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In this podcast, Valdus Leon discusses racial holy war conditions, technology, and a few more topics, with some callers.
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In this video, I argue that we are more deserving of the term "patriot" than the right-wing cuckservatives that usually call themselves that, and they in fact are the exact opposite.

In this podcast, Bill talks about Jewboy Trump. Now, this is from the first election, but it is still relevant for this time around.
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In this video, I cover my thoughts on the pros and cons of High Technology, development on tool use, Marxism & Capitalism vs. True Socialism, some chitchat on History, and air out a disagreement I have with Yockey.

In this video, Harold discusses the cost of these blood baths that our race has been subjected to through the years.
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In this broadcast, Dr. Pierce explains how modern American Patriotism for the masonic dishrag is a total farce. He also explains what true Patriotism (I guess I would say an Aryan idea of Patriotism) is.
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In this video, Rob reads an article that discusses the three components that will make White Revolution a reality; Hatred, Revenge, and Patience.
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In this video, I discuss the death of RBG and the political atmosphere of this event.
The song, in the end, is "I'm glad you're dead" by Bobaflex.

This video is done by Arith Harger, who is not a racialist, but only a pagan content maker on Jewtube. Despite that, he has some interesting things to say on the subject of Death. Which is appropriate for this time of year.
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In this podcast, Bill discusses the Armed Struggle in contrast with the Mass Strategy.
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In this video, Harold discusses the formation of the National Convention, based on the Irish model (how they gained independence from Britain). He also discusses the formation of the Northwest Volunteers.
Although, as I also do personally believe, there will be White ethno states across the former US (or rather hopefully there will be,) this model for secession from the US can be applied to anywhere, not just the Northwest. As the empire falls apart we must make sure we carve out territory for the White Race, anywhere we can.
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In this podcast, Rob reads from Klassen's Nature's Eternal Religion. He discusses Racial Loyalty and forming a faith centered around that concept.
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In this video, I read from Livy's Early History of Rome, and I discuss Roman honor, virtue, and religious beliefs.
Note, this video was originally created back in early September, I wasn't able to upload my own stuff because of technical problems. But now I finally have that problem solved.
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In this video, Dr. Pierce discusses how the Jews have conditioned our children to premature sexuality. Make sure you share this video with anyone who is pushing #saveourchildren. We MUST secure the existence of our people, and a future for White Children.
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This is an old gem I found on Alt Censored..
Remember what it is all about, We MUST secure the existence of our people, and a future for White Children

In this video, Harold discusses the Political Soldier and what our attitude and code of conduct should be.
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In this Broadcast, he discusses The Truner Diaries, by Dr. Pierce, also how they are more than relevant today.
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NOTE: I do not have any formal contact or ties of any kind with Straight Arm Media, I just appreciate their work.

In dies Video, Herr Hitler fragt die Frage: Was Ist Europa? Der Führer erzählt uns von Größer Europa.
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This video is a speech given by Dr. Pierce in 1977.
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It is up to you, will you fight for your race, or not?

Here is a short interview done with Tom Metzger by Bill Rhyse. They discuss lone wolf activism and much more.
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In this video, Harold discusses what the proper attitude we should have, and with harnessing it, how we will win.
Yes, I get it... some of you think he was an "agent," whatever, just hear him out and no goat dancing in the comments.
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In this video, Dr. Pierce discusses his former dark thoughts and finding the light.
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This interview was taken back in January of this year. In it, Mason discusses the collapse of the US, violence, "biblical prophecy," and much more.
Although James Mason has seemed to fall into the Christ Insanity stuff, and I certainly do not agree with him there, he still makes a few good points to think about.
This video was taken from RaHoWa NOW! Archive:
Here are some links to a few of his books for you to read if you are interested:
SIEGE: Here is and Audiobook of SIEGE:
The Theocrat:
Revistiting Revelations:

For the final video for August, here is Dr. Pierce's discussion on Talmudic Judaism. This video was created by Ares, some years ago.
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