Zum Film Rothschild oder Hitler : https://archive.org/details/RothschildOderHitler

Zu den erwähnten 'Satanischen Versen' (in Anlehnung an Salman Rushdie):
– das Hörbuch 'Ende der Wanderschaft : Gedanken über Gilad Atzmon und die Judenheit' : https://archive.org/details/endederwanderschaft
– der Beweisantrag im 'Judaismus Prozess' : https://archive.org/details/BeweisantragImJudaismus-prozess

Dieses und mehr von Horst Mahler : https://www.wir-sind-horst.de

Listen to the entire epsiode : https://therightstuff.biz/2021/02/14/ftn-382-mega-satanic-pedophile-cabals/ February 14, 2021 : Jazznds and James pledge a program of complete and total amnesty along with an expedited pathway to wignatship for Trump era refugees, dig into white pills embedded in Michael Jensen's sometimes incoherent prescriptions for combating extreeeeemists and fighting accelerating "radicalization", and take a tour of the various Jewish clemency campaigns afoot in the waning days of Trump's presidency. After the break, it's a long-overdue mega nnndeep-nnndive into the Mega Group, a coterie of wealthy and influential Jews who, via an elaborate scheme of weaponized philanthropy, manage and direct an array of Jewish causes to suit their agenda while increasing and consolidating their power. If it's Sunday, it's FTN!

Episode Topics: - Jig's Up - Radical Accelerationism - Greedy Jaaaash Pardon Schemes - This is How We MEGA - Weaponized Jewish Philanthropy - Taubman's Mall Empire - Wexner's Iraq War Agitprop - Holohoax Gang Gang - Waldheim Gay Op ...

All FTN : https://therightstuff.biz/category/ftn/
... https://fash-the-nation.libsyn.com/

Mossad-Pädagogen – Eine Abrechnung mit Jerusalems Mossad-Welterziehern, 1992 von J. G. Burg / Josef Ginsburg : https://archive.org/details/jgburgmossadpaedagogen_audiobook

Interview mit dem Verfasser : http://archive.org/details/ernst-zuendel-interview-mit-jg_burg-1983

Copyright Notice: This movie has been released to the public domain for educational purposes only. It may be copied and distributed free of charge only. No commercial use is permitted. If copied and distributed, no changes to the movie are permitted without the prior written consent of the author/director of the movie.

With her book Denying the Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt tried to show the flawed methods and extremist motives of “Holocaust deniers,” who, so the book’s description claims, have “no more credibility than the assertion that the earth is flat.”

This video documentary is based on the book Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust.” How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory,” which is available from the publisher's website https://holocausthandbooks.com or wherever books can be bought.

Both this documentary and the book demonstrate that Dr. Lipstadt clearly has neither understood what the principles and methods of science and scholarship are, nor has she any clue about the historical topics she is writing about. She misquotes, mistranslates, misrepresents, misinterprets, and makes a plethora of wild claims without backing them up with anything. Among other things, she utterly fails to use generally recognized standards of evidence. Given the way she handles documents and data, it is clear that she has no interest in scholarship or reason. In fact, truth has been the antithesis of her enterprise.

Rather than dealing thoroughly with factual arguments, Lipstadt’s book is full of ad hominem attacks on her opponents. It is an exercise in anti-intellectual pseudo-scientific arguments, an exhibition of ideological radicalism that rejects anything which contradicts its preset conclusions.

Since she admits herself that her opponents’ motives are irrelevant, as an inescapable consequence, so is her book.

The transcript of this presentation, enriched by source references, links to more information and a subtitle file for downloading, can be found here: https://codoh.com/library/document/5011

Copyright Notice: This movie has been released to the public domain for educational purposes only. It may be copied and distributed free of charge only. No commercial use is permitted. If copied and distributed, no changes to the movie are permitted without the prior written consent of the author/director of the movie.

On April 7th of 2017, U.S.-American professor of Jewish history and Holocaust research Deborah Lipstadt appeared on TED-x Talks, where she related her experiences surrounding her courtroom battle against British historian David Irving. The event took place at the Sheldonian Theatre, which is the official ceremonial hall of the University of Oxford in England.

This presentation discusses some of the claims she made during that speech, which lasted only some 15 minutes, and demonstrates that many of her claims are not only false, but are deeply rooted in prejudice and a profoundly anti-academic attitude.

2nd, slightly corrected edition, released in May 2017

FTN-378 episode in full length : https://therightstuff.biz/2021/01/31/ftn-378-hundred-billion-dollacaust/
"Jazznds and James uphodl [sic] the highest expectations in bringing you the latest dollacaust updates and shots. Steven A. Cohen ragequits Twitter and Jaaaash angerey reacts abound as one of their main vectors for financial domination takes a significant 12 digit L, further exposing a thoroughly rigged system and panicked, error-prone Jewish power to millions. If it's Sundey, it's FTN!"

Gegnerische Truppenführer wie Eisenhower oder Montgomery und angesehene ausländische Militärhistoriker wie Liddell Hart oder J. F. C. Fuller haben sich lobend über Geist, Disziplin und ehrenhafte Kampfführung der deutschen Soldaten im Zweiten Weltkrieg ausgesprochen, die sich auch durch die völkerrechtswidrigen Kriegsweisen ihrer Gegner – etwa bei deren Einsatz von Partisanen in Rußland und auf dem Balkan, aber auch in Italien und Frankreich – entgegen unberechtigten Vorwürfen nicht von der geraden Linie deutschen Soldatentums abbringen ließen.

