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i do not glorify or promote the use of illegal or legal controlled substances. This video is intended for harm reduction purposes.

DISCLAIMER! I do not advocate the use of illegal substances; furthermore, I have never experimented with illegal drugs in my life; I'm only an actor and this story is entirely fictitious.

well, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me tell you that in an upcoming video I hope to explore more about my personal experiences with death anxiety, and how DMT brought me to the brink of it.

in my first intro video i said (more to myself than to you) that i wasn't going to talk about beards or pipes. but i couldn't help myself. I'm more talking about what they mean in social consciousness. I don't think any of us like to be overly simplified down to stereo types. but complexity takes a lot of brain power. fortunately for myself, it seems i'm rich enough in that. and it may have something to do with all my leisure time growing up; that i had enough time to daydream, not needing to go to school. and hopefully i can take the best of that while avoiding the worst of it; i'm always one blind step away from falling into that deep hole of bitter despair, but my soul is stronger than all that. my ultimate goal (and perhaps destiny) is to become a paragon. stop me if i start sounding grandiose or self absorbed. but my ultimate humility stems from a place of aspiring to be bold. we'd all like to earn the trust of those around us, and i don't think self deprecation is the wisest way of going about that. perhaps in a future video i can go through what my personal criteria are for what constitutes true humility. it's never as easy as people want to make it out to be; it involves eating lots of shit and taking harsh criticisms; shattering the lying mirror of your muddled self perceptions and faulty narratives and looking at your reflection from the lake of truth.

i should probably pierce further into the Dunning-Cruger effect. that dealt with delusions of grander, right?

I suddenly caught the notion that if mimicked a wildly spinning moon, that the water I was boiling for tea would boil more quickly than it was.

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i should have been more prepared, yes, but in the spirit of catching myself off guard...

i'd no idea i was twirling the pen; it's interesting is all.

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If you're wondering about the bump on my four head it's a mysterious bone growth. there's a chance it could be bone cancer, I don't know yet.

as you can perhaps gather, this isn't one of those things i tell very many people at all.

I do NOT advocate the use of illegal drugs!
please help in legalizing psilocybin in California.

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My Instagram with my old photography: https://www.instagram.com/devlinwolfwood/

with all my soundbites (long pauses) gone this could've been a ten minute video instead of twenty, but i don't want to spend all day in an editing room. trying to grab coherent sentences from my mind when 50 are shooting at me at once like from a super natural shot gun is challenging, to say the least; to say nothing about the awkwardness of having to speak when no one's there, but my point still stands; i'm doing this because it's difficult for me, and my comfort zone is to be uncomfortable.
if i'm lisping somewhat in the beginning, I apologize; my mouth was all cottoned and i should have had my fucking bloody coffee before doing this.
another reason I'm doing this is because I'd like to study how I am. It's interesting to get to see how my persona develops when it's not being heavily influenced by my surroundings.

my first two videos were shot at night, but I think I like the day time ones more, oddly enough.

if you hear rain drops in the background that's because it's raining and I had my windows open for it.

Count Dankula's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7SeFWZYFmsm1tqWxfuOTPQ

I suspect that as I become more comfortable with this (with being so hyper aware of myself in this way) I'll become sharper in my narrative and such.
I have different lige goals now by the way; like Burning Man

I do not advocate the use of ilegal substances. This vodeo is for harm reduction purposes.

I'll be talking a little bit about my "red pill" story, and what I think about the entire concept in my upcoming video, which will hopefully be coming soon.


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