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One of the best things about RE2 was the fact that once you beat the game as one character, you could start another game as the other to fill out the story and get an added challenge in the form of the Neo Tyrant that appears throughout the game. To me, the Leon A/Claire B scenarios were the easier of the possible combinations, mainly because you didn't need to worry too much about Sherry too much in Claire's B scenario.

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And now we get to what many consider the Holy Grail of the RE series, Resident Evil 2. To this day, this game still holds up, even compared to the remake.

Also of note that this is the original PS1 version, so you'll probably notice small things such as the Blue Coke Machines that were censored in subsequent versions of the game.

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In 1997, Capcom released a slightly updated version of Resident Evil on the Playstation called Resident Evil: Director's Cut. This game included a new Advanced or Arrange mode. There were several differences between the Advanced mode and the original game.
- Relocation of most items
- Some rooms have received slight graphic upgrades and have new fixed camera angles
- New outfits for Jill, Chris and Rebecca
- New default Beretta that fires a Magnum-level bullet randomly
- Increased enemies
- New Enemies - Zombiefied Forest Speyer & Super Zombie (zombie that comes down the stairs in the mansion kitchen)
- Closet where you can change your character's outfit is unlocked from the start. Special Key is no longer needed
- New unlockable weapon - Colt Python w/ unlimited ammo. Can be obtained after getting the best ending

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The one that started it all. I've been wanting to do a series of longplays for the Resident Evil games, specifically the first three games (four if you count RE0) and do so with the classic versions and the remakes.

The first Resident Evil, the Director's Cut version specifically, has quite a bit of sentimental value to me as it was one of the two first games I got for the PS1 for Christmas one year (Megaman X4 being the other). I vividly remember having the crap scared out of me when the Cerberus dogs crashed through the windows in that one hallway as well as dreading having to face Yawn up in the attic. This was some scary stuff...for the time you must understand.

Looking back on this game now, especially with all that has come out since, this game is flat out laughable (don't get me started on the voice acting). However, no one can deny, games like Resident Evil in it's current form, Silent Hill, Dead Space and countless others probably wouldn't be around without Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield's nightmarish adventure through the Spencer Mansion on the PS1.

2000-01-02 - 21st Century Battles
Sakai vs Kandagawa - Red Snapper
Morimoto vs Flay - Lobster
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King of Iron Chefs Tournament - Finals
Ingredient - Lobster
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King of Iron Chefs Tournament - 2nd Battle
Ingredient - Bell Peppers
Morimoto vs Sakai
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King of Iron Chefs Tournament - 1st Battle
Ingredient - Tokyo X
Chen vs. Kobe
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We're coming towards the end folks

1999-08-27 - Stingray Battle
Sakai vs Koga
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1999-08-20 - Squid Battle
Morimoto vs Watanabe
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1999-07-30 - Asparagus Overtime Battle
Chen vs Corby
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1999-07-30 - Foie Gras Battle
Chen vs Corby
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1999-07-23 - Jumbo Mushroom Battle
Kobe vs Yamaoka
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1999-07-11 - Giant Lobster Battle
Kobe vs Osada
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1999-07-09 - Sea Urchin Roe Battle
Chen vs Tateno
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1999-06-25 - Black Pig Battle
Sakai vs Makio
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1999-06-18 - Sushi Battle
Morimoto vs. Nakazawa
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1999-05-21 - Suckling Pig Battle
Chen vs Stelvio
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1999-05-14 - Lamb Battle
Sakai vs Husser
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1999-04-23 - Scallions Overtime Battle
Morimoto vs Yamashita
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1999-04-23 - Cod Roe Battle
Morimoto vs Yamashita
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1999-04-16 - Tomato Battle
Kobe vs Canzoniere
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1999-04-09 - Udon Battle
Sakai vs Komori
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