Dies ist ein Film zu dem Buch "'Supersoldiers' Die Wehrmacht im Urteil ausländischer Experten" von Hajo Herrmann (*1913+2010).
Ein Vortrag des Verfassers :

Mit Bezug :
"German Soldiers of World War Two - Why they were the best and why they still lost." : https://www.ihr.org/other/bestsoldiers

...kein Tag der Befreiung.

Dies ist ein Mitschnitt einer Vortragsveranstaltung von Imke Barnstedt zum 8. Mai im Jahr 2015.
Siehe : https://imkebarnstedt.home.blog/
Dort ist sowohl die ursprüngliche Tonaufnahme (mp3) als auch ein Transkript (pdf) abzurufen.
Das Bild zeigt Claus-Friedrich Heller.

[ Tonaufnahme als mp3 : https://archive.org/details/HorstMahlerWasIstDeutschAudio ]
„Wir Deutschen sind das Volk der Dichter und Denker“ – sagt man, aber was sagt das schon?

Die schlimmsten Deutschen, das sind die, die statt Weihnachten Julfest sagen. Sie beweisen damit, daß sie nur noch das Leichengift des deutschen Geistes im Schädel haben, der Geist ihnen aber entflohen ist.

Man halte sich fern von jenen, die in der Antwort auf diese Frage Erbauung suchen und Erkenntnis scheuen, weil Erlangung derselben saure Arbeit ist und keinen „Spaß“ macht. Die blutigsten Kriege der Weltgeschichte sind von unseren Feinden geführt worden gegen den deutschen Geist, um diesen zu töten. Und in der Weltgeschichte geht es vernünftig zu. (Hegel)

Was aber ist die Vernunft der Todesdrohungen gegen den deutschen Geist?

Was deutscher Geist ist, wußte der Jude Nahum Goldmann, den sie den „König der Diaspora“ nannten. Er schrieb über unser Volk...

Volltext : https://wir-sind-horst.de/was-ist-deutsch-februar-2018/
(...sollte der Verweis ins Leere führen, ersetze man ".de" durch ".com" )

Vortrefflich vorgelesen und mit musikalisch untermalt durch Imke Barnstedt : https://imkebarnstedt.home.blog/

video format codec settings wtf test : ffmpeg -i <inputfile> -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -s 854x480 -b:v 172k -bufsize 172k -r 29.97 -movflags faststart -acodec aac -strict -2 -ar 44100 -ac 2 -sample_fmt fltp -b:a 85k <outputfile>.mp4

This is a clip from: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ejH4FOtfmLkO/ (around 01:41:00 )

January 16, 2021 – Truth Jihad by Dr. Kevin Barrett : https://www.unz.com/audio/channel/kbarrett/
"Prof. Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observer recently published Cat McGuire‘s article “I was at the Washington D.C. ‘Save America’ rally.” Not so many years ago, that would have seemed incongruous: Cat was a hardcore leftist while Kevin MacDonald, an evolutionary psychologist, has long been an intellectual inspiration of the white identitarian movement and the alt-right. But now, as hegemonic pseudo-liberal oligarchy mutates into tyranny, MacDonald and McGuire aren’t so far apart.
Both side with the (nonviolent) folks at the Stop the Steal rally, and both are pessimistic about America’s future under a Biden Administration."

Cat McGuire's Article : https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2021/01/08/i-was-at-the-washington-d-c-save-america-rally/

I'd like to thank the rabbi for these frank words. Let's hope his prediction ("bury America") won't ever come true.
These rabbis are on-line : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUHNRHG27RH9iKULvJQKo8Q 8-D

...and Qanon folks, please quit Cohen's Q-church, here's how : https://therightstuff.biz/2021/01/10/ftn-372-rage-against-the-regime/

Living in Europe and having observed the "spiel" from afar without being involved my best advice for you should be to get involved with these people: https://www.nationaljusticeparty.com or at least find out what they have to say : https://therightstuff.biz/

Neither (((those))) running Trump nor (((those))) backing K. Harris deserve your committment.

für den Hinweis : https://www.bitchute.com/channel/know-more-news/

For further reading I recommend : https://germarrudolf.com/persecution/on-civil-rights-or-the-lack-thereof/

...the Holocaust Handbooks series : https://www.holocausthandbooks.com
(many volumes are downloadable free-of-charge for educational purposes)

Mike is a podcaster and creator of TRS Network : https://therightstuff.biz/
BITchute : https://bitchute.com/channel/therightstuffbiz/

This clip was extracted from / Full podcast episode : https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/tkelly6785757/episodes/2020-12-08T05_21_38-08_00

Aufnahmedatum: Nov 12, 2020

Weiterführend hier ein sehr aufschlussreicher Artikel über die Machenschaften der Anti Defamation League (ADL) und deren edle Taten zum Wohle der Menschen in Amerika :

American Pravda: the ADL in American Society



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Der häßliche Typ, Sefton Delmer, war mal aufm Umschlag von der Wochenhetzschrift die sich auch "Der Spiegel" nennt. Keine Ahnung was über den Berufslügner Delmer drin stand, hier wird der Kopf aus Gründen des neverforgets (....get it? ), zur Abwehr böser Geister und sonstwas benutzt. Man weiß ja nie, nur bitte nicht ernst nehmen!

Über Delmers Heldentaten und die Anderer:
und ein Hörbuch über die Zusammenhänge: https://bit.ly/GMWSTJ

Ein paar Kanäle, wo man mal reinschauen kann...
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