I am giving the enemy ideas in this video although maybe this has long already been a part of their script so maybe it's nothing new.

I am self-absorbed and this video turned out longer than expected so that's a lot of crimes.

YouTube put this into limited state because fucking XXXTentacion gets insulted.

This was made for YouTube originally, that's why the information is presented the way it is.

I too like to write about feces because it's funny.

Would YouTube allow a video like this anymore?

I am an animal bone collector. I walk the scrub brush, collecting bones of dead animals I find. Or maybe not. Who knows.

It feels like this concept reminds me of something that we are dealing with in the real world already but I just can't quiet put my finger on it.

People can use this video to harm me so if I ever get a job in the Jewish matrix, they can send it to my boss at some Masonic corporation like Walmart so he can see how racist and misogynist their shelf stocker or shopping cart collector is.

People like Kyle Hunt and Sinead will lead whites into a more hellish and Orwellian existence than we have now. Here's the kicker! Whites will praise and defend it.



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