/video/seBJTaemg4pK/
April 17, 2023 C2C Guest: L. Alonzo Marzulli, Crop Circle Mysteries / Transforming Negative Experiences
This guy: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=220808 -has his terms in error. He actually means Luciferians with their "fair competition." Satanists/the Deep State do NOT allow competition or a remedy; nor an alternative to their Global Transhumanist Agenda.
Also see: http://annavonreitz.com/mcorpfraudgenocideslavery.pdf
Jim Willie: Lehman Brothers x 5: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=221065
Cover photo: 2nd natural extrusion megalith-core located in Penal* County southwest of Superior, Arizona. This is where the phenomena began that led to 'The Gathering.' Soon called 'The 1997 Phoenix Lights.'
* County of Pinal = "Penal Colony"---Sorry, a Freudian slip! ..NOT fraud!

Jim Stone reports what A.I. has been doing to control society & how long: Scroll down to: "Is it pointless to even do alt media anymore?"
Names as words can be confusing at Times of degeneration & more easily mis-understood! When telepathy is used or any higher senses/observations there is little "chance"/degree of misunderstanding! Thereby the spoken word is a degradation of telepathy. The use of cell phones degenerates their users even more so (apart from their adverse effects to the physical body/immune system, as are Cell towers)!

In short: You are (an entity is) not known by your name but by your presence... your appearance... & your record/actions that comes before you! Your actions proclaim (intentions) you more than your words or mere name! Did MJ 12 (or the Forum) understand this before THEY jumped to conclusion? It appears NOT ! Can we get back on track by following Plan A? ..Certainly not if we stick with the Central Bankster's/Deep State/WEF modification of Plan B. This should be a "No brainer!"

Is the current trend/propagandization/mediation/Forum of "hate against white males" the Luciferian or A.I.'s answer/solution to "Noah's hu-mans should have not survived The Flood brought about/Judged by Enlil to terminate the 'degenerated' whites?" Does that now make Enki the BAD guy? !!! Talk about "The Final Solution!" Which "degenerates" are we talking about? Answer: The Deep State world Corporation & all who legally register/want/contract-with THEM to REPRESENT them! Talk about "Comply!" ..Sovereigns [both negative & Positive] lawfully don't comply to Codes of the Corporate Deep State & THEIR contracts!

Are we all living in This MESS because of a mis-understanding [of words-names]? <= Consider this! "The Truth shall set you free!"
Additional Note: I wrote the above & recorded this video before I read: http://annavonreitz.com/similarnamesfraud.pdf


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Educational videos for those who want to learn their place in the world and its place in the Universe.
Simple basic street talk.
These videos are a result of my having questioned "the Official Story" at the time, 1963 when I was just beginning high school, and then having begun a look for the truth behind the JFK assassination. Strange, but not really, it has been a long road, and these videos are my latest work to date to reveal what I have gained for those who yearn for Truth.
Had that Coupe never happened, myself and all of us would be living in a far different world today. Only through knowing the Truth will we begin to set ourselves free. That is, if we act on what we learn, so that we change our own lives. We must also be self-responsible.
Since my upload Oct. 18 of: 'A BIGGER lie-scam: Representative Gov.'; I have had trouble with uploading videos. You may have to look under the 'Comment' section in order to link to a working video. Have I gone too far in exposing some Truths??? ..& some agent or A.I. has set a 'virus' on me?
You have my permission to make copies of these videos and pass them on... if we don't do something soon, they will disappear along with much of other's exposures.
Truth is like the genes of natural growth... it should never be copyrighted. Monsatan has developed GMOs so they can only sell them & make The Mon$y. They get various government agencies to make 'natural' difficult to obtain. They also get agencies to accept MSGs labelled as 'natural flavors'---thus damaging the brains of those who consume products containing them (thus making consumers/Human Resources/chattel more compliant).

Everyone who had reached the age of reason by 1963 remembers what they were doing when they learned JFK had been shot. Well, except daddy Bush claiming he does not recall. But then he may have never arrived at reason.
Why do we all remember so well? This ‘Action’ was of such a tremendous degree that it altered our collective Time-line.

I have spent my entire adult life trying to figure this all out, so that we might get back to where we would have been, had this ‘Action’ not been allowed to happen OR allowed to “Officially” continue.
This ‘Action’ brought negative forces together that united against the general population.
This Uniting was an in-corporatization of A one Global World governance. That is, since “They got away with [Presidential] murder” these combined-united negative bodies continue Their ruler-ship and EXPANSION to this day because They have never been fingered, found guilty, and put away!
Our educational system has failed us because we have allowed it to be.
The East India Trading Company out of ‘the City of London’ was the first true corporation. Its power and influence to alter and control a nation, its land and people, was proven beyond a doubt during the Opium Wars.
The banksters behind this opium drug cartel have always set one side against the other so almost everything is a win-win for them. The central banks have financed every ‘Action’ whether they be Nazi, Zionist, communist, socialist, crony-capitalist, or Mafia. They are all one the same… “We-the-Elite control the peon-slave-chattel class as we have fooled them into believing we are their representatives-masters and grant them freedom via their self-application process!” In the U.S.Inc., the schools instruct their students they are free and then give them a ‘graduation certificate’ that announces they have been proudly educated. The corporate media backs this up with “fake news” supporting this ‘fake education’ and ‘fake polls, fake elections, fake markets, and falsified statistics.’

My Aunts were 'Daughters of the American Revolution.' They were the strength in our Family. As was their Mother. They traced one of our bloodlines to the Ball Family. The Balls were the Mother lineage of George Washington. As 1st President he attempted to lead by example. Since 1837 under President Andrew Jackson that has not been the case. Pres. Trump has yet been able to prove his case.
I could say I Am of a rather Matriarchal family.
One could say, Mary Ball was rather of a matriarch herself. At her time some referred to her as "Mother of Christ" and loyal to England.
My mother was English-Scot, and rather matriarchal in nature, if I would say in honor myself! Her sister was also strong and lived like that until she was 102 of age.

Another interesting side point: Our Booth blood traces back to the same town in England which John Wilkes Booth traced to. There is evidence that John did not shoot President Lincoln but played a part, ending up as 'the patsy Lone Gunman' like Lee Harvey Oswald.