3 crazy guys!
Lake Ontario.
And me filming lol

La Romana Bad Bunny


This girl is awesome....Vanesa Seco on YT
The tutorial is great!


Trippy relaxing optical illusion. **Flashing lights epilepsy warning**

As the title says random AF.
Adult swim content...cut and edited by me...

I just had to share this.



Dont know why it filmed upside down!! the rest of the edits are mine..


Random AF


Music: Nobody ( by FUGUE )
URL: https://icons8.com/music/

Film intro attempt 1
#inshot #filmmaker #dop

Music: Closer ( by FUGUE )
URL: https://icons8.com/music/

New showerhead new music new editing program #inshot #filmmaking

My cat is hilarious
new app #90s


just playing with #sketchcamera app

Atomus HD Highly Suspect Serotonia

This game is so cool....the more fingers u can get on the screen the more complex the atoms get. It is so relaxing.....so i put it to Serotonia....
#atomusHD #highlysuspect #serotonia

Benny Hill theme song Yakety Sax

Recorded some of the eclipse tonight....
over Hamilton Canada.
my new camera is not as good as i had hoped...

its kinda hilarious....but also kinda interesting for my first attempt...is def a learning experience.....and this will be cut and spliced with additonal footage . better music.. less choppiness in the cuts lol i hope....
just figuring out this editing program!! finally bought it.....so many more options than b4 including custom watermark.....

making my 3 fave recipes
passed down from my gramma
easy peasy


another attempt


my first attempt at making my movie"s intro...

My camera is shit a nikon coolpix....and not using a tripod i am shaky as fuck...but i never have enough notice to fix that!!
Borrowed my daughters canon ....hopefully thatll work better...
i dont know what stars are really..... if they are gas or light or frequency....but i do know they look like there is water around them somehow.....

In the tradition of selling a movie to a director in 30 seconds. in an elevator, this is my pitch to Jay Baruchel.

I would like him to be the main character and the director! :)

It is a crazy screenplay I wrote in which I'd like to be the D.O.P.
Its so diverse and mind warping I really only scratched the surface of its premise in this 30 sec.

Which is good as this is the internet and I don't need my ideas stolen.
With what I've revealed no one could truly imagine the depths of this movie, so I've covered my butt!

Fingers-crossed, wish-me-luck
and Peace ✌


P.S. Sorry I sound so quiet and deep voiced but it was 5 am when i started this and I had to be quiet!

November 23 2018 as I am coming out of work i notice somethjng odd in the right side of the moon.
It moved very quickly across the moon but lingered to the left long enough for me to get a couple more shots.
It seemed to pull behind it some sort of mass. A rock a meteor no idea but they seemed to be together.
At no point does this look like a plane...


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I started on YT Oct 2018.
I had hit ROCK bottom in my life....emotionally physically and spiritually.
I decided to make a channel and show my journey from "rut" to "right", from "hotmess" to "hotmama".
After some undeserved censorship, i decided to get off all the conventional channels.
i had nothing to lose by starting over.
Now I'm here and I've been posting very random videos.
However, I am very wary of putting my real self out here since the YT censorship.

But I also need to be myself...and I'm slowly coming around. (once bitten twice shy and all that.)

I have a lot of cool stories.....i have met some awesome people......been to some amazing places.....and i wanna share it all...

*******Update.....because of some inspiration from my fave Canadian Tom MacDonald I have started pursuing my real dream.... cinematography....so that is what I am here for.

FU YT....#f4ckc3ns0rsh1p