Dungeons of Darkness

2.Inconstance sensorielle
4.Choas de sens
5.L'Ère du péché
6.Seul le silence...

1.Black Jewel Throne
2.Blood Skull
3.Lust in Red
4.Under the Sign of Death
5.Empire in Flames
6.A Knife
7.Triumph of Hell
8.Scream for Hell
9.Down With the Nails

1.My Angel

2.Deathtrip in Carpathia
4.The Last Harvest

1.Intro - Black Sun
2.I, Ruler of Paradise in Black
3.The Silence of December
4.The Final Affliction of Xafan
5.A Shining Blaze Over Darkland
6.Under the Autumn Tree
7.Here Lies My Kingdom
8.My Travels Through the Midnight Sky
9.Red Is My Blood... Cold Is My Heart
10.Outro - Bizarre Landscape

1.Wolf (Battalions of Darkness)
2.Sickness Unto Death
3.Eternal Winter, Eternal Night
4.To Cull the Herd
5.Sacrificing the Flesh of the Untermensch
6.Sinister Revelations of Black
7.Premonitions in Blood and Fire

1.Primitive Killing
3.The Drunken Priest
4.Frost Junkie
6.Cult Ritual
7.13 Candles
8.Dead Universe

3.S/M Party

1.Compuerta de los muertos
2.Cold Sepulchral Throne
3.Putrid Agony
4.Umbras Erebi
5.Necromantic Trance
6.Fuego eterno

1.She Painted Fire Across the Skyline, Part 1
2.She Painted Fire Across the Skyline, Part 2
3.She Painted Fire Across the Skyline, Part 3
4.The Misshapen Steed
5.Hallways of Enchanted Ebony
6.Dead Winter Days
7.As Embers Dress the Sky
8.The Melancholy Spirit

1.Själslig urvilja
2.Det isande kallet
3.Nordens vidder
4.Vinterlandskapets klangor

2.The Sight
3.Strings of Discourse
4.A Wall of Stone
5.Hold Fast... Thy Lament
6.The Archer
7.With Spear, Arrow and Oath
8.Arrows of a Dying Age
9.Clarity in These Winds
10.With Hammering Glance

2.The Black Throne of Hell
3.Buried in Blasphemy
4.Demonic Visions, the Eyes of Death
6.Pentagram of Baphomet
7.Blessed Spell from the Darkness
8.Satan's Cult
9.The Last Master's Mark
10.Na Sombra da Luz

1.My Dark Subconcious
2.Winds of Funeral
3.From the Dark
4.Disgusting Semla
5.The Freezing Moon
7.Funeral Fog (live)

1.Emperor - Thus Spake the Night Spirit
2.Hecate Enthroned - Danse Macabre
3.Enthroned - The Ultimate Horde Fights
4.In The Woods - I Am Your Flesh
5.Amsvartner - Behind the 100 Years Gate
6.Mayhem - Cursed in Eternity
7.Fatal Embrace - Drowned in the Crossway Waters
8.Cultus Sanguine - Shadow's Blood
9.Enslaved - The Man From Hordaland
10.Rotting Christ - Out of Spirits
11.Borknagar - The Winterway
12.Usurper - Slavehammer
13.Dimmu Borgir - Spellbound by the Devil
14.Enthroned - Dusk of the Forgotten Darkness
15.Lord Belial - Enter the Moonlight Gate
16.Diabolical Masquerade - Astray Within the Coffinwood Mill
17.Amduscias - Sacrifices Within Me
18.Hecate Enthroned - The Spell of the Winter Forest
19.Prophanity - Walking Through Fire
20.Ragnarok - En Verden Av Stein
21.Limbonic Art - Through Gleams of Death
22.Thy Serpent - Of Darkness and Light
23.Tartaros - Images of the Mystic Sphere
24.Old Man's Child - What Malice Embrace

1.Vision of the Soothsayer
2.Yuggothian Slayers
3.Expulsion of Wrath
4.Volkruun Ihuul Zhahruus
5.Serpent of the Icecross
6.Crypts of Socery
7.Clavicula Salomonis (of the Lightless Fire)

2.Confound Eternal

1.Three Weeds From the Same Root
2.The Law of the Wave
3.J. Ch.
4.Egality Hurts Pride
5.The Blind Searchers
6.Via Cruces - 11th Station
7.Serpents Bite Their Allies
8.Organized Illusion
9.The Day Has Come

1.Black Winds
2.The Forest is My Throne
3.Min Hyllest Til Vinterland

1.Fiery Abyss
2.Ignis Divine Imperium
3.A Gateway Beyond the Funeral Shroud
4.The Golden Scales of Tiamat
5.Below the Depths, Ascending Through Darkness (Poison Messiah)
6.Worms of Sephiroth
7.Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the Devil
8.The Majesty of Lucifer

1.Intro (Tireheb)
2.Salomon's Gate
3.Nocturnal Evil
4.Sadomatic Rites
5.Black Arts
6.The Gate of Nanna
7.Nuclear Girl
8.Unholy Pagan Fire
9.Down There...
11.Werewolf Semen and Blood
12.Thou Angel of the Gods
13.Lord of Shadows and Goldenwood

1.The Sulphur Feast
2.Bizarre Cosmic Industries
4.The Last of Dragons
5.Bringer of the 6th Sun
7.Planetary Black Elements
8.Chariots of Thunder

1.Intro - Qemetiel and Belia'al
2.Nehemoth - Malkuth (Namvth) - Earth
3.Gamaliel the Obscene - Yesod (Lylyth) - Moon
4.Sha'arimrath, the Eighth Hell - Hod (Smal/Adramalech) - Mercury
5.Harab Serapel, the Ravens of Death - Netzach (Bael/Tubal Cain)
6.Lord of the Dead - Tiphereth (Belphegor/Paimon) Tagahrim
7.The One Adorned in Fire - Geburah (Asmodeus) Golab Mars
8.Devourers of Spirit - Chesed (Astaroth) Gamchicoth Jupiter Outer Form "Order of Azariel Azryal - The Binding Ones"
9.Hell of Sathariel - Binah (Lucifuge Rofocale = Satariel)
10.Loathsome Serpents (Ogiel) - Chokmah (Beelzebub = Chaigidel)
11.Thaumiel - The Deepest Hell - Kether (Satan/Moloch = Thamiel)

1.The Curse
2.Bestial Devastation
5.Warriors of Death

1.S.S. 1488 - Death March To Treblinka
2.Kristallnacht - A Strife, A Victory
3.Bekhira - The Grand Evil Spirit
4.Thor's Hammer - Surtr Fer Sunnam
5.Wineta - Wspomnienie
6.Veles - The Winter Morning
7.Thunderbolt - Key To Eternity
8.Fullmoon - The Pagan Mountain
9.Weltmacht - The Call To Battle
10.War88 - 13 Revelations of the Antichrist
11.Absurd - Asgardsrei
12.Graveland - Into the Northern Carpathians
13.Gontyna Kry - Kruk Smierci
14.Galgenberg - Segeth Weiheit Imperium
15.Birkenau - Burning
16.Kraina Bez Wiatru - Otchlan


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