Renegade Lightworks

Short tutorial on layering fractal flames from Apophysis7x in Photoshop


Day 1 inside the Borg Cube.
Lost control over my fighter and woke up in enemy territory. They must have jumped just in time before their hyperdrive went offline. It seems like most of their systems are down because, I'm still alive...
*End transmission.

Day 2
They seem to be fully occupied with repairs after our last encounter, I'm looking for parts myself to repair the fighter. Still able to send encrypted messages through subspace without anyone noticing me, but who knows for how long...
*End transmission

Day 3
Their sensors seems to still be offline, so I went on an excursion and managed to find parts to repair the Flux Capacitor. It will take some time and ingenuity to make it compatible, hopefully I'll get it working before their sensors are up and running again.
*End transmission




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