This is 2014 presentation reveals the absolutely monumental discovery of electricity into ancient scripture known as the hieroglyphs.

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Short clip showing the hieroglyph known as the Seshat Emblem, alongside the Geospace Magnetosphere Cut Plane. Revealing the true meaning of the hieroglyph and Seshat...

The true decipherment of the hieroglyphs at reveals for the first time what pyramids are and how they are used. Pyramids are not power plants, but instead are electric discharge structures used to charge the earth in order to support life. They act as quadrupole magnetic field when charged, directing negative charge into the earth to maintain the ionosphere scale height and double layer surrounding the Earth. All this and more is explained by the true decipherment of electricity into the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the narrator of this video is StarObserver - read from the page.

Peregrine Falcon - Strong Electric Field

Cobra - Absorption & Ejection

The Crocodile has the largest pinch force measured of any animal on earth, and therefore represents the electric phenomenon known as the Bennett Pinch or Z Pinch. Sobeks Crocodile jaw describes the action whereby a pinch is the compression of an electrically conducting filament by magnetic forces. The underlying principle behind the Electric Universe.


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