Sherry and the Rockafellas

The 1950's meets 1980's.

Fun with a Blondie Cover

Gator Bay Bar & Grill 11.14.2021

The Olive Grove 11.2021

The Villages Polo Field, Halloween 2021



Lead Foot City's Speedster Easter

Lead Foot City, Speedster Easter!

Lead Foot City Swap Meet

Out of left field, The Cranberries

Bugs rockin the patio!

Bugsy makin noise on the patio at O'Calahan's!

Various clips

At the Angry Beaver, Mercy!

At the Angry Beaver with my Big Bad Handsome Man

A montage of clips from Fox Crossings.

Our first year performing. Oh my what a long way I have all come! I was so scared. Now I am just anxious (laughing out loud)

WNMF's Rockabilly Ruckus at Skippers Smokehouse

Wow has this song evolved from when it was new!

Clips of each song on the album!
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Opening for WMNF's Rockabilly Ruckus!

Merry Christmas!

fun on the upright

Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.

Bugsy on guitar, Paulie on bass, Tommie on keys, Danny on drums


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Our Story
They are one of Central Florida's hottest live 1950's style Rockabilly bands! They have a Modern Vintage sound that puts the boogie into Rock n Roll, from old to new all with that Rockabilly flare!

DC Larson reviewed their music saying " It was gettin' in the sock like this that kicked to one side the mawkish pop Hit Parade, and forever cracked open the world."

What Inspires Us
The good ol' simple times of the 50's! When sock hops, swing dancing and Cadillacs were all the rave, as people boogied to good ol' fashioned rock n roll, blues and swing!

Our Influences
Influenced by all the greats like Wanda Jackson, Wynona Carr, Ella Mae Morse, Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Carl Perkins, Imelda May, ZZ Top, Alanis Morrisette, Janis Joplin, Heart, Ozzy and many more.