"A brazen and violent carjacking in broad daylight in Milton, Ont., was captured on video. The car’s owner was dragged out of her vehicle and thrown to the ground before the thieves took off.

The robbery happened on Tuesday morning around 9:40 a.m. in a busy plaza off of Thompson Road South and Louis St. Laurent Avenue, according to the Halton Regional Police Service. The plaza is typically busy, featuring several takeaway restaurants, such as Starbucks, and a Metro.

The video shows the victim, a woman in her 50s, seated on the driver’s side of her Honda CR-V before two men smash into the side of her vehicle. They smash the window, open the door and forcibly remove her from the car.

“This is a shocking and violent crime that put the lives of many Milton residents at risk. We are dedicating all available resources and will relentlessly pursue those responsible and hold them accountable,” says 1 District Supt. Dave Stewart."

Jup that will be a thing now.. Everything is fake. Polish tv messed up.

Oh this is also possible? Mkay bit boring.. But better then 'else'

Yes its allowed.. But if its smart is a second.


Even more unleashing:

Anybody wanna guess who won the fight in the thumbnail?

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Me dancing on Evergreens grave.. And many others on that list.

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What would you do in a situation like this?

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So it might not be the best compilation Ive ever made.. Not feeling anything this week.. But hope youll still enjoy it! Strange it will be for sure.. Expect the unexpected.

Bits and Bytes part 1111


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