If you need something forgotten or overlooked, just let me know - I'm an expert.

Mini Talon is king... may he have mercy on a pitiful wretch like me for trying to usurp his throne :)

No prizes for guessing how this one ends :)
This video is actually from winter last year, just doing some hard disk cleanup and thought it was worth sharing.

This build has now officially crossed the threshold of being more trouble than the enjoyment I get from flying it. Hope you enjoyed this series, but no doubt you're as sick of seeing one crumpled landing gear fail after another, as I am of making them. It was a learning experience though - I learned that large planes are a large pain in the ass to store, transport, assemble, launch, land, and pay for. I will not be in a hurry to make anything bigger than about 1.5m wingspan for a long long time. Should have just taken up that offer to review the 'Believer' instead of doing all this :)

Cost me about US$30, not including car battery :)
Video by darkkevind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_kGgPVrcCI

Amazingly nothing went wrong, not even a broken prop. I was surprised at how well the all-coaxial layout performed. Was expecting the regular circle to perform better.

I forgot to mention in the video, but that last flight with two batteries in parallel was exactly 30 minutes finishing at 14.5V under load, and all cells returned to 3.8V at rest shortly after. Dataflash log shows the current typically between 20 and 25 amps at half-throttle cruise, take-off bursts were around 90 amps.

Looks like this was already all over YouTube by the time I got home and could even look at my own footage, but for those who want to see it from yet another angle, here you go. Thanks to Neil and Ron for helping with the setup :)

st-flash tool: https://github.com/texane/stlink/wiki
F407VET6 info: https://os.mbed.com/users/hudakz/code/STM32F407VET6_Hello/shortlog/
ST-LINK dongle: https://goo.gl/4N5DR1
Cheap board similar to Maple-mini, easy to use pins for flashing: https://goo.gl/jbRGGG
All pins available, not so well labelled, no onboard LED: https://goo.gl/qa6PKq


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