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Just some quick updates about what's going on with the channel and all that.

This was streamed back in November. I completely forgot about it and only just edited it yesterday. Apologies for the lack of uploads, still battling depression. However, I have been streaming more, so feel free to visit my Twitch for stuff: https://www.twitch.tv/dusk225

Yeah, so this game is surprisingly really fun and I can't stop playing it. Save me, please.

Alternate title: Steamed Hams But An Air Horn Plays When Chalmers Calls Out Seymour's Bullshit Or Disses Him.

The alt title wouldn't have fit, so I had to make up something else on the fly.

READ THIS: I uploaded these videos on VidMe back in April of last year. I downloaded them and put them on here once VidMe closed so that I have something to post on here while I get treatment.

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Alternate Title: Me When I'm Bored And Feeling Ok For A Day.


Why does it kind of sync up?


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So, I decided to try BitChute as an alternative to YouTube, since VidMe, unfortunately, is gone now. I'll try posting here eventually, posting a new series exclusively to here, much like I did with VidMe.