the ramen archive (Lin)

Just Martha jammin' to some music from Ruby Gloom and her own shitty poetry.

A quick messy pencil test of Sophie being a tsundere cunt, as usual.


Long archive of a cylinder painting

Drawing stream dump

A speedpaint I recorded of myself painting over a sketch studying an amiibo of rover from animal crossing.

A bumper animation I had done by a friend for social media, the forbidden computer leak aesthetic is pretty cool.

Timelapse of a digital painting study I did of a Tokidoki vinyl, wish I would've remembered to capture the whole stream.

quick animation test, probably going to use it as a banner or something

A voice test for Monty's cat.

(It's not actually a person, it's a squeak toy.)


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My official bitchute channel for posting animatics or voice work. I also post comics, sketches, and WIPs on the sites above.